Change HDD on Satellite Pro A40


I have a hard drive dead in my Satellite Pro A40, and I would like to replace it.
Please tell me which model suits me. The size of 40 to 80 GB hard drive.

Thank you!


This old model was offered with 30 GB, 40 GB or 60 GB HDD. In my opinion you shouldn't have any problem, upgrade with 80 GB or even with max 100GB / 120 GB HDD.

For example check please model Toshiba MK1032GAX. It is the old model with IDE interface and must be perfect for your machine.

Incidentally: of course this old piece of equipment can scale up to 2 GB of RAM. How do you currently use? What operating system do you use?
Sorry for the question, but it really is fascinating that many people still use old machines WXP. :)

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  • How to change HDD on Satellite Pro 430CDT

    Can someone tell me where I could find simple instructions telling me how to take apart my old 430CDT to mount a hard drive more? I think replace drive 1.25 GB - with a 4 or 6 GB hard drive assuming the disks that I may need to adapt.

    I guess that the hard drive is hidden somewhere under the keyboard, but may not work on how to remove + that + without damaging it.

    I have no real experience of this sort of thing - I did nothing more complicated than the new fitting RAM to a less-ancient A120 and change hard drives around on a Satellite 320.

    Archives help, unfortunately, but it's fun to read old press releases and ads and see what was considered as performing just twelve or thirteen years - progress in the design of the computer are fast enough, isn't it? Aware that in a couple of years something with less of a terabyte of HARD drive and a quad-core processor will be also awfully outdated and limited my old 430 you like now.

    Absolutely no reason practice for this - just out of curiosity and just for fun.

    Any suggestion would be appreciated - thanks in anticipation!


    Replacing the HARD drive is not difficult.
    The HARD drive Bay is placed at the bottom of the unit and you can easily access the HARD disk.

    To remove the HARD disk drive, follow the steps below.

    1. turn off the power the computer. Unplug the power cord and all external cables connected to the computer.
    2. remove the two screws that fix the backup of HARD drive to the computer chassis.
    3 pull the chassis forward by its handle to disconnect the HARD drive.
    4. remove the frame and the brace with the HARD drive.
    5. remove the four screws that anchor the frame on the HARD drive and separate the frame HARD drive.

    That s it

  • Satellite Pro A40-111 - Windows XP Pro Russia - how to change to Windows XP en

    Hi all

    I just bought the Satellite Pro A40-111, 2 days ago in Ukraine. Everything is OK except the OS, it is the version of WinXP Russia. I'm not one Russian or Ukrainian.

    Could Toshiba or someone could help me to config this OS to have the Interface in English WinXP?
    Please help me!
    Thank you very much.


    for your Windows to speak another language, you need to go to stores and buy a Windows with this language. In your case, there is (at least not known to me) no way to change Windows English Russian Windows without having to reinstall the system from scratch - and not with an English Windows.

    When you do so, remember to add the drivers CD Utilties - and tools and in the exact order as described in the help on the CD HTML files.
    It is imperative to install drivers in the correct order to have the machine works correctly.

    Good luck


  • Satellite Pro A40 (PSA45E) - How to Exchange old HDD?

    The HARD drive in five years by Satellite Pro A40 daughter old died recently. What type of HARD drive replacement is supported by the BIOS or am I limited to the Toshiba MK4025 only?

    Also, does anyone have an idea how to open the case without causing too much damage to the tabs in plastic molded?

    Thank you


    Theoretically, you can buy each HARD disk and it makes no difference which manufacturing you buy the HARD drive. But the uses of Satellite Pro A40 older hard drives with IDE interface as far as I know, and this means that you can not use hard s 128 GB drives or let due 120 GB limitation LBA 28 bits.
    120 GB would be the biggest HARD drive you can use.

    Normally, the HARD drive cover is only attached by two screws. Remove it, the cover and then to exchange the HARD drive.

  • Satellite Pro A40 HDD power level and general clean.

    I hope that someone can help you.
    I have a friend who knows very little computers and received a Satellite Pro A40. She asked me to clean it and reinstall XP and all the relevant software for access to the internet and Microsoft Office.
    During the process to do this, I noticed that the hard drive is clicking, which with a tower PC experience means his failing.
    I would like to replace and modernize, but I cannot find what type of drive it is. Is it IDE or SATA interface. I suspect the IDE due to age.
    Also can I buy a 2.5 IDE/SATA generic "hard drive, like Seagate or Maxtor? I would like to put a 80 GB, but not too sure if the laptop can handle, or if it has a Toshiba-specific connection.

    And finally, I tried to get fans to give them a good clean as their obstructed upward, I can't apparently everything else but the fans. The only way I see now to do is to take the mobo off, something that I prefer not to do so.

    I'll probably be eBay or similar sourcing due to the age of the laptop.

    Thank you very much


    You can upgrade HARD disk 80 GB HARD drive. Autour Googling, I found info on compatible hard disks of 80 GB. You can use the tracking models:

    IBM G8BC0000Z810
    HITACHI G8BC00017810
    HITACHI G8BC00014810

    Use these numbers and you will find info on hard drives.
    AFAIK all older models of laptops have hard disks IDE and the same should be used on the Satellite Pro A40.

    What about 'clean '? You are right.
    If you want to do that well the laptop must be disassembled, but this must be done after disassembly procedure in maintenance manuals.

    The problem is that maintenance manuals is not a public document. So please be careful what you do with it.

  • Satellite Pro A40 works now painfully slow

    Hi all, I have a satellite pro a40 which has served me well for a long time here.

    Although it runs painfully slow, now all the programs, including the internet despite my speed of 4 MB.

    I have zone alarm that made regular virus and spyware scans, I tried to defrag and disk clean up but not of the above solve the problem long term.

    Short of ideas, if anyone out there can suggest a remedy? Thank you.

    Hi Urbansafari,

    There are a few things you can try to improve the speed of your A40 - I guess you're talking about the speed (or lack thereof!) to which your laptop seems to be tasks such as opening new windows, programs etc.?

    The first thing to do is to look at the list of all programs start; Uninstall anything you don't need really or use is a good way of clutches back disk space (Windows uses hard disk as 'virtual memory' space to supplement the RAM mounted inside).

    The next thing to do is look at what programs are started in the background when you start Windows. To do this, click Start, then run and type msconfig. In the window that opens, click on the start right tab and you will see a drop-down list of all the programs that start with Windows. Without recognition program names, it may be best to leave them because they can be processes required by Windows. Uncheck all the programs you want to start automatically the next time you turn on the computer. When you are done, click on save and you will be prompted to restart the A40 for the changes to take effect.

    It is perhaps that a new installation of Windows is needed to delete all the temporary files and the old registry entries that have accumulated to over time, in which case backup all your data before running the recovery disc.

    One last thing to consider is the weather you may qualify for an upgrade memory HDD largest capacity, which are both reasonably good solutions worked for a slow running computer.

    Let us know if this is useful and how you...


  • Re: Satellite Pro A40 - connection to the local network


    My names Andy and not bieng a total beginner computer, I tried to install all the drivers for my laptop model a SPA40 old fathers PSA45E-001VM-EN. (European model I think) everything looks ok, except that I can't get the ETHERNET driver.

    When I go into the Device Manager there is NO controller network displayed in the list and there is a yellow exclamation mark against two controllers ethernet ib the OTHER DEVICES tab looking here, I downloaded the atheros wlan xp file -, broadcom wlan xp - installed and nothing changes, we used to be able to go on the net and with the wifi card in the pci slot wireless go so I know its capable I think it's just the order of drivers and the drivers themselves,

    Then someone can point me in the right direction before as I have send myself crazy with this...

    You can

    regards and thanks in advance



    The drivers that you downloaded are WLAN Card and has nothing to do with the connection to the local network (Ethernet) normal

    I think you should check the Web from Toshiba site to download the latest LAN driver. You can find the drivers for Satellite Pro A40 in * archives *.
    ttp:// h

  • Satellite Pro A40 - sound skips when loading programs

    PC: Toshibe Satellite Pro A40
    Sound card drivers: Soundmax integrated digital audio


    When I bought my Toshiba Satellite Pro A40 my audio is not affected by loading programs and any other activities that could slow down my computer.

    I had to resinstall windows a few months back when my HD crashed.

    I reloaded all my drivers etc. and installed itunes.

    When I play music or any audio I listen to jump seriously when loading programs or when processes are performed on my computer.

    This used to be the case, I tried to change my settings from quicktime to run in safe mode, I even now deleted quicktime and itunes that I thought it was the source of the problems.

    Nothing worked, my sound is still seriously affected when my processor is busy

    I uninstalled, reinstalled my sound card drivers, but nothing has worked...

    I would really appreciate it if you have all the settings I could change to stop this problem.

    My voice through my microphone breaks a lot, so the people at the other end of a VOIP call can barely hear me... it's driving me crazy!

  • Satellite Pro A40: CD-RW/DVD drive cannot read DVD


    The reader combo CD-RW/DVD on my Satellite Pro A40 (14 months) stopped reading DVDs (DVD - R or the video, have not tried other types), although it can play DVDs some time. I've cleaned the disc by using a cleaning disc. I think the problem started when I upgraded the OS to WinXP SP1 to SP2, but not sure. I tried CD - R and CD - RW writing and no errors were reported, but the CD that result are unusable (can't be read in the drive, with the LED blinks a few times and then to infinity).

    Someone has an idea how solve this ptoblem? Thank you


    Hi Richard,

    I suggest that you go the Device Manager on your laptop and then remove your devive DVD-ROM in the list. When you have done this and then select the option "Find new hardware" and allow Windows XP Reinstall the device and associate the appropriate driver.


  • Satellite Pro A40: TPSODDCtl.exe - Ordinal not found


    I reinstalled my Toshiba Satellite Pro A40 with XP sp2.
    Since then, Power Saver have begun to return this error:
    «Application popup: TPSODDCtl.exe - Ordinal not found: the 21 ordinal not found in the library of dynamic links TPSMainCtl.dll.»

    I already removed energy saving and reinstalled again. Energy saving does not work well, m but every time this error apears I restart computer.

    Does anyone have a solution for this problem?

    Thank you for your attention.


    Hello AF

    It's really not easy to say how this problem can be solved. Usually the new facility could solve it. This kind of problems is not easy to repair on easy way. If you are a user with lots of experience I suggest you remove all records related to energy saving, even entries in regedit (be careful).

    Then, try again to install energy-saving. Sorry but I have no other suggestions.

    If you will be able to solve this problem please let me know.

    Good bye

  • Satellite Pro A40-240, keyboard problems


    I had problems with the keyboard of my Toshiba Satellite Pro A40-240... "Sometimes the"<" key="" print="" a="" lot="" of="" characters,="" and="" sometimes="" the="" "sticky="" keys"="" are="" authomatically="">

    This problem starts without any previous sign. A suggestion?

    Thank you!

    Check your keyboard settings?

  • Replace the drive DVD/CD-RW on my Satellite Pro A40


    Does anyone know if a Toshiba DVD/CD-RW drive with model number SD-R2412 will be compatible with my Satellite Pro A40? If not, anyone know where I could find? Some muggins broke the CD drive on my laptop by bumping the case off a cargo cover. As a result, I can't claim on the warranty... statement of accidental damage... bah. :-(

    A friend of mine, think the new drive can need CSEL or M/S setting... What is it exactly and I need for an A40 Pro Sat? The laptop model number is PSA45E - 0184H - EN

    Thank you!!


    Sorry, but I can't tell you which model will fit your laptop because there is not a public document on this subject. I know that your drive is set up and if the warranty is still valid you should not o alone because you can lose your warranty. I also found information that your device may also use a DVD-R, - RW drive. These types of information have all authorized partners. Try to contact them. I'm sure they can give you correct information on this subject.

    Good bye

  • What is HD-maximum capacity for Satellite Pro A40?

    Hello together,

    I got a (PSA45E) Satellite Pro A40 and now I need a new hard drive.
    My question is now, what is the maximum capacity for a hd you can plug in and are very by the BIOS?

    Thanks in advance.



    I think this old laptop HARD drive with IDE interface, so I think the upgrade up to 120 GB should be possible. I think that 80 or 100 GB should be enough for this good old classic.

    I hope you aren't the guy who wants to have 500 GB. :)

  • RAM for Satellite Pro A40

    I want to update my laptop ram, can someone tell me what kind of memories, I can use for my laptop thanks Satellite Pro A40.


    As far as I know on your device is 2 available slots, and you can upgrade the memory for max 2048 MB (2 x 1024 MB) PC2100 DDR - RAM. In addition, you can use these memory modules:

    PC2700 256 MB (PA3311U - 1 M 25)
    PC2700 512 MB (PA3312U - 1 M 51)
    1024MO PC2700 (PA3313U-1M1G)

    Good bye

  • Satellite Pro A40 fell on the wireless network card; Damaged PCMCIA slot

    This morning my Satellite Pro A40 (Celeron 2.6) fell 40 cm. He fell right on the wireless network card that has been inserted. This card is still alive and so is the rest of the laptop, but the PCMCIA location is little damaged. I can insert PC cards almost completely, just the last piece (when the pins are) wrong.

    I removed the cover near the CPU, and there, I could see the inside PCMCIA slot; I could see the main part and the last part where the pins are. That little part as is pushed upward, as you can see in the pictures.

    I think I'd be able to fix myself this PCMCIA slot, but I can't remove it. I removed all the screws on the rear plate, but he is still blocked.


    PCMCIA slot

    The PCMCIA location; on the left, you will see the part with the pins, which is pushed upward. It's also what I see when I look at the pins in the PCMCIA slot. as they are pushed down, but I don't think they are folded.

    Wireless network card

    Wireless network card; It is a little damaged but it still works.

    Does anyone have an idea how I can remove the back plate, or another way to remove the PCMCIA slot and fix it?

    Hi Steve

    Well, I can give t well you not answer how you can just remove the PCMCIA slot.
    There are a lot of screws and to my knowledge, it is necessary to remove all covers and screws that are placed at the bottom of the unit and inside under the keyboard.
    Please check this specific device. Perhaps you have overlooked a few screws.

    But if it is impossible to remove the PCMCIA slot of the unit, I recommend to ask the service partner for a detailed instruction.

    Good luck

    Good bye

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