Cannot open certain e-mail messages. He askes me to define an association in the Control Panel, but do not know how to configure...

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Monday, January 31, 2011 19:44:07 + 0000, granny, sharon wrote:

* Remember - this is a public forum so never publish information such as email or phone numbe * s:

* You have problems with programs * error messages * recent changes made to your computer * that you have already tried to solve the problem

Please, in the future, remove all the verbiage above when you ask for a
issue. It has nothing to do with your question. And ask your
questions in the body of the message, not in the title. The title
should be used only for a brief description of what is the question

You say 'impossible to open certain emails', but makes the rest of your title
It sounds like you can open the e-mail message, but you cannot open
the accessories that come with them. Is this correct?

If that's right, read the following:

To open a file (if get you it as an attachment or any other)
by the way), you must have an appropriate program installed for him (be it
the program that created the file or a compatible program). So if you open attachments depends on what kind of files (the
extension, the characters after the dot at the end of the file name)
attachments are.

If you get the files .doc or .docx, these were created by Microsoft Word
(or a compatible program) and to open them, you need Word, or
compatible program. Microsoft Office Home and Student includes Word.
You can also use OpenOffice (free software that is largely compatible
with Microsoft Office), WordPerfect, etc. Or you can download and
Install the free Microsoft Word Viewer
or the viewer will allow you to read existing
files, but not create or modify them.

To open .pdf files, you need a viewer pdf and Microsoft Office Home
and student will not help you. The standard pdf viewer than most people
the use is Adobe Reader, and you can download free of charge

It is more likely that you don't have a proper file installed
that you don't have the correct association, but if a
an appropriate program is installed, just right click on any file .doc
and choose open with. Highlight and select Word, select the check box
"Always use this program...". "and click OK. It should work fine
from then on it.
The above paragraph is how do to the files .doc and Word, but for
other types of files, replace .doc with the extension of the file type and
Word with the appropriate program.
If you try in vain to open other types of attachments,
Please tell us what types of files they are.

Ken Blake, Microsoft MVP

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