Care about the mobo?


I'm looking at a few minor improvements to my K305 system. How can I don't care on my motherboard to find out:

(1) what version it supports Sata (AHCI/RAID capable?)

(2) what, how much, the speed and type of RAM is supported

(3) power supply problems, types

Thanks for any help!


That's great! Thank you very much!

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    Hi Don,

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    Kind regards


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  • Question about the care for Portege Z30A tool batteries


    I used some thinkpads with the function to take care for the conditioning of the laptop battery.
    A useful feature is to disable if you plug the power adaptor so charged above for example, 75% of battery charge.

    It monitors the condition of the battery and advises when a cycle of preparation is necessary.
    Is there a such use for the Porteges or should I use a third party program?

    How about BatteryCare utility?

    It is a free utility that helps you keep your laptop in good condition battery.
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    But Toshiba also provides own software called Toshiba PC health monitor.
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  • It takes a long time to access BIOS on the Qosmio X 300 after replacing the mobo



    Help, please.

    I agree, the RAM should be tested in the case contrary you did something wrong during the process of replacement/disassembly may be the mobo was already damaged

  • Ban for x 201 care (specifically the Ultrabay)


    Recently, I replaced my T61p with a new x 201. I bought the ban with her, thinking that it a good way to do a quick loading and a good basis for expansion with other readers, etc.

    However, I am looking to get a small boost in power graphic here and, having exhuated options for express card (for less of ~ $ 500, what is) I wonder now what kind of options are available for the ultrabay slim housing.

    Now, I don't mean graphic design of games, or whatever it is particularly intense. I'm looking to make a few basic/intermediate CAD 3d work (specifically with Solidworks). so, if there is a firmware update solution or I could manage I'd rather widely only.

    In the absence of a prepackaged solution, what are the specifications for the ultrabay? total for example, bandwidth, what kind of overhead should have, it transmits a PCIe 1 x or equivalent Bus connected to the Northbridge? or is it a format purely propreitary? I realize that it routes through this connector on the base of the computer, so maybe I should ask about this.

    If I have to, I can buy a graphical extension of lenovo, go directly to the motherboard or through the expresscard slot, but I was under the impression that the mobo on the x 200 series was fairly strict no expansion, and that the single PCIe location was 1 x running to the ExpressCard 54.

    Thanks in advance,


    I have a job in my X 200.

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    PS: If there's a better place to post these things, please advise and I will comply.


    This problem is only on certain topics. Can be difficult to fix?

    Are you sure that someone takes care of this problem?

    The forum is having serious problems Dokie! It is "wanted" to what I read - but still give problems tonight. The sections of the laptop are also heavy attacked by porn spammers. I have to wonder if they are which is the root of some of the problems that we see.

  • M6600 won't post, giving no ram installed error message when I have good memory installed and tried 8 different sticks, even changed the mobo

    As the title says I have problems with my computer laptop m6600 in me not saying there is no ram installed similarly when he y a. I even compatible ram bought new from dell in it with no message. I replaced the motherboard as well and I get the same question. Cat useless customer service from Dell has lost about 15 hours of my time without answering a single question. I just transferred until they tell me that they cannot help but due to the release of service guarantee still stupid dell site tells me that I am eligible for the cat after my service tag in. Dell has proved to be the worst customer service ever as everyone on the internet said. That gives a * if my warranty is out, I just need my answered queswtion so I can fix this piece of theNOTE from the ADMIN: profanity removed according to the TOU > myself. I don't want to talk to some Indian * on the phone who can not understand me well enough yet to help, "Hello this is Hamid, I'm really sorry for your frustration" like to come on dell you not dear ADMIN NOTE: blasphemy removed according to the TOU >. You sell an inferior product that usually always stop after that guarantee goes out and then hiring non-English speaking d bags do not help your loyal customers? I was buy alienware for years and I still owe the turds staring because dell is too incompetent to build things that do not break nor do they resolve problems when items are under warranty. That being said, someone tell me why my m6600 always tells me that I have no ram and fails to post even after using the right voltage and speed of ram from dell's and I changed the mobo out and the problem persists. According to dell if it was my card gfx or cpu causing no post then the error code would be different

    After replacing the motherboard twice and then finally replacing the cpu, it starts, and is alive again. Therefore the CPU all the time despite the silent diagnostic lights dells telling me the opposite. Lesson of the day, do not buy dell and do not trust their diag lights to tell you what the problem is.

  • How to make a formal complaint about the low level of support?

    Recently, Adobe has cancelled my account because of no payment, it's because I've lost my credit card linked to my subscription. I spent a lot of time trying to update my account payment settings online, but it does not work. I tried to contact someone via the support portal to help me update my payment method by using my new card. They sent me a link to update my card details as I did. During my next payment is due I always charged to my old card and receive an invoice by e-mail (this is not usual). Then I get another email telling me that my account was cancelled. When I check my bank account I was accused $76,13 by adobe (a strange amount). I contacted someone through the portal of support and asked why I had been charged this total and why my subscription has been cancelled. After providing all the payment information for him I had, he said that he had no record of it in his system. He said while "in this case I have to escalate the case to the next level, he will get back to you in 2-3 days by e-mail. I have not received email for more than a week. When I received an email in East of "support non-response' who said ' I have asked the team concerned to study in what respect $76,13 billed and will come back to you once we hear from the team." I answered twice and provided for my bank information confirming the money deducted from my account by adobe and have had no response in 3 days.

    I think that this level of support is not entirely satisfactory and that a problem like mine should be treated with a higher level of care by the support team. It shouldn't take more than a week to send me an email telling me that they had someone looking into it. I asked my membership be reactivated with no response.

    Does anyone know of a number of direct contact or email so that I can reach out to someone who may be able to solve my problem at a faster rate? and also to make a formal complaint about the abuse by management.

    Thank you very much


    Unfortunately there is no substantive complaints hotline.  If you can find a member of the staff of Adobe here in the forums and send them a private message, they would be willing to go further and push your question through resolution.

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    Is it possible that I can read the clip of the first car running red light and playing the second clip with the car coming from the other sense at the same time? There is no impact. The clip black Cup just before the first car gets T-boned.

    If this is possible, how do you? And is there a special word for this? It is very difficult to describe what I'm picturing in my head. I hope someone can help.

    Thank you.

    Put a video on track 1, put the second video on track 2 with a linear wipe added in the place of the collision. Add a border of feathers to the wipe to help hide the join.

  • Who uses a 2600K on the mobo Z68 with Quicksync, Virtu, Dmode/Imode?

    Now they announce with coding accelerating on the mobo chipset Z68 by new technologies such as Quicksunc, Virtu Imode or Dmode (Asus brand)

    combining the power of the internal graphics chip 2600K and your Nvidia video card.

    Does anyone have experience? Or forget us about it?

    Sorry that I have not been on the Forum lately. I've been very busy, I couldn't really keep an eye on the forums. The Virtu does not support applications based CUDA last I checked and does not work with Adobe. You must manually switch the main screen to switch between the video card Nvidia and Intel to switch to Quicksync. You must also run atleast first without the active Intel screen while using the engine of the MPE, or the system will BSOD. The Quicksync has some decent export options but the quality reports are not the best. I would avoid Quicksync currently, up to what Intel has been able to pass the stage SDK/tests on this.



  • can I still add to apple care if the warranty has expired?

    can I still add to apple care if the warranty has expired?

    No, if it is out of warranty, if it is for a Mac:

    The AppleCare Protection Plan can be purchased as long as your Mac is still covered by the limited warranty of one year.

  • Why finder hide Documents and office files in the home directory of the user by activating iCloud drive? What about the behavior of Time Machine backup or third-party applications?

    I'm under MacOS Sierra. I am connected to my iCloud account. I activated the option Desktop and Documents, but I did NOT activate the option optimize Mac storage, because I wanted to make sure that all my files would be available locally, just in case, I would need to work without an internet connection.

    -J' noticed there now a menu iCloud in my sidebar in the Finder, with links to Documents and desktop.

    -J' also noticed that Documents is no longer presented in my favorites in my side bar of the Finder.

    -This last suggests that files saved in 'Documents' are not saved more on my HD... but only in iCloud, which isn't what I want.

    -Then, sailing in the Finder Macintosh HD/users / 'My account' /, I noticed that my Documents and desktop folders are more visible, as if these files are not saved in my home folder most. Which raises the question: where are My Documents and files on my HD, so they are still?

    -Using a shell session in the terminal and again navigate to/Users / 'My account' /, I noticed that my Documents and desktop folders are still there. Which suggest that records and records of office reside actually still in my home folder under users, but Finder actually hide it and present them as being stored in iCloud only disc. It's very confusing.

    This raises several questions:

    -In the first place, why Apple hide Documents and office files in the directory? Why not view these folders in iCloud and directory?

    -Whence the iCloud folder or drive, reside actually on my hard drive?

    -What time Machine. Is it still back up my document files and folders?

    -What games third-party app mirroring backup of My Documents files and folders? They still work properly? (I use Livedrive backup and Sugarsync for files mirrored across several macs).

    -How can I understand that Apple is doing with my folders and files? Some users might be happy with the iCloud drive concept, without worrying about how it works, but I don't take chances, and I want to keep a good understanding about the functioning of my system.

    Could someone explain what is exactly happening?

    With office and selected Documents, access to these files are now in the iCloud Drive, not in your home folder.

    My guess would be that they do not appear in your file because it would be confusing for many people to make them in two places.

    If you want in the Favorites, open iCloud Drive and drag them in the sidebar here.

    All about iCloud drive has been saved on your Mac. With the exception of the office and the Documents, they are in ~/Library/Mobile Documents. However, if you choose optimized storage, older documents are removed from your Mac. I don't know what is "old".

    ~/Documents and ~/desktop have new metadata indicating probably Finder does not display them in a Finder window, only in iCloud drive. They are not hidden in one of the normal methods of unix.

    I have not tested Time Machine or any other backup program. The folder still exist in your directory home, and they still have all the files, I don't think that changes anything.

  • Ask about the feature find my phone

    Hello Apple support Team,

    I have a question about the find my iPhone feature which is as follows.

    -If I had put in place the "find my phone" feature when I bought the iPhone and did not open at all in 2-3 months. So that the disconnection of the app itself?

    I ask this because my phone got stolen yesterday and looking for opportunities that could have gone wrong.

    On my laptop, I'm always a corner of yesterday in front of to find the location, but its doesn't help not.

    (PS: this my second time that find my iPhone is not useful for me, I really wish that Apple must lock the turning the option off when the phone is in mode Code (lock mode))

    Waiting for your response.

    Thank you


    If you enable find my iPhone, it will be on except if you have disabled (requires your password to iCloud).  The location will only show if the phone is connected to a network and still has the power.

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