Canon 5 d images are not correctly displayed in the develop module, they look posterized or something. They look fine in the library module, what happens?

Canon 5 d images are not correctly displayed in the develop module, they look posterized or something. They look fine in the library module, what happens?


Try turning off the GPU. Go in Edition > Preferences > Performance (Lightroom > preferences > Performance on a Mac) and uncheck the box use Graphics Processor.

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  • Bookmarks are not correctly displayed in the iOS app version 15.4

    We are having a problem with the current version of the iOS app.  Bookmarks to a PDF file are displayed in the application, but the part of the text for the bookmark is missing.  We tried to open the PDF in iBooks and bookmarks are displayed correctly.  See the attached images.


    HI jamieh40910107,

    Thanks for posting the screenshots.  They are very useful.

    The second screenshot shows clearly that the bookmark labels contain newline characters.  Your bookmark labels extend two lines.

    line 1:6.

    line 2:. Horse Expo

    line 1:7.

    line 2:. a. second reading...

    Acrobat Reader for iOS shows only the first line ('6', '7') of each bookmark label and don't watch not the second line.  In contrast, iBooks shows multi-line bookmark labels.

    I will file a bug report for the problem with bookmark multiline labels in Acrobat Reader.

    As a solution, if you have a copy of Acrobat Pro (a PDF editor for Windows or Mac computers), you can change the bookmark labels to remove line break characters and turn them into bookmark single-line labels.

    Alternatively, you can use a trial version for 30 days to see if it fits your needs.

    Download Adobe Acrobat free trial | Acrobat Pro DC

    Thanks for reporting the issue!

  • Theme 25 - items are not correctly displayed in the presentation of the grid

    Hi all


    Oracle 11g Enterprise Edition

    I am new to 4.2. I created an application on 4.1 and exported 4.1 and imported to 4.2. I'm trying to view the forms as they were posted in 4.1. But I have problems with the presentation of the grid. The elements are the overlap between them and the regions is narrowed. I read a blog and he said to remove all the colspan which will then automatically display elements. I did, but it did not work. The form consists of several parts using a list of tabs on the page. Parts of the tab using the model 'Region without the buttons and titles' of the region. I tried to replace the template "no model", while he was a little better, it has not corrected the problem.

    I've migrated the application and objects in the db at the APEX. ORACLE.COM (it took a few hours) and I hope someone can resolve my problem until the site is upgraded to 5.0.

    Workspace: RGWORK

    Application: KIMBERLY (33925)

    Page: Vehicle details (13)

    Username: TESTER

    Password: test456

    The first screen will be a Update/View vehicles 1 choice menu

    Choose this option and a report with a single line id.

    Select this line and display page 13.

    You have Developer access but please keep me on what has been fixed. I don't want remedy you. I want to know what has been resolved as well.

    Please get back me to me as soon as POSSIBLE because the site is upgraded to 5.0 this Friday.


    sect55 wrote:

    I am new to 4.2. I created an application on 4.1 and exported 4.1 and imported to 4.2. I'm trying to view the forms as they were posted in 4.1. But I have problems with the presentation of the grid. The elements are the overlap between them and the regions is narrowed.

    Why you want to switch to theme 25 instead of simply retain the theme that was used in 4.1?

    Go wrote:


    Look at your application. just a simple change.


    Region: Veh/equip Information

    Presentation of the grid:

    Start the new row: Yes

    That helps, but it's not the whole story, as it appears the layout is still affected by the problem described in the thread previous Theme 25 region without buttons and issuance of securities

    Applying the fix I suggested it (in 78449 application I created a copy to ensure that I was working with the initial problems) Gets the items on the same line, but I guess that's not the same as the original provision and it doesn't look very good.

    Basically, I would say either stick with the original theme or by switching to a 4.2 theme that still use the page layout based on a table (for example, 24 or 26). Theme 25 is difficult to work with and works best with presentations created especially for her from the start.

  • color in CS4 are not correctly displayed since the upgrade to windows 10

    I have upgraded to Windows 10 last week and I had problems with colors does not display does not correctly in CS4. I tried to take a screenshot of exactly what I see in CS4, but when I post it online it seems fine. Telling me that something is now display properly in CS4. It also happens in LR3. When I post the photo online or look at him in the Windows Photo Viewer, it seems. I took a video of what is going on, but the quality is not so great. I apologize. Can anyone help? I have been searching the Internet for two days and can't find an answer to my problem. I went to the Intel website and there is not an updated video driver for my graphics card.

    Most likely you have a bad monitor via Windows Update profile. Manufacturer profiles are notoriously unreliable and often faulty and should always be avoided.

    This will only affect the applications of color management that actually use the profile.

    Recalibrate, or if you have a calibrator uses sRGB IEC61966 - 2.1 until you get a.

    Restart Photoshop when done so he can pick up the new profile at startup.

  • Lists are not correctly displayed in the web browser

    I use robohelp 7 and I have actually two problems. First problem is if I create a < li > when I switch mode html to design mode and then back to the html view the < ol > has been replaced by a < ul >.

    Then I use the nested lists. They appear as you want in design view but when I complie the code and run it in FF or IE 8, the lists are not displayed as lists. The content of these lists is displayed just like each item in the list is a separate line. Also it will display not < dl > either.

    In this new, I believe that a descendant selector missing could be a problem. In other words, there is no rule to cover this line (one

  • without a anchor, or its contents):

  • I expect that you would need settings for a rule as follows:

    #menu ul li {}

    I also think:

  • Change is not correctly displayed in the develop Module

    When I make a change in the develop Module, changes are not correctly displayed in the main window and the browser window becomes gray. When I get back to the library Module, the changed image appears correctly. Then when I get back to the develop Module, the changes appear correctly. I followed the troubleshooting steps and a single point Adobe says that the permissions of the user is perhaps not good. I created a new user, and in the new user profile, LR works as it should. I use Windows 7. What should I change in the old "user permissions" to match the new "user permissions"? I prefer to delete the new user, rather than recreate my environment all over again.

    If you see gray windows to develop, it is almost generally a bad monitor profile in Windows. Unfortunately quite common. You should recalibrate the monitor. If you do not have a calibrator, try to go into the properties of your screen pane. Go to the color management tab and remove any profile associated with the parser.

  • Unable to import photos: they are not even displayed in the import menu. When I click on the import button, LR6.3 not responding

    From fews days, I have a lot af problems in importing the photos. with LR6.3

    they are not even displayed in the import menu. When I click on the import button, LR6.3 unresponsive. And I have to force to leave LR!

    A few ideas on how to solve this problem?

    Thank you

    Hi Brigittet,

    I suggest you to please upgrade to the latest version 6.5 of Lightroom: keeping up-to-date for Lightroom

    Also try:

    • Go to Lightroom > Preferences.
    • Also please go to preferences > Performance tab and uncheck the box "use graphics processor.
    • Restart Lightroom and see if it works.



  • Images are not always displayed in received emails

    Images not always displayed in the body of some downloaded messages. They appear at the end of the message.

    can I have a few screenshot you your mail so that i can see the error.

  • icons is not correctly displayed on the websites, firefox on mac.

    While surfing websites, I continued meeting all the weird characters (numbers/alphabets in the rectangle boxes) where there should be an icon there. I tried the methods suggested in the forum - 1) using the subject config 2) checking the box in the preference > content > advance > check this box to let the site choose his police 3) reinstall firefox

    but none of the method works.

    Help, please.

    These things are not really icons, but the special characters. You must use the font that the site wants to use. Check in the preferences > content > advanced and select "allow pages to choose their own fonts...". »

  • Images and buttons and some web pages are not correctly displayed in Standard accounts

    Original title: images and no visible buttons.

    Can you please help.

    Our family has a computer which is now 18 months old that it was loaded with Windows vista, again and we use Windows seven and Google as our browser. We have three users set up for my son and my wife who is the admin on the system by password.

    The button images and some pages are not displayed correctly the web they have a Red Cross in it if you hover over some of the buttons they invented the text boxes and work, but not all.

    However my wife who is the administrator has no meanings and we have removed all administrator rights, but the problem is still there for me and my son.

    Your help on this issue would be grately appreciated because he drives me crazy.

    Kind regards


    Hey, Cliff,

    You can try to create a new user account and check if the problem occurs.

    Check out the link:

    Create a user account

    If the problem does not occur then check out the following link and follow the steps to repair the corrupted user profile:

    Difficulty of a corrupted user profile

    Hope this information is useful.

    Jeremy K
    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
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  • Tecra M5-400 after uprade to Visa - icons, text are not correctly displayed

    Dear users,

    Just upgraded my Tecra M5-400 in Visa Ulimate. The problem now is that the icons, text, etc. are not displayed correctly (big, dull). Tried drivers from Toshiba, but none of them is specific for my model, and some of them do not install.

    Any ideas what I should do or what driver I need to download?
    Thank you!


    Your device should have nVIDIA Quadro NVS 110 M graphics card. Google around and try to find the Vista driver for the graphics card.

  • WebHelp topics are not correctly displayed in Microsoft Windows/Edge 10

    Hi, someone else experienced problems display WebHelp output in the browser Edge Microsoft in Windows 10? I found that CSS styles are not used in one of the subjects and images are blocked. When I try to access the start page, it is redirected to whnjs.htm. The WebHelp content properly on other browsers on windows 10 (IE, firefox, chrome, etc.). Any advice would be appreciated.

    Thanks for all the tips. Our solution was to switch to the sensitive HTML output. It works well with the edge browser.

  • Edge .oam file is not correctly displayed in the DPS.

    Here's the scenario.  I have an animation I created for an article of DPS (Digital Publishing Suite) but it does not display correctly and I can't understand why.  It displays is too large and goes past it's bounding box or it displays too little.

    Article DPS is set up for a 2048 x 1536 retina display.  The animation was created at 400px by 100px and saved on a file .oam must be deposited in Indesign to use in a DPS application.

    The problem is that when placed in Indesign placed animation does not display correctly.  If you change anything in Indesign in the "Folio overlays" Panel under "Web content" animation will play much too large and extend beyond the bounding (Image 2) box.  If you check the scale to fit in Indesign too small poster.

    My question here is that nobody knows if I'm missing a step on the edge of Adobe that may cause this or if you know why he would do this in Indesing would be great as well.

    I see not all the parameters of resolution on the edge and normally pixels are pixels and resolution is not important but it when the PPI is higher on the iPad.

    Animations do not work it's just sizing.

    The first image shows how it should look like at the end of the animation. "(the classic) is the animation part."

    The second image shows how it displays when it is set to no change in Indesign.

    The image below shows how it displays when placed in Indesign with the "content to Fit scale" checked in the "Folio overlays" Panel under "Web content", too small!

    Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Sincerely, Ryan.


    It is a known problem with the creation for the retina in DPS, I met last year, when the retina is first released.

    If you try to save in pdf folios go png or jpg. But the best practice with DPS is at the 1024 x 768 folio woth beginning and create assets to a higher resolution.

    try to create the dps page 1024 x 768 see if she double size then, bet that's not :-(

    I hope this helps... sort of


  • Site does not correctly display on the Samsung Tablet

    Hi all

    I've seen a few questions about Muse sites not shown correct on a Samsung tablet. My problem is similar but even more. The site is the correct display on computer office/ipad/iphone but not on the Tablet from Samsung.

    In the previewt its is not displayed. Now, I also know that the preview more or less simulates how a site should look like.

    This is the site: (Dutch site).

    I looked at the links and they seem to be ok. I mean all the links link to the version of the tablet.

    see you soon,



    Yes, that would be a problem with browser itself that you understood.

    This can happen if the browser is not updated with the older devices.

    Thank you


  • Image will not be displayed in the column DataGrid on Mac

    Hi all

    I use the converter to display of image element in one of the columns of the datagrid control. The problem is, when I'm providing the full as - path "/ User/Images/icon.png", image is not rendered. However, when I put this image in the "src/assets" folder and path to as - "assets/icon.png", image is displayed.

    Could someone please suggest what goes wrong?

    Here is the snippet of code to component converter


    " < = xmlns:mx mx:Image ' "

    width = "250".

    height = "40".

    source = "{data.". Icon} ".

    verticalAlign = "middle".

    horizontalAlign = "left".

    scaleContent = "false".

    maintainAspectRatio = "true" / >


    When data. Icon is "/ User/Images/icon.png": not displayed.

    When data. Icon is "assets/icon.png": display.

    I guess I need to provide the relative path.

    Thank you


    Try adding file:// to the front of your path: file:///User/Images/icon.png

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