Cannot select the chart


I have a logo and I want to make a change for her: suddenly he is supposed to be transparent.

However, I can not select the part of the graph. It is on the same layer as a text that I can select. Nothing seems to be blocked.

Can someone help me please?


Stroke and the point behind it are locked paths. The background is a blue square with a white line above.
Of course, you need to unlock (click on the lock button)
How can I get the invisible race
You can click the eye button
and the square is divided into two parts? (is there a pathfinder as in InDesign?)
There is a Pathfinder (window > Pathfinder, bundled with the palette/Panel transformation); You can also draw a straight line where you want the division and to object > path > divide objects below.

If you want to cut the shape of racing out of the place, instead of the two steps above, you can simply apply the object > path > divide objects below the stroke and turn that subsequently the invisible part, or delete. or you can select at the time and just use Pathfinder > less prominent.

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    Kind regards.

    elvegaa_esp wrote:
    What do you think?

    OK, the question is in the place where he is not pointing?

    Oh, it looks that it points to dba_tab_comments. Since your original post:

    desc user_tab_comments;
    ORA-04043: el objeto "SYS"."DBA_TAB_COMMENTS" no existe

    Who do not have the right of Rodolfo.

    Thus, final to get rid of him.

    And a good thing that you do not 'go to your DBA"as suggested. It was just to choose the wrong solution to an unknown problem.


    Published by: Peter on March 11, 2013 08:49

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    I can't give you a reasonable way to solve this problem, since as you have already noted plot do not snappable plots.

    A possible warkaround would be to replace the plot of individual instructions with a PlotXY matching with 2 bays 2 points each, which correspond to the x 1, x 2, y1, y2 parameters to plot. PlotXY plots are snappable, so you can enable this procedure select the plot and remove it.

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    Working in CC Comp on my iPad (4thGen). From my laptop, I've added files (Pigeon Scooter) of the tutorial examples. Recorded in creative cloud.

    Back in Comp CC, I can't access to the colors of the library sample (Pigeon Scooter) and a few graphical assets I downloaded previously.

    If I go to my assets in CC (from mobile), I can see that the Scooter of Pigeon library is here.

    Which is more to do to access the files in Comp CC?

    Hi Sheena

    This item is not a matter of color management. I couldn't find the right method to import graphics in a file. Since I realized what I was doing wrong: by hitting the chart icon at the top or bottom of the screen, there are 2 choices given; 1 - by default put 'Import' and 2 - "my library". Be familiar with the interface, I did not understand that there is a choice of tab as the only indicator is a discreet underscore. By selecting the tab 'My libraries' access saved graphics files CreativeCloud. Rookie mistake. I'm also new to the forum so I'm going to try to fill that question off as I answer it myself.

    Thank you


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    There are a group of languages in the upper left block and the 2 files in the right column to download for Windows in these languages, and a group of languages in the lower left for Mac and a single file to download in the Central column for all these languages.


  • Cannot select the text to change

    I inherited a document and I can't change the text on a page. I tried the different layers but cannot select same text.

    I use CC 2014.0


    Is the text on the master?

    It is on a locked layer?

    The text block is locked?

    Something is above the text frame?

  • You cannot change the chart value axis when there are several types of graphics in a single diagram

    Illustrator can do graphics with bars and lines / columns, for example in the docs: .html

    However, when I create a chart like this, I seem to lose the ability to manually set the y-axis using 'override calculated values.

    To reproduce this problem:

    1. Create a chart as in the example, with bars and an axis on the left, lines and an axis on the right. Unlike the example, don't fix the numbers as well as the lines align perfectly - have a go until just less than 20, a up to a little less than 250, therefore it do not markers and the number of divisions on each side.
    2. Try to make the markers and numbers of divisions to the height, so in fact, the side that is going up 20 going up to 25 and has the same number of divisions on the other side.

    Everything I have tried does not work:

    • If I select the entire chart and go to the "Chart Type", I can not set the options for the value axis. In earlier versions, it's gray, in CS6 I can access, but clicking on 'OK' does nothing.
    • If I select the entire chart and chose the type of a chart, I can set options for the axis value, but that the selected chart type, and then applies the entire table.
    • If I use the direct Selection tool to select one of the series and open the "Chart Type" options, changing the options of the y-axis has no effect
    • If I use the direct Selection tool to select all series that share an axis and open the "Chart Type" options, changing the options of the y-axis always has no effect
    • If I use the direct Selection tool to select the Group of ticks axis itself, or the axis line and groups of ticks axis themselves, of axis labels, axis and graduations of the axis line, or axis labels, axis line, graduations of the axis and series of related data, etc., by changing the options of the axis also has no effect

    It seems that this feature is broken and it seems that the example in the manual has been carefully chosen to use a rare combination of numbers where it would actually look right.

    I thought about it. Like everything to do with the horrible ancient neglected graphic Illustrator tool, it is ridiculously clumsy and involves the caution around what is shamefully bad programming for a professional expensive product.

    It is timing - to do things in a sequence of rigid counterintuitive that seems not to work then meets at the end:

    1. Create the chart but, for now, keep all the same chart type. If you've already set to have different graphics types, put the same thing for now.
    2. Select the entire chart and in the main window of Chart Types, set the value to "Both sides" axis
    3. In the drop-down menu, there should be a left and right axis (or top and bottom...). Set the parameters of the value axis for these now. It will look like it does for a single axis, because it will not change the other axis - naked with her...
    4. Select the data series you want to use the other axis using group selection. Go to graph Type and the value of the y-axis to the other and set the chart type that you want. All of a sudden all be put in place.
    5. If you need to change the settings for the value axis, select the entire chart, set the whole chart type to a chart, change the appropriate value axis by choosing it from the menu drop down and the re - apply types of graph as above.

    (the bug is - it should not necessary to set the graphic object to only have only one chart of type in order to access the axis options of value for two different y-axis)

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    Looks like it's a problem of trackpad? Or in any case a trackpad issue connected with installation of Sierra? I would take the MBP for a Genius Bar...

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    When I press long to save a photo on flickr, rather than select the photo, it selects the first word of the text on the page (see Here are the pictures that allow the download. Long pressure on Dolphin will record it. There is option click on the link to download it, but I hope in the future that Firefox shows the dialog box whenever something is downloaded, so I can name the file and choose the download location, instead of looking for the file, rename and move. But first there you select photo. I really don't like if it works in Dolphin. I use a lot of design & photo of the sites that use flash on the opening pages & have no mobile version (or app for iOS). So would really appreciate if Firefox could know that I'm trying to save a picture and no text and at some point let me manage the download at that time, rather more later in the file manager.

    Update your Firefox, press and hold on the image to obtain registration option

  • Cannot select the junk e-mail tab in OUTLOOK 2011

    I use Outlook 2011 14.5.8 version on my MacBook Air. The system is 10.10.5 Yosemite.

    I want to set the junk e-mail filter. When I select the Tools menu, tab 'Spam Protection' is there, but gray, which is inaccessible.

    My junk mail is untenable.

    Any suggestions, anyone?

    I recommend you to visit the areas of support for Microsoft to find a solution.

  • Re-install C3180, cannot select the device in the Setup Wizard, the scanner is not found

    Try to reinstall HP Photosmart C3180 after that is a problem.  Uninstall done smoothly.  Re-install message said "successful."  In the HP Installation Wizard, click 'next' on the introduction page and move to select the page of the device.  There is nothing to select.  If I cancel, I can make copies and print a document.  However, when I select HP Scan Pro window opens successfully but I get an error message that says "sorry, scanner could not be initialized. (Scanner not found.)  My operating system is OS 10.6.8


    The HP Scan Pro is not scheduled for OX X 10.6, so the installed software is not one that is suitable for your OS.

    Follow these steps to remove the printer driver and software:
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    It works with a mouse. Thank you.

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    In the printing preferences, I can't select the paper of 4 x 6 size, not even using "custom" when you use Corel Photo Paint or MS Word.

    I can do so when printing through Windows Photo Viewer, only problem is it that I get lines across the image, about a po.

    Running Windows 7, printer is CP1518ni.

    We recommend that you try the following:

    Traditionally, remove the entries of 4 x 6, you have installed.

    Then, set the name of your new entry 4 6 4 6 x

    fixed 4 wide

    duration set to 6

    Press save

    Click ok

    We think that this should work for you

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