CD\DVD player does not display the contents of the data DVD.

CD\DVD player does not display the contents of the data DVD, but will display the content of the data CD.  What is happening on more than one PC, and it began when Active Directory GPOS have been applied for the PC.  If untying policies the problem persists.  What happens on DVD ROM and DVD RAM drives.  Scanning software has been added to these machines, think it might be an ASPI crush.  All these machines are XP SP3 running McAfee.  When you insert a DVD with data on this topic, the name of the drive in windows password DVD RAM drive to CD drive, and if you try and browse the DVD it displays as a blank CD.  I changed something on the PC with the policy but cannot understand what he.  Other identical PC can view the contents of the DVD very well, but they never had the same strategies.  Any ideas, thank you.

Hi PDoneen,

The restore of the system; restore the computer to the before date when policies have been launched on one of the affected computer.

You can check the link for the steps below: how to restore Windows XP to a previous state:

Post back with the results.

With regard to:

Samhrutha G S - Microsoft technical support.

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    Hey Urbano... I finally got the Bandsintown html code to work properly in Adobe Muse. I created a new white master with no background, images, etc. and applied to a new, blank page. Then I pasted the original HTML... with no changes and no additional graphics on the page. It worked... I could see all the information of the tour. Then, one by one, I added additional elements to the master page... as image background, menu, logo, etc. I kept it check each time I added an item until my page has been done. It worked. You can see it here: Why does it work? I have no idea, but I'm guessing it has something to do with the fact that "by default, the widget uses the styles of the page, in that it is included". I'm not a coder either... just determined to understand! LOL I hope it works for you.

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    You started the thread saying that a list was not appear when created with AS3. But then you post saying that it does not work with the States.

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    With modern car audio systems, iPod is just acting as a storage device (as you connect a USB FlashDrive with music files).  The iPod is not determinative of the reading; the car audio system is to play music files.  So, I think that this problem is related to car audio system, not the iPod.

  • OpenManage Network Manager 5.3 does not display the data traffic Analyzer

    Hi I have OMNM installed on a virtual machine and a PC Dell-6248 okay discovered and that responded to the questionnaire. However the flow of traffic or Traffic Analyzer features do not work. I recorded the switch (click right switch\Traffic Analyzer\Register) and activated sflow on swtich (port 6343) and implementation of the polling and sampling on a few ports in order to generate traffic data.  The data appear to be sent from the switch ok because I tried to install the application SFlow trend on the same machine as OMNM and that contains traffic data, no problem.

    Java 7, ActivePerl, Adobe Flash and reader are all installed and firewall disabled. The only other thing a bit strange is that the network display feature works on Google Chrome, it doesn't work on FireFox or IE and Performance indicator Gagues (CPU usage, memory usage, temperature) do not work either. I'm not sure if they are related to the Traffic Analyzer problem...

    Windows Server 2008 R2 64 on a VMWare virtual machine. PC-6248 switch sfotware version is

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you


    Eventually found the problem here. The absence of traffic Analyzer data was caused by the presence of an interface VLAN IP address on our switch. I had recorded the physical switch ok in OMNM, but the sflow data do not seem to come from the IP Address of the switch when I ran a trace of Wireshark on sflow traffic. Instead sflow traffic came from a different IP address that turned out be a VLAN IP interface.  As the what IP interface was not mandatory on the VLAN special (he was there for outside access mamgement band only), I managed to remove (only the period of INQUIRY, not the VIRTUAL local area network) and now sflow traffic appears to come from physics going on own IP address. I then started to get traffic Analyzer data in OMNM.

    Thanks for your suggestion on the use of Wireshark to plot the data on this guy as he lead me to the solution.


  • Sent form does not display the data

    Hi all

    I'm working on the form which has 3 subforms that are hidden to exclude from the layout. It also has a workflow. The subform will only show when a radio button is selected. Show and hidden is works well but when the form is submitted, the data of the subform that has been selected visible does not appear when it routed to the next person. I don't know what Miss me in the shape or the workflow, can someone please advise/help me on this.

    Thanks in advance,

    DAO Han

    If you have the code for the atrtibute hidden or invisible forms in the event to change the control, try to add to your form ready event:

    If (this.) RawValue)


    this.execEvent ("change");


    Fill the evetn you want to trigger if this isn't the change event you use.

  • Form based on a Table, only updated authorized, form does not display the data


    I created a form based on a Table by the corresponding wizzard. The table has only one line. The shape didn't create or delete buttons, only update & Cancel is allowed. The PK (id field) is hidden and it takes the value of a database trigger when insert (in fact never is apllied because there is no Create).

    When the form is called it is already displayed in update mode, with cancel button allowed but not data in the fields. Line seems ok, session data available null to variables/positions. No idea why this is happenning? I expect to HAV the data in the form fields.



    Your primary key item have no value, I guess.
    Create calculations to set the value of the item that is in this single line in your table

    BR, Jari

  • Windows Media Player does not display the devices in order to 'allow' when I try to start streaming.

    I am running Windows 7, Windows Media Player.  I have movies on the computer that I want to display via two Panasonic DLNA certified Blu - Ray players.  I followed all the instructions from Microsoft to start streaming.  I get to the same point in different ways;  When Windows Media Player is opened I click 'Stream' and I come to a screen asking me on behalf of my library...  I fill in a name of the library (although I've never really known before), and then I click on the drop down menu to choose the device to allow.  The drop-down list is empty.

    I can access Netflix and other internet content from Blu - Ray players, but can't be seen by Windows.  Players are connected through cables cat6 for a home network.

    Any ideas?


    From the control PANEL
    Select Network & Sharing Center

    Turn on

    • File sharing
    • Media sharing
    • Public folder sharing

    Right click on a folder in which video files are and select SHARING.

    Looking for additional assistance for DLNA file sharing online - broadcast if you're still stuck.

    You can usually select the files directly from your device once the share DLNA
    He is active as I do on my new LG 42 "televisions.  :)

    I hope this helps.  :)

  • Equium A60 - DVD player does not read the data disks


    I'm having a problem with my DVD drive on my laptop Toshiba Equium A60. The DVD drive (Pioneer DVD - RW DVR-K13A) will play store bought movies etc. without problem. He will also read a blank DVD when you put it in the drive, but once the information/data are on the disc, it won t detect the drive.

    I'm not really good with computer so any help would be grateful. The computer used for any play he stopped just do a few months back.

    Many thanks, Phil

    Hello Phil

    It is not easy to find explanations for these issues. What you can try is to create own data CD and check if the drive can read. I recommend buying a blank DVD-R from TDK. Over the past 7 years I never had no problem read/write TDK media.

    Media that cannot be read properly? Is - this DVD-R, DVD - RW, DVD + R or a DVD + RW?
    Please give us more information.

  • Popup does not display the data entered

    Hi all

    I started to learn the ADF please kindly bear with me.
    I can't make this simple project works as I wanted.

    The logic is simple. On the click of the button, I want to popup the
    name entered.
        <af:document id="d1">
          <af:form id="f1">
            <af:inputText label="Name" id="it1" binding="#{}"/>
            <af:commandButton text="Say Hello" id="cb1" partialSubmit="true">
              <af:showPopupBehavior triggerType="action" popupId="helloPopup"/>
          <af:popup id="helloPopup">
            <af:dialog id="welcomeDialog" title="Welcome" type="ok">
              <af:outputText value="Hello #{}" id="ot1"/>
    I used a bean managed in this case.
    public class SayHelloBean {
        private RichInputText name;
        public void setName(RichInputText name) {
   = name;
        public RichInputText getName() {
            return name;
    and I want to put the value of the output on dynamic expression like this text < af:outputText value = "Hello #{}" / >

    Any thoughts?

    Published by: 848524 on March 30, 2011 23:15

    Published by: 848524 on March 30, 2011 23:19


    Try using the code below:

    your jspx should be:

    Managed bean:

    private String name;

    public void setName (String name)
    myIdName = name;

    public String getName()
    return the name.


  • CD player does not read the CD ROM and CD music, DVD works fine

    My HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GSA-H42N DVD and CD player does not read the CD ROM and CD music, DVD works fine

    Hi Anil,

    We recommend that you download and run the Microsoft Fix and check if the problem persists.
    See your CD drive or DVD drive is missing or is not recognized by Windows or other programs

    See also:

    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • Windows does not display the CD-ROM drive

    A week ago, my computer stopped showing me an icon for my DVD player. When I go into the Device Manager there is no option for CD/DVD players. I tried Microsoft Fix It, and he told me that there is no CD drive. I can not re - install a driver because the Device Manager does not display the CD players.

    I did not major changes to my computer I know so I can't imagine what the problem is. Help?



    Follow these steps to remove corruption and missing/damaged file system repair or replacement.

    Start - type in the search box - find command top - RIGHT CLICK – RUN AS ADMIN


    How to analyze the log file entries that the Microsoft Windows Resource Checker (SFC.exe) program
    generates in Windows Vista cbs.log

    Then, run checkdisk - schedule it to run at next boot, then apply OK your way out, then restart.

    How to run the check disk at startup in Vista


    After the foregoing:

    Step 1: Please do all the same underneath if you did some before as is often total
    a process that solves the problem.

    Try this - Panel - Device Manager - CD/DVD - double click on the device - driver tab.
    Click on update drivers (this will probably do nothing) - RIGHT click ON the drive - uninstall.
    RESTART this will refresh the default driver stack. Even if the reader does not appear to continue

    Then, work your way through these - don't forget the drive might be bad, could be a coward
    cable or slight corrosion on the contacts (usually for a laptop) and other issues.

    Your CD or DVD drive is missing or is not recognized by Windows or other programs - a Mr Fixit

    Try this fix manually if the Fixit 314060 does not work

    Your CD or DVD drive is missing or is not recognized by Windows or other programs-
    a Mr Fixit

    The CD drive or the DVD drive does not work as expected on a computer that you upgraded to
    for Windows Vista

    When you insert a CD or a DVD, Windows Vista may not recognize the disc

    Your CD or DVD drive cannot read or write media - A Mr Fixit

    CD/DVD drive does not appear in Windows Vista, or you receive this error in Windows
    Vista installation after booting from the DVD (AHCI)
    Drive CD - R or CD - RW Drive is not recognized as a recordable device

    Hardware devices not detected or not working - A Mr Fixit

    Another possibility is that the cables are loose. Remove ALL power, then make sure that the cables in both
    ends. Remove and replace, do not just tight. For laptops, you can often clean power and
    contacts data with a pencil eraser.

    Some DVD players do not use the Windows default drivers so check with the manufacturer of system and
    manufacturer of device to see if there is a firmware or drivers for your drive if necessary.


    Step 2: You have disc problems as the CD/DVD is actually 4 discs in 1 case (CD & DVD
    Burn and CD and DVD read). So it is not unusual for 1 or 2 operational so that other parts
    do it right.

    Did you follow the Troubleshooting Guide for the reader who still does not work? There are
    the entries in registry that the troubleshooter does not solve and those who "might" be the cause.

    Check with your Maker system and a device for the two possible firmware updates and
    the correct registry entries for your car.

    Here are the keys that I of course are those in question - for the subkeys of the CD/DVD drive
    as there will be other subkeys in these keys. Do not forget to ask specific keys involved as well as
    the parameters.


    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Hardware Profiles\0001\System\CurrentControlSet\Enum\IDE

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Class\ {4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}


    You can probably find more info here and maybe even the exact registry for your CD/DVD settings
    drive from someone with the same model.

    Forums - a lot of expert real help

    CD/DVD units

    I hope this helps.

    Rob Brown - MS MVP - Windows Desktop Experience: Bike - Mark Twain said it right.

  • BlackBerry Tour 9630 smartphones does not display the name of the caller


    I have a Tour 9630, version sw  When the phone rings, it does not display the name of the caller, their telephone number, although this number is in my address book.  Once I answer the call, the name will be displayed.

    Naturally, I would like to know who is the caller before I answer!  :-)

    I found a few messages, ask something similar, although for different model phones.  Some of them suggest that I have to disable protection for the content... but I can't find it in the options.  Even in the User Guide, it contains instructions (go to Options > Security Options > General settings... but there is no "General settings" on my phone.)

    If anyone knows how to solve this problem, I would be very grateful!

    Kind regards

    Options > Security > encryption > include contacts.

    There could be other solutions... Try these:

    1. make sure that you set your own country code to the Phone Dialer screen > Options > smart dialing.
    Set your country code in this format: "+ xx" where xx = country code. Some countries have two or three-digit country Codes. Do not place not the '+' in the entrance of your contact.
    * In the United States, the value of this country as '+ 1' Code and place your local area code in the appropriate box (this normally the default setting in a new BB).

    2. in the same place, change the length of National number for the number of digits corresponding to your country (since some countries have less than 10 as that set by default in the BB). Check out the total numbers, less country code. Do not place not the '+' in the entrance of your contact.
    * For example, some countries have a total number to 8 (more than 3 for the country code). You must enter '8 '.

Maybe you are looking for