Cannot print from Word 2003 using Epson Artisan 800 all-in-one printer

Using Vista Home and Office 2003 with Epson Aritsan 800 connected by USB.  When you open a Word 2003 document, get pop up msg:

"The printer has not yet responded, but the Microsoft Office program may be able to move forward without printer information.  Do you want to continue to wait for the printer? »

I select 'no '.  The document opens.

Then try to print from file / print - it finds the printer printer "EPSON Artisan 800 Series", but give the same message as above: (.)

After 20 min of combat and by selecting several times, it finally will print, but slowly.

Any ideas or help to solve?

Thank you!

PS - All current print drivers have been installed.

I know that its an old thread, but I can't find solution s everywhere on the web for this
However, I am happy to say I've cracked toay.
Its a corrupt police. I deleted the content of the c:\windows\fonts folder and then replaced from another machine
It works now!
Machine, I had to fix was running WinXP HOme / Offcie Pro 2003, but no reason why it will not solve the problem on a newer OS

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    Hi pvaracalli,

    I suggest to assign a static IP address to the network printer.

    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

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    Hi @BBsteve07 ,

    Thank you very much for the question, now lets get you an answer!

    I understand that you do not use the full features software and you need to get the rest of the software to be able to scan and fax.

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    That tool will locate and download the SW additions you need and you'll be good to go I think. No promises, but don't let me know it to be.

    Hope this helps, can't wait to hear back on your part have a wonderful day.

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    Look here in Pro:

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    Then notice acroos the Word printer check box next to the impression that the image.

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    1. How do you try to download driver?
    2. What is the full and exact error message?

    I suggest to set up the computer in a clean boot state and then try to download the driver manually.

    By setting your boot system minimum state helps determine if third-party applications or startup items are causing the problem.

    How to troubleshoot a problem by performing a clean boot in Windows Vista or Windows 7:

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    1. what version of Windows are you using?
    2. What do you mean "some appeared files attached to Internet Explorer"?
    3. that you get an error message during the installation of printer?
    I suggest you go through the following links and check.
    Install a printer.
    Find and install printer drivers in Windows 7.
    You can communicate with the support of epson for assistance.
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    I hope I am in the right place because I'm in the use of focus groups.  Before I end up buying another printer, I was hoping that someone on this forum could locate the cause of the problem that I keep missing.  My printer connects to my all new laptop running Windows 7 via a USB port.  This is the latest driver for each system.  My laptop, running XP - Pro, is on a wireless network with the other computer.  Anyway, my pages printing out with bands, the horizontal space and the missing lines on photos.  I do not get decent images even when I undergo regular maintenance procedures such as the nozzle check, head cleaning and head alignment.  Printing test badly on both computers.  Technical support of Epson, which I have no confidence, says I have an irreparable hardware problem.  I have a problem of compatibility of the software with the operating system or a network problem?  The router is Linksys E1000.  Oddly enough, I get a page of decent test of Control Panel, printers, and other devices.  Similarly, an image containing the text and the pictures I got using Epson Scan prints decently with the exception of the stripes on the picture.

    Moderator: thank you.  Forgive me for failing to recognize your answer.  After deals with peculiarities of Epson, I've learned that sometimes Nozzlecheck and cleaning the heads need as much as 10 tests before they correct the print quality.  Ink accumulates in transport, which the user cannot delete on this model.  To print a color image occasionally to keep the ink flowing. otherwise, he's sitting there and think about cloggs.  There is a cleaning kit that technicians use to clean this accumulation that can be purchased at  The investment is lower than a new printer.  At this stage, that it costs more to maintain this printer after replacing the magenta cartridge twice this week.  Already, I am considering new models where this problem will not occur.

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    Can anyone help?


    USB cable doesn't work, full stop. You must send to a computer and print from there.

    Kind regards.

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    It is a forum of HP.  The Epson Workforce 545 you had to best results in the Epson support pages here.

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    You can get Windows 7 drivers for the Epson UK site... See here...

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    The method for analysis is based on the operating system you are using. Here is a page that lists the different instructions based on OS.

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    I hope this helps.

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    You cannot copy and paste images (especially the cliparts) of the word.  You need to refer to a disk image.  So use Insert | Picture to insert the image.  The image must also be a format that IE can display, as it is used to show messages in WinMail.

    IE9 is not a problem for that. See here for IE9 questions:


  • Cannot copy from Word in email

    I don't then copy info from the word email. There is no option to copy anywhere where I can find.


    You can also try Ctrl + V, Ctrl + C etc. If the problem persists, please check in Safe Mode.

    Extensions of the issues

    Troubleshooting Extensions and themes

    Uninstalling the modules

    Uninstalling toolbars

  • Cannot paste from Word

    Never seen before. I copy the text into Word and make order V or Edit Paste and nothing happens. Thank you.

    My tax, cool, paste in code view, worked, why stick design does not consider?

    It can work in Design view, if you change your text only preferences as shown below:

  • print from quicken 2009 for deskjet hp 7130 all-in-one

    I can't print from quicken 2009 to my hp deskjet 7130 all in a 64 bit.  Can anyone help?

    Try this...

    = Step 1: determine which port the current uses of the HP product =.

    a. in the Windows taskbar, click the Windows icon/Start button.
    (b) in the search box, type control printers and press ENTER. The Printers window appears.
    c. find the HP product in the list of printers, click the HP product, and then click Properties.
    d. click the Ports tab and note the name of the port that has a check mark in the box beside it. This is the port at which the current HP product is printing.
    e. click Cancel to close the Properties dialog box.

    = Step 2: Add a default printer from the HP Deskjet 990c printer =.

    a. in the Printers window, click Add a printer.
    b. under Choose a local or network printer, click Add a local printer, and then click Next.
    c. click on use a port existing, click the arrow to the right to select the port identified in step 1, and then click Next.
    d. under manufacturer, find and click on HP.
    e. under printers, find and click on hp deskjet 990c, and then click Next.
    f. in the printer name box, change the printer name if desired.
    g. continue the wizard and select the preferred options and then click Finish.

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