certification error on my computer only for a particular Web site

For several months the internet Explorer has been telling me that it cannot confirm the authenticity of my online banking service.   When I use internet explore from a library or another computer I never get this message indicating that: certification center is unknown; Server is configured incorrectly; or I connect to a server of the intruder.  I contacted the Bank, Kapersky and used suggestions from the forum without success.  Also, when I discovered the certification it indicates that the certificate has expired 05/03/10. So why is it I can access on other systems of ms and not my own?  Any help would be most appreciated. Thank you, Mosliere.

From: Mosliere to: all useful forum colleagues I tried all the solutions that you gave, but could not solve the problem until I upgraded my antivirus Kapersky 2010 and the problem occurred is no longer. I do not know exactly if the upgrade caused the solution but I can not give any other reason. Thank you very much

Tags: Windows

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