CD disc stuck in the player

I have a desktop Slimline s3700y.  My CD slipped disc in the disc drive tray.  The drive will open and close and I can see the CD but I can't reach it to get out of the car.  Any suggestions on how to remove it from the car?


Consider this HP posted the article and see if it helps.

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  • Disc stuck in the cd rom drive

    I have a cd in the drive. It does not work, nor can I open the drawer and take out.

    How can I get out? The computer is an eMachine Desktop Tower.
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    Original title: cd rom drive

    Hey Rik,

    Perform the steps mentioned below and see if it works.

    a: Locate the optical drive that contains your stuck drive. You will see a small hole on or immediately below the disc tray.

    b: Straighten the paper clip.

    c: Insert the straight end of the paperclip into the hole and push. You should snap inside the locking mechanism.

    d: Gently pull the paper clip. The disc tray will come with it

    e: Remove the CD or DVD and close the drawer.

    Note: If you are not comfortable to do these steps, please take the help of a Local technician. Alternatively, you can contact Emachines support for assistance.

    Good day!

    Answer please if you have any questions.

  • I have an emachine and a disc stuck in the tray, it will not eject

    computer eMachine will not eject a disc

    I'm sorry, but I think you're in the wrong place, this forum is about the Windows Phone 7 smartphone. Maybe try (Although I don't know what an emachine, so I don't know if it uses Windows.)

  • How can I remove disc stuck in player on IQ846

    I have a disc stuck in the player bluray on my IQ846, how come out or remove the drive?


    Follow the steps in the link below to remove the optical drive, you will see the "pin hole" to mechanically release the drive.

    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • Not play disc Blu - ray 3D OTP-S5100, stuck on the screen indicating the needs a 3D player.

    I just bought a Blu - ray BDP-S5100 3D player.  I have Panasonic 3D plasma TV.  When I tried to play a Blu - ray 3D disc, a blue screen telling me, in several languages, the drive requires a 3D player came and it never happened.  The player plays a normal Blu - ray disc very well.  I have all the other drives 3D or 3D drive (this is my first entry in Blu - ray and 3D), so I can't test to see if the problem is with the drive or disc.  Anyone seen this before?  Is there something I can do to get the drive to read, or is it a fatal error?  Thank you!

    I just realized what is the problem.  My Blu - ray player is passing through my receiver and then goes to my TV.  I guess that prevents the appropriate signal to spend, so the 3D player does not recognize or cannot connect properly to the 3D TV.  I just plugged the S5100 directly to my TV and the 3D disk plays very well.  I used a digital audio coaxial cable the S5100 in my tuner so now I surround again.

  • Disc stuck inside of the notebook - Pavilion 17-e110dx (F9L87UAR #ABA)


    I have a Pavilion 17-e110dx (F9L87UAR #ABA), running Windows 8.1. Today, I put a DVD in my optical drive and when I heard it turns, I ejected the drive, but the drive is now stuck to the INSIDE of my computer... Please help!  The Player opens and closes without any problem... where's my drive?   How can I safely remove the optical drive in order to take out the drive? I don't want to damage the disc, because it contains irreplaceable photos.

    Also - I bought this laptop a month ago, refurbished and it is still under warranty.

    Thank you!

    It must always be inside the optical drive. It is a closed box. Turn the laptop on the back, open the service Bay and search a single screw with an icon of DVD player next to him. Remove the screws and the DVD player should slide out of the chassis with a little help by behind with a flat blade screwdriver. Pages 47-49 in this manual shows how.


    Once the disc is out of the chassis, you can use the pin hole to open it with a folded-out paperclip. Completely open and you should be able to see the drive in there to remove it.

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  • Stuck on the recovery disc #1

    I am trying to create a disk recovery for my new dv3-2150.

    The Recovery Manager HP telling me to put in the 1st 3 DVD-r

    After burning it, it ejects the disc and writes a message on the screen:

    Enter the disk you just created and close the player.

    I do this - and nothing happens... the only thing I can do is "Cancel".

    Tried to change the drive, tried to boot... Any IDE?

    BTW-can not order by post the disc of HP recovery at this time.


    I called the local support and that's what they said and it worked right away:

    (1) use the secure when burning discs

    (2) ESS 'dvd + r disks' - they are more sutale for the dvd player

    BTW - some support centers will tell you to upgrade the BIOS, some have told me it back to the original version. In my opinion it made no difference and the safe mode was the reason why he's working. I guess that some files are currently in use and had all stuck...

    What would you do if when you bought a new car, you couldn't get a spare key? Need to consult the internet for a way to run to the store to get a proper special key and make sure that your car runs on special fuel for the key to work?

    Sounds like a good joke? However, it works.

    Happy new year to everyone.


  • Stuck in the DVD player

    OK it's not exactly in the drive, the drawer is opened and he is stuck between the metal case outside of the DVD player and Cabinet plastic of my M1710, above where it would normally slot. The disc is actually coming out about an inch and it can run without much resistance, but it's as if something has snagged in the hole in the middle of it and it will not just slide. The status bar can always slip in and out, but I don't want to close it because it'll push the disc more.

    The model of the drive is TSSTcorp DVD +-RW TS - L632D

    Thanks for any help in advance.

  • 'No disc' error on the Toshiba BDX1200KY blu - ray player

    (Sorry, there seems to be no jury of blu ray player)

    I bought this drive blu - ray 3 months ago and a week ago I had a 'No Disc' error when I tried to play a DVD. The machine plays all my DVDs without problems before if is not a concern for the region. Now, he will not play one of my DVDs and they are all clean and intact. However, she still plays my blu ray discs without any problem. I bought a blu ray disc lenses cleaning hoping that would solve the problem, but it didn't. So, I bought a DVD lens cleaning disc but being a DVD itself, she also returned an error of 'no disc '.

    The problem is that this is my second machine in about 6 months. Exactly the same thing happened with my previous Toshiba BDX1200KY and the electronic shop guys couldn't get out and gave me a replacement so it is very likely that the fault is mine.

    These machines have distinct popsicles for Blu Ray and DVD? Can someone suggest a solution. I smoke and I often stop the machine. It is pointles continuing until I have it worked.

    Unfortunately, it's a computer / laptop Forum options so I m afraid there is not a lot of people who can provide you with solutions

    However, I put t think that this player is equipped with different laser lens it s a goal that must manage all disks

    My player couldn't handle all the disks because the goal was dirty. I unmount the drive to access the lens and managed to clean it with a cotton tip and a little alcohol.
    So it helped in my case

  • Disc 6 of 6 of restore disks will not be read. Stuck between the 5 and 6. How do I? HP Pavilion with XP did not come with disks.

    Due to problems with my computer, I decided to start over and restore hard drive in its original state. The computer came with all disks, so I burned the discs to restore immediately after purchase. The first 5 disks has brought but the last one, number 6, the habit of reading. Now I'm stuck on the screen that says 'Number 6 in the drive Insert disk'. I tried to restart the restoration from the beginning, but it passes directly to the same screen asking for disc 6. What can I do?

    HP Pavilion

    Windows XP Home Edition

    Hi Keith,

    I recommend you contact HP for recovery disk. For more information, see this link:

    Order of the recovery disc for Windows 7, Vista or XP

    Hope the helps of information.

  • Cannot download Windows Media Player 10, stuck to the validation page.

    Hello. I have Windows XP Media Center Edition Version 2002 Service Pack 2 and I have a problem with the download of Windows Media Player 10 or 11. It would require me to validate my windows if it is authentic and I'm stuck at the time, I'm not able to see the progress of the validation and it is not letting me through it. Because of this I am not able to install Windows Media Player. Please help me on this.

    Thank you!


    I suggest you to see these steps:

    Step 1:

    You need to perform a clean boot to find the program that is causing and then disable or remove.
    How to configure Windows XP to start in a "clean boot" State
    Note: When you are finished troubleshooting, follow the steps as explained in the article to reset the computer to start as usual.

    Step 2:

    I suggest you to disable any program of security on your computer and check if it solves the problem.
    After reviewing the question you must reactivate the security on your computer program.
    Note: Run the computer without antivirus software or firewall is a potential threat to the computer; Be sure to activate security software after completing the troubleshooting steps and after identifying the problem.
  • Windows Media Player 12/Windows 7; Why my computer says "Windows Media Player cannot read the Blue Ray Disc. The disk has been created in a way that the player does not support.

    Why my computer says "Windows Media Player cannot read the Blue Ray Disc. The disk has been created in a way that the player does not support "?  I have Windows Media Player 12 and it comes a new movie.  I can play other discs blue ray on this computer, but not this one.  Is there an update that I'm missing or a codec I need?

    Thank you

    This new film format is not supported by Windows Media Player, here is a link on how to play a dvd on windows media... player and codecs...

    If you can not play... try using third-party codecs, but at your own risk :D

    Hope this helps you :)

  • My laptop is stuck on the update 3 of 3. Before this happened my Start button does not respond and I had to shut it down using power and message disc not enough quota (0 x 80070718)

    My laptop is stuck on the update 3 of 3. Before it got past my Start button would not answer and I had close it via the Start button / stop. I tried to restore the system with the recovery disk and messagSystem restoration error error message is not enough quota available to process this command (0 x 80070718) Please helpeSystem error message of restoration is not enough quota available to process this command (0 x 80070718)


    I suggest you to run the Startup Repair tool and check if it helps:

    Startup Repair: frequently asked questions

  • CDROM is stuck in the closed position, how do I open it manually?

    door cd/dvd rom

    is stuck w/switch on that Panel fell I put on, the door does not open


    1. you are using a laptop or a desktop computer?

    2. What is the number of brand and model of the laptop or desktop?

    3. what operating system is installed on the computer?

    If you use Windows Vista or Windows 7, you can try the steps mentioned below and check if they help to resolve the issue.

    (a) restart the computer.

    (b) if the keyboard is equipped with a CD/DVD eject button, press it. The Eject key is usually placed by the volume knob and is marked by a triangle pointing upward with a line underneath.

    (c) in Windows 7 or Windows Vista, click Start, and then click computer.

    (d) right click on the drive icon of CD-ROM or DVD that is stuck and then click on eject

    (e) if the CD or DVD drive door button is a bar long clear plastic on the front of the computer, press firmly on the right side of the bar. Some models have a button on the front panel of the computer to the right of the door to hinge. Press the button to eject the disc.

    (f) if the drive door is covering the door of the real and made part of the case of the computer, open the door which is part of the computer case and press the eject button on the front of the player.

    (g) restart the computer and press the button to eject at the front of the car when the first screen appears (before Windows starts). If the door opens this way, but does not open in Windows, other software takes control of the driver CD. Try to stop or configuration of any software programs that create records or control the CD or DVD drive

    If the steps above do not help, you can contact the hardware manufacturer for assistance.

  • U400 - cd stuck inside the car

    I have a cd stuck inside the slot in the drive. By pressing the ejection will hear the sound of the player moving the thing, but the drive did not just get out. What should I do?

    Thank you all for the suggestion. Somehow, I managed to take out the drive by sheer luck. I found that the disc is a bit twisted and that like most is the reason why it got stuck. It's a lesson for me to carefully check the physical condition of a disc before putting in any drive slot-loading!

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