cascade filter does not seem to reset

I use a waterfall with coefficients of butterworth filter in the attached vi. There is some input values, I can give the filter such that it causes the output must be an array of NaN. That's fine, except that when I give the filter the exact entry which has already led to a good result, it always displays NaN. If I change the input Boolean init/cont to false, run it once, then change it to true, the filter works very well. The data somehow remains in the filter? Or is there something I can do to prevent this? Thank you.



Hi John,.

It turns out that I also have to read the better LabVIEW help.  If you look at (, this constant works in front what we want.  Essentially, it initializes the VI when the false value and uses the previous when data set to true.  What you can do in your VI to ensure that each run begins with data is to use the first call? function and reverse. When the first call? is called at the start of execution, it returns True.  Fake is out for all other iterations.  If we reverse this, you get False (Initialize in this case) on the first iteration of the filter Cascade and True for all other calls of the VI.

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