Cannot open internet Explorer. says I have a script error and I can not download another version

I have internet explore 8, but something happened to him earlier so now I use google chrome. The logo for IE disappeared and I was getting script errors at the time also and now I want to use IE, but I can't. I tried to download IE 9 and he said: it could not copy a file and then took me to the troubleshooting and IE has no good at all. I have IE 8, but how do I connect it? Its a puzzle to be sure. Help?


IE9 is not compatible with xp...

For the script, open internet options, Advanced tab, look for 'Disable script debugger' & uncheck

the box, too, look below it & uncheck 'Disable script-other', close when thru.

Also, download & install these updates at:

Scroll down to xp 5.8 would later...

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