CD is complete and total crap. Where can I find the old version to download?

Because I refuse to use DC. It is a caricature and a giant back and if I can't get the feature I want, or oldest, best version I want, then I'll use a different PDF reader. Adobe is a joke, apparently. All software vendors should strive to people constantly ask the OLDER, the better version of their software. Genius. My advice is to fire everyone involved with DC and start from XI. I wish that I still had the installer on my computer, but it was such a long time ago, and I don't think that Adobe would lose his mind for the next version. My mistake, because I thought that Adobe is a professional company. Ridicule me.



I'm sorry that you are not loving the new interface of Adobe Reader. However, it is designed to improve the experience with the new interface and features.

You can visit the following link to download the previous version of the player.

You can also report to our developers using this form of wish.

Feature request/Bug Report Form


Sukrit diallo

Tags: Acrobat

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