Change of address IP PowerConnect 5448

Ive got 2 x Dell PowerConnect 5448 and set an ip address on VLAN1 [I think!], so that I can access the web interface. Im trying to change this ip address, now but cant seem to do this through the web interface, Ive also tried to use CLI but cannot find where it is configured. Ive looked in the settings of VLAN and ip settings in the CLI but cant for the life of change me the ip address. In the web interface, I tried assign another ip to the vlan1 but I get an error message means that you can define only a single ip address per vlan. Anyone know how change the ip address through the web interface or by using the CLI?

I also want to create a vlan port base to 1-5 on the switch ports. Am I right to assume that by default, all ports on the switch belong to the vlan1 and I would need to create a vlan2 for ports 1 to 5?

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  • Need help to configure the VLAN on a powerconnect 5448

    Hello world

    I am currently working on 2 switches PowerConnect 5448 but I'm completely lost in configuring VLAN.

    My bow:

    My needs are:

    -J' have 2 different networks that need to be isolated in different VLANS

    -I want to port 11-14 to use for network backup, all others must be used for the production network.

    -This 2 networks must pass through the port 48 (fiber)

    How can I configure this kind of network on the powerconnect interface (or via telnet)?

    My understood are the following, I have to create 2 different VLAN tag all ports, switch to safe mode all ports of the entitlement each port to the VLAN voted. Am I wrong?

    How the fiber port?

    Thanks in advance for your help on this matter.

    Since your 2 VLAN need not communicate with each other, you should be able to get this working.

    The easiest way to do this would be to have your production on VLAN 1 and VLAN 2 second network.

    Assign an IP address to the switch with the command IP #.

    Assign a default gateway with the # ip default-gateway command.

    Create a VLAN 2:

    Database console (config) # vlan

    Console (config - vlan) # vlan 2

    Set 11-14 ports to access the mode for VLAN 2

    Console # switchport mode access

    Console # switchport access vlan 2

    Set 48 on trunk or general mode ports.

    Console # switchport mode Trunk

    console # permit trunk switchport vlan add 2

    You should get pretty close to a work environment. You may encounter some problem with VLAN 2 contacting, maybe just need to put it up and test.

    Here are a few links to software packages and manuals that can help.



    Keep us on how will your configuration.

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    IM pretty new to LabVIEW, so don't kill me if im away here

    Could replace the cluster 'Series settings' with the attached structure solve this problem?

    The real deal will be just the value back to the default (1).


  • Difficult to change IP address in WRT160N

    I am trying to use my 160N as access point and I read on the Linksys site on how first, replace address IP and then disable DHCP and save the changes.  The 160N is plugged into my laptop (address IPv4 and the laptop is not connected wireless to any other network.

    After I saved the changes, the next screen says "change successful" and then I hit the continue"" button.  There is a 20 second pause.  The bottom of the screen shows the laptop tries to connect to the new IP address, but cannot. I started from.  I try to reconnect to the configuration using the new IP address page, but can't.  I use the old (default) IP address and still not get the configuration page.  I have reset the router 3 times do the same exact process and get consistent results.  Linksys, I called and they told me that I had to change the third digit and not the last number to avoid any conflict of IP so I tried without success.

    Why can't I change the IP address?

    1. disconnect the E3000 WRT.
    2 wire a single computer to the WRT.
    3 reset the WRT by pressing the button of reset for 30 seconds.
    4. open the web interface at
    5. change the address LAN IP of to
    6 turn off the DHCP server.
    7. save the settings.
    8 disconnect the computer from the WRT.
    9. wire one of the LAN ports of the WRT to the E3000.
    10. connect your computer to the E3000. Try opening

    If this does not work, open a command prompt window and type "ipconfig/all". After the output full.

    In addition, make sure you have a working internet connection on the computer without worrying if it is connected to the E3000 or the WRT.

  • Dead circuit 2 on Dell Powerconnect 5448

    13. 24 (circuit 2) ports on my Dell Powerconnect 5448 died without lamps regardless of the connection. Is it possible to have the unit repaired or replaced circuit?

    Thank you

    SE C.

    The switch has no easily replaceable parts on it. In this Youtube video, you get a glimpse of the inside of the switch and see that everything is everything on a single card.


    It sounds like a hardware problem, but you can try to reflash the firmware on the switch.

    If the switch will exhibit this behavior, then it should be replaced.

  • PowerConnect 5448 Port lights flash up to 10 times per second in unison

    The ports on our PowerConnect 5448 switch lights flash very quickly in unison.  We use this switch to an office network.  No servers or computers are available on the network.  We believe that this was due to a power failure which resulted in a failure with our internet connection.  We have restored power to the modem and restarted the firewall because it was out.  Then, we noticed the lights on the switch.  We have manually operated switch PC 5448 and then turned it back.  The switch always shows the same problem.  We can connect directly to a modem, so we know that we have internet.  It seems that something is wrong with the switch because of the flashing lights of port.

    In addition, the admin user and the password to connect to the switch are lost, so we cannot see what is happening.

    There is a port of the console to the back of the switch. Connect to the port console and you will have access to the CLI. Once connected to the CLI it should give an idea of what's going on.

  • Dell Powerconnect 5448 a reference on the vlan by default


    Just a question.  A Dell Powerconnect 5448 switch will act as a home if its interfaces are configured with 1 interface connection to a primary switch that has the interface is 'access to the interface mode' by default with a vlan?  It will work with all its switches on vlan interface of uplink or would you need to configure both as the trunks to allow access vlan to work and this switch uplink?

    The 5448 is a layer 2 switch, which by default has a VLAN native of 1 with all interfaces in access mode for the native VLAN 1. On the VLAN native all frames are frames unmarked. So now that your uplink to the other switch port, all the info will be sent without label, which means the other switch will receive the unmarked data and then place it in the VLAN that is in access mode. Communication should work this way.

    However, I think using a network connection between the switches. The trunk port is used to connect the devices up-to-date with the switches / VLAN together and allow several VLAN tagged fell on it. Looks like you already have several VLANs on the network, and having a network connection will allow you to expand on it. At the same time everything that is on the VLAN native is always through the trunk to the other switch and will stay on the VLAN native.

  • Change default address "scan to network" on C2665dnf

    I had a successful address configuration "scan to network" of the LCD screen of my C2665dnf for a notebook of Windoze. The laptop has changed, new name, new address. I changed the address in the address book server and it works for scanning.

    However, whenever I select "network analysis" of the screen LCD, "pre-selected" default address is the old laptop that no longer exists. I have to go to select the correct laptop from the address book each time - what works, but it is a bit of a pain.

    No idea how to reset default 'scan to network' to be a different address?

    This sort end account - not very intuitive, but you must select the address you want, and then change the scan settings to and then click on the "Save" button. This saves the scan to settings, including the path of the server chosen as default for this icon on the LCD screen. The main thing was to save, even if you make no changes to the settings (except the server).

    Once I had worked to this point, I was able to create a new icon with different parameters (scan in PDF format, for example), then now simply just choose the correct icon for the work.

  • Vs LACP LAG between two PowerConnect 5448 s

    Hi all.

    Just got a switch configuration quad for our infrastructure EqualLogic SAN using PowerConnect 5448 s.  One thing I never did before her configuration of aggregation of links.

    If I wanted to set up an aggregate of 4-port connection between two switches, say on ports 1 to 4, and our iSCSI VLANS is 1000, the below will work?

    serial interface ethernet g(1-4)

    channel-group mode 1 on

    interface port-channel 1

    switchport general

    switchport General pvid 1000

    I've seen documentation on how to get the ports-working channels between a 5000 or 6000 switch and a Cisco Catalyst switch, but not just any what docs on how to connect two switches PowerConnect.  The doc of interoperability for Cisco <->Dell seems to want to use LACP on the side of Dell.  I wonder, should I configure and link LACP on the two 5448 aggregate s I have are running?

    Thanks for in advance for any advice or assistance!


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