Cannot open a new browser window

I have a few users who have problems connecting to Discoverer on new PCs. They use the Internet Explorerer 8. They are able to get to the login, but when screen connect achieving (or go) they get an error: "cannot open a new browser window. Make sure that you don't have a pop - up disabled for this site".

Of course the first thing I had to do was disable popups blocker all together. But they still have the error (even when they restart their PC). Other than that, is there something that I miss in how they must configure IE8? I'm personally used to use IE6 at work and do not know much about the setting of configuration for IE8.

Thank you!

Check if you have a toolbar (like Yahoo, Google toolbar)
These toolbars have their own Blocker for pop-up windows.
You must disable the pop-up blocker also with the blocker IE.

Thank you

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