Cannot remove shadow icons or characters

I can't remove the shadows from icons and characters


Go to Control Panel - display properties, select the Desktop tab & Desktop Customize option, and then web web page tab option United Nations check all websites whose links are checked, then click on & go out. It can reslove questions.

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  • Cannot remove desktop icon in Windows Vista

    I can't remove an icon of a document word on my desk. I first saved this file on my desk and he settled in a folder under "documents". Now, when I try dragging the icon remains on the desktop into the trash or select DELETE from the drop-down below, I get an error message that says "file not found." I tried to put the file on my desktop, but only another shortcut - creates a shortcut that I am able to remove. How can I delete the icon? I wouldn't mind deleting the document if necessary.

    Try one of the following two products: or file Assassin  These programs tend to work when the standard functions of delete Windows Vista do not make the case.

    I hope this helps.

    Good luck! Lorien - a - MCSE/MCSA/network + / A +.

  • After uninstalling a program cannot remove the icon on the desktop

    After you uninstall a program, I stayed with the icon on my desktop. I tried to remove the icon, but I couldn't. I got an error message saying it did not find the program so could not delete the message icon. I ran across this error often and would like some comments on how to remove icons or everything that's left after you have removed (uninstalled) a program, thanks.

    The easiest way is to reinstall the program > removes 1 icon > then uninstall the program again.

    See you soon.

    Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

  • Cannot remove the icon of the printer generic devices and printers

    Title: Removing 'generic icon' page devices and printers in Control Panel

    I had reinstalled a HP Photosmart Premium printer and it worked last night, but this morning, I discovered that I was not able to print to the printer (the option for this printer was not available).

    I went to the control panel and the page devices and printers and clicked on "add a printer". However, I accidentally created a generic icon (printer, Scanner, copier) on this page.  I then added my printer and the icon that it is now on the page, but the generic icon is still there.  When I select this icon, I don't seem to be able to remove.

    It could be that this is a transient condition, but it's still annoying to have this icon (which is now useless).  What can I do?


    I suggest you follow the steps to remove the printer and install the printer wirelessly from the link and check if the problem persists.
    Install a printer
    Hope this information helps.
  • Cannot remove a program from the start menu icon

    Original title: icons in the Start Menu;. Cannot delete the program start menu icon to remove/uninstall, need help?

    S pie Menu icons; Ghost of icons

    I deleted a program and uninstalled completely, but the program icon always appears in the start menu.  I was not able to remove the icon. Right-clicking on the icon simply freezes the start menu for several minutes. I was able to remove from the desktop.

    I tried the Program Data > Microsoft > Windows > Start Menu > programs > but the icon.

    I had this problem before, but I just do not remember how I fixed it. Any help would be appreciated.

    Hi Kevin, thanks for responding.

    The program was the Vuze, and I managed to get rid of the icon.  By a right click and do not move the mouse and wait 5 minutes eventualy box popped up and I was able to remove the icon from the start menu.

    The solution was a lot of patience.

    Please help us well!


    p.s. I ran various software cleaning, like glary utilities, ccleaner and reboot several times.

  • The guard Explorer shortcut icon appear on my desktop. Cannot remove it.

    Help remove the icon on the desktop. Guard reappear after deletion.

    It is not possible and advisable to remove IE on Windows XP.

    It is possible to do it on more recent versions of Windows.

    On Windows XP best you can do is to disable the shortcut on the desktop and access to EI.

    See 'Hide the Internet Explorer desktop icon':

  • Cannot remove the white icons next to bookmarks

    Recently updated to Firefox 3.x to 15 (I know, but 4 + is terrible IMO). Anyway - I want to delete the favicons next to bookmarks in the Bookmarks tab AND toolbar, and it doesn't seem to be possible. Currently they all display a vacuum instead of the icons themselves dotted box. It seems to do this fix for older versions ( will remove the icon and keep the new to be added but will NOT remove this annoying box.

    I looked in the .css fix but my .css files are completely white for some reason any. How can I remove all these boxes completely without an addon?

    This code is what you want?

    #bookmarksMenuPopup menuitem .menu-iconic-icon { display:none !important; }
  • How can I remove the icon of ilivid InstaIlAware Assistant of high office?

    Please help me to get rid of ilivid InstallAware Wizard from the desk top.

    As a download on my computer, it downloaded two times and the second, who was half downloaded d anstopped would not be rid of.

    When I removed the program from the control box, they were gone, but then the icon of it still shows from the top of office.

    I tried to remove it to find that it was without result.  It seems that there is no program of it saved on my computer, but the icon of it stil shows on the upper Office which

    When I turned off the computer, I must congratulate the computer to turn off with force, because it shows that the program is still ongoing.  But in fact, there is no program of it when I checked.  That its icon is on the desktop, it bothers me a lot of time.

    Anyone, please help me get rid of this.

    Thank you for your help.

    Hi Helen,

    Windows operating system you are using?

    Method 1:

    You can try running the next fixit and see if you can remove the desktop icons.

    Solve problems with programs that cannot be installed or uninstalled

    Method 2:

    You can also check if you can remove the icon of safety mde.

    Start your computer in safe mode

  • Outlook Express 6 is the e-mail client 'default' in Works 8.5, can remove this icon and or replaced by Outlook 2003 or the 'other' no matter what version of outlook?

    Hi all

    I have an old Dell Dimension 2400 desktop running Windows XP Pro. It has Microsoft Works 8.5, which contains a reference to Outlook Express 6 icon, so that it can be launched from inside Works 8.5.

    I use NO Outlook Express 6, because I have Outlook 2003 AND Outlook 2007, can I use on it instead, if I want to - which I am not at the moment.

    Anyone in this community know if it is possible to remove the icon from Outlook Express 6 to Works 8.5.

    (and possibly 'replace' the icon with one for Outlook 2003 so that THIS 2003 version opens instead?)

    There is no icon in Add/Remove programs for Outlook Express, or y at - it one in the "all programs" list. Is it possible to uninstall Outlook Express Windows XP completely somehow so that it does not Works 8.5 launch when a user clicks on its ' icon?

    This version of Outlook Express does not work anyway (I tried to set up accounts in there, but they do not work even with the correct details) so it's wasting space on this little hard drive.

    I want to be able to implement this old pc - that works fine as long as I accept his ' limits (Intel Celeron 2.4 Ghz single core cpu, 2 GB of Ram, 80 GB HDD)-for the nephews and my 11 years old 7yr to use it safely for the duties of the school, (I have a copy of the Encyclopedia Britannica 2006) , basic base 'games for kids' Web site, when they come to visit. My nephews have not much experience pc anyway and have no interest in the emails.

    There is no other applications on it (which were not ' provided with Window XP Pro") for the moment, outside Works 8.5 and Windows Live nephews will have access to.

    Norton Internet Security 2012, Norton Utilities, Norton go back 4.2 and control Parental Norton will be also created on this pc with Admin access only.

    Otherwise, anyone here know of any 'other' app is similar to 8.5 Works that have the same characteristics of the task/project based - but without email - that I could use instead, which would continue to operate on an old XP pc?

    I would greatly appreciate any ideas or advice from someone who wants to give it.

    Thank you!


    I can probably only partially help because I've never used Outlook or works.
    Outlook Express is a part of XP, so it cannot be deleted, and probably, it takes less space than Norton.
    Control Panel | Add/Remove programs. Add/Remove Windows components. Find Outlook Express and uncheck the box.
    Control Panel | Add/Remove programs. Set Program Access and Defaults. Custom + down arrow | Select the option for Outlook 2003.
    Start with that and see where you are.
    Microsoft Office Outlook forums can be found here.

  • Cannot remove make sure disk is not full or write protected

    Get the error message when you try to delete some desktop icons and a few files that says "can't remove...". Make sure that the disk is not full or write protected. "

    using windows xp sp home edition ver3. Cannot remove this things even logged on as administrator


    Are what type of files?

    The programs are still installed on the system?

    Have you tried a reboot first, then try to delete icons?

    If the are left by a try to uninstall this program remove doctor 2.3

    and use the delete file then restart, let me know how you go



  • How to remove cell icon

    Hi everyone... I doubt and I cannot resolve, before the MM update... How can I remove the icon cell?... I tried with stop in permissions options, but not... here a picture...

    (Sorry for my English)

    This is the cell Information app and currently, you can hide this icon forcibly stopping the cell Information app. There is no way to block the application from its persistent notification, or remove the status bar.

  • I can't remove an icon to a non-existent program in Control Panel.

    I have Windows Vista Home Edition and completely removed all vestiges of any Apple software on my computer, but I still have a generic now left "MobileMe" Apple icon in my control panel!

    When I click on 'Open', I get a pop up window that says "Application not found". When I make a shortcut to the icon of CP and then right-click on properties > change icon, I get "Windows cannot find the file C:\Program Files\Common Apple Mobile Device Support\bin\AppleSyncPref.exe.

    Given that the program is apparently completely disappeared from my computer, why is the icon always in Control Panel?

    I've tried every way I can think to remove this icon, but have had no success.

    Does anyone know a way to remove this icon? I guess this is no little matter as long as it's there, but I find it very annoying!

    Thank you!!!


    Check with your system manufacturer that they all slightly different methods. They may have included a recovery
    Partition or other methods to restore the default value. Also your system manufacturer will sell you the physical disks at a great price
    Since you already own windows.

    What are the system recovery options in Windows Vista?

    This tells you how to access the System Recovery Options and/or Vista discs


    Check with your system manufacturer support as they may have understood, Partitions recovery Vista DVD, and/or
    other methods to return to the original configuration.

    Here it is just a few options and you should contact our service system Maker to be sure
    you know all the options you have.

    How to perform a repair for Vista Installation (this keeps your data if the backup off the)
    Player is safe)

    How to do a clean install and the installer with a full Version of Vista - this erase ALL programs and data on

    This tells you how to access the System Recovery Options and/or Vista disk

    How to do a clean install with a Version upgrade to Vista - this wipes ALL programs and data on

    How to do a Custom Installation of Vista - this is a clean install should, however, save your data

    Upgrade to another edition of Windows Vista - this should keep the programs and data

    Installation and reinstallation of Windows (upgrade - store programs and data or New Installation that removes them)

    On-site upgrade

    I hope this helps.

    Rob - bicycle - Mark Twain said it is good.

  • Removal of icons on blackBerry Smartphones

    Is there a way to remove - rather than simply hide - icons on my home screen?  Also is there a way to make the application to remove its icon when remove you / uninstall the application? Thank you!


    the icons on the home screen is for convinence, and cannot be deleted by default icons (messages, contacts, etc.) from the home screen, but two things that you can do is:

    1. in the main screen, move the folders that you need in the front row while it will appear on the home screen.

    2 delete some folders (for example Instant Messaging) going to applications to the list of the main application.

    Also when you delete an application, the icon will also be deleted, otherwise, they try to battery pull.

    It will clear the contents of the cache.

    Kind regards


  • Cannot remove the gray blocks that appeared in the work of site


    Blocks of gray, full browser width, have suddenly appeared on my site. I'm unable to select these blocks and therefore cannot remove them. They are repeated at intervals to the bottom of a page Web site. The gray stripes appear also from the ravages of playing with the filled boxes and whites of browser are filling must be.  Attached are jpg showing site with and without filling of browser.  Interestedly gray blocks do not appear when displayed in a browser, but the browser fill is intermittent, see link to the site. If the filling of the browser is removed from the work them the online version has a constant white background, but I'm really want to have the background fill now!

    Link to wedsite:


    Any suggestion is welcome.With browser fill.jpgWithout browser fill.jpg

    Looks like you have a picture of model for the filling of your browser and your fill of page has zero value, with a small transparent triangle SVG icon as a background picture fill.

    Your watch through the page background fill.

    Try to delete the page fill out the image and using a solid instead of the color fill. -What gives you the look you want?

  • I have many PDF files on my PC which one cannot remove, it becomes very messy and very annoying. Help, please?

    I have many PDF files on my PC which one cannot remove, it becomes very messy and very annoying. Help, please?

    In Windows Explorer click the icon "show preview pane" on the right side of the toolbar. Whenever a PDF file is opened in the preview pane, Windows treats as "in use" and will not allow that it be modified or deleted.

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