cannot update or uninstall the PC iTunes

I can't update or uninstall iTunes from my PC (Windows 10).  I have version  If I check the updates, I'm invited to download 12.5.1, but when it finishes downloading the program says there was a download error and I have to use tools/download only.  I do this, but clicking on the file downloaded Update Gets a similar generic download message (no error code), such as download a new installer for iTunes.

If I try to uninstall settings, I get the message that ' errors occurred during installation before iTunes could be configured ' and I should re-run the installation program. If I try to uninstall it from the control panel I get "Fatal error during installation" and the remains of program (and can be executed).


I have the same problem. In addition, utility software from Apple does not update iTunes 12.5.1. Running Windows 10 build 1511.

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    Cannot update or install iMovie and iTunes u after reset my iPhone 6 s

    Do you receive an error message?

    Are signed with the same Apple that was used to get these apps at the start ID?

    Do a forced reboot - after all open applications using the app Chooser - invoked by fast double pressing the home button and drag upwards on each app until it disappears from the screen.

    Meet the sleep/wake and home buttons down until you see the logo  - then release and allow normal start upward

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    Hi dicky52237470,

    Please uninstall the drive using this Download Adobe Reader and Acrobat tool - Adobe Labscleanup tool, reboot your computer & reinstall the drive using this link Adobe - Adobe Acrobat Reader DC Distribution.

    Let me know if the problem persists.

    Kind regards

  • cannot update or uninstall iTunes because "iTunes.msi" not found - HELP Please

    November 8, 2011 - on window XP

    "iTunes.msi" - not found - and therefore prevents the update AND uninstall iTunes!

    iTunes.msi is setup.  Normally, it is missing because you didn't upload.

    However, in the rest of the error message you forgot, the problem probably turns out to be that you have downloaded a new version of iTunes and it will not be installed because it's hard to uninstall the previous version.

    It's always a good idea to post the full error message without paraphrase.  It also helps others help if you describe the circumstances surrounding the error.

    Assuming that my crystal ball reveals precisely your problem, the solution is the following:

    This message occurs when the registry key pointing to iTunes uninstaller is corrupted (or uninstall of iTunes has been moved or deleted).  The simplest thing to do is just clean things, and then try again.

    Used to have a tool just to do this, called the Windows Installer Microsoft Cleanup utility.  Apparently, however, when this tool has been used (I think with MS Office), removes sometimes more he was supposed to, and that's why Microsoft has removed the tool of its download servers.

    The Windows Installer Cleanup utility is always available from , or you can use the free Revo Uninstaller.  Before using or the other of these tools, create a restore point from the system, backup the registry with C:\WINDOWS\ERUNT, or (if you can afford) creates a full disk image or a clone - just in case.

    Here are the usual directions to perform a "clean installation" of iTunes, based on Support of Apple HT1926 article.

    Go to control panel > Add/Remove programs
    Remove these applications:
    1 Apple Software Update
    2. Apple Mobile Device Support
    3 Hello
    4 iPod for Windows (this may or may not exist, be it, it is not necessary, then we can remove it)
    5 iTunes
    6 QuickTime

    Open my computer > C: > Program Files
    Delete this files (if present)
    1 iPod
    2 iTunes
    3 QuickTime

    Empty your temp directory:
    Open my computer > C: > Documents & Settings > username > Local Settings and delete the contents of the folder called "Temp".

    If you don't see the local settings, enable hidden files:
    Tools > Folder Options > view tab
    Select Show Hidden Files & folder, and then click OK

    Once this file is empty, restart the computer

    [See note above regarding cleanup utility]
    Download & install the Windows Installer Cleanup utility:
    Launch the utility: start > programs > Windows Installer Clean Up
    Select one of the applications mentioned above and click on remove

    Restart the computer
    Download & reinstall iTunes from here:

  • msiexec has encountered a problem, it can not install Java Update or uninstall the old version

    Tried to upgrade to the latest version of Java, update fails continually are woth MSIExec.exe error message has encountered a problem and needs to close. Tried to uninstall the old version of Java and get the same message.  Win XP, SP3

    Have you ever visited this site to help you remove older versions of Java?

    What is the brand and model of the pc?

    What is your current antivirus?

    Make sure that your system is free of malware and viruses:

    Download, install, update and scan with these full free malware detection programs:

    Malwarebytes (MMFA):

    SUPERAntiSpyware: (SAS): Security Scanner   

    After back with the results.

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    Help, please. I have nothing but uninstall the HP software and reboot (which she asked me to do).


    (1) once the unit is on keep tapping F8 key control if unit loads in safe mode try to do a system restore.

    (2) if the unit will not charge at F8, you can try to load to F11 option also and try to restore the system here as well.

    (3) if unit is not loasd to two option please try F10 or F2 option run the hard drive & memory test and let me know the results.

  • Cannot update or uninstall Adobe Reader 9 on Windows 7

    I get a message to update Adobe Reader, but when I try I get a message:

    «Update to uninstall adobe could not open not hkey-local-machinesoftwaremicrosoftwindowscurrent\\\ version\run\optionalcomponants\imail»

    I also tried to uninstall through Control Panel. Watch it uninstall with a progress bar, then the same error message at the top, and the progress bar goes in the opposite direction until eventually there is no uninstalling Adobe Reader.

    Is there another way to uninstall and reinstall Adobe Reader? Are there instructions available somewhere to uninstall Adobe Reader manually include the registry keys that you want to uninstall Adobe Reader 9? I've seen instructions step by step for older versions, but I don't know if those would be the same for later versions such as Adobe Reader 9.

    You can try the following.

    Remove all traces of drive (and not only the program) of your system using the Windows Installer Cleanup utility. It is no longer supported by Microsoft because it can produce problems with Win 7, but you can always download it from places like

    Then download the installer of the reader of

    and perform a clean installation.

  • Cannot update PSE11! The update under the Help menu option is disabled!

    The update under the Help menu option is disabled!

    My Adobe Application Manager does not display the items on the list. I try to check the updates it and the program says there is no update, and I positively know are updates that I am using camera Raw

    What can I do?

    I am running windows 8 pro with media center and my location is Spanish.

    After a bit of trial and error, I managed to update the software by running as an administrator. This enabled the "Update" feature in the Help menu and everything went smoothly. It is strange, however, that users will need to do such things in order to keep the software updated.

    lglrg14, you can try running as administrator to see if this solves your problem...

  • Cannot update or load the Web site.

    Hi, my name of Chris and I bought a MacBook Air off of eBay about 2 years ago and I decided to use it and I noticed that I was on the version of Mac OS X 10.6.8 and he decided to search for software updates. As soon as I tried to check, he would fail and a pop up appears saying "Update software cannot verify updates due to a network problem". I am absolutely convinced that my internet connection completely works because I just got about 1 week ago. I am sorry to ask a lot, but another problem I have is that whenever I go online, some site not loading and under him, it appears "ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE". On the Web site like YouTube and Apple Discussion of work. It would help if someone could help me solve these 2 problems.

    You have access to another network where you can see if you still have the same problems? This will help determine if there is a problem with the network or computer.

    Did you reboot / reset the router?

    Connection to the problems of the App Store

    Connection to the problems of the App Store (2)

    Safari - no support for third-party modules can cause Safari to suddenly quit, or have performance problems

    Safari does not load a page or webpage elements are missing

    Safari / other browsers - Web site does not

    Try a reboot.

    Make a backup using Time Machine or a cloning program, to ensure that data files can be recovered. Two backups are better than one.

    Try to set up another admin user account to see if the same problem persists. If back to my Mac is enabled in system preferences, the guest account will not work. The intention is to see if it is specific to an account or a system wide problem. This account can be deleted later.

    Isolate a problem by using a different user account

    If the problem is still there, try to start safe mode using your usual account.  Disconnect all devices except those necessary for the test. Shut down the computer and then put it up after a 10 second wait. Immediately after hearing the startup chime, hold down the SHIFT key and continue to hold it until the gray Apple icon and a progress bar appear. Startup is considerably slower than normal. This will reset some caches, forces a check for directory and disables all start-up and connection, among other things. When you restart normally, the initial restart may be slower than normal. If the system is operating normally, there may be 3rd party applications that pose a problem. Try to delete/disable the third-party applications after a reboot using the UN-Installer. For each disable/remove, you need to restart if you do them all at once.

    Safe mode

  • Cannot update or Uninstall Macromedia Flash player!

    Hi people!

    I have a problem with the automatically installed Flash Player. I use a Qosmio G20.

    During the installation of a new program (financial Office Lexware) this program has tried to update Macromedia Flash player to the latest version. But the former Player uninstall was interrupted and the following message appears:

    The feature you are trying to use is on a network unavailable resource.

    Click OK to try again or enter a different path to the folder containing the installation package 'install_flash_player_7.msi' in the box below.

    Use source:

    Close this window ends the installation process of this new program.

    After that, I opened the list of installed programs to uninstall Flash manually, but with the same result.

    Then I searched the internet for this install_flash_player_7.msi. I found the file but I can always remove or update Flash Player.

    As a last chance, I backed up all my data and used the recovery DVD to reinstall the whole system. Without having to install any additional application, I took a look at the list of installed programs, and guess what? The Flash Player has already been installed, so it is part of the recovery DVD.

    But why it can not be uninstalled? I really need to get rid of the former player to be able to install Lexware financial Office...

    Thank you in advance for your help!



    Well, the message the component you are trying to use is on a network resource that is not available is displayed because you install Falsh from a resource, such as a network server, functionality which is no longer available during installation.
    If you are disconnected from your network resource or point of installation, please try using another way or place to download flash.

  • Cannot update or uninstall Skype 6.18

    Whenever I tried to connect to Skype, I received the message to update, but I couldn't. To try to correct this, I thougt uninstall but that has not worked. After that, I deleted the file Skype from my program folder files (because I'm a fool, incidentally), and now I can't even open Skype. I have no idea what to do.

    Use this:

  • Get error 1603 on put and cannot can not uninstall the previous version.

    I was not able to upgrade to the latest version of Skype. Uninstall Skype fails.

    I have now deleted manually Skype and all entries in the Windows registry database, to try to resolve the problem with the installation in a new version of Skype.
    However, download and install the latest version of Skype always give error 1603.

    This is quite annoying because I use Skype in my work. Even more, my Skype number now does NOT work because of this fatal update to a new version.

    One of the "crew" of Skype have an idea on how to get Skype installed without checking first to uninstall previous versions?

    Have you really tried to use LessMsi to extract the Skype.exe file and of the msi installer and place these files in the installation of Skype folder or any other folder on your computer?

    The only that Skype needs to run, are these 2 files.

  • I can't update or uninstall the software

    Given that the las update was published, in each time the updater tryes to install, an error message appears"documents is not a valid short name.

    The same message as I try to uninstall - reinstall

    I also have problems when opening documents: double click does not work and I need to right click - Open ir in order to be able to see it.

    Any idea?

    Your location - on the c: Documents folder?

    If not, see this article how: tro-file-name /

  • Cannot update, I get the error code 646

    I have 3 updates to install for Windows Vista update, I get an error code 646. Anyone know what means this error or what I can do to solve this problem, I need the updates!

    Thank you

    Gives it a try and see if it solves the problem....>

    Let us know if this helped

  • Cannot update Vista SP1, the computer restarts and goes into repair mode.

    Im trying to install SP1 on a laptop with Vista installed. Everything is fine and the installation complete the part 2 or 3, then restarts. After that, I'll get the progress bar of vista for a few moments, then the screen goes black for a bit and then the computer restarts. If I restore to before SP1 has been installed on the computer is fine. I've run the preparation tool before installing SP update and that did not help either. Last know well is no help either. Any ideas?

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