catenary lines on a picture


I'm currently drawing straight lines between 2 selected controls on my PC, with a width of 5 pixels and shadow... so they resemble threads.

I prefer to join these points by a line which has a few "droop"... similar to the effect gravity.

Y at - it all blocks to calculate parabolic paths between 2 points? Or if someone has used a curve type block to do?

Or better yet, a path of overhead lines (such as the hyperbolic cosine)... so that they have a true path of gravity dependent.

Points can be anywhere on the front... not only on the same axis.

Thanks for your suggestions.


Once the adjustment is done, the parameters are passed to a call by reference node that is connected to a reference of the VI that allows to calculate the catenary curve (even than the one used for the adjustment).  Points x are generated by the VI ramp with start and stop of the values determined by the maximum and the minimum of the clicked points.  In this way, you get a smooth curve even with three data points.  This curve is then sent to the XY graph that is updated in the case of the structure of the event time-out.

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    For reference, the version of lightroom is 5.7.1.

    These 'red lines' are highlights which are cut, and Red that you see is the highlight clipping indicator. You can adjust the highlights to get rid of this Division. Clipping means that these areas are so bright that detail is lost. If you don't want to see the highlight clipping indicator, you can click on the small square at the top right of the histogram. If you ever see blue 'lines' those are indicating that it is a break in the shade, which means shadow detail is lost. Culmination of shadow clipping led can be turned on / clicking on the small square in the upper left corner of the histogram. Personally, I usually leave these active indicators to help identify areas that need to be adjusted in my images.

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    Thank you


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    Sorry for my English.

    Take a look at my example of the past.

    Here; rapid s and diry draft amendment to your VI, see if it works for you. (the lines are drawn between annotations when you press OK).

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    I would just subtract the number of rows in the table to initialize and index with this number of lines unlike wanted.  Use the number of columns for the second dimension.  Then build table and replace table subset.

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    You have another SD card, you can try with device photo/computer?

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    If this line is limited to the face, take another picture, and then copy and paste the new over the old.

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    Nice day!

    Feel free to post on the Forum with Lightroom.

    Kind regards


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    In fact, these diagonal lines indicate that the source of the layer footage is shorter than indicated in the timeline panel.

    This happens usually if you placed footage in the timeline and the subsequeently Cup for example with an external editor, AE and re-imported the shorter material under the same name.

    To lose the diagonal lines, went to slide the end of the placeholder timeline left (for garnish) until they are.  .

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    I'm having the same problem. This happens on iPhone, iPad 2, iPad Mini.

    I tried different SD cards, I tried different cameras, it's always the same.

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    I assume that the lines are not there when you look at other materials. THA eliminates the ipad hardware problem.

    Since the two separate cameras with the same problem, it is unlikely that both would fail at the same time, with the same problem.

    The question, therefore, can be either software, or a piece of hardware that is common to the two cameras.

    Standard to solve software problems are reset and restore.

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    If no change, I'd take the evaluation from the nearest Apple Store system.

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    Export the unmodified original

    a couple of these problem photos on the desktop and open them with preview.  Check if the gray lines are there or not.

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    A friendly person can give me an idea on how to get the white samplelines.jpg curves the lines in the image gradient.


    Perfect, if I see you in a water hole I'll scream for you.

  • Lines covering the picture in monitors


    I've recently updated for first CC and I am facing a problem I've ever had to deal with before. I'm editing images of 5 d mark II and I'm unable to see the image correctly on the screen when it does not move as lines cover the monitors (see image below). the image appeared as soon as the video plays.

    Does anyone know where the problem could come from?

    Thank you very much

    Capture d’écran 2016-05-10 à 18.34.07.png

    Go to file > project settings > General and set the software-only rendering engine, that help?

    Display the specifications of your computer, please.


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    I remember seeing an easy way to remove wrinkles as power lines of an image, but I don't remember how to do it. Can someone tell me please?

    Try the disappearance of lines with Photoshop CC - YouTube

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