change a specific color fax setting in HP officejet 4620

Is it possible to set up a HP officejet 4620 fax in black only?  There are too many steps by sending a fax.  It is the first HP all-in-one that asks you if you want to fax in black or color.  I bought this machine to be used in the Office of the Director of our office.  She likes not all choices of fax on.  If we can set the machine to fax in black only without the extra step, it would be a great help.

Hello Candlmc-

There is unfortunately no way to do it from the front panel. This option is built into the firmware of the printer. Looks like you will need to choose 'black' or 'color '.

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    More answers can be found here, like how to unlock everything.

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    Sorry, but you will not be able to disable fax on the printer. This is when used. That comes with the printer, I'm sorry.

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    Left is simple to do, said Kurt.

    Go to the Swatch Panel, select pms 401 that cmd select pms 356 go to the menu drop down and select Merge shades.

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    Thanks for writing. I have an Intel 82865 G Graphics Controller and I think I have the latest drivers, but your answer refers specifically to a device driver. So I hope to go online at the Intel Web site and search for a device driver. I'll let you know if it works and thank you once again.

    Could try their utility for the identification of such things:

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    Santosh is correct. Here is a small example of the implementation of this code:

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    Insert a function "to the more specific" and connect the digital constant refnum. I modified a bit your vi.

    See attachment.


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