Card SD & Memory Stick not recognized


I have a Pavillion m9517c with the Athlon Phenom Quad-Core processor.  Initially, it came with Vista and when I got Windows 7 software, I installed it on a separate partition so that I can dual boot until I feel comfortable with Windows 7.

Unfortunately, my cards Secure Digital or my Memory Sticks are recognized.  Is there a driver I can install will fix this?

Thank you.


Try to uninstall and reinstall the drivers for the card in any case reader.

Right click on the drives in the Device Manager, select uninstall, and then click OK.

Once you have removed them both, get off at Bus USB controllers and remove any entries USB Mass Storage Device by using the same process.

Once it is finished, right-click on any list in Device Manager and select "Scan for hardware changes".  It will redetect and reinstall the drivers for those devices.

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  • Satellite P200 - 144 Memory Stick not recognized


    I have a problem with the memory card reader. Whenever I put a Memory Stick (MS Pro) is not picking it up. Happens to format the disk and when I try to format, it says disk cannot be found. If I push it just 3/4 km that it works.

    So I would like to know what is the problem?

    Have you also tried using other compatible cards?

  • No audio, cd/dvd devices does not work, can not update via Microsoft Update, usb memory sticks not recognized and much more

    The initial problem was no audio sound on CD.  The computer had other system sounds.  I uninstalled the Realtek drivers and downloaded from the website computer and reinstalled.  Still the same problem. I tried to adjust the volume control and clicked the speaker at the bottom on the right bar.  I got a message saying there is no mixer device and the small speaker disappeared and reappeared even after several reboots.  There is also an error "no audio device".

    After reboot, the computer gives this error message: "Generic Host process for Win32 Services has encountered a problem and needs to close." We are sorry for the inconvenience. »

    While trying to find a solution on the web, I discovered that the computer does not recognize the usb key,
    It won't restore to an earlier time,
    the CD/DVD drive will not run the data disks

    and Windows Update will not update.  The error message said: "the site has encountered a problem and cannot display the page you are trying to show."  There is an error number: 0x800706BE I tried to find this error message on the MS knowledge base, but it is not listed.

    The last Windows Update was on April 16, 2009 so I tried to restore to April 15, but it says 'system restore is not able to protect your computer.  Restart your computer and restart System Restore. "    After the reboot, the same thing happens.

    Any help is appreciated.

    The data is not "hostage." Pull the disk and put it in a box disc or it slave to a working computer and retrieve the data. If you don't have an additional computer you will need to borrow a friend or with the machine at a tech. You can also try the o with a Linux Live CD boot. I like Knoppix, but there are others. This has two advantages: 1) if the system works, you can back up all the data that missed your last backup; and (2) with the machine running Linux allows to determine whether the problems are caused by software or hardware. If the machine is unbearably slow and/or Linux cannot run correctly, you know that the hardware is at fault. If the machine behaves perfectly under Linux, you know that the software (Windows) is at fault.

    Whatever you do, do not install Windows without test material. If the hardware is at fault, software solutions like reinstalling Windows will be unnecessary. MS - MVP - Elephant Boy computers - don't panic!

  • USB stick not recognized even on other computers


    A few days ago I plugged in (USB) flash drive of 512 MB on my desktop Dell (Windows Vista), and that bubble "USB device not recognized" come at the bottom of my screen. I tried to put in the other USB ports, ports on different computers and the same message appeared. This device seems not more in Device Manager (do not even like a disc without a name). This worked perfectly well before flash player. Is there a formatting problem that must be corrected in my USB key, or what is the problem?


    If the drive is not recognized at all then you cannot format it no more. Disks wear and/or
    go wrong. Most manufacturers of Thumbdrive have Support FAQ, which 'could' help.

    How to format the USB drive and memory with NTFS

    Format a Flash DRIVE with the NTFS file system

    I hope this helps.

    Rob Brown - MS MVP - Windows Desktop Experience: Bike - Mark Twain said it right.

  • Upgrade memory is not recognized on 4600

    I have now two 256 MB modules in my 4600 to give the maximum of 512 MB, but it is still not recognizing the amount previously installed 256 MB.

    I think I need to run "HALLOC/c" to rebuild the hibernation file, but I can't find a download of halloc.exe suitable for W2K.

    Is this correct, or is there something else I have to do to convince the additional RAM to be identified?

    Where can I download halloc.exe of?

    Thank you!

    Hi Jeff,

    You shouldn't have to do something specific for your 4600 to recognize the new RAM modules. The available RAM is checked/tested during the initial loading of the BIOS, so I would check in your BIOS that the correct allocation of the RAM is shown.

    If the BIOS shows that 256 MB while there must be a problem with one of the RAM modules or the housing itself. In this case try to exchange the RAM autour modules to see if the problem persists. You can also try starting your 4600 with a single module both installed to verify that the two RAM modules are working properly.

    Be sure to take of the anti-static precautions when handling your RAM modules.

    Kind regards

  • Removable Storage Memory stick not detected on HP desktop computer

    Original title: removable storage

    How can I get windows /my pc to recognize my memory stick. The controls are so different from XP I think it's a very difficult passage. Actually that difficult I can't find what I consider to be a good page to post this question so please forgive if this is in the wrong category. Thank you.

    Hello. Could I please thank everyone who responded to my message and tried to help me. I probably come across like complete and total crazy after that. (although no one dreams of the good solution) I simply removed my memory stick and reinserted it THE OTHER WAY UP! ...... Yes I know!!! I was under the impression that the contact was face down... but... to live and learn. I promise you that it is a mistake that NEVER happen. A big thank you again to all actors :-(

  • 6510 b upgrade memory is not recognized

    I just bought an upgrade memory 4G for my 6510 b, which currently has 512 MB, but no matter what combination I install memory, my laptop does not recognize him.

    Based on the specification of the laptop, this is the correct specification, DDR2 667 MHZ PC2 5300 2 x 2 GB SODIMM.

    When I install the new memory on its own (a stick or both) the machine will not start.

    When I install or the other of the 2G stick with the stick of 512 MB (in each slot) machine starts, but does recognize that the 512 MB.

    The stick of 512 MB is a lower speed, PC2-4200 DDR2-% 533, but I don't see what is the cause.

    For me, it was mentioned the memory of some (less known) manufacturers will not be recognized by HP/Compaq machines. This could be the reason? , I bought this, Web, of Koybe Inc., CA, USA.

    Is there something I need to do to get my laptop to recognize the memory or should I return it as inconsistent.

    Thanks in advance.

    Well, there is a version update of the BIOS out there, but I don't see anything in the revision history who does act of memory.  If you have another laptop you could see if the memory works in this machine that you may have just gotten a bad pair, or it can be the cheap good memory that is the question.  Generally, you want to stick with the brand like Kingston or PNY memory, they have a great reputation.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones card MIcro SD is not recognized by my Vista X 64 or Windows XP-based computers (i.e. no drive letter)

    I have a Blackberry "BOLD" with a 1 GB MicroSD card that worked perfectly with my old Curve 8310.  I would like to plug the BB with a USB cable and voila, a drive letter would leap upward and I could easily move files.

    With this "BOLD" and using the same (or any other) SD card, nothing happens.  Although the Desktop Manager software and Device Manager recognizes the BB and everything works fine, the SD card does not appear in the Manager of Windows disk, or as a drive letter in my computer display, or in any software.  No computer does recognize it.  I have to conclude that something is wrong with my "BOLD" refurbished, but I hope someone has a suggestion.

    I tried to change the drive of other readers letters to make room for it, and I tried to update the drivers and reinstall the software and I tried all the different settings in memory on the BB.

    My BB recognize the SD card and I can use the SD card, but no computer will recognize when he's connected with via the USB port.

    My problem was actually quite widespread.  A LOT of people who buy refurbished BB bolding has had this problem.  AT & T needs to tackle this pronto!

  • USB stick not recognized when creating recovery disc in Windows 8.

    Original title: Recovery Media Creator prblem

    Hello-I have a desktop K430 Lenovo with a 1 to HDD, Win8 64 b, 12 GB of memory. I'm trying to create a recovery disc using a flash drive HP with 32 GB. I bought a 2 GB Tech Universe that should do the job, but the Recovery Media Creator suggest 16 GB.

    I installed USB Flash Drive 32 GB HP which is identified as HPv125w (F): the computer and selected for how to manage the unknown data or take any Action. I formatted the Flash Drive ENF to match my file system. I also chose computer /Devices removable and open as portable devices in the hope that the flash player would be recognized by the Recovery Media Creator, but it didn't happen.

    I run the following command to create a Recovery flash drive:

    Control Panel/All Control Panel Items/Recovery/create a recovery disk/copy the recovery partition from the pc on the recovery drive (I checked this assertion). I clicked NEXT to continue the process.  I was instructed to connect a USB and the reader must be able to contain at least 16 GB. He also said that everything on the disk is deleted. Identity of the flash player (HPv125w (F) does not appear on the page of recovery media and THEN is grayed out. I need help with this problem.  After checking the Microsoft Community, I learned that I could use search from the start page or opening of office and enter recoverydrive.exe and make appear the Recovery Media Creator. I performed this task once again, but I got the same results, as shown above. Thanks in advance.

    Hello-I have a desktop K430 Lenovo with a 1 to HDD, Win8 64 b, 12 GB of memory. I'm trying to create a recovery disk

    Identity of the flash player (HPv125w (F) does not appear on the page of recovery media and THEN is grayed out. I need help with this problem.

    You can also try using diskpart to his list volume control just to compare his view of this device.

    BTW, there is another user of Lenovo, who tries something similar but without keyboard to help...

    I think that it may actually be further ahead than you?    ; )

    Good luck

    Robert Aldwinckle

  • Error R6025 Runtime after connect you Vista - card Flash memory does not

    I am a newbie & would appreciate any advice.

    I get a runtime R6025 error message when I connect Windows Vista.
    When I click out of the box, then I get a message saying Toshiba Flash Cards not working do not.

    I cancel that and my laptop is ok except that I don't know if the flashcard works or not because I don't know what he does.

    Sorry if I seem thick

    Thank you


    Hello Neelie

    Without much explanation here, in my opinion, you can try to resolve this problem if you remove the package of added value of the system (Control Panel > programs and features), restart your computer and install the latest version available on the Toshiba support page.

    You can find it under > support & downloads.

  • Satellite L755 - Flash USB memory is not recognized correctly

    Hi gentlemen

    I (ScanDsik 32 GB flash memory) she used to work properly, but last week it was late to work when I connect it to the laptop Toshiba Satellite L755 and now when I connect it I can't open it I see in Device Manager, but can not open and not properly recognize the flash memory is established in another laptop and computers only in my laptop now does not.

    I ve format into another one of these computers is Toshiba laptop too, I reinstall usb driver, but same, please could you help me?

    Have you tested the feature with others, like USB keys?
    Are you using the original OS that you got with your laptop?

  • Satellite L300-229 - new module of memory is not recognized

    Satellite L300-229 - I just installed an extension of memory of 1 GB to add to the existing 1 GB.

    I used a 1 GB Crucial 200pin DDR2 SODIMM PC2 6400 CL6. For some reason, it will not recognize it and shows again that the 1 GB. I closed and installed in start mode according to manual and tried to reinstall.

    Any idea?

    Thank you


    What happens if you only install the new module 1 GB RAM? Don't start the computer and if so how much RAM does show?

    Normally, the specifications of the new RAM module should work. I have a Satellite L300 too and I've updated it with the same RAM but Kingston. It works without any problem. :)

  • Card SDHC 4 GB not recognized Vista

    I have a Sony laptop, AR (2008) on Vista and also a netbook series Sony P (2009) that runs Windows 7, cannot recognize the SDHC 4 GB of my camera card.  They ask me to "insert a disc.  Please someone know if there is an update or some other difficulty to do this?

    Hi MegsLittle,

    If you use a built-in Media Player, there may be a possibility that maybe the SDHC card is not compatible with the card. I suggest you transfer files from the camera via a USB cable.

    However, try the following.

    Method 1: Run this utility of automated troubleshooting and see if it helps.

    Hardware devices do not work or are not detected in Windows

    Method 2: Log on to the Sony Web site and update the latest drivers for chipset as well as other updates to the device driver.

    For more help, you can contact Sony.

  • USB stick not recognized by any computer

    Two days ago, that I restarted my computer for the updates to be installed. By mistake I left my USB drive (8 GB Sandisk) plugged during the entire process. Now, my computer, or any other computer will recognize. Sometimes the light and sometimes it turns off when I plug. I went to disk management, but it does not recognize. The only sign that it always works, it's recognized as USB human interface device. Any ideas on how to fix or is longer that it won't work? X.

    The USB is damaged. Throw it out. If the data on this subject are crucial and you have not saved it elsewhere, you can send the USB drive to a professional data recovery company, but it will be quite expensive. If you want to explore this avenue, I recommend to drive savers . MS - MVP - Elephant Boy computers - don't panic!

  • USB stick not recognized when you try to copy network settings

    trying to Setup network printer and need to copy my network settings on a USB stick and transfer to the printer wireless.

    When I plug the USB in the system recognizes the disk put option on the screen doesn't change to the other to allow the settings file be saved.

    I tried 2 different laptops and 2 different usb drives.

    Hi GavinStrik,

    You can try to reformat the usb drive and check.

    You can try to plug the drive and make a backup of the data and try to format the drive.

    Note: Before you reformat the player take a backup of the data.

    For more information, please visit the following links:

    Formatting disks and drives

    Hope this information is useful.

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