Cannot receive e-mail from specific sender

I was sent an important e-mail from the Student Finance regarding my student loan, but on student finance site it says that users of microsoft accounts cannot receive e-mail from them and I need to contact my provider.  I find the Microsoft support Web site very difficult to navigate and have not been able to find a phone number for a hotline.  Maybe you can help me understand how to get microsoft to allow funding student emails to send to microsoft accounts?

Ok. Now that I know it is a Hotmail account, please ask the experts Forum Hotmail here and give them when you post a link.

Please send all Live and Hotmail queries on the forum right here:

Windows Live Solution Center

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  • BlackBerry 8330 smartphones cannot receive e-mail from the ISP

    I tried and tried to set up my own domain mail server to receive e-mail. I even picked up the phone to Sprint and they tried, but we are unable to read incoming messages. Sending works fine.

    I think that I followed it to down to the fact that I use the mail server's 'pop' in the name if the Blackberry Internet Service thinks its an IMAP4 e-mail account, it is not. My server name is "", without mail or pop in front of the name. I can't understand how to change this setting advanced since the Blackberry or on the site of Sprint, even though I see the setting as IMAP4.

    Any ideas?

    It turns out that the firewall on my Blackberry settings were set to block all messages from BIS. I had removed the battery because of a condition of hanging a few months ago, and I guess that this reset that firewall setting. If I wasn't a geek, I never would have figured this out and Sprint and this forum was no help at all.

    Thought I'd know others where they have the same problem. You need to go to Options > Security Options > firewall > and look for the check mark next to Blackberry Internet Service and uncheck the box. Then save. E-mail started downhill a few minutes.

  • Cannot receive e-mails from the 31.7.0 updated (worked before and nothing has changed).

    Before your 31.7.0 update I could receive my mail both of my accounts, including uploading photos.

    Since the 31.7.0, update I cannot stay to receive email. The program just say "Connecting ├a"for hours.

    None of my passwords have been changed and I can not all my emails using "Mailwasher" to clear all junk e-mail or spam.

    Check that Thunderbird is not blocked by a personal firewall.

  • Mail from a sender has not received in Outlook Express

    I am with outlook express for my e-mail and have oneseniors as my ISP, but I can't receive e-mail from a * address email is removed from the privacy *, they sent me a little but I t I have them.

    You cannot receive messages from a sender? As you can see the e-mail address has been removed, but this is not important. Send a test message to that person and ask them to use the response to send to you and see if you get that. If you do, they don't have your correct e-mail address in their address book.
  • My contacts are receiving e-mails from me that I didn't send.

    My contacts receive e-mails from me that I didn't send it please can you advise me what to do.


    Which is called Spoofing and its pretty easy for a spammer to make. Of course, it does
    it look like you or the other person has sent the e-mail. Someone intercepted an email and
    It may not be you who caused him. Account of a friend could have been consulted
    or even someone could have sent an email on your behalf to someone else who has been
    compromise. Your friend can access headers and block the real senders of
    those who will change often.

    How to read the message headers

    What Email Headers can tell you about the origin of Spam

    E-mail spoofing

    E-mail spoofing and Phishing

    Understanding E-mail Spoofing

    Fraudulent emails (false)

    Google search - email Spoofing

    I hope this helps.

    Rob Brown - Microsoft MVP<- profile="" -="" windows="" expert="" -="" consumer="" :="" bicycle="" -="" mark="" twain="" said="" it="">

  • Problems receiving e-mail from a particular sender

    For some reason I'm more able to receive e-mails from my boss. He gets emails that I send, but I can't receive one of his. I have disabled the Windows Live Mail and McAfee ANTI-SPAM filters. Still no dice. How can I find what is happening here?

    As the issue is limited to Windows Live Mail, I suggest that you post the question on the link provided below for assistance.

    The job portal

  • Have not received e-mails from last week. I just tried to send a test email and it says that my account is not available?

    Original title: Hotmail

    I have not received e-mails from last week. I just tried to send a test email and it says that my account is not available?

    The first step in troubleshooting is to clear browser cache/cookies.      (you must clear all cookies)

    * For Internet browser explore & MSN butterfly: simultaneously press CTRL + SHIFT + DELETE, and then click on remove
    For Google Chrome: Simultaneously press CTRL + SHIFT + DELETE, and then click clear browsing data
    For Firefox: Press CTRL + SHIFT + DELETE, and then click clean now
    (other browsers are similar)

    If you clear the cache is not help meet these.

    You access your e-mail via a web browser or e-mail client?  See the differences between them here
    You have problems to access other accounts on the same computer?
    The same problem exists when you use a different browser?
    The problem persists on other computers?

  • Why can my customer receive e-mails from my iPad but not my IMac?

    Hello, I have an iMac OS X Yosemite, Version 10.10.5, 3.5 GHz Intel Core i5, 16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 and an iPad. Last year, I worked with a client, have no difficulty emailing back. I use Yahoo Mail. Recently, my customer migrated from Lotus notes to Outlook (version 2010) and cannot receive my email from my iMac. Only they can, however, make from my iPad. It's the explanation of their IT Department. "I have recently gone from Lotus to Outlook. When I was on Lotus our security does not come into conflict. When I migrated to Outlook the Outlook security is that collide with your security is why I do not receive emails sent through your computer. Safety on the iPad is different and is compatible with my computer which is why emails sent from your iPad come to me. "We tried to check SPAM, junk mail, basic troubleshooting. I'm not big on technique and I need to be able to send this email to the person of my computer. Help, please!

    Is the address of the customer e-mail different since he switched to Outlook? If so, have you changed his e-mail address in your Contacts? My guess is when you type an email to that customer and you start to overlay in his name in the of: domain, Mail automatically fills to its OLD email address.

    If you have two email addresses on your iMac for this customer - one for his old account from and one to his new Outlook account, delete the OLD e-mail address to your Contacts.

  • How can I block e-mail from specific senders?

    I'm tired of searching on a large number of emails in my spam folder. A large part of the enamel comes from the sender even. How can I block e-mail from specific senders?

    Junk e-mail is automatically deleted after 30 days > iCloud: manage junk e-mail

  • Cannot receive incoming emails from some people

    I send direct windows. My husband has his own email with me - it has an address and I have another. He can receive e-mail from people while I can't. Those that I know I can't receive is gmail and yahoo at least an email user. He just started about 1 month ago and worked very well for years.

    I can send an email to everyone, but when some people try to send back to me, I did not receive it and they don't get a message that it was not distributed.

    When I go to file, import... it gives me the option of the window or Microsoft Live Mail window Outlook Express 6 or windows. I don't know what to choose - or even sure this is the problem.

    Any help would be appreciated. I called Microsoft and they told me to buy client WIndows for $109 - WIndows live has worked for us for many years - I would rather just what we currently set. Also - if anyone has a number to call for technical support - which would be appreciated. - Roxie

    The problem is resolved. He has not been blocked in windows live, but it was blocked in time warner roadrunner even though when I called them two weeks ago, they told me everything was going well at their end and it wasn't a problem with roadrunner. Thanks for your help... Roxie

  • cannot receive e-mail through msn explore

    operating system windows 7. problem started dec 5th 2011 cannot receive e-mail through my msn Inbox explore. only junk emails work. and that's all that I receive every day I did everything from reformatting his hard drive to delete msn Explorer and then re install. Nothing helps. If anyone can help me with this disorder, I have it please let me know. do it today! Thank you and good day


    You can connect to your MSN account using Internet Explorer?

    I suggest you contact MSN for further assistance:

    See also:

  • Hotmail account: I can't receive e-mail from addresses that are not already in my contacts list

    I can't receive e-mail from addresses that are not already in my contacts list, for example the library.  My account has been hacked recently, and I have informed Windows CE.  I then installed Avast security.  Since only known e-mail senders spend their emails.  Help, please.

    • Error messages
    • Recent changes to your computer
    • What you have already tried to solve the problem

    It seems that Avast is blocking messages from anyone not in your contacts list (much too tight fixed).  Disable the function of checking email and see if that solves the problem.  If so, run it without the option of e-mail enabled - it does not really help as long as you take normal precautions (as not to open attachments from people you don't know / trust and things like that).  If you don't know how to disable this feature, contact technical support Avast (I do not use the product so I don't know how, but it's probably under Options or something like that).  If this does not work, try to go to Microsoft Security Essentials where I know that this problem is not happen and see if that solved the problem.

    I hope this helps.

    Good luck!

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  • Cannot get the attachments to email from specific sender

    I have reception issues a daily attachment from a specific sender. I receive and are able to open all attachments. When this specific sender sends me an email with an attachment, I do not yet see the trombone. My computer is running Vista and MSN. I hope you can help me. Thank you. MCG555

    I have reception issues a daily attachment from a specific sender. I receive and are able to open all attachments. When this specific sender sends me an email with an attachment, I do not yet see the trombone. My computer is running Vista and MSN. I hope you can help me. Thank you. MCG555

    It is not your problem. Problem is on the end of the SENDER.
    Say that you can not open attachments to this sender.
    This sender is probably using Outlook and sending attachments in winmail.dat format (just speculation on my part).


  • can send but cannot receive e-mail

    Have 2 comcast email accounts. 5 days ago, that both has ceased to receive emails through Thunderbird on my laptop. They work on the comcast site. As if by magic one of the email accounts started getting yesterday - no problem.

    The other is still "stuck" and DO NOT receive emails via Thunderbird on my laptop; I can send emails without problem. Of course, it's my main email account. Comcast checked the settings and could find no problem on their end. Gave me that a number of their center of insurance of security but so far cannot get them to take my call. sigh seems strange to work and the other does not; essentially same settings for both.

    Help appreciated.

    This would indicate that the problem is at the end of Comcast.
    You can check this article well.

  • Mail from Apple sending emails of my two accounts

    That's what my title says. Whenever I have email from my yahoo account, it also sends it to my outlook. I had to disable my vision of the app that I could at least send emails correctly. Two emails are the same if this is important btw (eg. ( [email protected] and [email protected]). Is it possible to fix this? I don't really like having to open my outlook on my browser every time. The app is much cleaner and simpler.

    Try mail/preferences/AccountType account information. Select an account, and then access the server of outgoing (SMTP) mail. In the menu drop-down select list server SMPT Edit. Then set up a server for each e-mail account that is associated with the e-mail address. Then go to each account and set this server as the Mail Server outgoing (SMTP). You can click on use only this server if you wish.

    Mail/preferences/writing/sending messages - set to the selected mailbox account.

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