Card mother WHS has changed, how to record data

I'm under WHS with 2 hard drives 1 TB as storage and 1 1 to as backup. I had a motherboard failure and changed out. Now, I was able to boot from the old disks but I can't counsel for WHS. I have a feeling that has to do with the fact that I don't have to reinstall the operating system. I have another computer that I pulled up one of the storage of 1 TB drives to see if I can move the data out of it. I noticed that some of the records have missing data. I have that realized it seems WHS writes data to multiple disks. How a new can OS loaded WHS I recover all my data from the drives?


They will help you in the WHS forums above.

See you soon.

Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

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    I have not looked at your code, but only based on your description I would implement a producer/consumer to save your data.  You must acquire your data in a loop (the producer) and send to your loop of logging (the consumer) using a queue.  Yes, you must save the data, then that is acquired.  In this way, you do not have to worry about storage who knows how much data in RAM.  It's just the disk as soon as he can.

    You can save the file with whatever the desired extension.  If you want it to be a CSV file, then do the extension a .csv.

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    Hi Gordon,.

    Here are some instructions to help you to change your card information:

    1. Click here to access your account Adobe ID online and sign in with your Adobe ID and password.

    2. In the navigation pane that appears, click on Manage account to open the page to manage the account. You may be asked to confirm your password.

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    Data and specific account.  Make sure that whatever you use is replaced by the new ID and everything that exists on the computer must make his way through iCloud to the new account. Note that purchases cannot be transferred between accounts all music or movies you have must be used with the old AppleID.  You would have been better off are not excluded from the old ID and I suspect account sharing probably breaks some usage rules and could have the account closed by Apple.

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    I accidentally changed the way my new emails appear; they use to be on the top of the list, now the new (in bold) are spread across the entire list of older emails. what I click? How to UN - do it?

    You can sort a column by clicking the column header. Try to click the DATE to sort it. Click a second time on DATE, if you want to reverse the sort order.

  • The router security has changed, how do I enter new password

    I've updated my router security from Verizon today. I have to enter my password on everything that I connect to the internet. How can I enter the password to connect my printer to my network wireless in my house?

    Sorry, but I don't see how your answer tells me how to solve my problem. I don't see doing tells me about the types of wireless networks. There is nothing to click to answer my question, either.

    I have uninstalle just the printer from my computer, downloaded the driver on the HP site and reinstalled. He now has an excellent connection.


    In the past, when I opened a file to select a file to process, the files I created were in order - first the RAW file, then the JPG file. I put the camera upwards in this way so that I could visually choose the RAW file in the process. Approximately 2 weeks, the two types of files are separated. First the RAW files, then the JPG files displayed. Given that I have maybe 20 or if the files in the folder, so it's difficult for me to choose the right RAW file in the process. I did a system restore and elements began to show the files in the desired sequence of JPG RAW. Today, it has returned again.

    Windows 7, PC. I did not any changes to the program that I know. I don't want to have to restore every week or two in order to resume the desired files opening sequence. Either way, when I open the files outside of the elements, they are in the order: RAW, JPG.

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    rockyc wrote:

    Sorry to be so obtuse, but what page I'm on when I want to do a right-click on the menu bar? Thank you

    You're in Windows Explorer, not in a page of items or view:

    You right-click on the free space of the title bar with the file name, date etc.

    Opens the Windows menu on the right,

    and if you click on the last option (other = other), you get the full list of criteria, you can choose for another column.

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