Cannot make the recovery disk


I'm doing a system repair disc in Windows 7.  I deleted the data from a previously used DVD.  When I select "create a system repair disc" I get the following response:

"System repair disc could not be created.  Windows could not parse the requested XML (0x800705B9).

I looked at the code of error on the web, but can't find that he reported in this situation.

Any help appreciated.

Thank you



Problem solved!

Thank you all, I've been able to do the recovery and repair of using DVD + r disks.


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  • Windows recovery system cannot read the recovery disk

    I have Vista laptop computer model pavilion POS, when I bought it, I made a creation of recovery disks, but now when I put it in my PC to see contains I see an error that Sandra insert your disc and system cannot fix it and I also used microsoft fixed it Center but cannot fix it.


    Here are all the HP information on different methods to recover back to factory settings

    Three ways to recover the PC to original operating status

    You have a choice of three ways to run a recovery and restore your computer to its original state. The recovery process may take an hour upwards or more and is not complete until the prompt to connect to the computer. When the recovery is complete, don't forget to run the update of Microsoft Windows and the HP health check to install all the drivers updated and software.
    1. Restore the PC to its original state with the HP Recovery Manager of in Windows Vista

      If the PC can be started and opens on the Windows desktop, you can use the HP recovery disk to restore the PC to original factory State by following the steps below.
      1. Click Start and enter the recovery in the field of research. Select Recovery Manager in the list, when it becomes available. Allow the action to proceed, if you are prompted. The HP Recovery Manager opens.
        Alternatively, click Start , all programs , Recovery Manager , and then Recovery Manager . Allow the action to proceed, if you are prompted. The HP Recovery Manager opens.
      2. Click Advanced options , System Recovery , and then click Next . The PC will restart and reopen the Recovery Manager.
        Alternatively, if the advanced options is disabled, click Next , and then System Recovery . The PC will restart.
      3. When the PC restarts, select the System Recovery option and click Next .
      4. If you are prompted to use the Microsoft System Restore , click No and then click Next .
      5. When you are prompted, select back up your files first (recommended) , and then click Next . Follow the on-screen instructions.
      6. When you are prompted to recover without backing up your files , please STOP before you click Next .
        CAUTION: It's the last chance to change your mind recovery PC and delete all the files and programs. Once you click Next , the restore process cannot be stopped
      7. If you are convinced that you want to start the recovery process, click Next . The PC immediately starts formatting the disk hard drive and destroy all data.
      The recovery process may take up to several hours and will return the PC to its original state. All custom, settings drivers, software and upgrades or hardware updates are lost and must be reinstalled.
      Restore the PC to its original state with the HP Recovery Manager if Windows Vista is not accessible

      If the PC does not start under Windows, it may still be possible to use the HP recovery disk to restore the computer to its original state. The Recovery Manager can be started during the boot process by following the steps below.
      1. Press on the button / stop to start the PC and press the f11 key when the standard BIOS guests appear on the black screen.
        NOTE:  By pressing the f11 key at startup on a computer with an image factory HP will start the system recovery process, even if the message is not displayed.
        • If the HP Recovery Manager can access the hard disk recovery partition, a prompt to back up user files before you start the recovery
      . Follow the instructions.
      • If the HP Recovery Manager cannot access the hard disk to resolve system errors, you need to use the recovery disk custom that you created to recover the hard disk to its original state.
      • If you have not created the custom recovery disk, or disks are damaged, you can order a replacement of HP recovery CD.

    2. When the Recovery Manager starts, follow the instructions of recovery step by step , shown above.
    3. Solve a common problem of recovery.
      If the original operating system is changed to a non - Vista OS, the Recovery Manager cannot be launched either office or by pressing f11 at startup. You can use the recovery disk to restore the computer to the original state of Vista. If you are using a non - Vista OS, you can use a third-party partition management program to recover hard disk space.
      Restore the PC to its original state with the recovery discs

      If the PC cannot access the Windows desktop, and the Recovery Manager cannot be started by selecting the f11 at startup key, you can use either the recovery disc custom that you created, or you can order a recovery CD to replace HP, to boot the PC and restore the hard drive to its original operating state.
      NOTE:  Run the recovery process by using the custom recovery disk you created can take less than an hour, while you use replacement discs ordered directly from HP can take four to six hours and includes several reboots.
      If the HP Recovery Disk Manager can access the hard drive, it will attempt to repair the recovery partition. If successful, a prompt to continue execution of the recovery using the Recovery Disk Manager.
      Use the recovery discs to restore the PC by following the steps below.
      1. Insert the recovery disc into the optical disc drive and start the computer.
        If the computer is running, insert the reinstallation disc and immediately click on Start and select restart to force the computer to boot from the recovery disc.
      2. When prompted, Press any key to boot from the CD or DVD, press any key on the keyboard.
      3. Leave the recovery disk boot and load the files required, while the Microsoft loading screen appears. It may take several minutes to load the required files.
      4. When the HP Recovery Manager window appears, click Advanced options , System Recovery , and then click Next to open the Recovery Manager.
      5. Follow the on-screen instructions and perform the necessary actions.

        NOTE:  Do not interrupt the recovery process even though the computer may restart, and the Windows desktop can display at different times.

      • When you are prompted, follow the on-screen instructions to backup user files.
      • After completing the backup, when you are prompted, reinsert the recovery disk, and then click Next to continue the recovery process.
        A status box is displayed to indicate the State of the recovery and the estimated remaining time.
      • If you have used several disks when you created the custom recovery discs, follow the prompts to remove the first disc and insert requested discs.

    4. When you are prompted to Insert additional driver disk , take one of the following actions:
      • If you purchased a replacement of HP recovery disk and it included an extra driver disc, insert the disc, and then click OK or Next . The recovery program checks the additional drive and installs the necessary files.
        After you install the additional files, a prompt to remove extra disc and insert the original recovery disk.
      • If you bought a replacement at HP recovery disc, and he didn't get an extra driver disk, click ignore or Cancel . The recovery program will ignore the request and install the following file on the recovery disk.
      • If you have created a personal recovery disc, press Next to continue.

    5. Continue following the onscreen instructions to complete the recovery process.
    6. NOTE:  If you have not created a personal recovery disk or the recovery disk will fail or corrupt, see HP - order recovery discs for Windows 7, Vista or XP laptops for more information.
    7. Reference Dell datasafe stops to make the recovery disk

      Hi people,

      Trying to help my sister with her new studio laptop 1558. After having turned it on for the first time, he asked to do the recovery disk and so I him supplied with some DVDs. Said it takes 2 and the first disc was recorded, but then he gets to 73 percent for its verification process and just stops?

      Had to force it quit and tried again and stops exactly the same place verification of 73%.

      Any ideas?

      See you soon

      Secure Dell data to do this on a large number of machines. It doesn't matter if it's a laptop or desktop. It stops at 73% because it cannot check the engraving. If it cannot check it out, this means that it is not a good copy. I saw this on several machines. Roxio burn 1.0 has a conflict. burning with Windows program. Technical support is aware of the problem.

      Contact tech support and tell them you want the free OS disk, because the software does not work well. . If you said no technical support or wants to charge you for the disk, come back here and let us know. I will go through a moderator, just as I had to do with my pc.

      Try upgrading the bios. It allows in some cases, but not all.

      Thanks, Teddi

    8. Satellite A100 - cannot find the recovery disk to restore to factory settings

      I hope someone can help out me?

      I have a Toshiba Satellite A100, model PSAANA-04E005 under Windows Vista Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 32-bit. I am wanting to sell, but have all my programs stuff etc I want to erase files and be able to convey simple with system also when I bought. Memory (purchased January 2007) gave me a Toshiba Recovery with this power drive do something if I needed it's of course is not the case to be foundI.

      Is there anyway I can fix this? All I can download etc to do this?

      Thanks heaps


      If you n t find the recovery disk more and you want to restore the original settings, ask an authorized service provider. Guys can put in order a new disc of recovery for you.
      You have the address of the guy?

      Alternative, you can also sell the laptop without recovery disks. Just wipe the HARD drive before selling it with the HARD drive like s boot cleaning tool Darik and nuke or some other program.

      But I think you get a better price if it comes with recovery disks ;)

    9. Satellite L500 - 19 X - cannot use the recovery disk

      Well I had this phone two days ago and he used once after installing fire fox and my mobile to wide band of the driver and going to start and find it of going to happen.

      I tried SafeMode (three) and repair and all I got was a screen black with the cursor upward where it should have been a language screen (I used the recovery disc supplied with the notebook) so anyway, after finding out that I wasn't going to be able to fix it, I tried to install , but of course, this does not work, or so I put my XP 64 bit OS on and has perfectly worked, then I updated (using my own upgrade windows 7) and that works fine no problem, so I tried again with the original windows 7 comes pre-installed on the hard drive on the laptop and everything went find until she starts the installation of the driver or updates (I not 100% sure on this but it or after the installation of face recognition.

      Then it stops it of self down and boots back up to automatically restart and asking me if I want to repair due to a bad start, so I did the repair boots back to the top and still says I need to fix and can't find anything wrong and carries on in this circle.

      Now, I was told it could be the registry or there is a problem of graphics, I get pretty tired of having to install/reinstall/format this laptop.

      So if there is anyone who knows of what is wrong or what to do or whether it should be returned to fix, which will be very useful.

      I thank everyone in advance.

      Happy new year :)


      Well, I think that it of really difficult to say what is the reason. Maybe the recovery disk is noisy or the files corrupted it.

      At the moment, I can t imagine what it s a hardware problem because other windows drive work properly.

      In your case, I would try to install Windows 7 from a Microsoft disc and then see what happens. If it works properly and that you can install all drivers & tools you need to order a new drive Toshiba Recovery directly.

      Good bye

    10. Re: Satellite L300-10 q - cannot install the recovery disk with XP SP2


      My laptop started giving problems (slow start & suspended inbetween) so I tried to re-installation with installation disk but recovery whaile there ask lang. & confirmation of removal of data and after the installation of minutes collapsed & turn in DOS (X :) for admin.

      When I restarted labtop it shows Bootmgr has failed.

      So I contact customer Service & they replaced the HARD drive with new, but still the same problem.

      I even tried to install XP SP2 after copying the files, it displays HARD drive not found.

      Pls help

      L300 - 10 q series

      Pls advice also how to check Windows XP is 32 or 64 bit?

      Thanks again


      If you try to install your laptop computer with the Microsoft installation disc, you need the SATA drivers. You can find it on the Toshiba site.
      You must load the drivers of an external floppy drive or you integrate into a new CD with nLite (

      For the recovery disc you n t need these drivers because they are already on the disk.
      If you get the same problem with the recovery disk, you should check your disk with Drive Fitness Test (Google is your friend).

    11. Equium M50 cannot read the recovery disk

      I have a fairly old Toshiba Equium M50 - 164. I lost a few configuration etc files and wants to rest to factory settings.
      I have the recovery disk, however, the reader does not read it. I tried other discs and that they is not read.

      Any suggestions? Thank you

      And what is with the operating system?
      Different discs are readable on operating system?

    12. Satellite A210 - cannot use the recovery disk - error 20-DATA-048F

      I'm going to use the cause of recovery partition does not work my windows, and whenever I do it, it comes up with an error "20-DATA-048F.

      How can I fix my computer!

      Any help would be greatly appreciated.

      Have you tried to format the HARD disk until you try to use the recovery disk?
      Sometimes, I read in the forum that this may solve the problems with the recovery disk and so you can take the Windows XP disc or another tool that is able to format the drive.

      But after that, you have the Toshiba recovery disc. You are not able to use the HARD drive recovery feature.

    13. Satellite A110: Cannot order the recovery disk - where to get a

      After some problems with a virus, I need to restart the system.
      I tried with the Windows operating system from another computer, but the internet does not work, I can't ' install the drivers of wright.

      Where can I buy the recovery disk? Toshiba support replied, they do not have it because the computer is too old (2006). Maybe someone can send me the recovery disk?

      Help, please


      I guess that you have contacted the ASP in your country, and they said that the recovery disc can be pronounced, because it is no longer available.

      Well my friend, this is bad news... seems you can not order.
      In this case, you will need to install the OS by using the Microsoft Windows disk and then you can download all the drivers from the page of European driver Toshiba Toshiba.

      Good bye

    14. Range of computers HP Pavilion 500: cannot make a recovery disk usb on my new hp desktop computer

      HI, I bought a Hp desktop computer yesterday in a store in Alberta.  Yesterday after I bought the computer told me the person in the store to do a recovery with a 32 GB USB disk.  So today, I tried several times to go to the app to create recovery disk provided with this hp desktop computer.  When the application starts it says please wait while a blue bar across a white bar.  So the next thing coming back, he says put your USB drive in and the box has a check in there to copy the recovery partition and it also says to ensure that your USB has 16 GB of storage to the partion.  Then under this window, the next wiich button is greyed or I can not click on this button.   The Cancel button witch. I can click.

      What I would like to now that's what I can do to fix this and make me a recovery drive because nobody gave me a recovery cd to go wth this computer.

      Thanks for your help is always appreciated.

      some details that might be useful:

      8.1 Windows 64-bit operating system

      Equip the USB key before you run the utility to create recovery media and try again.

      If the USB is not recognized as a removable disk, then it won't work. The fact that the next button is gray tells me that it is likely that you need to try a diferent of the flash player brand.

      There are a number of brands known not to work with the utility. Unfortunately, the most common Sandisk brand, is one of them.   Transcend flash brand work readers

    15. How can I recover Windows, I can't make the recovery disks

      Windows 7 vista 32 bit server pack 2

      OH NO.! I need to find my laptop at default, but when I press the F8 key fine until there is a message ' medium creation is impossible. File recovery HARD drive on the second disc of the first hard drive not found. There is no valid HARD drive on this computer recovery environment"

      I do not know if I deleted it or what, but y at - he an iso recovery can I burn on a disc for windows 7 vista server pack 2 (32-bit operating system).

      OH NO.! I need to find my laptop at default, but when I press the F8 key fine until there is a message ' medium creation is impossible. File recovery HARD drive on the second disc of the first hard drive not found. There is no valid HARD drive on this computer recovery environment"

      I do not know if I deleted it or what, but y at - he an iso recovery can I burn on a disc for windows 7 vista server pack 2 (32-bit operating system).

      This is a question for your complete computer system manufacturer.  Reference Dell?  HP?  Lenovo?  Entry door?  etc...

    16. PC cannot read the recovery disk

      I just got got off the phone with Dell and they can't help me! My computer can not find drive recovery for MS Office Home & Student Edition When I insert it. They told me to contact MS and they could help... Any ideas on what I can do, or how to actually contact MS?

      Office H & S is not provided in a recovery disc from MS, but only as an installation disc, if you can not browse the cd drive to explore and double-click the Setup file to start the process, your disc is damaged or your CD-ROM drive is defective.

      If the drive is faulty and that it is a commercial version, then;en-us;326246

      If its oem version provided by Dell, you need to contact Dell

    17. Cannot order the recovery disk

      Hi, for more than 12 hours I can't order discs using this site:

      When I'm trying to confirm my number series or something, he always says: Unfortunately, the review of the serial number is not possible at the moment. Please, try once more later.

      Please help me with it,


      And how to help?
      Don't you think that anyone here has influence on the business of Toshiba?

      There may be a technical problem with the page.
      Try again tomorrow or Monday.

      Moreover, what model of laptop do you have?
      You have an older model?

    18. Make the recovery with USB disks

      I have a HP Pavilion older m9300t Intel Core 2 Quad Q9300 2.50 GHz 4 GB 500 GB. HP told me that they no longer have the recovery discs available.  I bought a refurbished with no disk system.  The hard drive eventually crushed and I decided to keep the computer as it is beyond my needs.  I want to recover my software. I read that you can make the recovery disks with a USB key. It will work in safe mode? And we know if it's a system of 64 or 32-bit?

      If the disk hard th is crushed, then the recovery partition will be unreliable.

      Follow the instructions on the web HP to the address following document to find out how to order a set of recovery disks. Maybe it's a bit difficult because the desktop PC is three generations behind the current operating system.  Is there a certificate of Windows of authenticity with an activatinkey of license of twenty-five characters on the case somewhere?

    19. (Redirected) Can not produce the recovery disk

      When I place a 16g flash DRIVE in my Inspiron 3847 I get 'We cannot create the recovery disk', and 'a problem occurred... ". "

      It's a nine own Toshiba player.

      I'm on Windows 10 and happy with it.

      What should I do?

      Best of this post in the forum Windows 10 here:


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