Cannot remove a person in my Hotmail contact list that I see when I press on the "to:".

I have a virus in my Hotmail account and someone put their name in my list of contacts without an e-mail address.  I see when I open my contacts list when you press the button to, but do not see it when you go to the contacts list.  How can I remove this name?


Hi ToddBercovitch,

·         Which antivirus program is installed on the computer?

·         What is the operating system installed?

Given that the problem is related to Windows Live, you can send your request to the Windows Live Solution Center .

Hotmail - Windows Live Solution Center Portal

You can also run the Microsoft safety for any infection by virus Scanner. Check out the following link to do the same thing.

Microsoft Safety Scanner - free online tool for PC health and safety

I suggest that you download and install Microsoft Security Essentials to see if it helps.

Anti-Malware, viruses, Spyware Protection | Microsoft Security Essentials

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