Cannot move photos to the computer after the upgrade to iOS10

Yesterday my iPhone updated to iOS 10 and now when I plug my phone into my PC (HP m6w103-dx / Windows 10 / iTunes the computer will ba - beep once iTunes sync, charge the phone but I no longer have access to the photos via Windows Explorer folder.  The phone does not appear in Windows Explorer and I don't get the second ba - beep that normally, I had before the upgrade.

I restarted the phone and the computer, then tried again with no luck.  I myself have sent pictures that were on my phone, deleted all of them film, then took some new pictures and tried again.  Still no luck.  Help!

Your post is the 4th now ask about the same problem. One user solves the problem by connecting the phone to a different USB port on the computer. You might want to try it.

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    Make sure that all your images are imported to Photos on your computer at full resolution, and then turn to iCloud library Photos OFF.

    To synchronize the new images of your iDevices to your computer, turn on my Photo Stream.

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  • Move photos from the iphone to the flash drive

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    Photos about iCloud are in iCloud, not on the iPhone.

    Save them on your computer, and then remove them on the iPhone.


  • Cannot transfer photos from the camera...

    Cannot transfer photos from the camera... Just recently, during the month, Windows XP does not recognize both our Sony A100 camera or card reader when you try to copy photos in a computer file - it has always in the past.  Interestinly, there recognzies the photos and can do a slide show of the card reader or camera, but does not recognize them when you try to transfer using Windows scanneer and camera Assistant.

    Hi Byron,

    Thanks for posting in the Microsoft community

    From your problem description, I understand that the digital camera is not getting recognized on Windows XP. Please let me know if you do not experience this problem.

    You did changes to the computer before the show?

    I suggest you try the following steps:

    Method 1: Hardware devices do not work or are not detected in Windows

    Method 2: A digital camera is not recognized in Windows Vista or Windows XP

    Hope this information is helpful and let us know if you need help with Windows in the future. We will be happy to help.

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    I'm trying to find the solution but did ' t found, why only small option is not available?

    It looks like your strength to move about jailbreak by small options that you lack.

    I'm not sure what you want to achieve? Please explain more.

    Albums do not store photos. They use and referencing the photos that are in your library. You can add a photo of your camera albums as much as you like, but the photo should stay in the camera or the album can not use it.

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    Solved my problem. Rebooted and just stop. Strange.

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    I want to be able to move freely photos on a Windows Word page, but the photos keep snapping it back in place on the margins. Is it an alignment etc. function that I can disable so I can move photos with the cursor?

    Change the text wrapping...

    In Word 2007... I'm going to... Format / dressing / thanks to...

    Then I can use the arrow 4 positions to drag photos anywhere
    I chose.

    If you want to drag the photos on the page...
    I don't know how to do this. John Inzer - MS - MVP - Digital Media Experience - Notice_This is not tech support_I'm volunteer - Solutions that work for me may not work for you - to proceed at your own risk

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    I need is these small buckets, because they do not really use more.

    I'm able to drag + drop some of the photos in the larger bucket, but not all of them.
    When I transferred a small group of pictures, I get a popup box telling me that some of my photos cannot be transferred.
    This is because a file already exists in the destination with this name.
    But the file name is actually for a different photo.

    Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 4.31.56 PM.png

    I understand WHY Lightroom protects me against this problem.
    But I can't find a way to move these images and rename them at the same time.

    I managed to move a SINGLE photo at a time and "keep two copies" option.
    But then LR renames the file 'IRK_1234.copy. NAVE"or something like that.
    I don't want that. I would like to rename it to something like "IRK_1234 - x.NEF", where the hyphen-x is the next available number.

    Is there an elegant way to do it?
    What Miss me?

    I use LR - CC, on a MacBook Pro on OSX El Capitan 10.11.2

    Just rename the file in Lightroom BEFORE you try to move it!

  • Lightroom on a new computer - how to move photos from the LR I have on another computer

    I have Lightroom 5 installed on my laptop but now a new desktop computer. I plan to do the creative cloud because I would have access to Photoshop, but wonder if there is a way to transfer my photos from my old computer LR in the new.  Or if I have to buy LR still to have it on my new computer, first place.  Advice please? Thank you!

    Licensed Lightroom, whether it's a stand-alone license, or a creative cloud license allows you to install Lightroom on two different computers for your personal use. You can install Lightroom on the new computer, and then follow the instructions on how to move or copy the files to your current computer.

    How can I move Lightroom to a new computer? Lightroom Queen

    Each installation of Lightroom should have its own local catalog on a local drive on this computer. Some people use dropbox for the catalog so that it can be used on both computers. There are a lot of considerations when you try to work with different computers. But it can be done.

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    ShamikasiPhone wrote:

    What happened to this option?


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    Discover >delete photos from the iPhone after import - Photos

    then > deleting photos to iPhone but not iCloud

    and > OS X Photos App: remove already imported from iOS Device

  • Cannot import photos from the Iphone to the computer in Windows 10

    When connecting to the computer with the new Windows 10 Iphone I no longer get the prompt to import new photos, and he disobeys automatically.  Worked fine before the upgrade to Windows 10

    Hi UJSmanager,

    I understand that you have problems importing photos from your iPhone to 10 Windows on your PC.  The resources below provide information from Microsoft that can help.

    Import photos and videos from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to your computer

    Import pictures and videos on your Windows PC

    Before you import your photos and videos:

    When you import photos and videos from your camera to your computer, some might be turned bad. To play videos on your computer to the correct orientation, use iTunes for Windows.

    If you can not import your photos to your computer or your computer recognizes not your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch as a camera, learn what to do Windows XP is may not be able to import more than 500 MB of videos without iTunes installed, a third-party program, or the updated drivers up-to-date.

    Learn how to import pictures and videos to Windows 7, Windows 8or 10 Windows.

    To learn more

    Use the iCloud photo library with the Photos app to store your pictures and videos stored in iCloud and up to date on your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Mac and

    Take care

  • Using a Photosmart C310a cannot print photos from the photo paper tray. With the help of Mac Lion

    When you print photos using a C310a Photosmart on a Mac with Lion. I cannot print on paper photo from the photo tray. It keeps or by default in the paper tray.

    Any suggestions


    Please try these steps... it might solve your problem...

    1. go to mac apple icon-go to the software update - pls download and install the update.

    2 restart the pc - and then go to the new apple icon - go to System Preferences and continue to print and scan

    3 Higlight your printer, then click on the button "-" to remove the printer-if your connected USB printer please unplug USB cable - then restart your pc

    4. after the restart, return to icon - system preferences - apple print and scan-for usb connection: plug the USB - if your printer does not automatically appeared on list of the printer olease, click plus the sign and Higlight your printer then click Add button - after that - to prove the fucnctionality

    for a wireless connection - simply click on the sign more, then, HELLO - Higlight your click and select printer Add button - then prove the functionality if you can print and scan.

    Hope it will work for you...

    Please click on that button KUDOS if I solved your problem... Thank you! more power! =)

  • Cannot transfer photos from the Treo 680 for PC

    First of all, I bought this phone and he didn't get any software CD provided whatsoever. I downloaded the software from Palm.Com HotSync and after reading all the horror stories that it does not include a way to transfer pictures or other objects generated from the smart phone without this software, I'm about to pull out my hair!

    There must be another way that e-mail each photo of the photo to one email account to retrieve those pictures. I can't work when I try to attach a photo and send it to an email address is valid. I always get this error message:

    VersaMail: "the connection has been made, but the SMTP server is not respoding." I have check the setting for the SMTP Protocol and they are valid and only happens when you attach a file to a message.

    Is there any 3rd party software for the Palm Treo 680, that will allow me to transfer photos (jpg) from my phone on my computer?

    Thanks for looking at my problem.


    Palm Desktop Version 6 has the ability of multimedia synchronization.  As long as you are using Windows XP SP2 or Windows Vista, you can use this version of Palm Desktop. Simply choose the Centro for your device to get this version.  The trade will be that colors in the calendar, the themes and Versamail sync encoding are not supported in this version.

    Message is about: Treo 650 (unlocked GSM)

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    Try a forced reboot: hold down the House and on the buttons until the unit turns off. Ignore the cursor off if it appears. Once completed, if it does not start on it own, turn off power with the key On. In some cases, it also contributes to double click the Home button and close all applications before restarting.

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