Canon MX 885 all in one device and XP that it will mark the beginning of direct links to has 4 total printers. Is this possible in Windows 7?

Have a friend who has a Canon MX 885 all in one device and when he had it in XP it can deliver direct links (instances) for each of the printers - 4 total functions. Apparently, it has been easy in XP, but it can set this feature for two instances I have 7.

Is there a limit to 7 about this function?

If this is not the case, how it has it and get 4 different photos of the MX885 in "printers and devices" called MX885-fast, photo-MX885, MX885-medium and MX885-fax.

Nothing to do with win7, it is a feature of the software/drivers Canon

See Canon support pages

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