Cannot install on Satellite A200 Intel graphic driver


I bought this laptop yesterday and choose this laptop for her good performance.
I tried to play some of my favor, but the graphics card Intel cannot use shader. I searched the Internet and found a driver for the Intel 965 graphics card and tried to install the driver, but the laptop does not give me access.

I called the hotline and they told me, they can do anything. I can't install drivers for Intel, I take a driver of Toshiba, but you do not have a driver for the 965 chip shader problem!

I hope that you guys will come out a driver for the shader issue ob Intel!
The original driver is "target ="_blank"> here."

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Please see this

You will find where you can download the zip file with the drivers A200. I downloaded this file and Intel graphics driver is here. I'll try to test with my A200.

BTW: your laptop obviously shared graphics memory card. Sorry, but with this graphics card you can not expect great graphics performance.

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    Try to update the display on the A40-151 driver. Have downloaded the latest driver from Intel, which States very useful ' you cannot install this driver, contact your provider "no more clues.

    Toshiba site only seems to have the version which is the same as the one that came with the machine. I am so stuck with no upgrade possible?

    The current driver seems not to be 100% compatible with Directx 9 .0c * sigh *.


    Which Intel graphics card has been installed on your laptop?
    It's an Intel 852GME 16 to 64 MB shared memory graphics card?

    I found friendly informative on the Intel page and it seems that the material of the graphics card does not support DirectX9, but only the DirextX7 and the DirecttX8

    The graphics driver for the Intel page will not help you.
    First of all you will not be able to install it because it s is not designed for the use of computer Toshiba laptop and secondly the hardware does not support.

    But I give you advice if you are looking for an earlier version of the driver.
    Some laptops use the same graphics card. Try to find the driver in series of various Notebooks with the same graphic card.
    But the new facility is going to change anything. The DirectX 9 API is not supported

  • Cannot install upgrade appropriate for Intel graphics

    I got a refurb (can be a problem). The pilot identifier says: 1 need to install Java 2. Connect to 3 broadband. Find out if the driver has been perverted or a company other than Intel. I have Win7 Home Premiun 32 processor Intel dual-core. Any suggestions?

    Utility update Intel drivers allows you to get the latest drivers for audio, network, other components:

  • Satellite U400 - conflict Dynadock DVI with Intel graphic driver

    I try to install the Dynadock DVI on my Satellite U400 / Vista 32 and after reboot, I continue to have the message Igfxext Module has stopped working.
    This is part of the Intel graphics driver.

    When I uninstall the Toshiba Software video Dock and drivers (exhibit Dynadock) components.
    I don't have the problem... but I can't use an external display connected to the Dynadock.

    I updated the Intel display drivers with no difference. Anyone who could help me on this one?

    Thanks in advance.


    Check if you can update the graphics driver using the graphics driver for the Intel page.
    I have a U400 too and I installed the Intel driver from the Intel page.

    Welcome them

  • Satellite L50-A01Q: where to find the latest Intel graphics driver

    I brought a Blu - Ray external drive and tested to see if I could play blurays but the Intel graphics driver is outdated.

    I downloaded the new driver from Intel, but he could not install.
    He said I had to download the driver of my manufacturer.

    But the new driver is not available from Toshiba?
    There, because I can not play blurays.

    > I downloaded the new driver from Intel, but he could not install.
    > He said I had to download the driver of my manufacturer.

    Of course, you can install the Intel driver downloaded from Intel page.
    You must download the zip package where only files are placed in the record of the driver.
    Then you have to unpack this package, then go to Device Manager and update the driver by using the Advanced installation procedure. This will allow you to point to the folder of the Intel driver you have unpacked (desktop?)

    This procedure worked for me

  • Tecra A3: Can I install Intel graphics driver from the Intel website?

    I have a lappy A3. The display driver date of 2005, which is an Intel 915g obtained on the download from toshiba site.

    There has been several updates driver 915 from the Intel site but no update on the toshiba site.
    Can I use the Intel drivers file to update my A3?

    You can install on the laptop you everything what you want. It of your choice!
    But as far as I know Toshiba recommend using own drivers such as each manufacture of portable!
    However, many people here in the forum use different drivers and especially because they work.
    I put t see no reason why the right Intel graphic driver should t run on your laptop.

    Good luck

  • Satellite M100: XP asks me to block Intel graphic driver

    I installed the update of the page of toshiba Intel graphics driver.
    After the reboot, I have problem. Every time, at every start, Xp asks me: run the driver intel drivers or Intel block start.

    What should do?

    I think that the firewall asking you for the subsequent handling of the Intel graphics driver.
    You simply set it to RUN.

    I put t know which firewall you use, but you should check the settings.

    Good bye

  • The screen flashes and goes out, error: "intel graphics driver has stopped working".

    Original title: Intel graphic driver

    My computer screen starts flashing, then goes and then this message appears "intel graphics driver has stopped working" when I try to get the answer it says "windows cannot download solution at Thøis" I tried a lot but he continues to themselves, what can I do?


    (1) when encounter you the problem?

    (2) have what troubleshooting measures you tried?

    (3) remember you to make changes to the computer before the show?

    You can try the following methods and check the status of the issue.

    Method 1:

    Configure the computer to clean start State to check software conflicts.

    Note: When the diagnosis is complete, don't forget to reset your computer to normal startup. Follow step 7 of the above article.

    Method 2:

    Uninstall and reinstall the display adapter drivers.

    (a) start Control Panel, click hardware and sound and then click Device Manager.

    (b) to expand the node that represents the type of device you want to uninstall, right click on the entrance to the unit and click on uninstall.

    (c) in the dialog box confirm the device removal, click OK to start the uninstall process.

    (d) when the uninstall is complete, the site of the factory driver download and install the drivers.

    (e) after installing the drivers, install the latest updates. ' t-work correctly

  • HP ProBook b 6540 - XP - Intel Graphics Driver Error: GfxUI has encountered a problem

    Product number: WH431PA #ABG
    Model: Probook 6540 b.

    OS: Windows XP Pro SP3 (I've restored Win 7)

    Error: GfxUI has encountered a problem and needs to close<-- happens="" when="" i="" login="" to="" laptop="" or="" open="" graphics="">


    After installing windows, I installed the drivers from the supplied CD.

    The Intel Graphics Driver software does not work.

    At the start of the system or if I try and go to properties of the graph, I get a windows error: GfxUI has encountered a problem and needs to close.

    I updated the BIOS and downloaded the Intel Graphics driver from HP website and tried again.

    Error continues.

    Do not know what I do then its an out of the box, laptop and we expect more.

    Is anyone else having the same problem?


    He worked on the fix:

    Re-installation of operating system was going to be my next step, but you have confirmed it.

    After redo the partitions correctly with the free version of Paragon Partition Manager 10.0 and re - install XP DVD provided with resettlement twit drivers DVD provided the problem has been resolved.
    See you soon!

    What I think happened was when I have crashed the Win 7 partition using the XP install process it did not correctly configured it.

    There is a small free space before the partition on which I have installed and the partition cannot be marked as Active. The MBR boot record must getting screwed up. He also scored this partition as number 5 for example: Partition 5 (do not know if it was the cause of many) but after I erase all partitions and repair installation of MBR disks worked.

    Advice to others when go back to Win XP:

    When you roll back to XP using a 3rd party Partition Manager (preferably the last one coz old onse do not work)

    Erase the entire hard drive including the HP_RECOVERY and HP_TOOLS partitions and create the partitions you need.

    I used the free version of Paragon Partition Manager 10.0.

  • Intel Graphics Driver crashes when you start Photoshop CS6 on Vaio SVF15319SNB

    I bought a Sony Vaio SVF15319SNB and it asked me to upgrade to 8.1 Windows for free.

    After this update, I've updated all the drivers required Sony Vaio update and after you have installed Adobe Creative Suite 6 to use this product.

    Unfortunately, this is where the problem started. Not only runs Photoshop CS6 extremely slow and lag on my machine (which has a decent configuration and 4 GB of ram to work properly), but almost every time I boot up Photoshop, my driver intel graphics crashes and I get a message saying "Intel Graphics Driver for Windows 8 (R) stopped working and have been recovered" or something like that. This post, my Photoshop has erradicaly. When I do get this message, Photoshop works very well except be lag, so I guess that which directly has something to do with the compatibility of the Intel with Photoshop graphics driver.

    I tried the Intel graphics driver update but discovered that even if an update is available on the Intel website, Sony has still not launched a support for Vaio version.

    When I was going through the Event Viewer logs, I found that there are two or three events (warnings) that are generated by the system which seems scary as ideally a new machine should not generate too many warnings.

    Any help on this would be appreciated.


    In the meantime a solution from Sony or other members, I could do some troubleshooting and find the solution to this weird problem on my own.

    Weird that no one else has raised a similar question!

    When playing online, I found that it is a typical problem with Photoshop CS6 in machines having 2 graphics cards (1 built-in to the motherboard, 1 adapter dedicated graphics - nvidia in my case). The default configuration for machines with double adapter is to automatically select the best card for an application.

    When Photoshop CS6 is trying to load, it tries to select the graphics card tailored to this effect by running sniffer_gpu.exe. It is this module crahses and in turn is also crushing Intel graphics driver. Due to this accident, Photoshop freezes when opening any file (regardless of the size of the file or its format).

    Solution that has been open you view the settings of the adapter and the whole Photoshop CS6 and sniffer_gpu.exe for photoshop to use a graphic adapter special at all times - I have updated my nvidia card. That isn't it - crahses more or freezes and all is well!

    I hope this helps other troubled users also!

  • HP ENVY 15-j101ex and the problem of compatibility with the Intel graphics driver update

    Hello community HP,

    I got my brand new HP ENVY 15-j101ex for almost a month now and it works very well. I tried to play any of my games on it and after 20 minutes the laptop crashed. After searching the cause, it turns out that my Nividia Geforce and Intel Graphics driver have been exceeded. I updated the driver from Nividia and everything went well. However, whenever I have download the new driver for the Intel graphics card it is not updated and simply say that my computer does not meet the minimum requirements. I checked the name of the driver and I even used the center of the action on my computer that I warned that I needed to update my driver and he even gave me a link to download from, but the same error occurred.

    Now, I can't play ang game without my computer crashing down. Everyone has faced this problem and does anyone have a solution?

    Thank you


    If you want to install the drivers and got downloads provided by HP, and then use the HP Support Assistant.

    Do not rely on the center of maintenance Windows for driver downloads recommendations.

    Download the Intel HD graphics card is not necessary. It willl be usually used only for productivity software you install and web browsing.

  • uninstalled the Intel Graphics driver

    I accidentally uninstalled an Intel Graphics driver... How can I get it back?  I have Windows Vista on a Dell inspiron 530.

    Hi Terrell Gibson,

    Usually drivers will install automatically after you uninstall and restart the computer.

    Otherwise, you can check the Dell support to address following link and try to update the latest version of the Intel graphics driver.

    Drivers & downloads for Inspiron 530 desktop PC =

    For more information, you can consult the following article:

    Update drivers: recommended links

    Hope this information is useful.

  • E540 - crash of Applications probably due to Intel Graphics Driver (Win 8.1 64 bit)

    In Skype when you try to make a call, the program stops working, I googled the question and it seems that others have had similar problems and it was resolved by updating the Intel Graphics driver.

    "Intel® HD Graphics Control Panel" program also does not open, it crashes instantly.

    'Features video ThinkPad' driver fails to install

    I have the latest driver for the Intel graphics card, I got from

    OS is Win 8.1 64bits

    Any ideas?

    A Microsoft solution for a different question suggested that uninstall the driver and let windows reinstall it, which I did and now it works.

  • Intel Graphics Driver download is not SP69721

    Before receiving a new computer, I want to download the current driver and software as a starting point for later use. On the software and the driver download page of the download for the Intel Graphics Driver does not SP69721 download. Need me a page to set my country language. When I select ' United States-English ', it takes me to the following URL:

    Same problem trying to download SP69740 - germination Add-in for Office.

    Links have been established. Thank you.

  • Satellite C660 Intel Display Driver download Stop to 50%

    I wanted to download Satellite C660 Intel Display Driver but it always stop at 40% or 50% Toshiba cant even take care of its download pages? Anyway did someone knows how to get it or maybe change laptop or something like that to another brand @_ @.

    Download link do not work for 64 bit


    I tested your link and I downloaded the driver successfully.

Maybe you are looking for

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