Cannot submit the URL from the address bar or present Google searches

I can type a URL in the address bar, but I can't submit the URL via the Enter key or 'go' button. I have google as my home page and I can type a search but not submit them. I reinstalled FF several times. I deleted my profiles. I disabled addons. Nothing works. I am running version 20. Any ideas? It's driving me crazy. User on the computer never has this problem.

If you are in a corporate network environment:

20.0 Firefox has a problem with configurations where your Windows profile is stored on a server using a UNC path (for example, \\userdata\greg). Currently, there is a solution for this. A solution could be to choose a local folder for your own settings of Firefox, but that could not be authorized by your COMPUTER. Even if it's less safe, if you need emergency of Firefox, you could switch to Firefox 19.0.2. This article has a link under 'I still want downgrade': install an older version of Firefox.

If you are in a home environment or the local settings folder, then please ignore the above.

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