Causing connection problems WEP

Hi all, I have a WRT54GX router with 2 cable from the PC to it. For some time the wireless feature is enabled only for short periods to allow WIFI access with my laptop or the use of a bridge from Sondigo wireless music, the wireless was not secure and all worked well. A few months back, I added a box of Apple TV to the system, this meant that WIFI should be all the time I did the thing the WEP key. All devices (laptop, Sondigo, Apple TV) connected very well after entering the WEP key and everything seemed fine. Yesterday, when I used Apple TV did not appear to connect properly so I did a reconnection and he told me I am connected to the network wireless but without access to the internet, a reboot of the box of the ATV and the router did not help. I then pulled the top of the laptop, he plugged on the wireless, but once again no net access. After checking everything I could think of on the router configuration settings I turned off the WEP key and everything works now fine, I cannot explain what happened and don't really want to leave the network open, any ideas? Please don't tell me not updating the firmware on the router

Is there a reason any you use WEP?   Everything you mentioned has been designed in the past years, so everything is optimized for WPA or WPA2 encryption.  WEP is thrown only for backward compatibility with older equipment.

You should use WPA2, or some less WPA and a strong password.

Change your SSID under a new name (do not use "linksys".  do not use the SSID of your old).  Replace your WPA or WPA2 encryption and add a password.

If you use Windows XP, you must upgrade to SP3 to use WPA2.

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  • [Attention!] Creating cloud causing connection problems serious.

    It is a very serious problem, and I hope that if anyone else is experiencing this, they find this thread.

    So the problem?

    Suddenly, my internet connection started having serious problems, and I thought that my network card sang her last song.
    Stopped loading websites, applications stopped connecting to the cloud etc, although some applications using direct IP to connect worked, so my first thought was a DNS issue.

    I begin troubleshooting my PC for hours without success, which included tracking IP addresses and DNS servers, change of drivers for my network card, try to other routers and whatnot. The list goes on and.

    I even re-installed the whole PC after hours of no results.

    So with a clean PC, things started working again. I then started to reinstall all my software from scratch, and all of a sudden, the problem returns. Again, I begin troubleshooting. After starting the PC in safe mode with network capabilities, I realized that it wasn't my network card.
    After hours of restarting and deactivation/activation process in the background, the cultprit was obvious.

    Creative cloud caused network issues for each unique application, I used. But it only happened when the CC began the initial load of windows. I can start it then no problem.

    So basically:

    New installation of PC

    Install CC
    Is connection problems.

    Solution: Disable the autostart for "Adobe Creative Cloud"

    Autostart can be disabled in the application itself, or through research 'msconfig' on windows, auto-start tab.

    Someone has to take a look at this. I was very close to the purchase of new equipment for my computer, or replace all MOBO, CPU, RAM etc. It took my almost two days to understand this. It wasn't an obvious problem.

    I found something to add for PC users using Windows 10 (not sure how to apply it to Mac):

    • Run msconfig - takes you to the configuration of the system (as previously indicated by Florrpan)
    • Check "Selective startup" is selected on the general tab.
    • Check load system services and load startup items.
    • Go to the Services tab.
    • Disable all Adobe services and click on apply.
    • Go to start and open the Task Manager.
    • Ensure Adobe Creative Cloud is disabled - this can be done by using the right mouse button or the button disable at the bottom of the window.
    • Make sure that Adobe Updater utility to start is disabled.
    • Make sure Acrotray is off.
    • Restart your PC.

    Happy creating! If someone is all this and is facing questions please let me know

  • EA6400 latency/connectivity problems

    I have an EA6400 connected to a Netgear modem 6200 that services a DSL 6 Mbps plan of the ATT network. ATT is good. When I am plugged directly into the modem connectivity is solid with very low ping. BUT when you go through the router (wired/wireless) somehow there are spikes huge ping and intermittent connectivity.

    I noticed that the IP address of the EA6400 is a 10.x, while the ip address of the modem is an address 192.168.x. I tried to make them the same, but it just resets and the router has assigned a new address 10.x. The latency was fine for a minute, but now it's back to massive spikes and inconsistent connectivity.

    Someone has an idea what is the problem?

    If the ISP's modem has a built-in router, it is best to fill the modem. Having 2 routers on the same line can cause connection problems: link > and if the modem cannot be filled then see if the modem has a DMZ option and enter the IP address of the router gets the modem and put it in the DMZ modems. Ask your service provider if the modem can be filled.

  • Internet connectivity problems Acer caused by the use of the wrong driver/adapter. Packet scheduler miniport problems.

    I have an Acer Aspire One A150 Netbook with Windows XP home SP3 and I have internet connectivity problems. In my device manager, there are 5 network adapters: 2 seems to be your run of the mill Atheros wireless and Realtek PCI. those who are very good. However, the 3 Planner package miniports have the icons of exclamation mark on them. Ive tried everything I have kno how to do including trying to reinstall on the Acer site. Help?

    Hi Olesauce21,

    1. have you done any hardware changes or software on your computer before this problem?

    2. you receive an error message when you connect to the internet?

    You can follow this link & check if the problem persists:

    How to solve the possible causes of Internet connection problems in Windows XP?

    Wired and wireless in Windows network connection problems

    Advanced Troubleshooting for Windows workstations network card

    Hope the helps of information.

  • Windows Update, in particular, is the cause the internet connection problem? Why Microsoft is not the problem?

    Twice in the space of a few days our internet connection has been disabled. System Restore solve the problem - temporarily. It would be good to know exactly which file is causing the problem.

    I applied all the updates of Windows 7 on 5 computers and encountered no problems.  You use McAfee antivirus by chance?  There was an update for that because of the problems of Internet access for some.  Check with McAfee, if you use that.

    Good luck.

  • iPhone 5 c data connection problems

    I have a 5 c iPhone running iOS 9.3.1. I can't connect to a data connection. I have 3G and LTE on and off homelessness. I was not able to connect to a given since iOS 8.x.x connectio. When I enabled cellular data, it said 3 G in the top left corner and finally changes to 1 x. If I try to load a website in Safari, I get a pop up that say 'impossible to connect to the Internet' or 'a cellular connection is not currently permitted. I had to have my SIM card fixed, so my operator gave me a replacement phone, and the upper left corner says LTE when I turned on a data connection and it worked by the fine.

    lelandsc wrote:

    I had to have my SIM card fixed, so my operator gave me a replacement phone, and the upper left corner says LTE when I turned on a data connection and it worked by the fine.

    What do you mean that you need to get your SIM card fixed? It sounds like one of two things that cause you problems, either there is a problem with your SIM, or you need to troubleshoot your phone. Have what troubleshooting you tried? You don't list everything, and if you suffer from this problem since iOS 8, I would ask why you do not have the home phone? Who provides a service for your device, Apple, an Apple authorized service provider or your carrier?

  • U940 PSU6VA satellite - wireless connectivity problems

    _ * My specifications: * _
    * Model: * Toshiba Ultrabook (Satellite PSU6VA - 00S 002 U940)
    * Operating system: * Windows 8.1 x 64 (upgrade of Windows 8 x 64)
    * Wireless adapter: * Intel Centrino Wireless - N 2200
    * Wireless adapter driver version: * (which is the last for my device)

    I got this Ultrabook since February 2013, and throughout this period, I always had problems with wireless connectivity, even after a factory reset. My wireless icon varies between three States:
    * Internet access
    * Limited (in which case I can't connect to the internet or any other device on the network)
    * Not connected - connections are available (and if I try to connect to the network, it will fail)

    Sometimes my computer would instantly reach the State of "Internet access" at startup and remain in this State. Other times, it would be 'limited' for several minutes after the start of my computer before it finally connected, and even in this case, the connection will drop out every now and then. In the worst case, it would indefinitely remain "Limited" or "not connected", regardless of how many times I reset my adapter wireless or rebooted my computer.

    Until very recently, I always thought that these problems have occurred randomly. However, I noticed recently that I have always a connection perfect, whenever there is no other computers connected wirelessly to my router, and I always have problems more or less when there is at least another computer (or even a smart phone) connected wireless to the router. If there is another computer connected to the router via an Ethernet cable, this causes no problems. It's only wireless connections that interfere with my computer.

    It is only this computer that has these problems; the other computers in my house ever experience these issues, no matter how many computers is online. In addition, my computer is not only these problems with my home router; It has the same problems on the network wireless at my University.

    My question is, how do I fix? Is this a known bug or is my defective wireless adapter? I know that I can connect using an Ethernet cable if possible (I have never problems with Ethernet connections), but this is not always possible at the University.

    Did you remove the old driver Win 8 Intel of the system before you upgrade to version 8.1 to win?
    The old Wlan Intel driver could affect the performance of a Wi - Fi connection.

    The driver update page Win 8.1 says clearly that Intel Wlan driver must be uninstalled and the
    Inbox Windows 8.1 version must be used.

  • g505s 8.1 updates & wireless connection problem

    I just downloaded updates Microsoft last night and as soon as I restarted, my wireless connection was gone/missing/non-functional. I have read some other posts that made me think that the issue may be with the (Qualcomm Atheros AR956x) wireless network adapter driver, but the download or install the latest driver from Lenovo (wlan149w81) support site didn't do me good. I do not see again for a Wi - Fi connection in the center of network & sharing.

    Someone at - he never saw something like this before / know what might be causing the problem?

    Hi solid Cruver - thanks for the help. Looks like that the combo of what I did and what you recommended has done. Update the driver LAN first and second WLAN driver seems to have solved the problem. Thanks again.

  • internet connection problems Windows xp

    my windows xp laptop does not connect to the internet. tried to restart. Netshell.dll, refreshing and the other two? NetMan? only work... any basic information would be great. I tried the installation Wizard but wont even boot to the top. He's here. theres no icon on the desktop or whatever it is to show a network. any help please!

    Hi jimmyschaff,

    1. Did you the latest changes on the computer?
    2. Are what Wizard you referring?
    3. When was the last time it was working fine?
    4. What is the type of internet connection you use?
    5. What happens when you try to connect to the internet?


    Check out the articles below and try the steps mentioned, check if it helps.

    How to troubleshoot missing network connections icons in Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP

    How to troubleshoot possible causes of Internet connection problems in Windows XP

  • Two wifi routers EA6200 having connection problems.

    I had a single wifi router configuration EA6200 and it was working fine but it has not reached the corner of my house. I decided to buy a second EA6200 in an attempt to expand coverage wifi and nothing else that problems have had since then. I tried several configurations and there are always questions where wifi is either very slow or cut all together. I tried to configure the routers by using the options listed in the manual. We'll call it the router connected directly to the modem ROUTER1 and ROUTER2 upstairs router.

    I connect both routers via a power adapter line I used for a while since I rent and can't pass the cables through the walls. I have one of the LAN ports on ROUTER1 connected to port WAN on ROUTER2 and ROUTER2 clipping value. I tried with ROUTER2 get his address IP of ROUTER1 automatically and I also tried to set a static IP address on ROUTER2, but I always had connection problems. I also tried one of the LAN ports on ROUTER1 connecting to one of the LAN on ROUTER2 ports. I put a static IP address on ROUTER2 and disabled DHCP. For both configurations, I tried to have the same SSID and password for both routers so that I can roam and connect automatically to the strongest signal and at first I put the automatic channel selection. I still had problems connecting so I tried to change the SSID of the router and change the SSID for the bands of 2.4 and 5 GHz and I tried to adjust the channels myself no conflicting channels and I still have problems.

    Again, the problems I encounter are failure intermittent wifi where it disconnected completely from the wifi but will reconnect then slow connection speeds not long after but also intermittent. Also, I have several chromecast dongles on the TVs in my house and they also periodically lose the connection to the network and have a lot of buffering issues. These problems disappear with a single connected router. I also tried to reset both routers and disconnect and plug my modem at the factory.

    All the ideas, because I don't see anything else to try?

    Bilz says:

    If I understand you correctly I tried already. I connected the LAN to LAN and used the static IP you listed for the second router. I put the SSID for the 5 GHz band were the same for both routers and used a different SSID for 2.4 GHz bands, but it's still the same on both routers. I used the Wifi Analyzer app to determine the best channels for my router and I put them all channels different worms. I don't know if I used specifically 1, 6 or 11, however. It would make a difference? For example if I used chanells 4 and 6 for 2.4 GHz bands, do you think that this would have caused some of my questions?

    Not quite. All SSIDs 4 must be different. You can be the cause of the camera jump back using the same ssid. So it could be xxxxx_24p and xxxxx_24s and even for the 5 GHz. xxxxx_5p and xxxxx_5s

  • EA4500 - a wireless device of many with internet connectivity problem


    I wonder if anyone can comment on a subject that I have with a (a) wireless on my home network devices.  The problem is that a Dell laptop knows slow or no internet connectivity using wireless at all.  Sometimes 1-2 minutes to load one page, other times the message 'not able to display the Web page' dreaded.  That's using Ethernet.  I have another laptop (brand/model exact even) and it has no problem.  I also have a Macbook Pro and other IOS from Apple (iPod/iPad) devices which are very good.  Several connected Ethernet devices are very good as well.  The laptop in question had no problem with my previoius Linksys devices, which are a BEFSR41/WAP55AG and a WRT-54GS v2.  This laptop was the first day or two on the EA4500, but something happened that causes this problem.  I had to add the WAP55AG on my network so my son is happy again, but my plan was to dismantle the other devices.  Suggestions regarding what I can do to fix this are greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.

    EA4500 Firmware v.2.0.37

    Laptop Dell Inspiron 15 w/Intel Centrino Wireless N1030, 1 x 2 bgn (2.4 GHz) + Bluetooth


    Thanks for the suggestion.  I tired who, but it did not work.  I then called Dell and they found that the wireless adapter on battery power has been set to maximum power saving.  Changed for maximum Performance and it's been very well.  Fortunately there is nothing wrong with the router.  Thanks again for the suggestion.

  • WRT610N connection problem

    I just bought my router today but there is a connection problem.

    My vista has shown that there is connection to my router, but when I launched internet explore there is no internet connection.

    I tried to use all the different browsers (Firefox, Opera), but the result is always the same.

    I then restart my computer stop and on my modem and router. but the problem always arises.

    I tried to connect it to my other routers, WRT54GL(wireless G) and BEFW11S4 (wireless-B) which worked yesterday (got to check out them before buying my new router to make sure that the problem can be the cause of my new router). but my computer still facing the same problem. the router is connected to my computer at 100% but I can't access the internet.

    I then directly connect my computer to the modem to verify that the modem works and I type to now you. I also changed my cable lan to ensure that all my cables work.

    Please tell me what to do to get my fixed connection. Thank you!

    Well try the upgrade of the firmware on the router & then reset the router for 30 seconds in order to feed the light flashing on the router & also make the full network of such feeding cycle so that the power light flashing on the router, you will be able to solve your problem.

  • Pavillion G6 2014tx: wireless connectivity problems

    Since the last 2-3 months, my wireless connection does not work correctly. This happened right after that I did the partitioning in the D drive (I don't think this is the main cause). What is happening is that, all of a sudden when internet does not bar shows signs of yellow warning and 'tells' LIMITED ACCESS wireless network. When I try to solve problems, it will give no problem. Then in Device Manager, I tried to uninstall and install again, the internet worked for a while, and still the same problem occurs. When I tried to call to the service center, they told me that I have to buy CDs to retrieve a value of rs500 because I did not these recovery disks. I'm in serious trouble please help...

    I also tried to update latest driver frm net, even if the problem does not get resolved. I also tried to reset the TCPIP in cmd prompt, but it worked for 2-3 days and still the same problem happened...

    Hi there @Parthsagar2010

    Welcome to the Forums of HP Support! It's a good place to find the help you need, so many other users, the HP experts and other members of the support staff.

    I understand that you are having problems with your wireless connection, and I am happy to help you with this.

    I realize that you mentioned the update of your driver from the internet, but just in case, here is the page drivers. There are several pilots possible depending on what card you have.

    HP Pavilion g6-2014tx Notebook PC - software & drivers

    The following pages are useful for troubleshooting wireless connectivity problems.
    Troubleshooting your wireless network and Internet access (Windows 7)

    In addition, you can watch the the power management of your wireless adapter:
    Turn off the power to the adapter:
    1. open Device Manager. (Win Key + R > type devmgmt.msc > OK)
    2. expand the network adapters.
    3. right click on the Ethernet adapter / wireless, and then click Properties.
    4. click on the power management tab.
    5 remove the check mark next to allow the computer to turn off this device to save power.
    6. click on OK.
    7 test cycle.

    Forget the network: (Windows 7)
    1. press start.
    2. tap manage wireless networks, click on the application at the top of the start menu.
    3. right click on the network, and then click on remove network.
    4 confirm the warning by clicking OK.

    Reset TCP/IP on your PC:
    1. go to your start screen/menu and type CMD.
    2. right-click on the command prompt icon and select run as administrator.
    3. in the window that opens type "netsh int ip reset resetlog.txt" without the quotes and press ENTER.
    4 restart your PC and test.

    It can also help to reset the winsock catalog:
    1. go to your start screen/menu and type CMD.
    2. right-click on the command prompt icon and select run as administrator.
    3. in the window that opens type "netsh winsock reset" without the quotes, and then press ENTER.
    4 restart your PC and test.

    Reinstall the NIC drivers:
    1. download the drivers from here, but do not run them again.
    2. go to your Start menu/screen and type Device Manager.
    3. expand network adapters.
    4. right click on the wireless adapter and choose uninstall.
    5 install the drivers downloaded in step 1.
    6. restart your PC and test.

    Test an ethernet connection:
    Explicit. Test if the problem persists on a wired connection to the adapter hardware troubleshooting wireless can be directed to the appropriate areas.

    Test another connection:
    Many people excluded their home network as a problem if another device working on the same network. Networking is not as simple as that. Each device interacts differently with your router or modem and it is impossible to exclude the settings for this device until the laptop has been tested on another network.

  • BlackBerry classic classic BlackBerry 4G data connection problem

    Hello people,

    I just bought the classic BB, and I must say that it is a great device (much better then the Android I had before).

    I have only 1 problem. Standard (T-Mobile) connection is 4G. This means:

    (1) I can use the phone to make calls

    (2) it can send and receive data

    The problem I have is that several times a day he spends in 4g, which means that I can call only, but the transfer of data is no longer possible.

    I can solve it by going to "network settings", search for the connection, and then click 4G.

    Maybe the connection is lost sometimes, which is causing the problem, but I don't know why he is not automatically pick the best connection.

    Anyone else have this problem?

    It's pretty boring.

    Thanks in advance for your help.


    I know its been a while!

    In fact, I found a solution to this problem.

    It was something to do with conflict with the WIFI. I turned off the wifi and the data connection back, then turn on the wifi when necessary.

    I have an unlimited plan now is not a problem, but nevertheless a faff!

  • Sumvisin Cyclone MKV Media Player network connection problem

    Hi I recently bought this Sumvision Cyclone MKV HDMI Network Media Player V2, everything was perfect at the start, he was playing files via USB and then I connected to a wired LAN, everything was great, I have Windows 7 ultimate and thought, maybe that's a problem. I didn't have a standing thread throughout the living room, so I bought the upgrade from USB WI - FI £14.99, once again, everything was good, connected and it worked perfectly. But now my problem is that when I go in the NETWORK portion of the menu connection, I find my network, put in my username and password and all I get is "LOGON Failed", I have tried changig my username and password several times now, and everything else I can think of. The box is always connected to the internet which is evident by the internet service still doesn't work. I've updated the firmware with the "Youtube activation", the "Fix Windows 7" and "disabled by default subtitles", but none of these things helped, I just additional options in the menu. I tried so many things now that I'm losing my grip and thinking, that I post here to see if anyone has had similar problems and solved the problem. I'm not too hot on networking and maybe there's a protocol step by step I'm missing.

    Just an additional info, I use a siemens gigaset 4 ports + wireless router I have 3 PC connected via an ethernet cable and I have1 spare ethernet cable for when I do the repairs. My officejet 4670 wireless printer is working fine on my network and can be used by the other PCs at home. I also have nintendo Wii I have ith wireless network connection. As I said, the media player can connect to my router, but it can not connect to my pc through the router, it says my network, but when the username and password is set, it just says: connection failed. I'm at my wits end with this and I have idea o what I am doing wrong, please help!

    Thanks in advance.

    Hi RealGoneKid,

    It can be a problem with the USB adapter that is used when you connect the media player on the network.

    First of all, I would say that you check if it works when you connect the player via a USB cable and check if it works.

    If this does not work when connected via the USB cable there is a possibility that the wireless USB adapter may cause the problem.

    I suggest that you contact the device manufacturer for more support on the issue.

    I hope this helps!

    Halima S - Microsoft technical support.

    Visit ourMicrosoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

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