Cannot use the back button on the Web PDF pages

I Windows 7, Internet Explorer (IE) 11 and Adobe Reader DC, all day. Whenever I go to a PDF Web page by clicking on a link in the Google search results and then want to return to the search results page by clicking the back button on the browser, it will not go back. Page PDF just charging once again. This does not occur when I use my browser Google Chrome, when I use IE. It happens with every page PDF that I access from the Google search on Internet Explorer. What can I do to be able to use the back button on the Web PDF page?

Google made a diversion when you click on a search result. You can see if you right click on a such result and select Copy link location, and then paste. Is not the real address - the web site, but a link to a page of So when you click on back after going to her, you can end up on the same redirect page, which automatically will then take you to its destination... Some browsers can handle this better than others, but it is not related to the PDF file you open.

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    Hi Olivier,.

    First off you're welcome :) This method really works without the need for a WLC, be patient. Check the address static IP put you on your TFTP (* range to

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    Hello BeverleyMacKenzie,

    Thank you for the question!

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    I see the same behavior on my premium Z5 and other Xperias, since Chrome is not a Sony app, you might want to check with the developers of Chrome/Google

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    The best place to ask your question of Windows Live is inside Windows Live help forums. Experts specialize in all things, Windows Live, and would be delighted to help you with your questions. Please choose a product below to be redirected to the appropriate community:

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    Thank you

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    Make sure that the software firewall on each computer allows free local traffic. If you use 3rd party Firewall on, Vista/XP Firewall Native should be disabled, and the active firewall has adjusted to your network numbers IP on what is sometimes called the Zone of confidence (see part 3 firewall instructions

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    Jack-MVP Windows Networking. WWW.EZLAN.NET

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    Thanks for posting your query on the Microsoft Community.

    With the description, I understand that you have problems with network connectivity and access files on network on your Windows 7 machine. I will certainly help you to the query.

    I would be grateful if you could help me with more information to better understand the problem and a solution:

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  • How to use the web service to update the data?

    Hi team,

    Need help in establishing a procedure for updating data using the web service, in the first instance, I think that it's the same reading webservice but I will produce an error:

    29273 00000 - "the HTTP request failed.

    * Cause: The UTL_HTTP package cannot run the HTTP request.

    * Action: Use get_detailed_sqlerrm to check the detailed error message.

    Correct the error and restart the HTTP request.

    using this tag soap_request.

    < ns1:Request >

    < ns1:header >

    < ns1:InterfaceName > OSMMVNECreateOrder < / ns1:InterfaceName >

    < ns1:InterfaceId > OSM - XXX < / ns1:InterfaceId >

    < ns1:CorrelationId > TEST-06262015 < / ns1:CorrelationId >

    < / ns1:header >

    < ns1:Mvno > MTI < / ns1:Mvno >

    < ns1:orderId > < / ns1:orderId >

    < ns1:orderType > CHANGE_STATUS < / ns1:orderType >

    < ns1:orderDetails >

    < ns1:subscriberId > 9469273 < / ns1:subscriberId >

    < ns1:newStatusId > 2 < / ns1:newStatusId >

    < / ns1:orderDetails >

    < / ns1:Request >

    the < ns1:subscriberId > 9469273 < / ns1:subscriberId > the Subscriber must search and

    < ns1:newStatusId > 2 < / ns1:newStatusId > will replace the current state.

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    Best regards

    Nelz Ki

    There is no difference between calling a web service to write data, against the appellant for reading data. SOAP is SOAP. He cares not.

    Example to interact with a web service is in Re: PLSQL webservice call

    Regarding your error - stack display Tower full of error to see what said the trace of the error. The data you've posted unfortunately no sense to isolate the error.

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    I tried the link below and to generate the report in my app, but after clicking view pdf button throw error.

    Antonis Antoniou blog: integration of Web Services in your ADF Application Part 2

    Basically, I want to download the PDF using the Web Service & BI Publisher pursuant to the ADF.

    Someone has encountered this problem before? You have all the solutions / suggestion?

    Thank you


    Have you tried to get the catalog via the service?

    As I said before, there you have catalog you to see you making the user you are using to connect has access.

    Have you tried to give the full url for the report? check out the blog I posted before where you see how to specify the full url.


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    Hi Tomek,

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    Megha Rawat

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    Our requirement is that we want to create an application that uses the web service for authentication. How is it possible. A how to do this will help.
    We create a Web Service with an applicationLogin method that takes the user name and password input and returns true or false. I want to use this web service to authenticate the application connection.


    Can you check Home > Application Builder > application 100 > shared components > authentication schemes > change the authentication scheme
    in the select field Invalid Page Session list
    what page 2.
    Check this page 101 a: APP_USER filled when you browse it.

    It seems that you have created a reference to Web Service manually by copy - paste SOAP envelope?
    And region of SOAP response with field response Collection store
    When you create a Web service reference with the location of the WSDL document, you are not asked for the name of the collection.
    Only when you create processes on submit type Web service on page 101, there is an option to use the collection or the item.

    And if you manually create the Web service, it seems that you cannot choose between the collection and the element, you should use the collection that you specified during the creation of reference.

    Anyway, you can use the collection to this approach to page dummy connection since: APP_USER is populated by anyone on page 101.

    I updated most of the page and creates a Web service reference manually the SOAP envelope (from the same Web service)
    and put the second region with the result. Collection is specified in a Web service reference.

    I hope that will solve your problem.

    Kind regards

  • Cannot use the functions F1-12 on my Satellite C55 - A - 19 K


    Satellite C55 - A - 19 K have a keyboard drivers?
    I cannot use the functions F1-12 and can not get the wireless since it s on the keyboard...
    Any 1 can help please?

    This function is not controlled by the driver keyboard, but with utilities and tools specific to Toshiba.
    What operating system do you use?

Maybe you are looking for