Canon 6 d shutter failure so early?

Was it shutter failure? Camera is only a year and a half old? What is the best thing to do? Back to Canon or set locally as it is no longer under warranty! What type of warranty does Canon give for their repairs? Thank you


The only choice you have is to get your hands on the Canon Service.  Nobody is going to beat their repair work.

I think you did nothing as the drop obtained or wet?  Put your fingers inside the box to mirror or foreign objects?  No q-tips?

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    Hi, I have a Macbook 2012 model I ordered in late 2014 (this is a non-retina display Macbook pro with the Intel i7 and 8 GB of RAM). In Norway, we have what we call "reklamasjonsrett" which means that any consumer electronic retailers are required by law to provide security for laptops for at least five years. I bought the computer directly out of the Norwegian online apple store.

    My Macbook does not just start and start in recovery mode reveals that it recognizes none of my passwords and when you try to reinstall OS X disk utility reveals problems to reach the HARD drive. My sister seems to have a similar problem with an older model 2012, Macbook pro, and from what I've heard there is a fragile HARD drive cable that this model is known to have a problem with.

    Where can I get this fixed a problem? I was very careful with my computer the past 1.5 years and I find it very disappointing for cases of hardware failure this early in the life cycle of such a product - initially, I bought a Macbook for my studies of computer science because I like the idea of having a Unix system and still be able to run some software main owners now I'm just irritated to find such similar material same basic failures in a product at the price of 2 times that of laptops.

    I would like also to Chin, captcha here issues are buggy - I entered the code in three attempts and blocked despite write exactly what I saw on the screen.

    tcarisland wrote:

    My Macbook does not just start and start in recovery mode

    disk utility reveals problems to reach the HARD drive.

    My sister seems to have a similar problem with an older model 2012, Macbook pro, and from what I've heard there is a fragile HARD drive cable that this model is known to have a problem with.

    If you see a folder with a question mark appears instead of the Apple logo, it means that your Mac could not find a local or network boot disk. This can occur if the drive selected in the pane of the system preferences Startup disk is not available.  > System Preferences >Startup disk from wait a few seconds to see if your Mac is able to locate the startup disk, you specified.

    It seems that the HD has no

    Yes, it could possibly be the SATA cable

    Try to retrieve internet and run the utility disk from there.  R command option


    If you have a bootclone try to start on it without going through the SATA and HD cable
  • ? Photoshop 13.0.3 cannot be updated.  U44M1P6 error code

    My Christmas present (beginning) was a Canon EOS D6. (my old camera was a Canon EOS 50 d.  The earlier camera worked with Photoshop without a hitch. )

    After downloading some pictures of the D6 to the computer test, I found that the CR2s could not be opened.  I went, so with the help of Photoshop to get the new software, the bridge has been addressed, but a fault code for Photoshop (the U44M1P6 above showed.

    I would like to advice/help to allow me to update without reading the code, arror.  NOT a sophisticated user!

    Please see where this topic has already been discussed.  You can find a solution that has worked for a number of users in this thread.

  • Spectrum of HP x 360 13-4100nn: dead touchscreen HP spectrum x 360 - early failure


    I recently bought a HP spectrum x 360 13-4100nn and after two days the touch screen stops working.

    I have tryied all of the recommended patches:

    -updates to drivers, BIOS, OS

    -Recovery system + factory reset (

    -BIOS restore (

    No effect!

    In addition, the touch screen does not work in the BIOS, it appears in the Windows Device Manager and HP PC (UEFI) Hardware Diagnostics does not detect all "tactile" to diagnose, then it is not related to the operating system.

    So I guess it's an "early failure.

    I also mention that drivers up to date (with Assistant HP) at one point, a black window (text mode) appeared and attempted to update a firmware. There was a series of mistakes (something like "step 1...") error, step 2... error, step 3... error..."). in the end, the text became all red and 'Update FAILED... «Press ENTER» Unfortunately has happened very quickly, in a few seconds, and I had no time to learn which component/driver had tried to update. I guess that she had tried to update the display with a wrong (?) firmware. This update has failed happened some time before I detected that the touch screen does not work, that is why I think they might be related.

    What can I do?

    Is it possible to restore the original firmware of the screen? Or is the case of real hardware failure?

    I hope that a technician will contact me private.

    Thanks in advance.


    Keep me posted if you need any other assistance.

    If my post has been helpful to you, please click "Accepted solution" so that this solution useful to others who might be looking to solve similar problems, I doubt that anyone can be so specific that you have visited, but you never know

    Nice day!
    Kind regards

  • Toshiba HD: high early failure rate Toshiba HD

    I am in the business of PC support. I had an exceptional number of early failures (but weeks out of warranty) Toshiba laptop 2.5 "drives in laptops model of Pavilion and ENVY. Is there a way to specify the Western Digital drives when the portable with the command computers HP customer support?

    Hi, thanks for your information. As mentioned Kant, authorized service providers and Original service providers inform HP on abnormal outages. I am an employee of HP, and I have forwarded your concerns to the quality management team who is in charge of consumer notebooks.

    Usually, HP supports laptops a few years after the end of the production and titles their perfomance of quality.

  • I had sound earlier, had a power failure double system is back but no sound, saying: "no audio output device".What can I do?

    No sound

    I had sound earlier, had a power failure dual system is back, but no noise saying NO AUDIO OUTPUT DEVICE.what can I do?

    Hi DocBecker,

    What operating system is installed on the computer?

    I suggest you try the steps from the following link:

    No sound in Windows

  • Someone had problems with the shutter speed on the Canon 70 d?

    I've used a Canon 60 d which was brilliant! My husband bought me a 70 d at Christmas as a surprise. However, I have problems with the shutter speed. In automatic mode, everything is fine but on manual, Av, Tv etc I seem to be unable to change the shutter speed of a very slow release. I want to know if the unit is defective somehow, or if there is something I should be doing that I'm not. Please can someone advise/inform me what I can do wrong or if it's something I should take with Canon?

    First of all, you need to reset your 70 d to the factory settings. Check your manual for more information on how to do it.

    You can't troubleshoot anything until you are zero squared.

  • How can I get the shutter count for my Canon 7 d Mark II using Windows XP?

    How can I get the shutter count for my Canon 7 d Mark II using Windows XP? I have been looking for many places and make downloads of files, but I can't seem to find anything. I am wary of downloading software that I know nothing. Any help is greatly appreciated.

    Hi, I paid only $2.99 acquired program namely the supreme court on a 7 d Mark 2

    Search: to find out.

  • Canon 70 d PES 12 - tried your suggestions and FAILURE

    Used a Canon 70 d.  Photoshop Elements 12.  Windows 7 (64-bit).

    File > open > unable to complete your request...

    Viewed help forums.

    Downloaded ACR, 8.2.

    File > open > unable to complete your request...

    Downloaded ACR 8.4

    File > open > unable to complete your request...

    Downloaded ACR 8.6.

    File > open > unable to complete your request...


    ? Hello

    Have you tried to go to the menu help and select updates?

    Who should download and upgrade your system - failure, you get an error message?


  • Best frame rate, resolution, and shutter speed Canon XF 305 to chromakeying


    I have to shoot some pictures with the Canon XF305 (Chromakeying green screen) and the progressive frame rate only I choose are (25 1920 x 1080 p) or (50Pand 25 P 1280 x 720).

    What shutter speed I should use?

    What will be the best choice of quality for the overlay? The output will be Vimeo at the end I have a 6core Xenon 3.2, GIG of memory of 24, GTX580.

    Of course, I know the best resolution, but I mean the best choices for the overlay.

    'S done it in PAL.

    Thanks David

    I'd shoot at 1080. More important than the size of the image is the lighting. One of these higher end prosumer cameras are very capable of producing images that will be key.

  • Retina pro MacBook 13 inch (early 2015): logic board failure

    I have a macbook pro retina 13inches (early 2015) that I use only for study and check emails. a few weeks ago I noticed that the camera not working. I took the mac for help and they told me it's a question of logic board and I should have a new. It's too expensive, and the warranty just expired. Is this a common problem with MacBook? Feelimg so frustrated! I thought I had purchased quality equipment.

    I have not heard of what is a common problem.

    Questions on the Repair Service for Apple's deposit - a lump sum and a cheaper way to go.

    Genius of booking

  • 10.11.5 install impossible to complete failure to restart on MBP early 2015

    MBP early 2015 with OS X 10.11.4

    Started the 10.11.5 update, it freezes during the restart of the installation phase. You leave by using ctrl-cmd-eject

    After that restart attempts to restart the installation ends in the same way, Frost during the restart process

    Tried to do a complete reinstall of a new USB - similar results.

    Return to 10.11 - stop/restart still suspended

    I suspect some updates of the firmware included in 10.11.5 could be the cause

    If you have a backup, start on recovery Volume (command - R on a restart, or hold down the option/Alt during a restart and select the Volume of recovery). Run disk utility, then select first aid. Reformat the hard disk using Disk Utility/Erase Mac OS extended (journaled), then click on the Option button and select GUID. Then re-install the operating system. Try the update by using the update from the drop-down list. Restore your data.

    OS X recovery

    OS X recovery (2)

    10.11.5 combo update

  • El Capitan and Canon scanner failure

    El Capitan does more work with Canon 5600F scanner. New driver and supplied Canon software update and the new driver did not work either. A solution? A different software? This new scanner flat works with El Capitan?


    Take a look at VueScan. Your CS5600F is presented as a supported scanner.

  • Satellite L550 - SMART failure HARD disk reports early - what to do?

    Toshiba Satellite L550-113

    At startup, I get a fault HARD drive reporting mini-message soon, and I am asked to by pressing F1 before will continue to Windows (Vista 32 bit).

    The message of the Toshiba HDD application alert is as follows:

    Your HARD drive is SMART failure to predict who monitors the HARD drive, operating status. Your HARD drive is facing a problem and CHIP controlling the software predicts that the HARD drive will fail. Toshiba strongly recommends that you create a backup for the data on your HARD drive. Contact an authorized service provider to check your drive and buy a new drive for replacement if necessary.

    I ordered a new HARD drive to replace the failed HDD (can't be bothered p * ssing all with the support of the RMA and tech).

    However, is it possible to repair the old HDD once it's been deleted? If I have the reformat, it would do anything, or is it more serious than that?


    What should do? Back up all your data as soon as possible. You have created recovery DVD?
    If this is not the case, do. When you redeem your laptop HARD drive, you can use this recovery disc to install the operating system and have once again the factory settings.

    What is with guarantee s notebook? I mean that if the warranty is still valid, you can request service Toshiba to replace HARD drive.

Maybe you are looking for