Capture video from Canon Camcorder-DVD - computer laptop crashes!

My Canon DVD camcorder is connected to my laptop via a firewire cable using the port of the smart card and a standard firewire adapter. The laptop (Windows XP) recognizes hardware Plug and it is successfully activated. However, right now, I'm trying to capture video streams using the drive Windows DVD laptop freezes and nothing works. It must be stopped and restarted. It works fine on another laptop.
Can anyone help?
Thank you

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I can t give you a solution exactly but to me sounds like something wrong with the software that you used.
What applications did you use? Have you tried different programs?

I think you should try to test with other capture software. So, you could eliminate the source of dysfunction. You know, you can know if it s a hardware or software failure.

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    I bought a JVC GR-D50EK camcorder, about 4 years ago. So far I have never tried capture video on the computer, but I need to do now and I can't seem to do. I have a Toshiba Sat A200 which I bought 2 weeks ago and I tried to use Ulead DVD MovieFactory and Windows MovieMaker.

    ImageMixer that came with the camcorder doesn't seem to work either. I downloaded the update to version 1.1. I don't know where to start looking for the answer.

    The software for the camcorder has installed successfully, and when I plug it into the PC via USB, it seems to be seen very well in the Device Manager. It's just when I try to use any of the software it seems to be seen.

    It appears under imaging devices in Device Manager, but when I go to scanners and cameras, it does not appear

    It should be done very easily. It is important that your cam is recognized by the system and shown in Ulead DVD MovieFactory. Use the save option and at the same time press PLAY on the camcorder. You should be able to see the film in DVD MovieFactory window.

    If works well with my Sony camcorder. In my case I have firewire connection on my laptop.

  • Satellite A300 - 1MX Win7: can't capture video from conencted Camcorder FireWire


    I have a problem with the video capture from a Sony TRV60E with a Satellite A300 1MX and Windows 7 camcorder via the firewire connector.

    The camera is not recognized (or more) Windows.

    I already changed the firewire driver under windows to the "legacy", also often described in other forums.
    And for a few hours, everything worked fine. The camera has been recognized and Pinnacle Studio 14 could capture video of him.

    But after eight hours, the camera was suddenly is no longer recognized.

    -l' camera is immediately recognized by a XP system
    -On the system W7, I uninstalled, reinstalled the driver firewire, powered down the material (shot of power and the batteries for several minutes), but nothing helped.

    I may have a different firewire driver? Or another operating system?

    Thank you.

    It is not easy to say what the problem is here.
    For confuses me the fact that cam has BEEN recognized in the past and now for some reason any it is not recognized correctly.

    All devices are properly recognized in device (firewire port) Manager?
    You can test the firewire port using another device?

    You have discovered what may be the problem. Test port firewire with other devices to see if other devices will be recognized correctly.

  • Capture video from Canon Vixia HV 30

    I'm trying to capture images from my Canon Vixia HV30 first.  When I go to file - Capture, he says that the capture device is currently offline.  I use the USB connection and on a Mac.

    Anyone know what causes this problem?

    Capture works on fire wire. Never to USB.

  • Import videos from Canon HF R21

    What I have to use the software provided by Canon (Pixela) worthless or can I import my videos in first things 10 or first CS5?

    Absolutely NOT use the Pixela software to capture your videos - unless you plan to edit in Pixela.

    First of all make sure that 1920 x 1080 video, you draw is 60i. Don't shoot in 24 p, if you plan to edit your video in Premiere Elements.

    Then you should start your Premiere Elements project using the project settings for the stereo 1920 x 1080 AVCHD.

    Then plug your camcorder into your computer and use Premiere Elements' Get Media / Flip AVCHD or a camcorder to HDD at the port of the video from the camcorder to your computer and in your project.

    For more information on the implementation of a project and to get inside media, see my basic training tutorials 8 part free to the first Elements support site.

  • Download the digital video from a camcorder using Windows Live Movie Maker

    Tried to upload digital videos from a camcorder using Windows Live Movie Maker. To plug my camcorder, a dialog box "import video" appears. However when I name the video, and then click then I get an error message "there is no tape in your digital video device. To continue, insert a tape with recorded video you want to import. I tried eject Strip and re-integration, restart the camcorder and PC without success.

    OK, I found my problem. I was getting the same error "There is no cassette" who you were. Here's what fixed it:

    1. Right click on my computer
    2. Properties
    3. Device Manager on the left
    4. Find the firewire card in the list (mine was the only thing listed under IEEE 1394 Bus host controllers)
    5. Make a right click, properties
    6. Driver tab
    7. Update driver
    8. Browse my computer for driver software
    9. Let me pick from a list of device on my computer drivers
    10. Choose one that has '(legacy)' at the end
    11. Click Next until it is done.

    After that the error has disappeared and I was able to capture video with success.

    Hope this helps,


  • Why can't I capture video from the device under windows 8?

    I have tried a myriad of programs to capture video from my Hauppauge wintv-hvr 950 on my computer windows laptop 8. No program does seem to work so I went back to the proven windows movie maker 2.6, except for a device capture option is is no longer there. Does anyone know how I could fix this problem?

    You have the latest drivers/software installed (from 10/06/2013)?

    Yes, I just did, but the import of video in movie maker 2.6 options still don't understand, "Capture device".

    Well, first of all – Windows Movie Maker 2.6 is for Windows Vista.  If you managed to make it work on Windows 8 - which is not supported by anyone and if you use Windows Vista: wrong forum.  ;-)
    Second - if you're running Windows 8 (as indicated by your line of topic and forums that you have chosen to display in)-indeed the next question would be: did you add the Pack Windows 8 Media Center to what you run, Windows 8 Pro?
    Followed by: have you contacted Hauppauge support?
    Their own web page to buy the card does not list Windows 8 as an operating system supported:
    "What operating systems are supported by the WinTV-HVR-950?

    • Microsoft Windows 7-32 and 64 bit
    • Windows Vista (all versions), 32-bit and 64-bit
    • Windows® XP, XP Pro, or Windows XP Media Center Edition with Service Pack 2 (or higher)
    • Mac OSX (with the Elgato EyeTV software)"

    And finally - what are your system specs?

    • 2.2 1.8 GHz Centrino GHz P4 or equivalent (minimum).
    • 2.8 CPU clocked at GHz for analog TV recording with MPEG-2 (minimum).
    • Adapter with 64 MB of RAM (minimum) graphic display.
    • Sound card or system.
    • USB 2.0 port (will not work with USB 1.1).
    • CD-ROM drive (for software installation)

    Is this a new system provided with Windows 8, an old system you upgraded with Windows 8, or what?

  • I can't get CS6 to recognize my Sony DCR-TRV340 camera to capture video from this camera.  CS6 C

    I can't get CS6 to recognize my Sony DCR-TRV340 camera to capture video from this camera.  The CS6 capture Tin can, set up a message that a capture device is offline.  Camera Sony DCR-TRV340 is not listed in the CS6 device Type list in the CS6-DV/HDV cameras Sony device control settings box.  I downloaded what I believe are the right drivers for the TRV340 and when I connect the camera to the computer, the computer shows it is in the box devices and printers, but CS6 do not recognize.  Do I need to install these drivers in a specific CS6 program folder?  If Yes, where can I find these drivers in the Professional operating system of windows 7, and in which folder CS6 would copy their?

    Thanks John,

    The controller IEEE 1394 of switching for the Legacy driver did the trick.  CS6 now recognizes my camera.  Thank YOU MUCH for the help!


  • I downloaded a video from my camcorder, but it does not play because the video is MP4.

    I download the video from the camcorder, but it does not play because the video is MP4. How can I play download MP4 player

    The free version of Apple's QuickTime might be worth a try:

    (FWIW... it's always a good idea to create a system)
    Restore point before installing software or updates)

    Apple QuickTime:

  • How to capture video from my tuner to go to Movie Maker

    Original title: Windows Movie Maker on Vista: "capture video from Device.

    I'm trying to convert my VHS videos in files that I can store on the hard drive of my PC.  I have my VCR connected to my TV Tuner from Dell, which is connected to the USB port on my Dell.

    Supposedly, I should be able to capture video VHS with Windows Movie Maker.

    However, why the Windows Movie Maker (version 6) on Vista doesn't have a "vidéo Capture Device" option in the file Menu?

    Use the program youre using this tuner. Change to whatever you have plugged in (perhaps S-video or something). Video capture of Movie makers is usually for FireWire cameras / maybe USB. But not a USB tuner

  • Import video from the camcorder on Movie Maker

    original title: importing video.

    I am not able import video from my camcorder (Sony DCR-HC35E) to Move Maker?

    How to transfer data to a PC for a Sony Handycam DCR-HC35E

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    I tried to download a video to my sony and canon camcorder through the I link cable firewire. my computer has installed the software two camcorders but will not download videos. My computer has been upgraded from Vista to Window7. How to let the computer to download videos

    I tried to download a video to my sony and canon camcorder through the I link cable firewire. my computer has installed the software two camcorders but will not download videos. My computer has been upgraded from Vista to Window7. How to let the computer to download videos

    You install the Windows 7 version of the Canon software that enabled this feature of the Canon gear to work - if supports Canon says hardware under Windows 7.

  • Capture video from a Canon MVXS350i DV PE11 camera.with.


    What video capture program PE11 seems to identify my camers as a camera MicrosoftDV and VC and I get a message saying "your current settings of the camera is different from your project results settings cannot be optimized.

    However, I can capture video and it seems OK.

    How do I check and optimize the targeted parameters and what are they?

    I use a firewire card.

    I'm running Win7 64 bit.

    The camera is six years old and I can not find if there are new software for PC.

    Thank you.

    Hi Bill and Steve,

    I had not been within the parameters of the new project, I've now done and made the relevant changes. The settings were for the HD as suggested and also NTSC (I am in PAL-land). I'm pretty confident, that this will do the trick.

    The camera is a Canon MVX350i Mini Ribbon.  (looks like an extra ' had there on the title of my discussion) connection via firewire.

    It is midnight here now, so I think I'll try a new project of tomorrow.

    Thanks much for the advice.

  • How can I download videos from my camcorder Canon MVX35i on El Capitan?

    I tried several methods to download videos from my Canon MVX35i, today no joy.

    Does anyone have any ideas of how do? or is the obsolete camera?.

    Chr15tob3ll3 wrote:... several ways in low loading videos from my Canon MVX35i... ideas of how do?...

    Your camera instruction manual on page 91 of the lists only one way - by using an IEEE 1394 (Firewire - USB not) cable.

    With a working connection, iMovie help will give you specific information on how to download the video in iMovie (import) for editing and sharing.

    If you still have trouble even if you have successfully downloaded video from this camera to the Mac, check possible damages due to your Firewire cable (and If necessary adapter you connect to your Mac).  Look at all the troubleshooting suggestions included in your 91 manual page.

    If all above fails them, your device may require a professional service.

    Chr15tob3ll3 wrote:... the obsolete camera?.

    Of the Europe-Canon Canon MVX35i Product Support page shows that the device is taken in charge in OS Mac OS X thanks to 10.10 (Yosemite).  With the possible exception of the special functions of your camera Wi - Fi, if any, your MVX35i should also work with OS X 10.11 (El Capitan).  If necessary, you can contact Canon to check the latest Mac news media.

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    Mac OSX 10.11.2

  • How to capture video from a digital recorder to the computer

    I have a laptop HP pavilion g6.

    Running windows 7.

    What do I need to capture video on the pc of my recorder?


    Probably that easy is a video capture USB 'map', I bought one before Christmas, for an amount of $ 36, it is similar to these:

    Kind regards.

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