Cannot set up email, cannot update, link DND flame page of the most recent of the construction works, etc.

Got the flame's last week with the pre-release v1.3. No OTA update yet. Email a/c configuration always returns the error msg "invalid username or password. check typos', even through manual settings for IMAP.
Tried to update the latest releases, link on DND page does not have me, so I tried that night relies by downloading the zip of Gaia and b2g. Cannot find the script .flash file, tried to run run - file, but does not run. Tried to start in "update of the Asian Development Bank" unit and "adb sideload run -" that starts the process, but gives the error msg ' signature E unaudited installation abandonment of the. AM of ADB tools running on an openSuse 13.1.Please advise.

Have you seen this link?

He explains how install a night generation on the device of the flame. is also provided.

Tags: Firefox OS

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    What to do when you have changed your Apple ID email address or password - Apple support

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    That is what this forum "reading", as the browser you use to start this thread.

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    I will close the loop on this issue because I found a simple solution and it seems that a number of other people have the same problem. The essence of this method appears on a number of sites. I extract the key pieces of . Linux Mint is a version based on Debian and this deposit has Firefox V32. This method loads and installs from there with a few commands.

    First of all, you keep the current profile and remove the current version of Firefox. Use the file manager to temporarily rename the profile directory home/.mozilla/firefox to something like home/.mozilla/firefoxsave. Use the software Manager to uninstall Firefox 24.4 and he will ask all of the associated files can also be deleted. Theoretically, you can do this with a terminal command, but my installation had trouble with a kind of confusion of name with Iceweazel even if that has not been installed.

    Use the file manager to open/etc/apt/sources.list. There is a provision under the other software to add a repository. In this box, paste:

       deb debian import

    and close the file. From the terminal:

    get the public key (paste these lines):

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    If there is no change, and Outlook is not the software default mail, please follow the instructions in this article to support to reset the launch Services database. Instead of typing the shell command in the article, I suggest that you copy and paste the web page in the Terminal window. Make sure you only select the entire line. One way to do that is triple - click anywhere in the line.

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    Neednt have you checked.
    If you have inserted a front section break , and then click the new section and remove "link to the previous.

    This will ensure that you will have the same header/foot in all but the last page.

    See the user guide

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    I created an animation (cursor functionality with button) and placed a link on the button to go to another page via the "_self" tag at the end after the url tag.

    Once I import into Muse, and then publish... I clicked on one of the buttons with a url link to it which should replace the current page with a new page... but it loads the new page as part of the animation! A slap.

    Is this a bug? Here's a live link and click on the button in the animation of cursor 'BUY THIS THEME' and you'll see what I mean.

    Or I do something wrong?

    Use rather _top as the target url.


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    Please help ASAP


    Please follow the steps mentioned in the following link

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