Cannot receive emails sent from the France. Why?

I sent emails to 2 different hotels in France.  I have not received any response, so I called and both said that they responded to my emails.  The two then returned their responses I got neither.  All the other (USA) emails are received OK.  Using Windows XP and Outlook Express 6.


I live in Europe and I met this problem the other way around. Mail from my 'home' my recipient ISP, using Comcast as their ISP, has not received an any of them. It turns out that Comcast has rejected all emails from outside of the USA (not very nice of them?)-C' maybe is your problem too. We were using gmail which worked well.

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  • BlackBerry Smartphones Emails sent from the device is not displayed in the "sent"box and "BIS" question

    Dear all and Rim:

    New to the BB world, need more help...

    AOL mailbox to connect with 'Tour' with success, the service provided by Verizon.

    Emails sent from the device are not show to AOL "Sent Box" or "IMAP" Outlook Express / outgoing server "POP" record "SMTP."

    Really need copies of "Sent Box", thanks for the help!

    Also try to put in place 'BIS' accout, error message says:

    "Your account is not accessed through a browser HTML...".

    Please use your device to access the Black Berry Internet services"

    I used this link:

    Thank you,


    For the mail issue seems to send me a copy is the only way to go, right?

    This would be a solution.

    And on the BRI, my test was on a PC, it did not work...  Anyway, I was going to connect to the BIS to work on my question above, but seems that it does not help now, then it does not matter if I enter or not.

    Well, it's quite strange... I just used who link me (from a PC) and get my BIS account very well. You can, however, use the interface for device BIS - watch this demo that I you provided above for instructions on this. BIS is simply a service provided by your operator. The PC/Web site method and device interface - these are simply two different interfaces in the same Department, so using one or the other is not serious... they cause the same thing.

    Good luck!

  • Cannot receive e-mails from the 31.7.0 updated (worked before and nothing has changed).

    Before your 31.7.0 update I could receive my mail both of my accounts, including uploading photos.

    Since the 31.7.0, update I cannot stay to receive email. The program just say "Connecting ├a"for hours.

    None of my passwords have been changed and I can not all my emails using "Mailwasher" to clear all junk e-mail or spam.

    Check that Thunderbird is not blocked by a personal firewall.

  • iCloud receives email sent from gmail or Virgin (today led by google I think)

    I have an an email account with (part of Virgin Media). Years, I had all the emails to this address sent to my address .me. Yesterday, he stopped. One or two messages have come through with a delay of about 24 hours. I also have an account .gmail (which I hardly use), new everthing handed to me, but again, it has stopped. I think Virgin Media E-mail has changed to a system of google. Is there a problem with icloud, receive messages in front of google?

    I have iphone5s, ipadmini and macbookpro. They all have access icloud with absolutely no problems until yesterday.

    Could have been a little hiccup yesterday with all holiday buyers acquire the new iPhone and Apple devices.  If it produced still today?

  • BlackBerry smartphone email sent from the PC sends copy to my BB

    When I send an email from my PC, a copy of this msg goes to my BB. This only happens to my Gmail account. I just bought my BB last week and everything was set up at the Verizon store.

    Thanks in advance,

    The Duke

    Hi and welcome to the Forums!

    Here's a knockout who deals with this error:

    • KB10332 Duplicate sent email message arrives on the BlackBerry smartphone when sent using a built-in Gmail account

    I hope that it contains something useful!

    Good luck and let us know!

  • BlackBerry 8330 smartphones cannot receive e-mail from the ISP

    I tried and tried to set up my own domain mail server to receive e-mail. I even picked up the phone to Sprint and they tried, but we are unable to read incoming messages. Sending works fine.

    I think that I followed it to down to the fact that I use the mail server's 'pop' in the name if the Blackberry Internet Service thinks its an IMAP4 e-mail account, it is not. My server name is "", without mail or pop in front of the name. I can't understand how to change this setting advanced since the Blackberry or on the site of Sprint, even though I see the setting as IMAP4.

    Any ideas?

    It turns out that the firewall on my Blackberry settings were set to block all messages from BIS. I had removed the battery because of a condition of hanging a few months ago, and I guess that this reset that firewall setting. If I wasn't a geek, I never would have figured this out and Sprint and this forum was no help at all.

    Thought I'd know others where they have the same problem. You need to go to Options > Security Options > firewall > and look for the check mark next to Blackberry Internet Service and uncheck the box. Then save. E-mail started downhill a few minutes.

  • CSA 6.0.2 software agent failed to gather the configuration sent from the central server

    Have CSA 6.0.2 much workstaitions not answering a similar event:

    The agent software cannot compile configuration sent from the central server:
    (C:\Program Files\Cisco\CSAgent\cfg\agent.rul(4256): the CSIDL_SYSTEMX86 variable was not declared
    (C:\Program Files\Cisco\CSAgent\cfg\agent.rul(4550): the CSIDL_SYSTEMX86 variable was not declared
    (C:\Program Files\Cisco\CSAgent\cfg\agent.rul(4708): the ProcessName variable was not declared
    (C:\Program Files\Cisco\CSAgent\cfg\agent.rul(4771): the ProcessName variable was not declared
    (C:\Program Files\Cisco\CSAgent\cfg\agent.rul(5155): parse error
    (C:\Program Files\Cisco\CSAgent\cfg\agent.rul(5165): parse error
    (C:\Program Files\Cisco\CSAgent\cfg\agent.rul(5171): parse error
    (C:\Program Files\Cisco\CSAgent\cfg\agent.rul(5192): parse error
    (C:\Program Files\Cisco\CSAgent\cfg\agent.rul(5211): parse error
    (C:\Program Files\Cisco\CSAgent\cfg\agent.rul(5215): parse error
    (C:\Program Files\Cisco\CSAgent\cfg\agent.rul(5236): parse error
    (C:\Program Files\Cisco\CSAgent\cfg\agent.rul(5252): parse error
    (C:\Program Files\Cisco\CSAgent\cfg\agent.rul(5258): parse error
    C:\Program Files\Cisco\CSAgent\cfg\agent.rul(5287)

    You may be experiencing bug CSCtg78612.  This occurs when the CSA MC is updated from a previous version of 6.0 to 6.0.2 and managed agents have not yet been upgraded.  You should be able to solve the problem by programming upgrades the agent for the affected hosts.

    You can view the full bug details here:


  • Why my old emails disappear from the cloud?

    Why my old emails disappear from the cloud?  After only a month or two, they are gone! (and I pay extra each month more space!)

    Hello Unhappywoman,

    Thank you for using communities Support from Apple!

    From your post, I understand that old emails are deleted after a month. This can be due to behaviors of the mailbox defined for your iCloud account.

    The following article explains how to look at these settings. My suspicion is that the section "permanently erase deleted messages when:" is set at one month old.

    Use Mail preferences to set or change options for e-mail accounts , you use mail and to work with messages and mailboxes. Choose Mail > Preferences, and then click a preferences panel for the options:

    • Accounts: Add, remove, and disable your email accounts in mail. Use only the part of the mailbox behaviors to control how the project, junk, sent, and deleted (or "Basket") messages are stored. Advanced pane includes options for messages, attachments and more.

    Set Mail preferences - help Mail

    See you soon!

  • Cannot receive emails through my Outlook Express 6 account all of a sudden. I have 2 computers set up with it, a Windows XP and the other Windows Vista.

    Cannot receive emails through my Outlook Express 6 account all of a sudden.  I can send messages but not receive. I removed all mail rules and blocked senders and I still cannot receive anything.  I tested it by sending a mail to it through different accounts (gmail, yahoo) so I know that there must be some messages.  I also had people reply to my email that I send to what they do, but I don't get their answers.  I have 2 computers in place, using Windows XP and the other is Windows Vista.  I've never had a problem until now. Any help?

    My server contacted me and told me to check my spam using their webmail account, because it was full.  It seems that when I used the rules of the mail I had clicked on delete from the server, just "do not download".  My spam folder was so full that I couldn't receive. Thanks for all your advice!  Mark as resolved.

  • Hi, just sign for a package monthly, received a message from the Bank that I already paid with my credit card for the first month, but I received no email / can not see the plan when I connect.

    Hi, just sign for cloud of plan monthly photoshop, has received a message from the Bank that I already paid with my credit card for the first month, but I received no email / can not see the plan when I open a session.

    There is no serial numbers for products Creative cloud,

    Sign out of Creative Cloud App and sign in the back once

    If the trial warning still appears, then make sure your hosts file once entries

    Log, activation, or connection errors. CS5.5 and later versions

  • Cannot receive e-mail from specific sender

    I was sent an important e-mail from the Student Finance regarding my student loan, but on student finance site it says that users of microsoft accounts cannot receive e-mail from them and I need to contact my provider.  I find the Microsoft support Web site very difficult to navigate and have not been able to find a phone number for a hotline.  Maybe you can help me understand how to get microsoft to allow funding student emails to send to microsoft accounts?

    Ok. Now that I know it is a Hotmail account, please ask the experts Forum Hotmail here and give them when you post a link.

    Please send all Live and Hotmail queries on the forum right here:

    Windows Live Solution Center

    Bruce Hagen ~ MS - MVP [Mail]

  • Server error: 0x80072EFE cannot receive email

    Cannot receive email in one of my Windows Live Mail accounts in. Server error: 0x80072EFE; Server: http//; Windows Live Mail error ID: 0x80072EFE. Cannot find answer\support. Tried to download "Files Guard" and it is a virus that had to be deleted. The computer date is not a problem. Cannot access Windows Update either.  Able to sign in online e-mail account.

    Prior to the problem, I sent some a very large file with photos which does not pass so I had to divide photos and s little at a time.  Nothing in Outbox.  Also, ran a sync of my accounts. Do not know if or the other could have contributed\caused problem and do not know how deterimne?

    Thank you

    Sounds to me like the malicious software that you have installed ruined some files of Windows and even if you think you've fixed the infection, the files are always broken.  If this happened to me, I back up all my data, collect all my kits installation of software and product keys, then wipe the disk and reinstall everything, restore my backups of data later.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones not receive emails sent to me, but can see emails I send and can send emails to others

    For some time now, my blackberry was not the receipt of emails. My Inbox ' hide sent messages "disabled, and all I can see as far as I can scroll are I sent emails. I essentially bet on the customer web (I use gmail) for e-mail, but it reached a point where I really have to be able to email from my phone again.

    Here's what I can do:

    Send emails to others of my phone

    See the emails I sent from the web client on my phone as a message

    Here's what I can't do:

    Receive emails on my phone. It's just a big shipping box.

    It may be that my credentials are wrong because it still works as an Outbox. This is no more an Inbox. I checked that I have active mobile network. and I certainly have a clear enough signal. I can use the web browser to access web pages, and it should be noted that I used to be able to send and receive e-mails even when I didn't have enough signal/cover for the web browser.

    Also check

    Options / Security Option / firewall is not active box (for the legacy of the OS 6 and 7)


    Legacy OS<=>
    Options / Security Option / Segurity Server (or something like that )


    Note: Text translated with Google translate

  • Outlook express cannot receive emails because "your spam or junk file box is too full.

    Original title: where & how do I find the 'spam' or 'junk' mail folder for outlook express?
    I'm having a problem with Outlook Express I can send emails but cannot receive emails.  He said it might be because "your spam or junk file box is too full" but there is no 'spam' visible or "junk mail" box in Outlook express.  Where and how can I find?

    According to Bruce, OE has no spam or junk folder, so this file is likely on the server.  Sign in to your e-mail via webmail account and then look for a folder spam or junk e-mail on the server and you can delete the Junk there.


  • I can't install the sp1 or sp2 from the difficulties why on windows xp?

    I can't install the sp1 or sp2 from the difficulties why on windows xp?

    Hi sjones1209,

    1. What happens when you try to install the service pack on the computer?
    2. You receive an error message?
    3. Did you the latest changes on the computer?
    4. How you install the service pack on the computer?

    How to obtain the latest Windows XP service pack

    Your question does contain all the required information necessary for us to help you. Please provide more relevant information to continue troubleshooting as a result.

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