Cannot start Windows Vista - ntoskrnl.exe is missing or damaged

Hello, I am running Windows Vista. When I tried to start today I got an error message saying the ntoskrnl.exe is missing or damaged and should be replaced. How can I do that I can't use my netbook? Im not a geek, any advice would be apreciated, thanks


1. don't you make changes to the computer before the show?
2. are you able to boot to the desktop?

I suggest you try the steps from the following link:

Windows cannot start with the error of the ntoskrnl.exe missing or damaged when the keys are pressed at the start

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  • Cannot start Windows Vista Home Premium. Missing or corrupted system registry file.

    And I don't have the windows installation disc to fix the problem.


    1st thing to try is a restoration of the system in safe mode

    Windows Vista

    Using the F8 method:

    1. Restart your computer.
    2. When the computer starts, you will see your computer hardware are listed. When you see this information begins to tap theF8 key repeatedly until you are presented with theBoot Options Advanced Windows Vista.
    3. Select the Safe Mode option with the arrow keys.
    4. Then press enter on your keyboard to start mode without failure of Vista.
    5. To start Windows, you'll be a typical logon screen. Connect to your computer and Vista goes into safe mode.
    6. Do whatever tasks you need and when you are done, reboot to return to normal mode.

    If that does not read this information

    the link below is how to download and get a vista disk startup repair, which you can start from the

    Here's how to use startup repair system restore command prompt, etc. to bleepingcomputers link below

    to boot from the dvd drive to be able to you will see a way to get into the bios Setup at the bottom of the screen or command menu start

    It would be F2 or delete etc to enter the BIOS or F12 etc. for the start menu

    Change boot order it do dvd drive 1st in the boot order

    and if all else fails and you need to reinstall vista are the normal methods for computers preinstalled vista portable

    Contact the computer manufacturer and ask them to send vista recovery discs

    they do it for a nominal cost of $

    also ask them if you have a recovery partition on your hard drive to get back to the way you bought

    you would normally press F10 or F11 or Alt + F10, 0 at startup to start the recovery process according to the manufacturer

    Ask them of the exact key sequence

  • After restoring to factory setting... ntoskrnl.exe is missing or damaged

    I have a problem with my Asus R500VD laptop.

    My phone was at a standstill after I opened a few applications and after waiting for a while, I decided to shut it down by holding the power button for a few seconds. After that, I got a BSOD error 0xc0000221 saying ntoskrnl.exe is missing or damaged. I tried to go back to a previous system restore point, tried chkdsk /r (no error based), tried bootrec with all options (it shows 0 found windows installations), tried a full restore to factory (using the on my laptop's recovery partition), but nothing has worked. I always get the error above.

    When I restart, it tries to automatically repair the system (that works, it cannot solve problems automatically) and at some point it changes recent cancellations (complete the recovery I think). I tried the different boot options, but nothing seems to work.

    Does anyone have an idea how to solve this problem? It doesn't seem to be any corruption in the filesystem (chkdsk), ntoskrnl.exe is not missing...

    Thanks for your help! Greaty I appreciate it! Tips are welcome!


    Hi Blueelvis,

    No, unfortunately I don't have a spare HARD drive. But... I sent it back to the shop where I bought it. Should still be under warranty. I have included all our correspondence to give them an overview of what has been tried. Thanks for your help! I hope that I get a replacement or they're going to fix it. I also ran memtest86 + using The Ultimate Boot Disk and he found loads of errors--not sure whether memory is as bad or if it has something to do with the 8 GB with 64-bit processor.



  • Cannot start windows vista: bugcheck 9f

    Title: bugcheck 9f, parameters = 0x3, 0xaf5fc030, 0xaf5fc030, 0x84e6c648

    my laptop crashed and closed, and I don't know what to do. can someone help me please.
    yesterday when I turned off my laptop it's ok.but today when I pressed the power button, it started normally
    He showed only two options:
    'launch start up repair (recommended)' or 'start windows normally '. Startup Repair cannot fix the problem and start windows normally does not work, it remains just on page load for hours.
    the problem is bugcheck 9f, parameters = 0x3, 0xaf5fc030, 0xaf5fc030, 0x84e6c648
    I really need my computer soon, and I do not have the windows cd .i don't really know what to do someone help me please

    Hi Ak_609,

    1. Did you the latest changes on the computer?
    2. When you receive the error message from error checking?

    First unplug all external devices (except keyboard and mouse) and then try to boot to the desktop and let us know the status.

    Method 1

    Check if the computer starts in safe mode and after back with the results.

    Start your computer in safe mode

    Restart the computer to return to normal mode

    Method 2

    If the computer starts in safe mode then I would suggest you to perform control and clean boot if it helps.

    It is possible that some third-party programs installed on the computer is at the origin of the problem in normal mode.

    To help resolve the error and other messages, you can start Windows Vista or Windows 7 by using a minimal set of drivers and startup programs. This type of boot is known as a "clean boot". A clean boot helps eliminate software conflicts.

    See section to learn more about how to clean boot.

    How to troubleshoot a problem by performing a clean boot in Windows Vista or in Windows 7

    Reset the computer to start as usual

    When you are finished troubleshooting, follow these steps to reset the computer to start as usual:

    (a) click Start, type msconfig in the search box and press ENTER.

    (b) If you are prompted for an administrator password or for confirmation, type your password or click on continue.

    (c) under the general tab, click the Normal startup option, and then click OK.

    (d) when you are prompted to restart the computer, click on restart.

  • Cannot start windows Vista in safe mode.

    I followed these instructions to start Windows 7 in safe mode:

    I tried to start windows vista in safe mode by using the following:

    1. Click on the Windows icon in the left bottom of the screen while Windows is running in normal mode.
    2. Click on the arrow located to the right of the lock at the bottom of the popup menu symbol
    3. Choose "restart".
    4. I restart the computer, press the F8 key and hold.  I tried at the beginning of the sequence to reboot and after that the light appears on the mouse, but still before the windows logo appears.
    5. Restart the computer in normal mode.
    6. I tried the key down and also tried pressing the F8 key several times both giving the same results without success.
    7. To eliminate the possibility of a bad keyboard, I switched from keyboards with the same results.

    Can you tell me what I am doing wrong?

    You tap f8.

    You can have a F-Lock key in the upper right corner of your keyboard.

    Read the other way at the link above.

    Table of contents > Vista.

    See you soon.

    Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

  • Compaq Presario SR5130NX: Cannot start Windows Vista after failure - HELP!

    Hello! My building has undergone a complete failure so 4 days ago I used it. Power resumed 3 hours later, but I was not able to log on since.

    Normally, I turn on my PC, and about 30 seconds later, a window pops up asking you my password. After entering it, the PC come by my office. Now, when I turn on the PC, it brings me to a blue screen with a mouse cursor in the Center (which I can move), but there is nothing to click on.

    When I press F8 during the boot process and choose an option from the window "Advanced Boot Options", I still can't start my computer normally.

    Here's the "Advanced Boot Options" I tried, after consultation with my brother a little more PC-savvy:

    1 repair your computer - after I see my black screen that is usual with the words "Microsoft Corporation" under the green bars that scroll from left to right for about 15 seconds, a blue screen appears with the mouse pointer in the Center (which I can move), but there is nothing to click on.

    2 mode safe - while the PC display several files on start up and down, it stops on "Loaded: \windows\system32\drivers\disk.sys" for about 20 seconds, then proceeds to a black screen with the words "Safe Mode" in the 4 corners and the mouse cursor at the Center (which I can move), but there is nothing to click on.

    3 safe mode with network - see "Safe Mode" above.

    4 safe mode with command prompt - see 'Safe Mode' above.

    5 last known good Configuration (Advanced) - see "repair your computer" above.

    6 start Windows normally - see "Repair your computer" above.

    7 debug mode - see "Repair your computer" above.

    I downloaded a DVD recovery based on Linux in, allowing me to access important files, which I copied from the desktop to an external hard drive (4.1 GB iso file).

    PC Windows XP of my brother has a recovery disk, but my Windows Vista PC did not come with one. I've seen a few paid versions, but looked resources due to cool weather and free shipping.

    I can't tell if I have the 23-bit or the 64 bit version of Windows Vista, so I downloaded both versions of an open source sourceforge.NET startup repair, which I burned on 2 DVDs. After you run the startup repair program using two DVD, the diagnostic results have been uploaded online at for review and technical analysis. Here are the links:

    The last report ended with the words "start managed to fix...".  You can now restart your computer. "But I always encounter a blank screen (black or blue) when I try to log on to my PC.

    Here are my details of PC, if it is useful:

    Desktop Compaq Presario SR5130NX

    Serial number: [personal information]

    Product number: GC667AA

    Warranty end date: October 5, 2013 (according to Compaq/

    Thanks for any help you can provide.


    Since you already have KNOPPIX I try Gparted and use it to 'clean up' the score because it will stop in an impure State.


    [1][11]NTFS-3 g / important

    GParted will try.

    Also, I would consider the old problem with fat systems, floppy disks etc. which sometimes a copy of sys files from a floppy disk to a hard drive has reactivated a bootable system.

    So, if system files have been damaged, then replace them since a Setup disk.  Because he goes to options, what kind of work.

    • Windows Boot Manager (Bootmgr.exe)

    • Windows operating system loader (Winload.exe)

    • Recovery of Windows loader (Winresume.exe)

  • Cannot start Windows vista 64-bit is not after installing SP1

    When SP1 is installed, it will ask to "restart now" click on that and it not his "disconnect", then moves to step 1 of 3. " arrives at 97% and restarts. When it starts and happens to where windows should load up, it just goes to an error screen that says...

    "Unable to start Windows. A recent hardware or software change might be the problem. To solve the problem:

    1. Insert your windows installation disc and restart your computer.
    2. choose your language settings, and then click "next".
    3. click on "Repair your computer."

    If you do not have the disk, contact your system administrator or computer manufacturer for assistance.
    File: acpi.sys
    Status: 0xc0000098
    "Info: Windows failed to load because a required file is missing or corrupt.

    Now I can put in the disc of windows and repair and it will load and everything is good but not SP1 and if I try to install again, the same acpi.sys error again.

    I changed the power settings for monitar and readers do not turn off if the system is idle for long periods of time. I have reformat the HD does have 2 attacked together but spent the 1 hard drive and changed RAID.  This change has been to try to understand why my computer would hard lock. So far it isn't hard lock now. just can't update vista SP1 now. No update problem when he had 2 hard drives had attacked

    Any help would be great.  THX


    Microsoft has released the analysis tool system update to resolve certain conditions that could cause the installation of updates and other software not only not for work. You don't have to manually run this tool. This tool is offered automatically through Windows Update on computers that have a condition that the tool could solve.

    System update readiness tool is available on the Windows Update Web site. To obtain this update, follow these steps:

    1. click on start-> click on Control Panel, and then click Security.

    2. under Windows Update, click check for updates.
    Important This update is available on Windows Update only to computers that have a condition that the tool could solve

    The following files are available for download from the Microsoft Download Center:

    Download the System Update Readiness Tool for Windows Vista (KB947821) package now.

    For more information, see article

    All the best!

    Diana D D

    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer

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  • Error 0 x 00000024 cannot start Windows Vista

    Original title: 0 x 00000024 (0xFFFFFA80061c9530, 0xFFFFFFFF0000102, 0 x 0000000000190444, 0 x 0000000000000000)

    My girlfriends computer crashed last night and when trying to restart it gets just past the windows loading bar and then freezes with a black screen. I tried to restart running and loading safe mode, nothing works. I've used for a disc to boot from vista and which resulted in the freezing of the same in the same place as boot from the hard drive. I managed to get an error report which gave me the following codes:

    0 x 00000024 (0xFFFFFA80061c9530, 0xFFFFFFFF0000102, 0 x 0000000000190444, 0 x 0000000000000000)

    I am reletively in computer science, have always been able to save my computers except when something physical was wrong, but it's something that seems beyond me my DIY. I succumbed in discovering what exactly each of these codes, even though I know that they tell me what the problem is. Any help anyone could give would be appreciated that the whole College career is on the computer, including all the information it needs to complete its high seminar this semester and graduated.


    A "Stop: 0 x 00000024" error message occurs when Windows Vista encounters an unrecoverable error when it tries to access an NTFS partition or a volume on the hard disk. As a general rule, you receive a "Stop: 0 x 00000024" error message during Windows Vista Setup when one or more of the following conditions are met:
    The structure of the filesystem or partition is damaged.
    There is a driver compatibility problem. For example, the driver of file system for a program antivirus or other utility can cause this problem.
    To troubleshoot a "Stop: 0 x 00000024" error message when you try to upgrade to Windows Vista, use one or more of the following methods, depending on your situation.

    Attention it is recommended that you perform a backup completes before you implement one of the following methods.

    Method 1:
    Run the CHKDSK program
    To run the CHKDSK (Chkdsk.exe) program, follow these steps:
    Use the Windows Vista DVD to start the computer from Windows Recovery (WinRE). For more information on how to start the Windows recovery, refer to the Microsoft Web site at the following address:
    In WinRE, open a command prompt. To do this, follow these steps:
    (a) on the screen to install Windows, select the language to install, time and currency format and keyboard or input method options and then click Next.
    (b) click on repair your computer.
    (c) click the Vista installation you want to repair, and then click Next.

    Note Click on load drivers only if you need to load a driver to access a hard drive.
    (d) click on command prompt.
    (e) at the command prompt, type the following command and press ENTER:
    CHKDSK drive: / r
    Note in this command, drive is the hard disk where you want to install Windows Vista.
    Running chkdsk on the drive if bad sectors are found on the disk hard when chkdsk attempts to repair this area if all available on which data may be lost
    If Chkdsk.exe does not and does not repair errors on the hard disk where you want to install Windows, run Chkdsk.exe on other NTFS hard drives on the computer. To check the partitions that are configured on the computer, follow these steps:
    At the command prompt, type the following command and press ENTER:
    At the DISKPART prompt, type the following command and press ENTER:
    Flight list
    Note the hard disk information that is returned.
    At the DISKPART prompt, type the following command and press ENTER:
    At the command prompt, type the following command and press ENTER:

    Method 2: Search for driver problems
    WARNING This workaround may make a computer or a network more vulnerable to attack by malicious users or by malicious software such as viruses. We do not recommend this solution to workaround but are providing this information so that you can implement this workaround at your own discretion solution. Use this workaround at your own risk.

    If you upgrade to Windows Vista, follow these steps:
    (a) install updated disk controller drivers.
    (b) uninstall any antivirus or the antispyware backup programs that monitor the file system for changes.
    (c) try to upgrade to Windows Vista again.

  • Cannot start Windows Vista


    My laptop or laptop has a good light blue screen after a few setting for the display to external display was made by me.

    I tried to play a movie from my laptop to my samsung 40 tv monitor. It does not automatically detect monitor cable is plugged.

    Windows has stopped working probably because changed my setting to 16-bit to 32-bit screen...?

    What should I do in this case?

    Thank you



    See if that helps you.

    Do a Safe Mode system restore to before the problem started.

    How to access Safe Mode

    See you soon.

  • Cannot start Windows Vista, even dvd installation

    I started my Dell Inspiron 1420 under Windows Vista Home Premium in place and led to a warning screen indicating an error in startup.  As stated, I started from my Vista installation DVD.  I ran the Startup Repair tool, and it failed.  The event log has been as follows:

    Problem event name: StartupRepairV2

    Problem event Signature 01: external Media

    02: 6.0.6001.18000.6.0.6001.18000

    03: 0

    04: 65537

    05: unknown

    06: no Cause root

    07: 0

    08: 2

    09: WrpRepair

    10: 87

    OS version: 6.0.6001.

    Locale ID: 1033

    I then ran the System Restore tool and it failed.  I then ran the Memory Diagnostics tool, and it found no errors.  Given the lack of success, I decided to reformat and reinstall.  I used the Advanced Options in Windows Vista Setup DVD to remove the Partitions, format the drive and install Windows.

    Post installation Windows started successfully the first time but was running slowly.  I tried to download the drivers from the CD of Installation of Dell, but automatic execution failed, and when I tried to copy individual files, it also failed.  I decided to reboot the machine, but instead of Windows, I got a blank screen with white cursor blinking in the upper left corner.  I tried to reboot from the Installation DVD and once the progress opening white Windows files completed bar, I was presented with a black screen and a cursor again.

    Since then, I was not able to start any CD/DVD successfully.  What should I do now?  I am happy to reformat and try again, but I can not even on the screen to do.

    Help!  Please?

    Hello Nick_98,

    If we are hanging up when you use the installation disc, then the installation disc has problems or hardware on the computer problems that must be addressed before moving forward, there

    I advise to use diagnostics provided by your manufacturer to check for hardware problems.

    Please note that if the equipment passes the test, it simply means that no error has been detected it.  If we turn to the top of the sensitivity on the diagnosis, we can find errors.

    Best regards


  • Cannot start Windows Vista after you download updates

    Original title: the last time I got a windows vista download it did.not end now if I turn off my computer it won, t wiyhout restart using a rescue disk also can, t open all files except when I connect

    Last time I had a windows down load it didn, t finished and my computer locked up had to use a rescue disk to start


    1. do you know what download you tried?

    2. do you receive error messages or error codes?

    3 have you tried booting in safe mode?

    You can first try to start in safe mode and try a system restore and check if it helps.

    Step 1:

    You can try to start in safe mode.

    Check out the link for more information on starting your computer in SafeMode below:

    Start your computer in safe mode

    Step 2:

    You can try restoring the system to safe mode.

    Note: When you perform the system restore to restore the computer to a previous state, programs and updates that you have installed are removed.

    You can consult the links for:

    System restore

    System Restore: frequently asked questions

    Hope this information is useful.

    Jeremy K
    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
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  • Cannot start windows vista Basic... its keep restarting

    I started Windows... He goes to the page saying installation updates 3/3 0% complete do not turn off computer.

    then it shout down itself and start again from the same page... its keep repeating

    Tried, restoration of the previous point, tried to repair, attempted to open in safe mode, try the last known good configuratiuon etc... but no woreked... the same process keep repeting... can not turn off the system... unless I force him to stop... .Re to go back to the same page

    Help, please

    I did a disk cleanup and defregmentation yesterday and shout down the computer... but it never shout down since

    friend sorry, I tried all things but does not work.

    I started in safe mode, but afterbootingup it directly shows the window shutingdown and say ' updated lists: stage 3 3-0% complete don't have broad computer trun ' and then it shows "blocking down."

    and the computer restarts with the same process

    Help, please

    Do you have a recovery CD? If you try to back up your files first!

    then the system restore, if it does not, try to restore your system!

    Contact the manufacturer of your pc to ask them how can rocver your system, they allow u a, if they can, then you might have to pay! Normally, they provide a software on your pc to create recovery cd become! If you do not have or do not know, you will need to contact them.

  • peripheral hardware configuration information cd/dvd player cannot start Windows (in the registry is incomplete) or damaged code 19

    Windows cannot start the cd/dvd drive because the configuration in the registry information is incomplete or damaged

    error code 19

    Have you read that the next page & run fix it tool:

    Please tell us the final result of the correction tool. S.Chatterjee

  • Cannot start Windows Vista on Satellite Pro A40

    I haven't used my Satellite Pro A40 for awhile and I'm now greeted with a black BACK screen with an error message saying that Windows XP could not start properly.
    I have had this once before but when I waited so that Windows starts normally it was fine.

    This time he just continues to move toward opening screen windows then the Toshiba screen then back to the black screen again.

    I read somewhere here that now the key 0 when starting may solve the problem, but there is no mention of this in the manual of the A40, and when I tried it on the off-chance that is nothing past.

    Any ideas?
    Help, please!

    Thank you


    > I read somewhere here that now the key 0 when starting may solve the problem, but there is no mention of this in the manual of the A40, and when I tried it on the off-chance that is nothing past.

    Don t think that this procedure works on your Pro A40. It is a European series and as much as I know this option (by pressing the 0) is not available on European laptops.
    What you could do is try to start in safe mode by pressing the F8 key immediately after power on.

    She she s not possible to start the operating system using the safe mode then a reinstallation of the new system would be desirable

  • After starting Windows Vista Recovery dvd 64-bit, the files are loaded on my laptop, however after the loading screen are replaced by a black screen and the white slider.

    Hi all

    I have my laptop startup problems, and after you use the Windows Vista Recovery dvd(64 bit), I get a black screen with a white cursor. If I try to start the system in safe mode, I get an error message "windows/system32/ntoskrnl.exe is missing or damaged. Because I can't run the recovery dvd, I'm a bit stuck. Any suggestions?



    If you have problems with the process of recovery of manufacturers, contact the manufacturer

    It's their recovery process not microsofts

Maybe you are looking for

  • W1907 monitor: windows 10 for w1907 driver

    I have upgraded to Windows 10.  My w1907 monitor requires the driver support resolution 1440 x 900.  Windows 10 uses the generic display for my monitor driver and it does not support 1440 x 900.  Where can I find a Windows 10 driver which supports 14

  • Problem with FTP

    Hello, when I opened my ReadyNas 102 today I see that the FTP has been disabled. I try to enable it, but even if I press aply to the system settings is always disabled? Why? I doing nothing! Yesterday, it works fine. I send 2 pictures to show my prob

  • Pavilion dv6z-6100: Wireless LAN adapter is disabled

    Hello! I'll try to explain as best I can. One day that my computer was real slow so I decided to factory restore my laptop, I did. But since after that, I can't use my wifi for internet access. The only way I can connect to the internet today is ethe

  • Error message - file inetppui32.dll is not a valid Windows image

    Just started happening after years of use. Each computer xxx.exe file or I try to load I get this error message "xxx.exe - bad Image of the application or DLL C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\intppui32.dll is not a Windows image. valid Please check this against y

  • XP does not start, unable to run the command line for the clean boot

    Hello For the last two weeks, I've been unable to boot XP, caused by a virus, I think. I can get into safe mode, but stopped to run antivirus software because I said that I don't have the appropriate privileges. There is no system restore points avai