Change of date in the OBI report format

Hello experts,

Maybe it's an easy question to some of you... But I'm stuck, basically, I've created a report with the format of date following "20/01/2014..." Now users of our professionals are asking if we could change to ' 20/01/14' or 'dd-mm-aa' instead of 'dd-mm-yyyy ".

Can I change in the report, or what I need to change the RPD? Can I use a CAST function to do this? example of the sample will be useful my formula is ("file Date". ("' SQLDate file Date")

Help, please...

Click Properties in the date column and then click date format-> select custom

custom date format: dd-mm-aa

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  • How to display data in the interactive report without colon (:)) column

    Dear gurus of the Apex,

    I am a beginner and you just create an application for the Apex of a worksheet. I created a list of named values and used in a box against a field in the page creation form default 3.

    When I selected several values in my box on the form, the data in the interactive report appear as a single line with a colon separating the values selected as follows: dog: Cat: bird

    What I would like is to have the data appear in the interactive report in a list like this multiline column:


    I can work around this problem by modifying the SQL code in the Source region of the definition of the area of the report (interactive 1 Page by default) to replace the semicolon by < br >

    SELECT replace ("PETS_CHOSEN", ":","< br / > ')"PETS_CHOSEN", OF"MYAPP"Note: this is not format correctly in the display. I have replace the colon with a html br

    This works, but there seems to be a hack to me. I guess I missed an option simple setting somewhere, but I can't.

    The other problem with this solution is that when I export the report to Excel, that ship's dog < br > cat < br > Bird, which is seems worse than the colon.

    Thank you


    Published by: mnrussel on February 16, 2009 04:13

    Hi Morgan,.

    I think you have at least two possibilities:

    1. replace the colon with "," (comma and space) - kind of reasonable on the screen and export

    2 create a second page that has the same report but use it "export: csv" model. Create a manual link to this page to replace the standard export binding. When these pages of the report are requested, they download immediately instead of display. So you can use commas in this one and < br > tags in the report to the screen version


    ch - to display the tags in a post, use and lt; for < and & gt; for >

  • How can I change the date to the Uk style format

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    If you can't find an extension based on the reminder, the next step would be the options for your calendar site. If it is a popular (e.g., Google calendar), you'll probably find advice on how to change the date format in a web search. If it is a more obscure, you could try their support if the option is not obvious.

  • Data of the interactive report not displaying on the edit form.

    I have an interactive report that contains 3 rows. When I click the button change beside one of these lines, the edit form displays the data in this row.
    But when I click the buttons edit beside the other 2 rows of report, I receive an error message that indicates: "ORA-01403: no data found." Error line could not.

    I don't see why this is happening. The pharmacokinetics of the table involved is 'Date of application', so 'Column link' report is sent the value "Request Date" to the P54_Request_Date element in the page of the form.
    No idea why this would work properly for one of the lines report but not for the other 2?
    Obviously, each of the lines report must have a value for the PK, then why the form would not be able to find the same line that displays the report? Is this a problem with the process of "line of" form?
    Thank you.


    I'd know it before. The date format default for your application, as shown in the following debug output is DD-MON-RR
    0.35:... "NLS: decimal separator Set =". »
    0.35:... NLS: Set NLS Group separator = ",".
    0.35:... NLS: Date Format Set = "DD-MON-RR.

    So, it means that the part of time to a date column is never taken into account when matching a date field. You can change the default date of the application format (shared components-> change the attributes of the globalization) and the value is in the format that you specified for the column in the report (DD-MON-yyyy hh24miss). It will then do the ARF in the process of work correctly without the need of the value of the page element that contains the column of the massage table. However, the change may affect other pages in your application that may depend on the date is in the format "DD-MON-rr.
    You can try this workaround.
    Remove the header before process you added for re - format the value PK-item page
    Define a process lower than the RFA process before header with a sequence
    Set after a bidding process with a sequence that is lower than the process of automatic line (DML)
    Use the code below for each new process

    execute immediate 'alter session set nls_date_format=''DD-MON-YYYY HHMISS''';


    Published by: city has 16 Sep, 2009 17:18
    Correction of errors in the date formats

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  • Remove the ATML report Format TestStand


    It is possible to collect on ATML TestStand (or TestExecutive) Report Format?

    I already tried to delete the folder /Components/Models/TestStandModels/ATML

    and then restarted the TestExecutive, but the checkbox option was always there...

    Y at - it no arround way without modifying the source code?




    X NONE
    X NONE


    / * Style definitions * /.
    table. MsoNormalTable
    {mso-style-name: "Table Normal";}
    MSO-knew-rowband-size: 0;
    MSO-knew-colband-size: 0;
    MSO-style - noshow:yes;
    MSO-style-priority: 99;
    MSO-style - qformat:yes;
    "mso-style-parent:" ";" "
    MSO-padding-alt: 0 cm 0 cm 5.4pt 5.4pt;
    MSO-para-margin-top: 0 cm;
    MSO-para-margin-right: 0 cm;
    MSO-para-margin-bottom: 10.0pt;
    MSO-para-margin-left: 0 cm;
    line-height: 115%;
    MSO-pagination: widow-orphan;
    font-size: 11.0pt;
    font family: 'Calibri', 'sans-serif ';
    MSO-ascii-font-family: Calibri;
    MSO-ascii-theme-make: minor-latin;
    mso-fareast-font-family: "Times New Roman";
    mso-fareast-theme-make: minor-fareast.
    MSO-hansi-font-family: Calibri;
    MSO-hansi-theme-make: minor-latin;
    mso-bidi-font-family: "Times New Roman";
    mso-bidi-theme-make: minor-bidi ;}

    Hi JPLO,

    What for
    you want that's not really common and banal. Then, go into the process model can
    Search the sequence sets up with the report Option that calls modelsupport2.dll
    This DLL manages the report Option in the Configuration menu. If you want to disable the
    ATML Format, you must change this DLL and rebuild.

    Instruments has developed a publisher of TestStand sequences with a few options and I
    don't really understand why you want to disable ATML Format. If you can explain
    the goal...

  • How to keep summers jsf pages correctly updated to account for changes to data in the database?

    This is a case of common use for web applications:

    User open A (i.e. a jsf page) of a web application, keep open for a period of time and do some browsing or editing on this page.

    During this time, someone others or modified events of the data in the database, then:

    Scenario A:

    1. the user should be able to see the evolution of the data in the above open jsf page when page navigate to other records.

    or when the page is refreshed by refreshing the web browser (reload the page) or by pressing a button on the page manually.

    Scenario b:

    2. the page should be able to be updated automatically to reflect the new changed data in the backend database.

    -This means that the user has no need to run the refresh action intentionly/manually to get the new data.

    Here's a possible implementation are provided in subsection 12.1 JDEV/ADF for above use cases:

    1.kdario: tips to know how to refresh your data

    Re: Field Image cannot refresh when you move between records in a jsf page

    In my opinion, the solution of kdario is a little bit complicated, is there an easy approach?

    and kdario says:

    'normal way' for update page is generally very bad for applications based on JSF/ADF.

    Is there more evidence or reference documents to support above sayings?

    2 to implement scenario B, which is recommended methods?

    Is the Active Data one approach good?

    If there are active - as tech batteries was adopted for web applications on the internet (which will have more agreement than in the intranet user), would there be possible serious performance problems?

    Thanks in advance.

    In fact, I suggested to the position 3 solutions (and option c) Notifications of changes to database is the most complicated).

    Also, here is solution d) in pageDef, select iterator and ownership of Cache set to false results

    'normal way' for update page is generally very bad for applications based on JSF/ADF.

    Is there more evidence or reference documents to support above sayings?

    Well, when you use the "back/refresh" browser button, this will retrieve the Forms page cache and skip the controller of the ADF.

    You can use google to do this, for example:! subject/adf-methodology/CKoDdhLdrYE

    ADF developers world: how to avoid the mistake Houston-35007?

    Andrejus Baranovskis Blog: How to manage the Web browser buttons in the ADF/WebCenter Applications


  • can export us all the data in the Excel file format table in oracle?


    Is it possible to export all the data in the table to the excel file format?

    Thank you

    Hi Mohammed_82!

    Oracle itself has no tools to export in csv or excel format. You have to search third-party tools such as Toad or the Torah.


  • Data of the monitoring report: FSMService

    Hi all
    I have successfully build different services with the host group. I can see the details of the Service with the content engine virtual and everything seems fine. But when I now try to run a report using the monitoring: FSMService as a context parameter, for example the Module VMware Virtual Machines configuration report, I have all shown data if I use one of my construction services.
    If I use the build already in virtualization Service, it shows me all the VMS, but my goal was to report according to the accumulation of services with the Service constructor. Could this be something tha service accumulate shows machines (host)?
    Help, please.
    Kind regards
    SystemInfo: vFogLight 6.5 on Windows Server 2008 R2 64 bit

    Hello hEINER,.
    My suggestion would be to open a support case to diagnose the issue further.

  • How to update the table when change list item in the classic report

    I worked with apex 4.2 and I create normal classic report with list (named loved) select a column, now I want to update the table when the user changes the list with the new value, I can't create a dynamic action to do this, I create checkbox with the primary key and the loop for check point to update the table but I can not get the value of the list item. and for more speed, the user want to do it when changing the value from the list.

    My question
    1. how to do it in javascript and get the value of the list item and update the table with the new value
    2. do I have to use the API to create the list item so I can get the value of the report item or what.

    Thank you


    You can find a lot of information in this forum (and outside in google) when you search for AJAX processes and demand. However, the tutorial in the link below should be useful:

    BTW, if we answer your question, don't forget to mark the appropriate post as correct. It will help all of us in the forum.

  • How to extract data from the APEX report with stored procedure?

    Hi all

    I am doing a report at the APEX. the user selects two dates and click on the GO button - I have a stored procedure linked to this region of outcome for the stored procedure is called.

    my stored procedure does the following-

    using dates specified (IN) I do question and put data in a table (this painting was created only for this report).

    I want to show all the data that I entered in the table on my APEX report the same procedure call. can I use Ref cursor return? How to do this?

    Currently, I use another button in the APEX that basically retrieves all the data from table. Basically, the user clicks a button to generate the report and then another button for the report. which is not desirable at all :(

    I m using APEX and Oracle 10 database.

    pls let me know if you need more clarification of the problem. Thanks in advance.

    Kind regards


    Published by: porobashi on May 19, 2009 14:53

    APEX to base a report out of a function that returns the sql code... Your current code goes against a Ref cursor returns the values...

    See this thread regarding taking a ref cursor and wrapping it in a function to channel out as a 'table' (use a cast to cast tabular function vale)...


    Re: Tyring to dynamically create the SQL statement for a calendar of SQL

    Thank you

    Tony Miller
    Webster, TX

  • Process the data edited the classic report

    I want a form style MRU MRU... What I want is to show a report and display a checkbox in each row, and then click on the button I Ant to be able to find that the lines has a checkbox.

    I have it look as I want and as long as I do not click on a checkbox I find the value of it being disabled (through the apex_item.f_f02 collection). But as soon as I click a box and press the button it translates as 'the not found URL requested is /apex/wwv_flow.accept on this server.

    Is this due to the region now being defined as a form, but in a report. Or should this work and I've misconfigured something. Otherwise, is it the right way and I can get the function I want to by other means? I want to keep this treatment in PLSQL.

    I had the same error on a SQL report. It contained a process of PL/SQL like this:

    because me in 1.APEX_APPLICATION. G_F01. COUNTY
    some_procedure (APEX_APPLICATION. G_F01 (i));
    end loop;

    The problem was in the query. The number of box must match the column number. The request was like this:

    , apex_item.checkbox (1, "Select".
    ... more columns...
    Ste une_table

    After him have rewritten the query as below, the problem has been resolved:

    apex_item.checkbox (1, "select."
    ... more columns...
    Ste une_table

  • Incorporating the OBI reports in web application

    I am interested in incorporation of reports created in OBI in an external web application. All I want is to create a few repotrs in OBI and then show them in J2EE portal. Is there an API that can help us to do?

    Without sounding rude, have you tried:


  • format change of date by default in the oracle database and applications at all times.


    my current date format is DD-MON-RR and I would change to MM/DD/RRRR permanently. (not at the session in the database level).

    And please suggest me how to change in application level. - is changing the profile ICX option: Date (at the site level) format mask is sufficient?

    Please suggest.

    Thank you


    PL see the section called "Release Date in shape" in MOS 393861.1 Doc - also see MOS Doc 1520540.1

  • change of date format


    I have data from DB to come date in JJ-me-yyyy format but I want to convert this to dd/mm/yyyy in my query and display the area of the apex using htp.p (...)  That is to say. no option for the apex report format.

    I tried something like

    Select to_date (to_char (created_date, ' mon-dd-yyyy ""), ' mm/dd/yyyy') FROM emp where rownum < = 2;   but I still have the error no valid month...

    (also I don't want to do this by altering DB session ive in the query only)

    any idea is appreciated,


    I solved with a few strokes down split and agree... Oracle problem with conversion of the date anyway is a common question.

Maybe you are looking for

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