Cant 'Partition' new USB to make it bootable installation (to create an external drive as boot drive)

Cant 'Partition' this. It is surprising to the Partition button is disabled . Only "Mount" and "partition" buttons are disabled. but 'First aid' & 'Clear' is enabled.
Just unpacked new 16 GB USB3 drive get ready. (Updated to OS from Yosemite to El Capitan 10.11.2 and yesterday I could use the "Partition" command for internal MacHD & created test drive encrypted partition 50 GB)

I want to do a clean installation fees, so I wanted to create this boot ext backup disk before deleting the disk macHD internal.


Erase the disk via disk utility and then partition the system - regardless of the current format was used at the plant probably lack the TPG structures which should.  Does erase everything on the drive, so be sure that there is nothing on the disk you need.

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  • 6.4.1RC1 - new user interface part don't give any info to external drive


    I've just updated to 6.4.1RC1 and I love the new sharing of the user interface. Now, I get a lot of information on a single screen. Thank you! However, it gives no Info for the external drive. Even the size of the drive does not appear, while on the main screen, it is displayed correctly. How is it, I can't have everything much info for my external drive on this screen? I have attached a screenshot here:

    Thank you!

    We should be able to get added to final 6.4.1.

  • Make a bootable Windows 7 on macOS Sierra drive

    I recently tried to create a bootable USB to install windows 7 on my MacBook Air running Mac OS.

    I tried to use unetbootin to a player from the ISO file I have. Worked well, but I got a message at the end saying that the disc I created will not be able to boot on a mac. As said the program, when I tried to start up the USB, it wasn't there. I heard somewhere that you cannot start a windows on Mac OS installation disc up. Is there a workaround or a solution to this problem?

    (btw I can't use Boot Camp because now it only supports Windows 10 and more)

    Thank you very much


    You cannot start a Mac with Windows without Boot Camp. You can create a Windows 7 virtual machine using VirtualBox (free), VMWare Fusion or Parallels Desktop.

  • 571P aspire V5 - usb 3.0 does not work with a WD external drive?

    I have an acer Aspire V5 - 571P running Windows 8.1 all service packs and updates are installed.  I have a Western Digital My Passport USB 3.0 capable external hard drive.  If I plug it into a USB 2.0 on my Acer, it shows very well.  If I plug it into the USB 3.0 port on my Surface Pro 2, it appears very well, but if I plug it into the USB 3.0 port on the Acer, it never appears at all.  Nothing shows up in disk management, nothing is displayed in the file Explorer.  Is there an updated driver for USB 3.0 for this laptop that I'm missing?  There is not one of those listed in the downloads section...

    HD lights and towers up to 3.0 just is having a hard time, be found by the computer consistantly

  • What is the minimum size Flash DRIVE bootable installation of Sierra?

    When you make a bootable installation of Sierra, what is the minimum size of USB that is required?

    8 or 16GBs.

    Installers for OS X Mavericks to Sierra bootable USB

    First, review this introductory article: creating a Setup program bootable OS X Mavericks or Yosemite - Apple Support. Second, see this diagram how to create an El Capitan bootable Installer. Just replace the Terminal command with that of the previous article by copying it in the Terminal window.

    You will need a 8 GB or more flash disk USB that has been partitioned and formatted for use with OS X.

    Drive partition and format

    1. Open utility disk from the Applications\utilitaires folder.
    2. After disk utility charges select the drive (entrance Out-bumpy with of the mfgr.) ID and size) in the list to one side.
    3. Click clear in the utility disc toolbar. Name of the player, "MyVolume". <-IMPORTANT!
    4. In the Group dropdown set the GUID partition scheme. Define the type of Format Mac OS extended (journaled).
    5. Click apply and wait for the done button to activate it. When it click on it.
    6. Quit disk utility.

    Create the installation program

    Open the Terminal in the Utilities folder. Choose according to the command line appropriate (in red) on the OS X installer you want. Paste this entire command line by underneath at the Terminal prompt:

    Order for macOS Sierra:

    sudo/Applications/Install\ macOS\\ macOS\

    Order for El Capitan:

    sudo/Applications/Install\ OS\ El\\ OS\ El\ X\ X\

    Order for Yosemite:

    sudo/Applications/Install\ OS\\ OS\ X\ X\

    Control of Mavericks:

    sudo/Applications/Install\ OS\\ OS\ X\ X\

    Press RETURN. You will be asked your admin password. It won't echo on the Terminal window. Press RETURN again. Wait for the prompt to the Terminal, meaning that the process is complete. It takes a while to complete. Be patient.

  • new computer win 7 pro connected to ext HD or flash drive does not display any permission or not available

    Two hp 17-inch workstations mobile (business) Z book 17

    On consumer laptops, I can view the files on my external hard drive 1 to and 1 GB player.

    On these corporate work stations (mobile), I'm not able to view the files on the hard drive or flash drive.

    I need your help so that I can save files from the internal hard drive of the mobile platform of book z hard disk external.  And I need to be able to reconnect the external drives and readers to the Zbook mobile workstation to transfer files to transfer flash.

    These are the pop ups that appear for each when displaying of readers by opening my computer:

    When left click hard disk drive a pop up appears with the title bar: location is not available.

    H:\ is not accessible.

    Access is denied.

    Make a right click on the hard drive allows opening of the FreeAgent GoFlex drive (H properties)

    The tabs are ReadyBoost, previous Versions, Quota, customize, general, tools, hardware, sharing, security

    By clicking on security of advances and then permissions then continue and then change my name owner or administrator... both methods result in the same access denied result once again.

    I came across this is this something I need to study and learn before I am able to connect and use an external drive or flash?  Or is there another problem?  If the answer is in this link, do I have to put emphasis on and why wasn't windows 7 configured so that it is easy to use external drives as in win xp and win 8?  Are all usb ports do not or all drivers of failing or is it a software problem all?

    I was not able by trial and error to display all files on any hard drive or external flash on the two books of z of mobile workstation.

    Then I went to the flash drive.

    Left click on the flash drive produces a pop-up with title bar G:\

    You don't have permission to access this folder.

    Click on continue to get permanent access to this folder.

    After clicking on continue it opens another pop-up with title bar G:\

    You have been denied permission to access this folder.

    To access this folder, you will need to use the Security tab.

    When clicking on the Security tab he opens a new pop with the title bar: removable disk (G properties)

    The tabs are general, tools, hardware, sharing, ReadyBoost, customize

    He did not indicate what to do next.


    Two new computers hp zbook stations mobile work with win 7 pro

    Or computers with their multiple ports usb allows to access my external hard drive or flash drive.

    The external hard disk and flash dirve each work very well with the consumer portable computers hp with winning 8 and 8.1 of win and have worked with computers with win xp.

    How can I get the Replicator hp z book with win 7 pro for usb drives work with external hard drives or external flash drives?

    I have so far done the following:

    (1) run administrative guest with sfc/scannow and it found no violations of integrity

    (2) ran microsoft fixit will be all available Parameters which automatically checked and corrected each book workstation z mobile

    (3) contacted HP support

    (4) checked for malware using microsoft security essentials, malwarebytes and spybot on each mobile workstation

    (5) updated drivers using HP support assistant on each computer

    (6) windows update the device HP support assistant on each computer

    How do two new computers with win 7 pro can be connected to external drives that allow to view the files as they do with win xp and win 8 automatically?

    How can I access my files on the external hard disk and flash the mobile workstation book z?

    The specifications for the mobile workstation of zbook are:

    Operating system: Windows 7 Professional 64-bit Service Pack 1

    Microprocessor: Intel core i7-4800MQ CPU @ 2.7 GHz

    Moemory system: 16 GB of memory on 2 1600 MHz dimm

    Graphics device 1: Nvidia Quadro K3100M

    Graphics device 2: Intel HD 4600 graphics card

    Hard drive 1: SCSI Disk Device

    C: 683.42 (613,62 free go-go)

    D: 12.21 GB (1,3 GB free)

    E: 1.99 GB (1.97 GB free)

    The hard drive is a seagate 1 TB drive that works very well

    The flash drive is a 1 GB drive which works very well

    Here is the new mobile workstations HP Z book 17.

    Microsoft said that HP is responsible for the operation of win 7 in the first year for the operating systems pre-installed

    HP elite support doesn't know how to solve the problem with the USB ports on the two books of Z is not able to provide access to external hard drives or flash drives

    These two mobile workstations have problems of USB port with all the ports on each computer?

    These two mobile workstations have problems of windows 7 where the client has to learn how to use the registry to store external hard drives internal hard drives?

    What does do to be able to back up files on a disk external hard drive internal?

    Have to do to be able to use flash dirves with a 17 mobile workstation z book?

    This problem has been resolved.

    The book of Z 17 HP installed their software: HP Client Security.

    This software prevents the use of external hard drives and flash drives in its default settings.

    Each customer is on their own in discoverinv and the resolution of this problem.

    There is no warning.   He made no information on why a right click on a drive and checking the property do not work.

    The way in which this issue has been resolved was by a clean boot process in msconfig.

    When miscrosoft services were hidden items that remained were read.  Systematically, some were checked and unchecked, and the computer has rebooted to see if the problem was still in existence or if the problem has disappeared.

    Whenever the hard drive or flash drive has been verified.

    We were lucky that we checked to see if it was or not HP software at the beginning.  This problem was caused by the default client security HP who were to refuse all USB connections.

    This consumes a lot of time and was so frustrating.

    On the first book of HP Z 17 thin client HP security biometric authertication failed with a black screen.  The computer is about 15 days old.    All the dirvers for the HP notebook have been uploaded and then the software for biometric devices have been downloaded.  HP determined that it was a hardware failure of the biometric device, when drivers and software downloads together has not fixed the problem.  This computer had / has the same problem with not allowing communication with any external hard drive or flash drive.

    HP did wrong by not providing any information on the inside of this product the HP support assistant.

    Here's a consumer might encounter problems:

    The HP support assistant on Z book provides updates of drivers for windows, but the support phone number book mobile z is not listed.  There is a phone number, but it is a regular support, not z book mobile support or elite support.  Mobile Z book users are supposed to call the number fo elite press and the number is for a regular support on the wizard of book z mobile support.  Support assistant has cat support method and the HP chat support is not trained to book support z mobile.  There is a feature to contact the technical support and the transfer of data to the technician, and again, it goes to regular support who is not trained to support the mobile z book.  If you call the phone number provided some of the choices on the automated line includes desktop, laptop and office work.  If you choose Notepad you won't get z mobile workstation support.  If you choose work center you will get no support of z book mobile workstation.  Instead, you must have someone answer and then ask to be redirect to support elite.  On the first call, you never know that the support you are looking for is elite support until they give you this information on the next contact.

    After many hours spent barely pull on the problems of not being able to view files on an external hard drive or external dirve flash, I was able to change this HP software.  It now unfortunately produces a humming noise when parts of it are displayed.  This has not yet been set.

    It is the customer of HP security information:

    There was no information to reconfigure the software in the white paper.

    I was able to find a user guide.

    This guide was not and was not available through the HP support assistant:

    Hope this helps all who are unable to view the files on their external hard drives and external flash drives.

    The thin client HP security prevents click right change of ownership and prevent changes, right-click in the security, etc..  Change of Director fails also as the client security administrator HP overides too.

    So end users must change the HP Thin Client Security so that it does not block access to files on external hard drives or flash drives.

  • make a bootable USB key

    When you try to perform the last step in manufacturing a key USB bootable - changed to the startup directory and enter the following command >

    G: C:\boot\bootsect.exe/nt60

    The error I got was "could not map the partitions of drives to the associated volume device objectives access denied" Please provide assistance so that I can make a backup.

    Thank you


    If you want to make a complete PC Backup or a backup file only, buy an external hard drive.

    Only Vista professional, comprehensive and company have the opportunity to make complete backups of PC.

    All editions of Vista can do backups of files.

    Here's how to back up and restore your files:

    "How to back up your data.

    "How to restore your files.

    This is how to do a full backup of the computer and how to restore it (for Vista Business, Ultimate and Enterprise only):

    «How to make a backup of the computer in Vista»

    "How to restore a full backup of the computer.

    FAQ from Microsoft about backup and restore:

    "Back up and restore: frequently asked questions.


    There are a number of 3rd party programs available for a full backup of the computer; others, you must pay for, some are free.

    This program must be purchased:

    "Acronis True Image".

    These are free programs for the protection of the computer:

    "EaseUS Todo Backup free"

    "Download Backup & Recovery 2012 free FREE!

    «Macrium Reflect FREE Edition»


    If you want to make a Bootable USB to reinstall that is different:

    This can help you (download files and make your own DVD, etc.).

    Vista ultimate is available. Read the information in the lower part of the message on how to use it for other editions of Vista:


    And here are instructions on how to burn ISO disk images:

    The download links and information on how to make the ISO file, and then create the Setup DVD above are at this link:

    "How to download a Vista ISO and create a Setup DVD or USB"

    "How to create a USB of Vista Installation key '

    See you soon.

  • How to make a bootable USB using the disc with El Capitan utilities?

    Anyone know how to make a bootable USB key using the disc with El Capitan utilities?

    Try this its worked perfectly. - os-x-10-11-el-capitan-installer-drive.h...

  • help make a bootable cd/dvd for backup and emergency :)

    Hello, I just bought a Lenovo S10e and to say I just learn my lesson from my first laptop... I formatted the whole hardrive without a backup cd or software... and its now useless ... Im not familiar with the lenovo compare Dell... I love the system and it is much faster. IM happy...

    All I want is how to make a bootable cd/dvd... (Yes, I buy an external cd/dvd burner) .so all I need is info how... Thankx

    Hi you are welcome...

    First of all a new Installation of XP guide here... (Requires Windows XP CD & CD-DVD/USB player)...

    next step, you can follow step by step backup guide here...

    (Tip: Easeus to do the backup will do likewise.)

    the difference is, you need a CD player to start the rescue media program

    and at least a 8 GB USB Flashdrive/HDD for the backupfile... & more time... but it's free...)

    cordially KalvinKlein

  • Can I make a BOOTABLE CLONE on a live site?

    Can I make a BOOTABLE CLONE of my HD together on an ENCRYPTED online site? IF YES do you have a site suggestion please?

    Very probably not.

    I suppose that if you're talking about maybe having a disc a connected network of Mac and then using something like Carbon Copy clone to clone your drive on another Mac, but I suspect that it's NOT what you're talking about.  And in this case, the first Mac must provide the encrypted disk, say through FileVault.

    What I suggest you that do is install OS X on an external drive or thunbdrive USB or SD card (assuming that your Mac has a SD card slot).  It would be a clean install of Mac OS X without anything sensitive on this subject.  Install the software needed to access and decrypt your data online (not the password or encryption key, just what you need to restore your data).

    When you choose an online storage service, choose the one where your data are encrypted before they leave your Mac.  If someone else has your encryption keys, they can always decrypt your data without you.

    If you need to restore your Mac of your encrypted backup, you start the external device, clone the external drive to your Mac in order to have a base operating system (or use the external OS X to use the App Store to install some OS X version you have at your disposal), use the software that you have installed to access your encrypted data and then begin to copy things to your Mac.

    Backup in general.  Use of a 3-2-1 approach.  Have 3 copies of your data (the original version is one of these copies).  Use 2 different backup utilities that a bug in one does not affect the other backup.  Have a backup offsite to protect against theft, fire and disasters natural.  Copies of backup more is good too.

    Getting back to your desire, I wouldn't (and don't) worry about a backup bootable online.  I keep local copies bootable clone them and book backups network as only essential data.

  • How to upgrade the operating system on the new ssd and make the old disk to a data drive system


    I have a hp envy m7j010dx with windows 8.1.  It came pre-installed (windows 8) on a 1 TB hard drive.  I recently bought a samsung 840 pro 250 GB ssd that I wouold like to make the drive system and make the original drive my data disc.  confused on how to do it.  hey this is cool not clone. all I can find is stuff of backup or restore.  I just want to put the original on the new disk computer.

    Thanks for any info... soundears

    Start by creating a recovery kit. See the following link for the procedure:

    HP computers - create a recovery Disk Image or save an Image recovery on a USB (Windows 8)
    Learn how to create recovery DVDs or to save a recovery image on a USB flash drive to restore all the original software, in the case of a computer problem major.

    Remove the 1 TB of HARD drive pre-installation and install 250 GB SSD. Use the recovery kit and perform the recovery of the system. See the following link for the procedure:

    HP computers - running a HP System Recovery (Windows 8)
    HP System Recovery allows to reinstall or restore a HP with Windows 8 computer to the way it was at a previous time.

    Then you can connect the 1 TB HARD drive as a data disc and use it.

  • How can I make Windows bootable XP SP3 ISO?

    problem make bootable cd

    I have download the image ISO 9660 to win xp sp3 from Microsoft Download Center. make it bootable I use power ISO cd burner but the cd is not bootable. and in my bios I chooses the first start of cd drive.then you please tell me how I can burn. Why me directories and the files in the ISO win xp sp3 file. Please help me to make a bootable image file ISO win xp sp3 cd.
    Tell me about "slipstreaming".

    In this context, "slipstreaming" means the integration of patches and updates (for example, service pack 3) in an existing Windows XP installation CD.

    Service Pack 3, if it is obtained through Windows Update, the "network installation package" or the ISO file is a collection of updates and patches to an existing installation of Windows XP.

    The difference between using Windows Update and the "network installation package" or ISO file is Windows Update only will download and install the updates and patches that are required for your particular installation of Windows XP.

    The other two methods (which are essentially the same) include all updates and change - the decision on those to be applied to your system is made during the update instead of before downloading.  This is why Microsoft Download pages advise not to use the "network installation package" or ISO file, if you update a computer - you'll probably download more that you need.  On the other hand, if you are responsible for the update to many computers, it is more efficient to download the complete package only once.

    "Slipstreaming" allows you to take an existing Windows XP installation CD that does not include service pack 3 and combine the material that is in service pack 3 to create a new CD that can be used to install Windows XP, including service pack 3.

  • My new usb stick askes for interchangeable support

    The drivers are correctly installed, windows reports that the State is OK. When I try to use the stick it prompt: introduce a removable media.

    How to solve it?

    in respect

    PEter van Wiel

    Hi Peter,.

    Please contact Microsoft Community.

    To resolve the problem with the USB (Universal Serial Bus), follow these methods:

    Important: this section, method, or task contains steps that tell you how to modify the registry. However, serious problems can occur if you modify the registry incorrectly. Therefore, make sure that you proceed with caution. For added protection, back up the registry before you edit it. Then you can restore the registry if a problem occurs.

    For more information about how to back up the registry, see the link:

    Back up the registry

    Method 1:

    See the article and check if that helps:

    Why my computer does not detect my new USB device when I run Windows XP or Windows Server 2003?

    Method 2:

    I suggest to refer to articles and follow these steps:

    A computer that is running Windows XP cannot detect a USB, an Apple iPod flash drive or an external hard disk drive

    Advanced troubleshooting tips for General USB for Windows XP problems

    If you are always faced with the question, please answer and we will be happy to help you.

  • Install the EFI on new SSD partition when doing 10 costs of Windows Installer

    I have a similar problem to this topic. Windows was originally (and still is) installed on my HARD drive and I just installed my SSD recently. When I did a clean install of Windows 10 on my new SSD it has not installed the EFI partition.

    Is there a way to create a new partition on the SSD EFI (of course I have to do another new facility) or do I have to physically unplug my HARD drive before you begin?

    my personal rule, I always disconnect a disk with a partition bootable OS, just to reduce the troubles and do not mix the boot managers (I prefer to select the BIOS boot device)

  • wanting to make a bootable iso of my c/p for Reload case of a crash

    I would like to know how I could make a Bootable Disk in an img or an iso of my current p/c.
    or what told me an img gohst of my pc.

    I hope that this is possible.

    Thanks BAM


    You can make DVDs of the recovery Partition on your hard drive to your computer to factory settings.

    You computer manufacturer will help you with this.

    But this is not a picture of your existing operating system; It will only be the factory image like you bought it.


    If you want to do a full backup of the computer, buy an external hard drive.

    Only Vista professional, comprehensive and company have the opportunity to make complete backups of PC.

    All editions of Vista can do backups of files.

    This is how to do a full backup of the computer and how to restore it (for Vista Business, Ultimate and Enterprise only):

    «How to make a backup of the computer in Vista»

    "How to restore a full backup of the computer.


    There are a number of 3rd party programs available for a full backup of the computer; others, you must pay for, some are free.

    This program must be purchased:

    "Acronis True Image".

    These are free programs for the protection of the computer:

    "EaseUS Todo Backup free"

    "Download Backup & Recovery 2012 free FREE!

    «Macrium Reflect FREE Edition»

    See you soon.

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