Canon Pixma MG3100cant use to print wireless

I installed it,., he used a lot before... now it won't print or scan from my laptop... but now I have a new network and lost Disc... but it works very well for my husband on his desk, he will not be printed repeat me printing error... can u please advice?

CCFC salvation!

Welcome to the Canon Forums and thank you for your inquiry! Thank you for your participation, but we need to let you know that your product appears to be a model that is not supported by our team here at Canon USA. Canon Forum is organized and hosted on the territory of the United States by Canon USA. We are only able to provide support for the products of Canon produced for and used in the U.S. market. If you live outside the United States, please click here and select your country or region for your support needs. Feel free to discuss products Canon sold outside the United States, but please be aware that you won't receive support directly from Canon USA.

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  • Printer (Canon Pixma MP480) do not print

    My Canon Pixma MP480 won't print on my computer, but print on other computers that do not have Vista. I installed the driver several times more directly from the cd that came with it and directly from canon website. I am registered under an account to administer. It is directly connected via a USB port. The strange thing is, it's an all-in-one printer, scanner, copier, and it allows me to scan images on my computer. When I try to print a document, it times out. No error message appears on the printer LCD. It works on my friends computer that uses windows XP... My operating system is Vista 64 x.  If anyone has any advice I would be recognizing an email to

    Hi davemsee,

    Have you try to download the latest driver for your printer from Canon?
    Make sure that it is the Vista x 64 bit driver when you download and install.  Remove the old driver completely and restart the computer before the upgrade to the new driver.

    Post back with the resulf so we can provide you with more support, Kevin
    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • PIXMA MG5420 won't print wireless

    I'm losing my mind.  I got my MG5420 PIXMA to print wireless, then something happened and I lost the connection. now, I don't remember what I did time changed so he can print wireless.

    Window using OS 8, port is the USB001 virtual printer port. The control panel of the printer to connect WIFI to router by pressing simultaneously on WPS router and an OK button on the machine, says they are connected, but my laptop says printer is connected connection/no offline.

    Can someone tell me how to connect my HP laptop to my printer?  I'm just freaking done with this printer.

    Your printer is connected to the network, but you need connect your computer to the printer via wifi.

    If it says USB then it is connected through the USB port.

    Reinstall the printer to print wireless.

    Here are a few Canon's PDF documents to help you.

  • Canon MP620 "forget" how to print wireless until I have reinstall completely

    I had my Canon MP620 for about five years. I use it to print wireless from my laptop. It worked fine all the time that I got it. Recently, I tried to print from my laptop and I got a message that the printer is offline and cannot connect (Yes, the printer was on). I tried all sorts of things and the only way to print by plugging in the printer to the laptop via USB. I kept trying to print wireless and finally the only thing that worked was completely uninstall the printer drivers, reset the network settings on the printer and the definition of completely back up everything again from scratch.

    Yes, problem solved. However, two days (and a few prints) later, I had the same problem. Would not print print wireless, while it is plugged. And once again, after all sorts of fiddling, the only solution that worked was AM I described the first time. Well, it works again. But a few days later, the same problem! It was this morning. However, this time still connect the printer via the USB port did not work! Once again I have had to reinstall and reconfigure everything from scratch. Now it works again (for now...)

    Then, as the title suggests, I think that my printer is 'forget' printing wireless after a few days of regular use. Any suggestions on fixing this? Or do I just get a new printer? Thank you.

    Hi MattL2,

    Your PIXMA MP620 shouldn't forget its wireless settings.  It is recommended that you contact the direct technical assistance. There is NO charge for this call. Information in real-time to a technical assistance call live would be very beneficial in this case.

    Please call 1-866-261-9362, Monday - Friday 10:00-10: 00 ET (excluding holidays). A Canon technical support representative will be able to solve this problem more quickly.

  • How to set 2 pc using the printer wireless?

    I use an HP laptop and a printer HP Envy connected via wireless, how I configured to use a second workbook use the printer?

    Just install the same software and drivers again and you're good to go.

  • Canon Pixma mg3200 do not print

    I just bought a Canon Pixma MG3200 and I can't seem to print on my HP laptop Windows 7 x 64... someone at - it advice?

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    Original title: Canon mg3200 will not work

    Hello Deborah,.

    The simple answer is to go to the canon website and download the driver here: . You will need specific printer model number. This approach will you get the latest driver, avoid any problem of corrupted drive and give you a forum site for questions specific to the printer.

    Let me know if this helps you.

    Kind regards


  • Cannot use the printer wireless

    I use Windows 7 and my computer is connected to the internet. I can't print wireless, I was able to before but not now. The printer is wireless and shows that it is connected. I tried to reinstall the printer, following the programs in case of problem, but everything for nothing. I was able to print a test page, but it happened once and now nothing prints. Another computer has no trouble printing to the same printer.

    What is the brand and model of the printer?

    How it shows that it is connected?

    What is the brand and model of your wireless router?  Please, look at the label on the back or the bottom of the unit and include any version of the material mentioned.

    This problem occurs quite frequently with wireless printers, usually when the printer has been turned off for a while during which other devices are connected to your wireless LAN.

    Printers almost all (if not all) are configured by default to automatically get an IP address from your router wireless.  When you initially installed the printer, Windows found the printer to this IP address and set up the printing system to direct its output to this IP address.

    If during the time that the printer is turned off you connected to other wireless device (for example, another computer or smart phone), the router can assign the originating IP address to the other device.  The router will then assign a new IP address to the printer.  The problem is that Windows is always configured to print to the original IP address... but the printer is no longer there.

    The solution is to assign the printer an IP fixed or 'static' instead of him to use its default value to obtain an IP address automatically.

    To confirm the diagnosis above, read the manual of your printer and either print a configuration page or use the LCD of the printer (if she has one) to show its current IP address.  Write it down.

    On the Windows 7 computer that does not print, open devices and printers.

    Select (click) any printer.

    Click on 'Print server properties' on the toolbar at the top of the printers and devices window.

    Select the "Ports" tab

    Scroll the list of 'Ports on this server' until you find the one for your printer.

    Expand the 'Port' column until you can see the full IP listed for your printer.

    If the IP listed here is different from the IP address by your printer, you will need configure the printer to use a static IP address.  If the IP address here is the same one reported by the printer, you have a different problem.

  • Cannot print wireless with Canon Pixma MG3120 but can print via USB

    Original title:

    thing.i same cannot connect wireless on mypixma mg3120 printer.did reinstall and shows ok to print, but will not go wireless when I disconnect usb setup cord.tryed everything to fix.

    Method 1:
    Check out the following link.
    How to solve problems when you install or uninstall programs on a Windows computer
    Method 2:
    Step 1: Perform a clean boot.
    How to troubleshoot a problem by performing a clean boot in Windows Vista or in Windows 7
    Note: Once you are done with the boot, follow step 7 of article to put your computer to normal startup.
    Step 2: Install the drivers from the disc and check.
  • How the printer canon pixma ip can run printing black ink

    I put new inkjet for printing paper and now the colors of work but the black ink doesn't work is not black is 3rd number and 6 Please help me


    I'm sorry, but it's the installation of vista operating system instance

    go to the Canon Website and are looking for a manual for your model of Canon printer on how to use

    try looking there under Support and drivers

    or repost in forum Hardware

    but you have to be lucky to find someone who knows this printer

    and give them the model number, not only the pixma ip

  • Canon PIXMA iP100 Photo Inkjet Printer

    I use Win7 and had to download the driver for the Pixma - but have made my laptop still does not recognize the printer. The "instructions" say install Win7 driver then use the installation disc. Surely, this will overwrite just the Win7 driver. Have tried all ways but cannot get this printer to work. Oh for the good old days when you come to plug the printer in and it worked fine!

    You use the canon installation disc and only connect the printer when installing said.

    If the printer is not detected at this stage, either the cable is defective (unlikely) or there is a problem with the PC, IE in the Device Manager there are all the yellow warnings?

    BTW just pluging a printer in has never been the right way to install

  • Cannot use my printer wireless message States printer offline hp touchsmart310, hpphotosmartestation

    .i hooked up the printer to the computor with usb then put in place. removed the usb because the printer is wireless?

    When you post, alsways tell your version of Windows.

    This is not usually how to configure a network printer.  You must configure the networking settings in the printer to match your local network would expect before you will be able to use wireless.  See your printer manual that describes how to configure the wireless settings.

  • Using my printer wireless uses one of my monthly GBs?

    My wireless printer is hooked up to my router so that means when I'm scanning (IE just work offline) I'm using one of my monthly data?

    Wireless printing does not mean that I use data because I have to send it to the HP printing Center before he goes to my printer? At least that's what I understood the instructions to mean - maybe I'm just confused!


    For all local print jobs, it does not use data, because it runs on your home network. For ePrint (using his email address), Yes, he must use data from internet and HP servers.  Under normal conditions, it also uses the data to 'talk' with HP servers to get information such as firmware etc... but should be very little.

    Kind regards.

  • Canon PIXMA MX922 User Guide: printing on a blank disc with the Canon PIXMA MX922 all-in-One

    Please ignore my previous post, which should be sent on the Canon Support Forum.  Sorry for the confusion.

    Uh, just to let you know this isn't the Forum HP printer, Canon.  For questions, contact the good folks at Canon.

  • Printing problems with a Canon Pixma MX882 do not print the correct paper size.

    This is a new PROBLEM.  Never had this problem before.

    I'm under Windows8, 64 bit.

    I am suddenly unable to print all labels postage to NORMAL size = 100%.

    He coinstantsly everything shrinks to half size no matter what I change settings.

    I've looked through the software and the printer settings and may NOT know what is the cause of the problem.

    The assumption is that MS Updates caused the problem.
    The resolution has been going to the Canon USA site.
    The very recent updated drivers was available for my printer.
    Download and install the updated drivers solves the problem.

  • I can't print documents using the printer wireless

    Original title: print

    State on the printer displays error. I can't print documents.  Recently updated the DVR wireless home is this causing a problem with the wireless printer.

    Hey Fredrick,

    1. What is the brand and model of the printer and the computer?

    2. What is the error message that is accurate or complete?

    I suggests to follow the steps in the link below and let know us the status of the issue.

    Why can I not print? :


    I hope this helps.

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