Captivate 7: entry boxes not showing captions failure when the bad input.

Hello.  I'm under Captivate on a PC with IE 9 as my default browser.

Something has changed in the text entry areas (TEBs) and the way that they validate.  It was think I would enter several options validation of the user and, if the user didn't enter one of the correct entries in the BER my failure message would come by telling them what to enter.

This is not the case, instead, when I have to go to the next slide BER, the project advances to the next slide if they have input a correct answer or not.  I can type any kind of junk in BER and I get no legend of failure.

At this point, I change my TEBs for the following parameters have experimented and added a box to click with the shortcut tab (because that's how the application that I am a teacher moves a field to) the value, but the problem still occurred. Earlier in the project, I had shortcuts to my TEBs defined in the tab, but that's when I noticed the problem:

missing failure caption.pngcorrect possible answers.png

timeline for tebs.png

teb failure caption timing.pngteb settings.png

I only put my BER close to the top of my calendar because I had problems with the click boxes do not display failure messages when they were farther down in the timeline panel.  They are now on top.

Thank you!


Ah... so Captivate is a large junk covered oak desk.  Well, that explains why I never find anything in Captivate 8!  I bet it's got drawers full of "features" hidden and bugs are just woodworm.

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    Export the branch above into a REG file.

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    Open the REG file with Notepad, copy the content and include it with your answer.

    Ramesh Srinivasan . The Winhelponline Blog
    Microsoft MVP, Windows desktop experience

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    My computer sometimes slows down a bit that it downloads / installs these updates and which can be quite a pain in the thigh because it effects everything that I'm working at the moment, and of course because you have to restart the computer.  I have external hard drives 4 or 5 so I to sequentially turn them off one at a time by ejecting them, turn off the computer and then start it back up and restart the hard drives.

    In any case - I can never remember to "SOME UPDATES COULD NOT BE INSTALLED the SCREEN" so I'm at a loss to know what to do.  My computer is perpetually slow because the small yellow Update icon sits in the systray continually trying to draw attention to me and when I do the same thing continues to be time and again - failure!   I tried closing down my antivirus and windows firewall, but nothing helped.

    your help would be much appreciated, either tell me how these updates to get the update of my systray icon, or to get updates of pit.

    According to belarc Advisor - I am running:

    Windows XP Media Center Edition Service Pack 2 (build 2600)
    3.00 gigahertz Intel Pentium 4
    cache of 16 kilobytes main memory
    secondary memory 2048 k-cached

    9 of Avira antivirus
    SUPERAntiSpyware (although it is installation not not at the auto of the msconfig, so its off to the update)

    Thank you!!


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    Rob - bicycle - Mark Twain said it is good.

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    Example: Apply Dip to black transition in the sequence, and then click that transition in the Panel of the sequence and the effect controls panel displays correctly:

    New Picture.jpg

    However, apply transition chained in the sequence, and then click the transition in the Panel of the sequence and the effects controls panel shows:

    New Picture (1).jpg

    According to the Premiere Pro tutorial (where they show you how to make the video of the Eagle), the chained sign fx is supposed to look like very similar to the dip to the black fx as above board. But it only shows black and does not break the A-fx-b vertically on the right side as in the dip to black and is therefore difficult to work with. And Yes, I'm clicking directly on the effect of the sequence, just as the tutorial shows to do - and when I do it with the Dip to black, it shows the great 'A B' correctly.

    Is this a bug in the Windows of CC version (the tutorial uses a Mac)?

    As said Shooternz is a be changed in one of the latest versions.

    Now you can make presets, but no A / B interface.

    If you don't like it:

    FEATURE request

  • Captivate aggregator 6 will not display .swf inserted into the project

    My co-worker is developing a course of Captivate (6 Captivate, Windows 7) and a separate project with a review quiz.

    In addition, he created 4 Captivate separate projects to record software simulations, published.

    The main dish of Captivate, he inserted in the model simulations .swf files so that when slip load of 22-25, a simulation plays - one on each slide.

    Publication, it all works very well, until the aggregator is used to group the course and review quiz. Now, when the aggregator published file is started, everything works fine until the slide 22. The space where the simulation is inserted is just a white square.

    This happens on all 4 slides with the inserted .swf files.

    All the published files are in the same folder.

    The model simulations .swf files are in the library.

    Any ideas?

    Thank you


    Captivate SWF to be nested inside other Captivate swf is a recipe for problems.  We have repeatedly emphasized that on this forum. Please avoid this practice.

    All the simulations created with exactly the same version of Captivate as is used to create the file that generates the final SWF file?  If this isn't the case, which could be part of the issue because aggregated SWFs need to share the same version of Captivate.

    I would recommend that instead of insert a SWF file published in the project, your friend must copy and paste the slides used to generate these simulation SWF files.  This is a workflow that works much more reliably.

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    I was with my hp envy m4 core i7 for quite a while now... recently, I formatted and installed windows 8.1 64-bit installed. I decided to download some drivers from the hp site and I realized I needed to provide my model of laptop model number I could not remember so I decided to remove the battery while the computer is still connected to the power for the number, then I went back to the battery. the latter, I realized that the cell had not accused beyond of 7%, which was the level of support, until I removed the battery and when I checked the charge level, it indicated that it was plugged in but does not support. When I tried to repeat the entire process as well as close the laptop, remove the battery and turning it again nothing work and completely refusing to charge for its on.when I decided to turn off completely and then it was off it perfectly complete accused 100% operating battery estimated more than six hours of charge time, guys help me to understand what might have developed and what will be the best solution.

    Hi @Phanz,

    Thank you for your inquiry.

    I entered which you have tried to download the driver on the HP website for your laptop but realized you need the model number.  You have removed the battery while the laptop is running.  Now when you reinstall the battery, it shows that it is connected but does not charge and continues to 7%.   You have repeated the process and close Notepad and removed and reinstalled battery, but there was no change. If you turn off it charges the battery to 100%.

    You did all your Windows updates?

    Have you tried the troubleshooter in Windows?

    First of all, I would like to try a Windows restore to before remove you the battery.

    HP computers - using the Microsoft System Restore (Windows 8)

    If restore doesn't work or is not possible, you could try a Refresh Your PC to solve problems (Windows 8).

    Then you can try the following steps.

    HP laptops - test and calibrate the battery (Windows 8)

    The battery method compatible ACPI Microsoft control is basically the driver that communicates between the computer and the battery. There is a chance that it became corrupt and bad reads the battery level.

    Step 1. Go to the Device Manager
    Step 2. Select the stacks
    Step 3. Click with the right button on the "Microsoft compatible battery ACPI Control method" which is in the list
    Step 4. Click on uninstall
    Step 5. At the command prompt, put a checkmark in the box to remove the current driver
    Step 6. Shut down the computer

    Step 7: Remove the battery for a minute and then put new

    When the computer returns to the top it should automatically find the driver.

    Step 8. Go to the Device Manager
    Step 9. Select the stacks
    Step 10. Click with the right button on the "Microsoft compatible battery ACPI Control method" which is in the list
    Step 11. Click "automatically search for an updated driver.

    Do the same thing with embedded controller compatible ACPI Microsoft.

    Last option is to reinstall your Windows 8.1 Pro.

    Good luck!

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    The line-in input on a Mac requires an entry amplified, not a single entry.

    The headphone includes a contact mic. See:

    How to use the Apple earphones with remote and mic with your Mac - Apple Support

    You can also het USB mic input devices

Maybe you are looking for

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    Nice day. I am trying to configure a build custom offline process and I implemented a WinPE image with a few controls and remote files ini FILE to configure the BIOS settings for the technicians in offline mode.  I hit a deer where CCTK put my Admin