Cannot manually add album art

I just got a new computer and installed the latest version of iTunes for Windows. I added my music library without any problems and was pleased to see that album art has been updated automatically but on the few remaining albums who had not added automatically work I am unable to do it manually (click with the right button on album > info > work). Art seems to have been added but when I hit "ok" and return to iTunes there is no change, it still shows the grey double quaver.

I've done several times before and had no problems.

Thank you


When you reopen the 'get info' window is always show the work?

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  • Impossible to manually add album art in Windows Media Player


    I am trying to add album art manually by copying the image that supports the OMP but when I go the album there is no option saying 'paste album art.

    Here are the available options only:

    You can also save the image on your hard drive/desktop and then drag and drop the album on the album art there is.
  • How can I manually add album art?

    The option 'Paste album art' is just completely absent. My file is not in read only mode, and the options in "find album info" do not have the correct album art. Each so-called answer that I find tells me to right click Paste album art, but this isn't something that is here!

    Hi NoodlesQueen,

    1. have you made changes on the computer recently?

    2. is the specific question in the windows media player album art images?

    Method 1.

    I suggest you to follow the steps in this article and check if that helps.

    Open the troubleshooter in the Windows Media Player library:

    Method 2.

    Try to use the Troubleshoot utility to see if that solves the problem.

    a. open the troubleshooting Windows Media Player settings Troubleshooter by clicking the Start button, then Control Panel.

    (b) in the search box, type "Troubleshooting" and then click Troubleshooting.

    c. click on show alland then click the Windows Media Player settings.

    Method 3.

    Add or change album art in Windows Media Player:

    I hope this helps.

  • Cannot add album art-windows MediaPlayer 12.

    Windows media player-added album art

    I can't manually add album art. In the Player library when I right click on the album art box there is no copy paste options available. When I right click on the file, click Open file location, in the folder, right-click the file, click Properties of the read-only checkbox is not checked, but is blue gradient. I have the box, apply and leave I find that it makes no difference. Still no copy and paste. When I go through the procedure once again I find that reading only one box is again downgraded blue.   When I ran the troubleshooting in the windows media player settings it tells me "the configurations settings might be wrong.  When I ran it in windows media player library iget the message 'media library is corrupted.  Thanks in advance for any help offered.

    Yes, PASTE Album Art - but! Now it's working. I don't know what changed, but Woking fine now. I tried different albums, but nothing worked. Now everything works.

    Thank you for taking the time and for all the suggestions. I'll save all the notes in case it happens again.

    Thank you again once, I learned a lot.


  • How to add album art in Itunes 12

    How to add album art that is not in the store

    See the following article:

    12 iTunes for Windows: add artwork to songs and other items

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    I used to put album art on mp3 manually files with advanced tag editor and I had no problem, but all of a sudden (I won't change anything in the configuration) it stopped, not even a message... When I drag any image of the album (which is not playing), it always creates the folder.jpg and albumartsmall.jpg files but it shows thumbnails of coverage associated with each file, and when I go again to tag editor advanced is as I din't put the lid in it, so it shows the coverage only for the information of the album but not for every song of it and I'd like to see the covers in the solution once again Explorer. I don't have the media player connected to the internet, but this is not the problem... Any suggestions?

    Hi mariana9,

    You can try to rebuild the Windows media player library and check. I suggest you follow the steps mentioned in the article below.

    You cannot view, add, or delete items in the library of Windows Media Player 11

    You can also check the following links for more information:

    Add or edit media information in Windows Media Player

    Information about the media in Windows Media Player: frequently asked questions

    Hope this information is useful.

  • How to add album art to imported CD on iTunes NAS disk?

    How add us album artwork on a CD imported into iTunes on a drive connected to my Airport Extreme?

    Get Info, Album artwork, shows in work, but once I click on "ok", nothing shows in my music library. Album art not available through «Get the cover»

    Help, please.

    Your iTunes media stored on a network volume should not make a difference.  If you ask about the order to download album art, which does not always work.  The album should be in the database online, accessing Apple to work of albums sold in the iTunes store.

    Otherwise, you can add your own album artwork.  For example, if the album cover appears somewhere on the Internet (like Amazon or another web site), you can often "drag out" the image of the Safari window on the desktop of your Mac (to download the image file).  In iTunes, select all of the songs from the album at once, right-click on the selection and information (to display the info of several element).  Go to tab work of the Info window.  Click Add artwork, OR drag the image file from the desktop to the Info window and drop it onto the square to the work area.

  • How to add album art personalized music app?


    Is it possible to add customized album art. for the purposes of music? Although I got Zune art. for all the photos in the music App most of them is missing (does not find the album cover automatically).

    Y at - it a fix for this?

    Use the VLC Windows Phone app. It works a treat. Automatically displays the album art. Haven't tried with mp3s yet. Works very well with WMA.

  • In windows media player, cannot change the album art view in the list of music icon.

    * - Original title - in windows media player, I can not change the album art view in the list of music icon...

    I recently deleted a lot of my music library, the Media Player (not while in the music folder in my library, but all using the MP). but now, in the classic view (and when I click on an album cover to view follow-up for an artist or album), it will only allow me see the tracks/albums with expanded tile or Details views we don't let me use the display of the icon; Indeed, this listening option is grayed out. I don't know what I did, but before that I deleted the music I could see the icon display in the library. Can I fix somehow?

    Here's how I put it in an e-mail to a friend, maybe the problem is clearer in this way:

    Very well - so the other night, I did a purge in my music folder, deleting a lot of tracks how much I did not listen. I was doing this WMP. Now, the default view in my WMP since always the view icon, with the great icons of the album covers next to the track. (large, compared to other views) But now, I can't get that discover more, not when I'm looking for the titles of music st - only when I look by Album, artist, Genre or year. In the opinion of music suddenly the only options I been authorized were expanded tile and details - icon option is grayed out and the purge he was not! I looked in the WMP folder in Program Files and there was a folder called icons; It was empty. I had never watched there before; so I don't know if this is normal or not. How can I fix it? I remove and reinstall WMP?

    Had the same problem and you probably already figured out the answer, but it's here... Media Player 12.

    HERE a THE FIX... go to the top near the top of the media player window and directly to the left of the search bar in the media player is a drop down for the choice of the view menu. It is somehow changed to "Détails" view in the mine... CHANGE "Expanded Tile" view and your icon appears again in the Middle as I had initially.  ;)

  • First I cannot manually add subtitles/Screen Shots attached

    I imported a .mov project in Premiere Pro.

    The video is 29.97 FPS, 640 x 480.

    I can't manually add captions to my project.  In this photo attached to this post, you can see where there is no other choice.

    The only option I have is by clicking on the key tool and allowing captions, but nothing changes as soon as I did this.  Not that that is important.

    Can someone help me?  Legends of manuals are only enabled by certain presets and/or codec for a project?

    Thank you!

    Screen shot 2015-07-15 at 10.07.24 PM.pngScreen shot 2015-07-15 at 10.07.30 PM.pngScreen shot 2015-07-15 at 10.07.39 PM.pngScreen shot 2015-07-15 at 10.09.29 PM.pngScreen shot 2015-07-15 at 10.18.28 PM.png

    OK, so looking, it seems that you can not manually legends of component snap to Premiere Pro CS6.  This seems to be only an additional feature in first Pro CC.

    Can anyone confirm this?

  • Windows Media Player-how delete the audio files in the WMP library and add album art

    How can I get rid of dublicate on WMP songs? How can I get all the cover art?

    To make WMP automatically look for the cover, make sure retrieve additional information from the Internet are checked in Tools - Options - Library (press Ctrl + M, if you don't see the Tools menu). The only add missing information option is recommended.

    Regarding duplicates, I suggest that you try to reset the media library. Note firstly reset the library will make you lose all play counts and ratings too. Then, follow these steps:

    -Restart the PC.
    -Click Start, type services.msc in the search field and press ENTER. In Services, locate the Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service. If its status is started, double-click on the service and click on stop.
    -Click Start, type %LOCALAPPDATA%\Microsoft in the search field and press ENTER. This folder opens in Windows Explorer.
    -In this file, rename the old Media Player like Media Player folder. If you do not see the folder, then it is probably hidden. Set Explorer to view the hidden files and folders and show protected system files.
    -Launch WMP, your library will have been reset and will be rebuilt. Check if the problem persists.

  • How to add album art

    How can I add my own personal photos for the songs in the Walkman on the phone. I've done this before but since I updated the app I can locate is no longer this function. Thank you

    It's a little complicated...

    You must play a piece and then click on the picture of the work at the bottom left of the screen. You will then see the flow of the album cover. Press 'edit the music info', then on the work at the top left. You will then get the option to add an illustration. Once I got the idea, he has had no long me to mine, sort photos all taken screenshots of Google Search.

  • My album art does not charge even after it has been added by get info > add work then press OK

    SO I recently did the music on my computer, and I wanted to add to my phone. After you download the tracks to itunes, I tried to add album art, I did. To be honest, it does not work. Here's what I do: Get Info > add an illustration. At this point, I see my art, and when I click it, it changes to be enclosed by a blue square free of deceit. Of course, I click on it so that it appears highlighted, as such, but when I click OK, nothing happens. ITunes is seem to be in the process of loading, but then the three notes "do - do" there, and nothing has changed.

    For reference, the work is a compressed JPEG size 1625 squared.

    What is happening with my itunes? Is this a known bug?

    What is the format of the tracks?  If they are. WAV files, you can't combine work with them.  Otherwise, the issue may be that the files are read-only, or that the Windows permissions prevent the updated files to integrate the image.

  • Album art hard on several albums of help please

    I tried and tried and tried with a few albums to get album art appears, but I can't.

    Here's what I do.  I use mp3 tag to clean my tags.  Then I add album art by adding art manually or using mp3tag.  Then I extracted the album art to the folder in a file called folder.jpg.  He has worked with nearly 97 percent of all my mp3s.  I have a music that won't show art on the "rocket".   But, when I go in mp3tag, art shows, also, I navigate through the folders where the album is at and there is a file called folder.jpg and I see him and it shows the art very much in an image browser.

    Nothing is done, I can not get these a few albums to show.  I remove album art, do it again.  Remove the folder.jpg, then extract the cover and save it to folder.jpg.  Still nothing.

    I know I've seen people ask this kind of thing before, and I followed every piece of advice or guidance on this so far, but still nothing.

    Any other ideas, I may be missing?

    I really appreciate help.

    Thanks in advance! = )

    Well, after some research, I think I found the problem.  I compared the images I used in other albums that where showing properly and that where not.  What I discovered was the CIO on the images not showing where superior, for example they were 300 dpi and the other pictures where showing was 97 dpi.

    After some googling, I downloaded ifranview and resize/re-sampled files to change the dpi to 97.  Then I went in mp3tag and removed the artwork on these files.  I added the art using the folder.jpg I edited to 97 dpi.  Copied to the "rocket", brought to the top and wholla, I have of album art.

    Tapeworm thanks for pointing me out by looking at the actual image files.

    Hope this can help some of the problems.

  • Album art?

    I can't figure out how to get my Sansa Fuze to display the album art associated with certain songs. On Rhapsody, in my library, the work of corret appears when I select a song to play, even when I play the Sansa directly when connected to my PC. But when you use the portable Sansa, no album appears so when listening to songs. How can I fix it? Thank you.


    If you download the files from the Rhapsody with the R4 client, the album art is automatically transferred to your device (in MTP mode at least).  Well, it will in theory.  I had problems with imported CDs and some transfers of album showing album art in the client, but not on the "rocket".

    What happens in the R4 client, is that it takes the art of the database online instead of watching the device files.  If you import into the library of your PC, you can have a look at data from ID3 tag including album art, and you can edit it from there.  To use the Rhapsody 4 Editor, open the client, then select 'my library '.  If you right click on a track, you can use the editor.

    To work on all the tracks of an album, simply open the window of the left border of the pane in my library by clicking on the button in the left edge.  Selection of the album for your view.  Scroll to the album, and right click.  Rhapsody will ask if you want to "modify several tracks", which is our choice, otherwise, the album art will show for a track only.

    The tricky part is that you must delete the file existing in your Sansa, then transfer back the version of the Rhapsody to your rocket when finished.

    There is a cool video available that shows the proven mode MSC or MTP, manual method to add album art, if you want to do it this way.  Check it out SanDisk how-to Videos.

    Alternatively, try something very nice indeed, MP3Tag.  I found that this application is the best thing since the pretranches pickle dill to solve the problems of ID3 tag and album art.  You can use MP3Tag to automatically export the file folder.jpg or album art.jpg necessary to the tag embedded in the album folder, without having to search the Internet art or clip.

    If Rhapsody album art, MP3Tag zorches makes a happy Sansa.

    Indeed, on this thought, if something zorches album art, this application is great.  You can set it to write your ID3 tags in the right format to ID3v2.3 ISO 8859-1, well that is automatic through the Rhapsody client.


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