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DIN eller kan inte skriva medier eller lasa dvd cd (Monday 9 April 2012 00:16:50 GMT + 0200 (Vasteuropa, may))
Diagnostisera och reparera automatiskt problem med din cd-eller dvd-enhet eller branner medier laser nar.

VAD ar det jag Maste gora for att fixa called, har kort fixit men har inte hjalpt?



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  • My inner smartdrive dvd player won't read DVDs more.  I have updated to Snow Leopard in Yosemite.

    I am currently using OS X Yosemite 10.10.5.  I bought in 2009 iMac with Snow Leopard and have to Lion then updated my current operating system.  The internal dvd player has worked with much fussing, (insert the disc - closing - turn after a wait - by pushing the drive when he jumped on reboot).  If I had the chance after a few hours, the video disc show up on my desk.  When this happened, I was opening the dvd player that was in the Finder and the disc would play. I also tried to open the dvd first player and then insert the disc.  That no longer works.  Yesterday, only it just stop working.  The reader still takes dvd and swirls and click as before but then ejects the dvd. Repeatedly stop and restart is no longer works.  I make sure that the dvd be clean before I use it and have tried many different DVDs without success.  I think it's a software issue.  Does anyone have an idea/instructions a nearly dead grandmother brain that can follow to update or redate back to original factory setting to help this poor Smartdrive not so smart?

    I have no TV, only my computer and phone at low prices.  I need to watch that my library borrowed from the dvd.

    Thank you.

    Try a cleaning CD/DVD

    You can also try to clean by:

    How to clean a Superdrive DVD using a credit card!

    I suspect the optical drive has failed. My 2009 Mac Mini could not shoot with same symptom 4 years ago.

    To confirm a drive failure, insert a Snow Leopard installation DVD and try to start with the C key.

    If this isn't the case, they drive could not be started.

    I would just get an external optical drive, one powered with an AC adapter. The Superdrive Apple USB does not work without a hack.

    This is the Office Mac Pro forum. I asked that your post moved to the forum of Intel iMac or another appropriate forum.

  • DVD player freezes when audio editing

    My application DVD player recently started crashing every time that trying to change the volume of the silent era. The laptop is a MacBook 12 "retina 2015, using an external DVD drive that has worked very well for a year. Have tried on many different DVDs and they all load fine, DVD player auto-commence, but they all open with no sound. If I try to increase the volume of 0 on the slider, the player crashes. If I try to access audio via the menu 'Options' menu does load not for Audio and audio disk configuration is similarly frozen to corruption. Other audio works fine on the machine. Any idea on what could be the problem? Thank you.

    Greetings bhan001,

    Thank you for using communities of Apple Support. It seems you want to play a dvd on the MacBook connected via an external dvd drive. Given that the application crashes using each dvd that you tried it may be a problem with the application itself. There are a few things that we can try to isolate and solve the problem.  I would recommend you read these articles, starting in safe mode disables the 3rd party applications that may interfere with the DVD player application. If the problem persists, we can try a new user to test to see if it's a matter of profile or the scale of the system.

    Try safe mode if your Mac does not end commissioning

    How to test a question in another account on your Mac.

    Take care.

  • bk 2011 pro Mac dvd player spits out dvd

    I have a 15 inch 2011 mac book pro. The dvd player does not work. When you insert a dvd into the computer, the computer acts like it's going to run it, but then he spits. She also shows an error message of the dvd drive on the launch pad. I use the dvd player / cd player a lot. Help, please.

    Hey glerouxwende,

    Thank you for being a part of the communities of Apple Support.

    I understand from your post that your MacBook Pro is not mounting dics and is just spit them back.  It's probably what is originally an error of the DVD player.  To help solve this problem, I would like to you please follow the steps below:

    Accepts discs, but they do not install or are ejected automatically

    1. Make sure that the drive is not placed in reverse. The aluminum case must be upward as shown in section 1.
    2. Check the surface of the disc for scratches and dirt, as these things can prevent the disk on the desktop.
    3. Connect the SuperDrive for MacBook Air drive directly to the USB port of the computer instead a USB hub.
    4. Reset the controller management system (SCM).
    5. Make sure that your drive can read the disc type. The System Profiler or an Information system can provide additional information on the subject of what is supported by your computer media.
      • OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard or earlier: Open Apple System Profiler by choosing "about this Mac" from the Apple () menu. Then, click on details.
      • OS X Lion v10.7 and later: click the Apple () menu and hold down the Option key. Select system information in the menu.
    6. If the disc continues to not be recognized, Contact Apple or an provider of services authorized Appleor make an appointment with a Store Apple Store.

    Get help with the SuperDrive slot on your Mac computer loading

    Take care.

  • How can I import documents in an FCP project, using the DVD player connected to a MacBook Pro 10.10.5 Super player?

    How can I import documents in an FCP project, using the DVD player connected to a MacBook Pro 10.10.5 Super player?

    You need to rip a DVD? Try MPEG Streamclip or brake hand. Both free. Streamclip better, but much more complicated to install and use.

  • When I use my super disc to DVD recording, he plays on my IMac, but not on my dvd player.  I'm something wrong or just not do something?

    When I use my super disc to DVD recording, he plays on my IMac, but not on my dvd player.  I'm something wrong or just not do something?

    what you save? How do you save it? What format? what application? what you're trying to read on?

  • DVD Player Will NOT force him to leave


    After playing a DVD, I ejected the disk and now I want to CLOSE DVD player; It will not CLOSE, so now I'm in vain try to Force Quit the application integrated on my early 2010 MacBook Pro DVD player.  Also, I'm not able to add to my ESET Cyber Security quarantine because it is not a regular file.  Try force quit with a right click and both via the Force Quit window will not work.

    Right click on "show all Windows" on "DVD player" on the quay offers a DEFAULT SCREEN with only the two supplied Dock and the same origin.  There is NO MENU BAR provided either at the TOP of the SCREEN?

    • What is a DVD called in activity monitor? And what method can I close?
    • How can I force quit via a command to USE in the Terminal.
    • Is there a cash OUT REQUEST "DVD PLAYER" to download?  And where should I go to reinstall?

    I can't close idvd?

  • DVD Player opens to the grey screen - audio is OK

    iMac 7.1-480 GB SSD, 6 GB RAM, 27 "screen. You try to view DVD DVD player. Program starts normally, but when playing DVD we get grey screen, no video at all. However, audio plays normally. Have tried this with several DVDs, all have the same answer. See screenshot, below.

    The Mac has run DVD player very well in the past, no problem.

    Computer works fine in all other respects. Any help/recommendations would be appreciated.

    A screenshot from the DVD player would be grey like that but obviously it should play ok on the screen.

  • V5.8 DVD player: error-70012

    Dear Apple community,

    I use a MacBook Pro 13 "(mi-2010) and replaced the Superdrive (SD) by a 750 GB HD (using the iFixit statement)." At the time I build on the 750 GB HD, it had Mac OS X 10.11.1. I noticed recently that the DVD player (v.5.8) not started correctly, display this error message:

    There was an error initializing

    A valid DVD drive is not found. [- [ 70012]

    Pressing the Ok button, quit the program.

    In this case independent of whether it is a DVD inserted in the SD card or not. The Superdrive is connected via USB as external drive and works well, for example with the VLC Player I installed before that I checked Apple's DVD player.

    Until I checked the DVD player, I also downloaded from the App Store "Screen recording Studio" App (Lite and more later for €4.99). This program does unfortunately not work, and I don't know if this installation has changed the settings of the DVD player or just the fact that the SD card is not connected as external drive.

    I contacted Apple Support and as a possible solution, that I've been recommended to update my Mac OS X 10.11.1 to update more recent 10.11.5 - which I did, but I still get the same error message when you start the DVD player.

    You have an idea for a solution? Are there preferences that can be adapted without having to reinstall the entire operating system new risk of loss of data etc. ?

    Thanks for your support!

    Best regards

    Özkan Yalkinoglu banks in os x.

  • A DVD player is available for iMac OSX el Capitan?

    There is no dvd player with my computer; It is available a the sale please?

    Daughter of con says:

    There is no dvd player with my computer; It is available a the sale please?

  • How to clear a Mac Mini RAID server with no DVD player?

    Server RAID Mini for Mac OS X 10.8.5, with server app 2.2.5

    How to erase the Mac server when the mac mini is not a DVD player?

    Sell us and want an own server.

    Connect to another Mac using target disk Mode and then erase the drives.

    Here is an article from Engadget that covers it. sk-mode.

    You can also try to run it in Internet Recovery Mode and do a clean install of the operating system.

    OS X: on OS X Recovery - Apple Support

  • Updated El Capitian, why can't I read films in imovie in the DVD player, I did?

    In original imovie I could play the iMovie anywhere, I did, now the iMovie I made won't play in any DVD player. What hurts when I made them?

    In order to play your DVD in a DVD player, to do with a program like iDVD for DVD authoring.   You can make a DVD of data without using a design program, and who will play on your computer but not on a DVD.

    With the latest version of iMovie, you make a DVD created by sharing your movie to a file and then dragging (import) this film in a

    creation of program such as iDVD or other ones you can get on the market.    He will then play on a DVD player.

  • -DVD burn does not work in the DVD player sometimes

    I have a Mac Pro from the beginning of 2008, and it came with a DVD drive (OPTIARC DVD RW AD - 7170A).  I was able to burn DVDs with using toast in the past.

    But lately, the half of the DVD burn won't play in my DVD consumer player.  I get a "Disk error" message when I try to play them, and they do not load.  It's a strange problem, because some of them work and some do not.  I can't tell where the problem is.

    Is there a way to test the DVD player?  Should I just replace it?

    Many brands of blank DVDs gives very inconsistent results when burning. If you use a brand store or generic blanks, that may be the problem.

  • EliteBook 8570p: replace the portable DVD player computer - HP DT80N

    Hi all, I recently bought a used Elitebook 8570p - big machine. To my surprise, when I went to burn it to a CD, I discovered the installed DVD ROM is a reader, not a writer. I didn't even know that those who exist more... Model is HP DVD ROM DT80N.

    I've never replaced a DVD player, but I feel comfortable doing the swap. However, I can't determine what player will agree and match the look of the laptop.

    Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated - thanks!


    The ones for your p 8570.

    Optical drive (includes bezel optical drive and optical drive support)

    Drive Blu - ray ROM DVD ± RW SuperMulti DL for use only on HP EliteBook 8570p

    Models of laptop PC (including the telescope optical drive and optical drive support)

    690411 001

    Drive Double layer with SuperMulti usable only on the HP EliteBook 8570p

    Models of laptop PC (including the telescope optical drive and optical drive support)

    690410 001

    DVD - ROM drive for use only on the computer laptop HP EliteBook 8570p models

    (includes bezel optical drive and optical drive support)

    690413 001

    Your manual here.

    They will look like the one you have now.


  • How can I connect my DVD player to my new Imac with a bolt of lightning for a HDMI cable

    I use the latest version of the software of El Capitan. I tried several times to use the Imac as a screen to watch my DVD without success.

    Can you advise what I'm doing wrong?

    You may not use any ole' DVD drive on your Mac.

    You must use a special DVD player designed to work with computers and Macs.

    As Apple's DVD player that is designed to work with Mac, who no longer have a built-in CD/DVD optical drive.

    Good luck!

  • Portege A600-133: DVD player disappears from my computer


    I have a laptop Portege A600-133.
    First of all, it is slow at the opening of my computer screen.

    Second: after ejecting a disc dvd or cd, Windows still shows the contents of the disc, the system hangs for a while, a USB unplug sound can be heard and the dvd player disappears from Windows (in my computer / Explorer / Device Manager)

    What this may be?

    I did already the round of upper/lower filters in the registry, but it does not solve the problem...
    I opened the computer laptop and checked the wiring to the dvd drive, cleaned the contacts, supported on the connectors.

    But the problem is still there...
    OS = Windows XP SP3

    Kind regards



    My first idea was to remove the upper and lower registry key filters, but it seems that you have already done this.

    Nevertheless, here is a knowledge of MS on the upper and lower filters article mentioned.

    Hmm if the unit is not present in the device manager then this means that the device is not connected or he's dead

    You should check if the ODD (optical disc) is recognized in the BIOS.
    You should also check if it of possible to boot from the bootable CD.

    If this is not possible then it may mean that your WEIRD malfunction

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    Years, I kept my large collection of music & audio book, etc. on a USB key, keeping my clear computer memory. I have set itunes NOT organize or copy music, leaving in the folders I find convenient. I have no problem setting up itunes and adding music

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    Original title: error code 0 x 80240036 I get the error code 0 x 80240036 when you try to update to internet explore after that computer crashed

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