Car charger for Qosmio F60


Is there a car charger for the F60 laptop? I have trouble finding a.

Thank you


I found the similar thread about car charger.
Check it out under the

Maybe you can use the same charger. Pick up some googling autour info.

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  • How can I properly re-install win 7 and drivers for Qosmio F60?

    The guy that I really need help here... My * Qosmio F60 * has been infected by virus re - run annoying google...
    I think re-formatting my laptop. But I have not any CD. Really, I forgot if my Qosmio supplied with the CD or not.
    Please help me how to re - install windows 7 and re - install all drivers for Qosmio F60 while I do not have any disk with me.
    Thank you

    DAVO Foe


    New laptops are available without disk recovery, but with the option of HARD drive recovery. How to install the OS by using HARD drive recovery option, you can find on

    After completion of the own BONES, please create recovery discs using the preinstalled Toshiba Recovery Disk Creator. These disks can be used if the HARD drive recovery option does not work for some reason any.

    Good bye

  • Car charger for A60? P2.8


    I wandered only if there is a car charger for the
    satellite pro A60 P2.8?

    It would come very handy in the cause of the summer, I have to be a LOT of time in the car :D

    Please let me know!

    Send an e-mail to [email protected] (also msn) or simply come



    Yes, there is an available car adapter!

    Go to then to products, Options, 'Product search' and choose your A80.

    Then scroll down and the last option is a car adapter!
    Also you will find the order number.


  • Need car charger for Satellite A100

    Hi all
    Anyone know if there is a car charger for my Satellite A100? I can't find one on the Toshiba site, but I saw several on ebay. I don't want to ruin my laptop, anyone who has used a & if so where did you & what was the cost?

    Thank you


    Visit the Toshiba site Options & accessories.

    There you can find extra parts and devices. You should also find a compatible adapter.

  • Looking for an external charger for QOSMIO X 500 - 11 d


    I am a new (happy) owner of a QOSMIO X 500-11 D and I am looking for an external charger for the battery (s) of this notebook (REF PA3730U-1BRS). I found a charger (reference: PA3091E-2CHG) but I have a slight doubt about the fact that it can be used for these batteries.

    If anyone has any info on a usable model, I'm interested...
    NB: I understand the technical answers

    Thanks in advance,

    Best regards

    Hello Fred

    I'm quite familiar with Toshiba products, but, to be honest, I haven't heard that this mechanism exists, so I think that you won't be able to find it anywhere.
    Best source where you can ask is closest to Toshiba authorized maintainer.

    I really think that this device doesn't exist.

  • Missing WinDVD BD for Qosmio F60

    I have a Qosmio F60 PQF65A 065002 for awhile now, and I decided to upgrade to a version of Windows 7 Ultimate, you use a disc that I bought. However, which wiped out all my programs, including those of Toshiba himself.

    An installation disc has not had for me in the box when I bought the laptop, so please don't tell me to use a disc.

    I wonder where I can get the WinDVD BD for Toshiba Software, because it is not in the downloads section mytoshiba:

    Thank you

    > An install disc had no for me in the box when I bought the laptop, so please don't tell me to use a disc.
    Sorry, but I must respond on this step. Since long time Toshiba doesn't offer recovery discs in the package and it is clearly described in the document of user s manuals this laptop owner should create recovery discs using preinstalled Toshiba Recovery disk creator tool.

    Anyway, with the new laptop Toshiba offers several additional applications to offer all the features from the first start. One of them is Toshiba BD player. This feature is enabled and full version offered for customers of Toshiba. This tool is part of the recovery image only, and as far as I know, it is not available for free download.

    As far as I know that Toshiba offers TOSHIBA Blu - ray disc player updates only.

  • Which battery is available in Australia for Qosmio F60

    Can someone please tell me what battery is now available in Australia (or elsewhere) for the Qosmio F60/00Y

    Hi mate

    Have a look here:

    You can use the Toshiba battery (6 cells / 4400mAh / Li-ion / 10.8V)
    Part number - PA3757U-1BRS

    Welcome them

  • Car charger for the Stream 7 HP

    I tried several car chargers with my Jet 7 HP and none seem not to work. They don't seem to even be recognized by the HP 7 stream.  Does anyone know of a car charger that works? This is for American cars, to the United States.

    Make sure your car charger is off 2amps.

    Many of them offer only 1 amp, and some of them don't 500ma.

  • Car charger for Droid - my profile

    I know that the original charger has a 850 spec mA, but most car chargers do not (as well as most wall Chargers).  Search, I see two contradictory principles.  One is that a slower presentation for lithium batteries is actually better for the life of the battery.  Yet others say that if the charger does not know that the unit will try to attract, the charger can overheat and may fail.  The manual of Motorola said only that for battery charging you must use Motorola Chargers, but shippers listed on the for the Droid Motorola Web site do not meet the 850 my and are of course chargers for another model.  Motorola someone all advice on that?

    I gave you a clear answer.   It is that the full current nominal is 850ma.  The two instructions that you seem to find contradictory are not.   The droid needs 850ma to recharge his rhythm quickest.  It will load more slowly with lower currents or perhaps not at all.  The droids (and other smartphones) need more or less depending on what they do and 850ma provides enough to load and do something else.

    It is what is the charger supplied to you and what the relative rating that it was.  I think that if you buy a Motorola charger they support for the Droid, he will say that.  The warranty says only to use Motorola Chargers.  (although I personally don't always follow it) and, as Motorola brings many cell phones (some with the same connector)... Make sure that the charger you get specifically States it is intended to be used with the droid.

    I also told him that you could use a charger with less than 850 ma, but it will not load as fast.  If you go down, it will be not at all.

    Yes, Motorola made 850ma rated Chargers.  Is one supplied with your phone. You can read the right side on it.  It's the 'exit' not heat output.  Chargers for smart phones of all types are usually 850ma.   I suspect that what is meant by 'Fast rate' is that they put out the 850ma that is needed.  The Chargers that work as low as 500ma can work in some cases, but I don't recommend them.

    Just in case you need a final bit of clarity... 850ma puts the charger supplied with the droid by Motorola.    I don't know of a smartphone seller with less than 850ma charger which comes with their phones either.

  • Battery not charging after buying new charger for Qosmio X 300

    Hi all

    My problem started when my computer charger laptop toshiba qosmio x 300-130 has made a strange noise stoped working. laptop computer stayed on and worked perfectly that the battery was full.

    I cloused pc and opened again the next day to check my mails and then cloused again.
    the charger is absent, so I ordered a new charger of the company that support computers laptop toshiba in Greece.

    After 5 days I received the new charger respective offices. running at home and pluged, but something was wrong. the battery is not charging! Windows gives me the message that battery exists but does not charge!

    The battery light lighting of the computer when I put the power but after a few seconds will begin to Flash and then it turns off.

    Also when I work with battery on this pc it start making the noice that the battery is low and then it goes off even that he is running with the charger.

    I returned to the company and they couse tald me that the charger is fine and that the battery just died, that it was his time to die! can someone help me?

    > I went back to the company and they couse tald me that the charger is fine and that the battery just died, that it was his time to die!

    Well, you can use the laptop without the battery, but only with the power adapter?
    If so, the adapter is OK and completely compatible.

    The AC adapter should support the 19V and 9, 5A
    The value of the ampere (A) could be a little different. It is important, but the Volt (V) value should be the same 19V

    In your case, the battery may be defective or there is a problem of electronic power supply on the motherboard.
    But I think that the battery needs to be checked first

  • 12V car charger for notebook 10TS?

    Recently, I've had this laptop. Been very happy with it, but one of the reasons for getting a small unit is if I can use it in the motorhome.

    A charger 12 Vcc ("vehicle power") is available for this?

    HP does not sell nor make a CC to CC your laptop power adapters.

    You need to search to find spare parts suppliers that sell them. The end of the adapter should be 4.8 mm outside diameter x 1.7 inside diameter. Meet the spec of power from your laptop to the output of the AC adapter. Most of the power of continuous generics are auto variable DC output voltage.

  • Drive necessary recovery for Qosmio F60


    A friend went to the laptop.
    HDD is cactus!
    This means the recovery partion is... cactus!

    Ive looked everywhere, to the ends of the world and almost fell off the edge.

    Because of the power Toshiba recovery disks, and if so, where the frack do I get an a?

    The Australia by the way.

    Recovery disc can be ordered on
    Check it out.

  • Sectors defective HARD drive on the Qosmio F60 series


    For about the last 6 months, I struggled to determine what was causing crashes repeated on slowdown on my Qosmio F60, which was aged under 2 months.

    Unfortunately I am currently not in the country of purchase and don't have an international warranty. I had to reinstall the entire operating system and all the software used (think the or not!) more than 6 times.

    Finally, I installed Norton Ghost 15.0 to be able to avoid reinstalling again and back up important data. When you use Norton Ghost I had to run chkdsk /r on the hard drive and now the real problem surfaced.

    This machine had a hard drive which behaved as if it was very old. Continous bad sectors where being generated. Which means that I had to replace the so-called new hard drive.

    What I want now is the specifications for the internal hard drive. for Qosmio F60 14 R machines. Because I don't have a domestic guarantees, I would rather replace the drive myself, than to hire a service charge.


    The new generation of mobile phones are supported SATA drives.
    You can buy HARD drive 2.5 SATA.

    By the way: the Drive Fitness Test Utility is quite nice freeware software that allows you to run diagnostic tests. You can use it to test the fitness of the HARD drive

  • IPhone 6s and car-charger (amper / W)

    Amper and watt car charger for phone i 6 s more

    An example: t able? fnode = 97

    5V/12W 2. 4A

  • Qosmio F60 - decision to buy or not to buy

    I want to buy Qosmio F60, but I saw some people in the forum complaining abuot the noisy fan and the freezing of the system.
    Also, I read this qosmio F60 heats up pretty quickly.

    Some people also complain that the fan turns always.
    I wonder if Toshiba has solved these problems yet or not.

    Someone can help me to decide whether to go for Qosmio F60 or not


    The heat dissipation depends on its portable use.
    Each computer or laptop would create more heat so high performance applications as games to perform
    The noise of the fan speed and fan also depends on the temperature
    By the way; in windows power management, you can control the CPU and the performance module that helps reduce the noise of cooling

Maybe you are looking for

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