Cannot print [Android]

I am trying to print from Adobe DC, but he just continues search for printers.  Samsung Galaxy S5 Lollipop

Also is he a mobile site for this forum? Bulky on phone

You can use Google Cloud print to directly print the documents using Adobe Acrobat DC on Android. Please make sure that the printer is stored with your Google account and let us know if you observe still a few question.

Thank you.

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  • disappointment that printshare cannot print with wifi


    is it me or is it a huge disappointment printshare cannot print unlimited pages in wifi connect printed. only 20 pages? is it serious? Anyone know of any alternative to print via wifi unlimited times or I just have to export all to gmail in the form of png images and then print from my computer.

    The printershare limit is due to the fact that Lenovo has not in fact given us full of printershare versions, but rather the same demo that you can download the free market... Please see my thread on purchase if you want to go this route, because the on-board Lenovo version is some kind of scam (same as the regular version of the Android market but you can not use it on other devices).

    Lenovo has been quite misleading in their marketing when he came to this apps bundled $ 150.

  • Firefox 34.0.5 cannot print correctly. I checked all the pages on firefox problems and still can not solve the problem.

    I use 34.0.5 with Windows 7 and that you cannot print correctly. In print preview, it appears in a label size. I double checked all my settings in firefox and my preferences from the printer, I checked all the pages on firefox problems and still can not solve the problem.

    I was able to finally solve the problem, but I had to do a complete reset of firefox. Thank you for your time.

  • Sharp MX-2614n - 10,11 drivers - cannot print

    We recently bought a new Sharp printer in our office - MX-2614N. Unfortunately, I was unable to find the drivers on the Sharp site. Unlike the old model MX-2600N, which prints without fault, I am unable to do this print even printer with a standard postscript driver.

    My Mac with 10.11 can see th printer on network morning and it asks to download drivers or offers standard drivers. Unfortunately no luck.

    Recently, I discovered a package on some unofficial site with 10,11 drivers hidden in MX - C26.pkg, which adds dozens of printer in library/printers/PPDs/happy/Resources you want SHARP MX - 2614N.PPD.gz, dated 11.9.2014, but the printer cannot print even with this printer driver. I contacted the local representative of STRONG, but not luck.

    Does anyone have a solution for this printer - how to print even in a default configuration without any particular add ons (like duplexer, paper extra. storage etc..)?

    I tried one of these:

    -version to 10.11 26.1.15 - no luck t - 2373.htm? product = MX2614N

    -version 1501b 27.1.2015 - no luck

    Keson wrote:

    I am unable to do this print even printer with a standard postscript driver.

    The new machine has a PostScript printing package? For many brands of printers Postscript kit is often an option and without the SDK installed, you will not be able to print using Sharp or generic Postscript PPD MX-2614 - driver who stands for Postscript Printer Description.

    Note that some devices support PCL as standard. There is a generic PCL driver included with OS X. This driver does not print in black and white and has a default value of print resolution of 300 dpi. But at least it will let you print.

    You can also find that the Sharp supports AirPrint. If you can then you will be able to use the AirPrint driver in OS X, which will let you print in color and print on both sides and even staple (if it has a base unit).

  • HP Envy 4500: Cannot print the error message

    I just replaced the black cartridge of the moment on my 4500 and the printer will not print. I get the error message is - cannot print. Visit www.hpinstantink. Com for info. I did that but it's impossible to find useful info! Help, please!

    Hi @clairerobinson6.

    Welcome to the Forums of HP's Support. I understand that your printer does not print and directs you to instant ink site. I would like to help.

    The printer is in the instant the ink program. He receives this error for two reasons. The printer has not been able to connect to the servers of HP ink level controls or the number of pages in a long time, or there is a bill pending. Normally when you sign in to your instant account of ink there is an opinion on the matter. If you do not see a notification, try to reach out to the instant the ink Department.

    You can send them a tweet directly from your instant ink account, or use this link to find the appropriate phone number.

    If you have any questions, or if this does not resolve the problem, let me know.
    If it solves your problem, please click acceptable Solution. This will allow other people with the same problem the solution easily. If you want to say thank you, feel free to click on the laurels.

  • Cannot print from Firefox 3.6.13

    Cannot print from Firefox. 3.6.13. says it's printing, but only a blank page comes out of the printer. Safari works fine, but I like Firefox. With the help of Mac 10.6.5.

    Probably caused by a Bug in Firefox, which is supposed to be fixed in versions of Firefox 4.0. Until Firefox 4 is out, my suggestion is to use the preview before printing and if the preview is empty use Safari to print this page. This extension will allow you to click right into Firefox and open the same page in Safari, so you don't have to copy' only paste the URL.

  • My HP Officejet Pro 8600 cannot print from my MacBook Air


    My HP Officejet Pro 8600 cannot print from my MacBook Air. It keeps on showing "the printer is not connected", but the display on the printer connected. I often reset the printer "EVERY TIME" I want to use. I also tried to turn off my laptop and printer several times before printing. If I'm lucky, it will work maybe for one or two prints. If no luck then I have to reset everything again. Sometimes I reset the printer, the printer is not displayed on my selection.

    Hello boojoo1tw,

    Welcome to the HP Forums!

    I understand that you are unable to print most of the time with your Officejet 8600. How is the printer connected? USB or wireless? What is your operating system on your Mac computer? Click here to find out.

    If your wireless printer, then I recommend the award of an 'IP address' by following this HP document on printer does not maintain the wireless connection.

    Please post your results, I'll be looking forward to hear from you.

  • OfficeJet 6500 E709n: Cannot print after upgrading Windows 10

    Cannot print. "Doctor print" said there is a software problem.

    Uninstalled the drivers and reinstalled the software complete... twice.

    Capable of printing in color "internal" wireless test page but cannot print a doc and it does not show in the Panel "see what's printing.

    Uninstalled all printers if none showed, in the Panel. When the software has been reinstalled, it showed two Officejet 6500 s on the control panel.

    I tried the post install 'Print sample' with each check printer default and no work.

    Seems that the problem started when I "upgraded" to the new Windows 10.

    Kili2 wrote:

    Cannot print. "Doctor print" said there is a software problem.

    Uninstalled the drivers and reinstalled the software complete... twice.

    Hi Kili2,

    Try to install your printer via "Open network" - via the window icon or desktop to explore - and choose 'Add devices and printers' (you may need to click the arrow next to the question mark for the top menu show).
    Let the wizard to search for awhile, selcect your printing device, and click 'next'.

    After you follow these steps, search for the new installed printer (the name is shown in network for printer and scanner) in "Printers and devices" in the control panel.
    Use this printer as the default printer and you should be able to print over the network cable or wireless.

  • HP 8600 cannot print from the ADF

    First of all, let me say that I don't want to scan from the ADF. I want to PRINT from my computer using paper fed from the charger.

    I just bought this printer and installed and I try to understand all the features.

    I tried to search this forum and found nothing, online printing of ADF-related.

    Thank you

    Todd McDaniel

    Hi, you cannot print only the ADF analysis.

  • HP Deskjet 1051 J410 series: cannot print from HP Deskjet 1051 J410

    I have a HP Deskjet 1051 J410 and cannot print because I updated to Windows 10. I ran the store & under details, he says he detects a problem, but does not say what it is. The printer appears under devices & Printers & said it working properly & has the updated device driver. I have updated the driver from the HP website, but it says driver 1050 instead of 1051. The printer does not appear under Apps > HP anywhere. I removed the

    PRI friendship & reinstalled the HP site I don't have the disk. The USB Port has disappeared after that. So I know that it is not connected to the right port, because it is no longer an option under ports to connect to. A details page of the printer did print at some point, but I can't print from Office, etc. I unplugged the printer from the back & the output. This back in & connected to my laptop HP Presario CQ62 plugged. I restarted my laptop a couple of times. Nothing works. I have also no error message. Can anyone help please?

    Thank you or all of your great suggestions. I ended up doing a repair of Windows 10 installation & that seems to have solved the problem. Thanks again!

  • cannot print on IPad but will be printed on IPhone and laptop computer HP

    Use a HP LazerJet 200 colorMFP M276nw == have wifi wireless system
    cannot print on IPad but will be printed on IPhone and laptop computer HP
    How can I get the Ipad for printing follow-up after it shows the document sent to the printer?

    Hi ddavid1,

    Welcome to the Forums of HP's Support. I believe that when you send a print job from your iPad to your color Laserjet 200 printer MFP M276nw, it does print ever.

    I have included the Apple Mobile Devices (AirPrint): Document Print or is stuck in the print queue document. I know that you are able to print from your iPhone, but please start with a Solution in the document. I have also included the document to print from an Apple device . In the section 'With Apple's AirPrint printing', he has advice on using AirPrint and what it takes.

  • Cannot print office 2011 applications

    Updated at El Capitan and everything after I am able to print from Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook.  I deleted the Office 2011 programs and reinstalled. Nothing works.  I can open applications, edit and save, but I cannot print. I press CMD-P and the crush of applications. Here is the

    Contact Microsoft for support of their products.

  • After the upgrade to el capitan, cannot print Canon mp970

    Upgrade to El capitan in snow leopard, and now I can't print from my Canon mp970. I went to the site Web of Canon for a printer driver is compatible with the new operating system - found nothing. Found some threads on Apple support community and found a suggestion that recommended to download and install the Gutenprint (CUPS + Gutenprint v5.2.11 - simplified pre2) software. I did that and removed the driver from Canon, but still cannot print. The message I get from the printer is: 'you need to install the software to use this printer. " To install the software, choose App Store... from the Apple menu. If the software for your printer is not available in the App Store..., contact the manufacturer of your printer. »

    Any suggestions on what to try next?

    Hi Dellis46

    I met the same problem and tried several things before finding the solution for the print job. You must install the drivers 'old' Mountain Lion. They still do the job.

    Go to: nals/inkjet/pixma_mp_series/pixma_mp970.aspx?type=drivers&driverdetailid=tcm:13-833845&os=OS%20X%2010.8%20 (mountain % 20Lion) & language = EN

    Download the .dmg package and open it. Dubbel click .dmg package and follow the instructions. Connect your printer by a usb cable and turn on the printer. If not now, it won't work!

    Then, go to the apple/menu logo and choose Preferences system - open printers & scanners - click on the button "+" under and on the left side.

    If the printer is on and the installation of the finished, .dmg package you should be able to see in a new menu 'Add printer' one or more printers. Add one you need. If your mac is connected to the local network you will see a usb and printer of netwerk MP970 canon MP970 canon (network printer takes a while to appear), including its network address. Add the two printers and name them differently to avoid confusion.

    Now everything should work.

    It is for the printer. I can't understand how making the scanner works. Run the .dmg package for the scanner is not operate :-)

    If someone is tried: (mountain % 20Lion) nals/inkjet/pixma_mp_series/pixma_mp970.aspx?type=drivers&driverdetailid=tcm:13-966569&os=OS%20X%2010.8%20 & language = EN

    I'd be more than grateful to the person who in fact occur...

    See you soon!


  • HP Officejet 6500 a Plus: HP Officejet 6500 a Plus cannot print in black

    I just put new ink cartridges today and now my printer cannot print in black ink.  I've seen some prior positions on the same topic, someone found a solution?

    Try here...

    Let us know.

  • OfficeJet Pro 6835: Cannot print in black

    On printer 6835, no cartridegs are empty, but cannot print in black.

    Hi @Bill113,

    Welcome to the Forums of HP Support!
    I see that you are having print quality problems with your printer HP Officejet Pro 6835. I'd be happy to help you and don't forget to come back to this thread and check "Accept as Solution" if I helped successfully will solve you the problem. If you want to say 'Thank you' to my effort to help, click on the "thumbs up" to give me a Kudos.
    I understand the frustration you feel. Looks like the black ink cartridge is dirty, faulty or printhead is clogged.

    Please follow the steps in this guide:

    • Color or black cartridge isn't printing
    • Make sure that the printer is connected directly to a wall outlet (do not use a bar or a surge protector). This ensures that the printer is full on and can help this situation.

    If you have completed all the above steps and your product still has a problem, service the product.
    Contact HP for service in all countries except Asia-Pacific.
    First, check your product warranty to check your warranty printer status and then go to contact HP support to find an authorized dealer or to schedule a repair.
    Check the warranty status:
    Cost of repair out-of-warranty printers may apply.
    What you can do, is to use the following link to create yourself a file number, then call and it can help to expedite the appeal process:
    Step 1. Open the link:
    Step 2. Enter the product number or select Auto detection
    Step 3. Scroll up to "still need help? Fill out the form to select your contact options.
    Step 4. Scroll down and click on options contact HP - click Get phone number
    File number and phone number are displayed.

    Hope that answers your question. Please reply to this message with the results. Thank you for posting!

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