Cannot run AirPort Extreme or Express 7.7.7 Firmware update-> gray button


I have an AirPort Extreme and Express stations. Both come with a pill that indicates a upgrade must be performed:

Now, I click on the AirPort Express icon. The following window appears:

He told me that a Firmware update is available. But in this window, I can only select "ignore". I can't select the choice of the update.

If I click on the "Edit" button to change the settings of the station:

But in the window that appears, the "Upgrade" button is gray:

The same thing happens when I click on the icon of the AirPort Extreme station.

What is the secret path to the update of the Firmware 7.7.7?

Thank you



MacBookPro 13 "mid-2012. 10.10.5 OSX


Click on 'version' and you should be able to update from there on.

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  • The Airport 5.6.1 (10 Windows) utility cannot find Airport Extreme Base Station

    I have the Airport Extreme Base Station (model A1408) model.

    I'm under Apple Airport Utility 5.6.1 on Windows 10.

    10 Windows Firewall is disabled.

    All of my WiFi devices, including my Windows laptop, 10, all work fine on the wireless network, and the light on the base station is green.

    Life seems good... EXCEPT, when I run the utility Apple Airport (version 5.6.1) it says it's "impossible to find wireless Airport". Clicking on Rescan is fixed not. Power by bicycle to the base station doesn't fix it. It worked before, so this is the behavior seems to be somewhat intermittent. Lately, it doesn't quite work. So I can't reconfigure my base station.

    Is this a known issue? Y at - it a known solution?

    First of all, understand that the AirPort for Windows utility has not been updated since Windows 7. It 'works' on later versions of Windows, including Windows 10, but is not designed to work with the new 802.11ac base stations.

    We'll see if this utility is installed correctly on your computer.

    For Windows 8, 8.1, or 10, AirPort for Windows utility will work have two applications listed in the window Apps & features: 1) airport & 2) Hello.

    • Move or delete the file next to the C:\Windows\System32 folder: c:\windows\system32\dnssd.dll (Note: this is the Client Hello library and is required by the utility AirPort.) If this file is missing would be the main reason that you aren't able to find the base station. However, even if it is present, it cannot be properly registered in the Windows registry. In other words, Windows is concerned, there is no.)
    • Download AirPort for Windows install.
    • Run the Setup program by using privileges "Run as administrator". (Note: If you have the option to repair or uninstall, choose the option to uninstall.) To complete the uninstall process. The Hello application should now be missing in Apps & features list.)
    • If you do not dialogue to repair/Uninstall window, then let Setup install AirPort for Windows in its default folder.

    Then, make sure your computer cable or wireless network adapter is configured for IPv6.

    Now, try to access the base station with the utility again.

  • I have older Airport Extreme and Express but I now want to set up a new router Airport.

    I have an old Airport Extreme as my main hard wired (ethernet connected) router and an Express that I use as wifi Wireless extender.   Now, I want to set up a new Airport (probably Extreme) router and use the old Airport extreme as extender wifi hard wired (ethernet cable).

    I know that I have to reset the old default airport routers. But, how I do this and please start from there and the beginning, their reset and then up to the new Airport base station and then configure the older router to use with the new? Please be detailed, step by step and attach written instructions or places that I can get the instructions.

    What exact models are each of your airport base stations? Once we have this information, we can help you get your properly configured access point.

  • How to extend a WiFi router network not Apple using Airport Extreme and Express?

    My cable ISP company just gave me a new modem/router - a DG of Arris - 2470. For the last two years I used a cable modem independent older with a connected Airport Extreme (both located on the ground floor) and an Airport Express station on the floor as an Extender. I was very happy with the power of the signal around the House.

    Since his arrival to the Arris router my signal has become very low to the floor. I would use my two Apple devices to extend/boost my network, but do not know how to do this.

    Thank you!

    Basically, you have two options:

    1. (Best overall performance of the network) Connect the extreme and Express on the Arris Ethernet gateway device and configure all for a traveling-type network. This would require an Ethernet connection between all routers that can be accomplished by either using Ethernet cable or the use of mains adapters.
    2. (The overall performance of the adequate network) Simply connect the extreme to the Arris Ethernet, then extend the extreme using the Express.

    Which of these do you prefer?

  • Airport utility cannot find Airport extreme

    Using vs 6.3.6 on my Mac Pro. Whenever I run the utility it is something different, but there is always at least one of my extremes that will not be detected. Usually, none are detected the first time I run the utility. If I'm lucky I can restart the utility time 3 or 4 and is ultimately connected to the extreme, I need to access. Sometimes I have to reboot the extreme to access even if it displays a green light. This problem also occurs with the current version of the iOS of the utility and when you try to configure the extreme of OS X Server. Server loses its connection to the extreme router and keep telling me that I used the wrong password.

    Found some old validation recommended setting up IPv6 on my Mac Pro local linc, appears not to have any effect. Someone at - it other solutions?

    Found some old validation recommended setting up IPv6 on my Mac Pro local linc, appears not to have any effect.

    Most users will have more luck if IPv6 on airports parameters are defined for Local link only... unless your ISP provided you with IPv6 specific parameters to use for their service and you have verified that your devices are actually IPv6 addresses.

    Affecting airports Local link may be worth a try if you have not already done this. No guarantee, that the "disappearing airport" bug has been around since version 6.x of AirPort Utility was introduced more than 3 years ago.  Strangely, it seems to be creeping to the right these days.

  • Cannot run or debug app on the device after the update Momentics 2.1 and api level to 10.3

    Dear Blackberry support

    I have improved my Momentics IDE to 2.1 and api level to 10.3

    After upgrade I can not run my application package, and when I run the Momentics show pop up error:

    Click here to see the photo of the error

    I don't know what is happen?

    Please help me solve this problem, any help is appreciated!

    Thank you


    Finally, I found the solution for this problem

    Create new project of Blackberry (just create an empty project) and then copy all the CBC, assets of the old project to the new project, also the bar - description.xml and .pro file

    And now everything is ok.

    Thank you for all your help

  • Linking New Extreme old Extreme and Express. New Airport utility does not recognize old Extreme/Express

    I had a linear new extreme connection (connected to the wireless model Cat5) related to the old extreme then Express (newish).

    I would have put in place using airport Utility (for example) 4 years ago and has worked well.

    I changed my wireless modem (formerly broken) but cannot now reconnect the old extreme and express to the extreme again.

    The extreme new connects to internet just fine as long as it is in Bridge mode (does not work in DHCP/NAT mode).

    My real question is the utility software Airport now seems not to recognize the Express extreme or old old to get re-connected.

    The manual of Apple still shows configurations using the old utilitarian approach Airport (with each unit sitting on LHS page)

    If you're still using OS X (10.5.8)... as, you enter in your profile information... then the AirPort Utility in this operating system must be able to recognize the old AirPort Extreme and Express.

    However, if you have updated to a new operating system such as the Mountain Lion (10.8.x), Mavericks (10.9.x), Yosemite (10.10.x) or El Capitan (10.11.x)... and... you have more "round" or version 'dome' in the form of AirPort Extreme, and an old version of the AirPort Express A1084... so, the new version of AirPort Utility is not compatible with older airports.

    So, this would help a lot if we could get clarification from your part...

    (1) what operating system you're using now?  If you are not sure about this, click on the Apple icon in the upper left corner of the screen, then click on about this Mac and post back with the Version of OS X number that you see there.

    (2) what version of the AirPort Extreme you may have.  Is it a 'rounder', or 'dome' in the form of version... or... The "flat" or "square" version? If you have flat or square version, the number of model of the device is required. It is on the lower part of the airport, probably integrated in the base of carpet of MOSS. The model number starts with an 'A' follow-up of four digits. Please post back this information.

    (3) what version of AirPort Express you have?  Please look for the model number on the side of the Express. It is difficult to see, with grey lettering in a certain context, so you need to perhaps good lighting and glasses to discern the number of reading.  As extreme, the Express, model number starts with an 'A' followed by four digits. Please post back this information.

    Once we have the information we need, we know more about how to proceed from this point.

  • set up a branch to the main ethernet using Airport Extreme network

    Could someone help me with this network configuration please?

    I rent an office and we have an ethernet cable coming into our building to the main network (a fiber broadband building next door). The ethernet line give you IP addresses and internet link.

    I would like to set up our own network in our building-

    1 / would put an Airport Extreme there is the ethernet cable and then plug the cable into the WAN port

    2 / I would implement the EA to distribute IP addresses, but using a different pool - so if the main building uses to, I would be created my AE to use to

    3 / I would then run an ethernet cable between the port LAN on EI to my Netgear 24 port switch.

    4 / I would connect all our other airport extreme and express again our Ethernet switch and put them all to 'bridge mode '. The switch ethernet cables may be connected to the WAN ports on these airports.

    Anyone see any problem here? We would just to have control over our own IP addresses and be able to restart our Airport Extreme, if we must, do not rely on the building next door to the distribution of intellectual property. I know still need to answer on them for the internet connection, but that's fine.

    Thank you!

    It should work. It would be the basis of a network of mobile type.

    A word of caution. With the exception of the "main" AirPort Extreme that performs as a router, connect the other base stations using their respective ports of LAN. We found some inconsistencies when a base station is in bridge mode and the connection is their WAN port.

  • Airport Extreme update issues 1.28.16

    Need help-

    I have an Airport Extreme 802.11n second generation base station (the latest version of the utility is 6.3.1).  The base station works well when it is used with a MacBook Pro OSX 10.7.5 2008 (Mountain Lion) and a 2014 iPad running.  I am now introducing a new Macbook Pro into the network and need to update the Airport Extreme firmware.  Here is the message I get in the utility Airport:

    "This version of AirPort utility requires this version of the firmware use AirPort Extreme 7.3.1 or later. AirPort Utility 5.6 update this base station. 5.6 airPort utility is available at the Airport Service and support. »

    I've read through past posts on this update, that I understand that I must use a version 5.x of Airport utility to upgrade the firmware.  I tried to download AirPort Utility 5.6 on my older MacBook; This attempt failed.  I think I'm reading that I need an earlier version (10.5.x or 10.6.x) OS on the old MacBook to do the upgrade. What is my problem?

    Here are my questions:

    1. 1. How can I download Airport Utility 5.6 on my older MacBook who now runs OSX 10.7.5 and already has the Airport 6.3.1 utility on it?
    2. 2. If I update to firmware to 7.3.1 this will cause problems access to internet for my older MacBook?

    Thank you!

    1. How can I download Airport Utility 5.6 on my older MacBook who now runs OSX 10.7.5 and already has the Airport 6.3.1 utility on it?

    Unfortunately, you can not.  You will need to use... or borrow for 20 minutes or so... a Mac running leopard (10.5.x) or operating system Snow Leopard (10.6.x) or a PC utility AirPort 5.6.1 for Windows installed on the device.

    With this device, you can update the firmware on the AirPort Extreme.

    2. If I update to firmware to 7.3.1 this will cause problems access to internet for my older MacBook?

    You cannot update the firmware 7.3.1... that is what is already on the AirPort Extreme.  You update the firmware to the current version of 7.6.4 as the AirPort 6.3.1 utility will read firmware from 7.6.1 or more.

    Another option... If you live near an Apple Store... they could update the firmware for you... assuming they have an old Mac around what they use for testing, etc.

  • Airport Extreme 7.7.7 FW selects is no longer 5 g


    • I just upgraded my Airport Extreme 802.11ac to 7.7.7 firmware version
    • No error during the upgrade
    • Both the 2.5 and 5 G SSID version has the same value before and after the upgrade.


    • Before the upgrade, my laptop promises a 5G channel automatically all the time in my apartment relatively low.
    • After the upgrade, my laptop only selects a channel 2.4 G


    • I changed the name of the 5G network and define the network order to prefer the 5G network before the network 2.4.
    • Sitting in the same place compared to the router, I connect again all the time to the 5 G network.


    • The new firmware introduced a regression.

    Everyone knows this?  Have you checked what channel you are on?

    Thank you


    AirPort Extreme 802.11ac here is using firmware 7.7.7 and both bands are using the same wireless network name.

    The Mac laptop now connects to 5 GHz when I'm 3 rooms away from the airport.

    Before 7,7,7 I couldn't the laptop to connect to 5 GHz at all when it was still far from the 2 rooms.  I pay much attention to what channel the Mac is on, but when I looked a minute there, it's on 149.  Could have been earlier today on 161, can't remember.

    So, I see essentially the opposite of what you state.

  • Wifi configuration with Airport Extreme (A1143), iMac (El Capitan) running. Need of a direction.

    I recently moved to a City University and living in a housing facility run by the University. It's got broadband by Comcast for free with the room. I plugged all the necessary equipment (modem and cable) to the iMac and the internet works well for a week now.

    Now I want Wifi for the apartment. I decided to dust off my old 1st or 2nd Gen extreme base station Airport. I read that it can still work with El Capitan, so I went and tried to install it. First of all, I updated the firmware and connected the appropriate cables. Everything seemed to go in the direction of the work, but I hit a bump on the road. Wifi works for the iMac. I unplugged the ethernet cable and it's receiving internet, but I tried to get my iPad Wifi and smart phone and it doesn't seem to work. I used the good passwords etc. Nothing.

    I found it odd that I get Wifi to my iMac, although the Airport Extreme light is orange. Normally, it should be green. Of course, I don't use this thing in forever and actually don't think it would work, but so far the iMac becomes Wifi, but aren't the other devices and auburn is turned on. So here's a screenshot of what I see in the Airport utility.

    Can anyone help or point me to the right direction? Also it has to do with the campus of the internet, I'm getting?

    The attached picture shows it's getting to the internet via wifi (not plugged into the modem) but he doesn't seem to get wifi on my other devices in the apartment. The Airport base station we connected directly to the Modem. I also followed the steps of my iMac had originally planned to make it work and it did, but only for the iMac. I expect the unit to green thereafter but he did not. What gives?

    The A1143 was introduced in January 2007 and arrested in March 2009, so the model you have is at least 7 years and older, and as much as 9 + depending on when the product has been implemented.

    The average lifetime of a router designed for home use is about 5 years, so we're not sure how much time and effort you want to invest in AirPort Extreme you have there.

    Frankly, it is remarkable that the product works for the iMac, because status messages indicate that you have an Internet connection.  We cannot explain this one.

    We also don't know if amber on the most convenient airport is flashing, or remains Orange fixed. Can clarify you on this, please?

    If you want to try to start over again and set up the AirPort Extreme, the first bit of information that we need is the number of brand and model of your modem.  We don't need a serial number, only the manufacturer name and number for the modem to the model.

    We will try to help, but who can give no assurance that we will be able to get things working for you.

  • Problem of AirPort Extreme with AirPort Express network expansion

    I have a dual-band Airport Extreme 802.11n that I bought in 2012 which is currently my home wireless network. I am trying to extend the network with a new AirPort Express with the AirPort 6.3.6 utility running OS 10.11 on an iMac. The Airport Express appears in the option other Wi - Fi devices. When I select it, AirPort utility tries to connect and then I get this message "an unexpected error has occurred. Try again. "Try again does not lead to a different result, and I can't seem to find useful information in the documents support or conversations. Any suggestions? Thank you!

    It should be easy enough to operate the express, but you must tell us all the info.

    Configure the Express in the same room as the extreme.

    Using wireless to expand? Then you simply plug power in the Express... and it should pretty much automatically connect to the extreme.

    If you want to extend through ethernet, you should connect the Express in the extreme and make sure that the configuration of the airport utility selects extend by wire.

    If the Mac does not work you have the iphone or ipad and use Airport utility for iOS... it tends to be more reliable.

    Still no luck does your Mac have port ethernet... in this case, you can plug it into the computer with ethernet and try again... more wireless implementation looks like sawing off the branch to that which you are sitting.

  • Any version of Airport running in Lion or later utility that will handle an Airport Extreme 2004?

    We have a very old Airport Extreme, 2004 which works well, but is seriously crimping our internet speeds via Comcast (confirmed today using an ethernet direct connection to the cable modem, sparking a jump from ≍14mbps to ≍57mbps). I would like to give this to a friend who has nothing similar, but she runs, as am I, a MacBook Pro newish. My MBPro ONLY runs a version of Airport utility which can not handle the old Airport Extreme base station and the version that CAN cannot operate on a system of snow leopard after.

    Is there a version of Airport utility which can operate on the MacBookPro, Lion or later, who would manage the old Airport Extreme Base Station?

    Thank you very much


    Is there a version of Airport utility which can operate on the MacBookPro, Lion or later, who would manage the old Airport Extreme Base Station?

    If you have a Lion (10.7.1) or (10.7.2), you can install AirPort Utility 5.6 on this operating system.

    Something more than 10.7.2, including Lion mountain (10.8.x), Mavericks (10.9.x), Yosemite (10.10.x) or El Capitan (10.11.x) will not allow version 5.x of AirPort Utility must be installed on the Mac.

    If you... or you can borrow for 10-15 minutes... a Mac under Leopard or Snow Leopard or a PC with installed on the device AirPort Utility, you can configure the airport the more it.  Once the AirPort Extreme is set up and working, Macs using newer operating systems will be able to connect to the network... but they cannot make any configuration changes to the AirPort Extreme.

  • Airport Extreme + Express + older Express audio dropouts

    My setup is as follows:

    Coaxial cable-operator-> cable modem provider-> Airport Extreme via Cat5e

    Express #1 a few feet away, analog stereo output, extreme network expansion

    #2 2 parts away, similar stereo out, Express extreme network extension

    2014 Macbook pro, Yosemite

    When I broadcast iTunes on Express #1, is generally well from anywhere. When I listen to #2 (either by itself or in addition #1) I get occasional audio drop outs anywhere, the macbook is, even though my internet remains stable. For example, the macbook is right next to the Express #2, streaming internet radio and play through internal speakers. When I send also the audio to Express #2 (multiple speakers in itunes), which express audio stream is sporadic, although the internal speakers turned on constantly. I would have thought dropouts would leave as the macbook approached #2, but there is virtually no change.

    If the macbook is right next to the #2 Express, he continued directly towards the #2 or that made a trip to the extreme and #2? Possible Express #2 is working to expand the network ok but does not just for airplay? It is a first or second generation.

    Thank you!

    What are the exact models of each of your airport base stations?

    When I broadcast iTunes on Express #1, is generally well from anywhere. When I listen to #2 (either by itself or in addition #1) I get occasional audio drop outs anywhere, the macbook is, even though my internet remains stable.

    The main path that AirPlay takes when streaming to your configuration is:

    • Starting from the host of iTunes MacBook to AirPort Extreme.
    • Extreme for:
      • Express #1 if this Express is chosen as the "speaker" AirPlay, or
      • #2 has been chosen as speaker, express or
      • At the time, if the two were chosen as speaker.

    Thus, it is possible that the path includes several obstacles (walls) for AirPlay to go.

    If the macbook is right next to the #2 Express, he continued directly towards the #2 or that made a trip to the extreme and #2?

    AirPlay, in theory, go first to the base station that iTunes host is connected to.

    When you extend, you lose a significant amount of bandwidth just to keep the network wireless in this configuration. So the question is: do you really need to expand your network or continuously more important for you?

  • Airport Express in client mode to serve Airport Extreme

    Hi guys,.

    I am struggling with Setup in our business that is pretty special. Our cash register, the Bank Terminal and the control system are all serviced by an Airport Extreme that was configured with care by a dedicated company. The extreme is powered via an Ethernet based modem. The basic modem is a box any of the internet service provider in our country that has four ethernet ports and a basic WIFI network that we open for customers. As the basic modem is too far from the extreme, a powerline sitecom was initially used to carry the signal to the modem from basic to the extreme.

    But the powerline connection was poor, so they advised me to replace the powerline by an Airport Express in client mode, which converts the client base modem wifi signal ethernet to the WAN port on the extreme. I installed the Express exactly as described by Apple (AirPort Express: how to join an existing client mode - Apple Support Wi - Fi network) and the entire installation ran smooth for about an hour. At a time of seemingly random, all of a sudden the extreme complains that the internet connection is lost. In airport utility, the extreme flashes green, but the internet icon is orange and the notification indicates that the connection is lost. However, the Express flashes green and is always connected to the WIFI which worked again properly, I confirmed. Restart the extreme and Express to solve the problem, but only temporarily. After some time, the extreme complained again that the internet is lost.

    Can someone explain what could cause this problem and how to solve? Thanks in advance.

    From your description, I guess that the WiFi connection between the base modem and the AirPort Express is where you need to solve problems more far. Looks like that the modem is not a simple modem, but a combination modem and the wireless router, also known as the name of a gateway device.

    Nevertheless, the best solution would be to use an Ethernet cable dedicated between the "modem" and the AirPort Extreme. Bypassing the Express all together. The next would be Powerline adapters. I'm a little surprised that those you used works well for you. Unfortunately, the scenario of 'worse' bandwidth performance is what you're doing now is to use the AirPort Express as an Ethernet bridge Wireless Terminal

    However, if you have no other choice in the matter, where you then place the Express can make a difference. You want to Express to be in a db 25 + range of report Signal to noise (SNR) of the modem. This will allow the Express maintain a connection compatible with this modem wireless network. To find out how to measure SNR, discover the next Tip of an airport users for details. Please post back your results.

Maybe you are looking for