Change RAID 0, RAID 1

I have a HP M7567c with a RAID configuration. Originally it was set up as a RAID0 (Striping). I would change in RAID1 (mirror).

I didn't find anyway to do it easily.


The windows recovery resets the RAID, so I can do RAID1?

Is there another way to do this?

Basic information

OS: windows XP Media Center Edition

HD: 2 300 g drive Raid 0

Thanks for your response



If you want to migrate from Raid 0, Raid 1, here are the steps:

1. first create a backup of your files

2. create a set of recovery disks

3. remove the existing table (Raid configuration) via Bios Raid or a GUI utility Raid (matrix of Intel or NVIDIA)

4. create a new table

5 perform the system recovery

6. restore the backup files

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  • Satellite L40 - changing RAID SATA to IDE SATA


    I tried to change the option on my SATA RAID bios (that I think I have by default) to SATA IDE, but when I go into my bios, I find no option to change this aspect.
    I have a Toshiba Satellite L40 and only Linux UBUNTU 8.10 installed on my computer. I saw messages in the other Foruns where I told me to update my bios but I don't know how to do it under Ubuntu.

    Can someone help me with this solution OR give me better to change that?
    Thank you

    As far as I know, this option does not exist and update of the BIOS will not help at all. The BIOS update does not any additional installation.
    BIOS update is only possible under Windows.

    Can you please tell me why you want to change this option?

  • Qosmio G30-175: how to install Qosimo Player after changing RAID

    I noticed on my G30-175 x 2 80 GB hard drive, I had the opportunity to do RAID1 but don't want that.
    I want RAID0, I understand that I have to rebuild, said drivers on the disk that is ready to go, but I noticed that the player seems to use a small partition on the hard disk 1.
    After I changed the raid settings in the Bios I assume that that info will be lost so now, during reconstruction, which will be reinstalled from the cd rocevery aswell?

    Help me please


    You re right. Changing the settings in the BIOS RAID leads to loss of data on the hard drives.
    = RAID0 mirroring. This means that all data are saved on the first HARD disk will also be stored on the HARD drive second.

    So I guess that the Qosmio Player will be installed on the first HARD drive on a small partition.
    Do you have the Qosmio Player recovery CD?
    If Yes, then you should be able to reinstall this application.

    Note: To my knowledge the recovery CD contains only the operating system, drivers and utilities but not a Qosmio Player. So you must install it in addition form the Qosmio CD player!

  • Manage/create/change RAID running VMware host without rebooting.


    I want to know if it is possible to manage the (changing) configuration of Dell RAID controller on the host running VMware.

    For example if I add a few discs for DAS shelves storage connected to the H800 controller, I need to set up the RAID on these new disks and add the new data store in vCenter without rebooting the machine.

    Is this possible?

    My config:

    Dell PowerEdge R710 server with iDRAC 6 Enterprise
    Storage controller internal Dell PERC H700
    External storage Dell PERC H800 controller with two tablets of disc DAS
    VMware 5.5 booting from SD card
    vCenter 5.5 with Dell OpenManage integration Plugin 2

    Thanks to the open tab Integratilon manage in vCenter, I see both controllers and all discs but cannot perform any operation.

    I checked and OMIWV can monitor. You can use Openmanage Server Administrator to create new arrays from a distance. If the installation requires a reboot.

    Page 37

    Alternatively, you can try using the megacli for LSI controllers to create the new Raid array without rebooting.

  • Regular driver change RAID array

    I have a Dell Precision T5500 running Window 7. I want to get rid of the RAID group configuration, i.e. set up a RAID (drive) one pilot regular.  I would greatly appreciate any useful guide. Thank you.

    Hi Zqu99,

    I guess you have RAID 1 (mirroring). If so, then simply turn off RAID in the BIOS of Intel RAID (Ctrl-i) should work. I think the option is ' restore discs non-RAID '.

  • change raid sata AHCI windows XP Reinstall

    Hey ive tried to reinstall windows xp on my pc but whenever I have it try comes with a blue screen saying that there is a prolem with a virus o but ive checked and there is nothing there and then I checked the web and the aperently many people have the same problem and they just changed it settings sata to DCIS but I can't findout how ive tried the way in which the BIOS, but it is not a sata setting then I tried the hkey thing but it did not help ether so now im asking for help I have a dell xps with dell bios dxg061 update 1.4.1

    Other people poster in this forum had no difficulty filtering alternative to Dell for out of warranty that buying pcs. see for example page 8...

    .. . If you ask nquizitor in this thread, it can still be followed it might be in the same area as you and be able to provide advice in this regard.

    I suspect that maybe call you bad service. You probably need 'dirty' rather than 'technical support', because as I said, you will have to pay. But never having to do it for me I can't help any further.

    If you let us know what area you are, another contributor my being able to offer advice. Or even post a new question such as...

    "All the world could get replacement installation of Windows XP from Dell in support for out of warranty PC?"


  • HP Elite Book 840 g1: change the RAID on AHCI on Elitebook 840 g 1

    I have an Elite book 840 g1. I'm changing to AHCI RAID and cannot get it done. I tried everything on the web regarding the registry settings and changes to the bios. Nothing has worked. Any suggestions?

    Solution to change RAID AHCI on an HP EliteBook 840g 1

    My EliteBook 840 g 1 does not have a CD/DVD drive, so I put my software available on a USB stick and this worked great.

    1. back up your PC or important documents.

    2 put the software available on CD/DVD or USB depending on one you plan to use.

    3. close all programs and restart your PC.

    -C' is where it gets difficult.

    4. enter in the Bios by pressing the ESC key

    5. make sure you change your boot order / put USB or CD/DVD first in order - depending on what you are going to use

    6. once in the BIOS go to the 'Advanced tab' and then 'Device Configurations '.

    7. go to RAID/AHCI and switch to AHCI

    8 save the settings and exit.

    -C' is where it gets trickier.

    9. THIS CRITICISM IS - after save and exit the BIOS of the PC will start start - don't let it throw - back in the BIOS before it starts

    10. once in the BIOS, go to the boot options and select the option that you put your software available.

    11. now booting from USB or CD/DVD, you have your software available on

    12. your PC will now go through the re-imaging process and when it's done, you'll be in AHCI.

    13. you can check by going to "Device Manager" > double-click on ' controllers IDE ATA/ATAPI "and below you see"Intel 8 Series Chipset Family SATA AHCI Controller '.

    14. He verifies that you are in AHCI

    15 take advantage of the improved performance

    The extent of the change RAID on AHCI by using registry settings I couldn't get it work. I changed the starting value of several channels (msahci, istorA, istorV, etc.) and couldn't make the change happen. From my experience, I had to reimage my PC for that change to AHCI RAID. If someone has a proven solution, changing to AHCI RAID in registry settings without having to do a reimage would be what they please report them.  Thank you and I hope that all this information is useful.

  • Changing to AHCI RAID Windows 8

    on my Lenovo U310, I have my hard drive (HDD) set to AHCI mode. I want to change RAID (0) mode because I have an SSD and can I use the Intel RST with this machine.
    The problem is that when I change the mode in the BIOS appears the BSOD in an infinite loop and disappear only when I put the AHCI mode again.
    I have tryied with methods of Windows 7 registry with changes alleged Windows 8 but it doesn´t worked.

    I hope that someone can help me.

    Andrés Miranda

    P.D: The "alleged" modifications for Windows 8 were these:

    Change: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\storahci Start to 0 (in the subvalue)
    Change: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\iaStorA start at 0
    Change: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\iaStorV start at 0 (in the subvalue)

    Hi Andres,

    I suggest you post this question in the Pro TechNet Forums Windows 8 IT:

    Thank you.

  • Qosmio G20 - how to install with a single drive HARD and without RAID?

    I would like to implement G20 Qosimo new with Windows XP 32.
    I bought a new hard drive and put it on the slot 1. I would like to run without any RAID (slot 2 is so empty)

    XP installation CD not found HD
    I went into the BIOS to see if the HD was there - HD is considered normal
    then I thought that I have to change RAID JBOD (page 3 of the BIOS), but it did not work
    I have confirmed with the button of 1234 - but nothing happened.

    In another task, they said to install the RAID-(pressant F6,... tout en commencer l'installation de XP) drivers
    I put the drivers on a USB - but the system will not detect it (and there is no floppy drive)

    I don't know how to install XP on this laptop.
    Any tips?


    Can you get the external floppy drive (floppy drive) and load the RAID drivers using this disc which should be connected using the USB port?

    This floppy drive, you can buy on eBay for a few euros.

  • QOSMIO G30 - RAID-1 is GRADIENT, the search for a solution


    My QOSMIO G30 is confirgured in RAID1. Today the second hard drive failed, unless I hard when I saw "RAID-1 is DEGRADING" displayed on the screen to power on the computer. Once booted Vista Ultimate, I get an error indicating that the Toshiba Raid Service had stopped unexpectedly (this message is also recorded in the system event log). "Unable to get the State raid console display."

    Go to the BIOS Setup, I see that the secondary hard drive is in the State has failed while the first is in the online state. The two hard drive are marked "RAID-1.

    I restarted after removing the second hard drive in the system. Of course, I always get the message from the bios. Vista boots normally and then I get an alarm saying the raid is broken. It's perfectly anticipated if only the second hard disk is now deleted.

    I connected the hard drive to a SATA Transcend USB controller and it work perfectly! Then I reinstalled the hard drive in the computer. After the reboot, the raid service accident again. The first hard disk is functioning stil and I made a backup full, just in case.

    I searched a lot for a procedure restoring the second hard drive operation, but I've not found anything really helpful.

    Go into the BIOS, if I change the disc to nothing else than "RAID-1" mode, I said that I have to reinstall the OS. I don't want to do that. I want to back the second hard drive in operation. I want to have the mirror restored from the first hard drive on the second hard drive, without losing the contents of your hard drive.

    Any help is appreciated.

    F. Piette

    This with changing RAID mode and install of the OS is just because when you change the RAID in the BIOS operating system must be installed again. RAID info should be saved into the MBR.
    What RAID driver and RAID utility do you use?
    One last thing: is your laptop preinstalled with recovery Toshiba (32 bit) image?

    > I want to put the second hard drive in operation.
    To be honest, one thing is not understandable to me. Are you trying to get old HDD (a second) working again or you have new HARD drive (as a second) und try to have mirrored hard drives again?
    Have two exact hard drives the same capacity?

  • Update yoga 900-13ISK2 - BIOS for mode setting for hard drive on linux RAID install missing


    I try to install ubuntu on my 900 yoga 16.04. The bios can see the drive hard samsung 512 GB and cannot therefore Windows.

    The ubuntu installer can't see it at all. I think it has to do with the sata in the bios mode. Unfortuneatly there is no option to change RAID AHCI or disabled. Will there be an update of the BIOS for this in the near future?

    Or is there another autour work?

  • A backup raid 1 drive


    I have the old server of 2650 with perc 3/di raid controller.

    I have some problems with the raid and in result - disappeared from the raid 1 container.

    So, I want to just get a Linux RAID 1 disk and copy all the information from it.

    In the BIOS I change RAID SCSI, but when I get the disc I don't see anything about it.

    Where I was wrong?

    Thank you


    I have a chance with the following variant:

    In the bios I create the container with a hard drive - raid 0.

    Then I boot linux (I can see this container as/dev/sda), run the testdisk program - it find all my partitions and save to disk. After the reboot, I see all my partitions as/dev/sda1, / dev/sda2... etc. I go up and copy all my data.

    Thanks for the reply.

    I have a chance with the following variant:

    In the bios I create the container with a hard drive - raid 0.

    Then I boot linux (I can see this container as/dev/sda), run the testdisk program - it find out all my partiotions and save to disk. After the reboot, I see all my partitions as/dev/sda1, / dev/sda2... etc. I go up and copy all my data.

  • Can driver Intel AHCI_13.2.0.1016 change R7-371-59zk (A13) BIOS parameter RAID0 in AHCI?


    I improve my R13, R7 - 371 T (product ofJan 2015), but I couldn't open the BIOS settings.

    Mine has a 128 G m2 SSD and seems to be set RAID 0 (which was found in the control panel of device driver of Windows 8, I have to open the menu of the BIOS settings and could not check in the BIOS; (used F2 - key... etc...)).

    BTW, I found 'Driver AHCI' in 'Acer R7 - 371T Driver & manual'


    So my question is whether or not I have install this driver AHCI in order to change RAID 0 set to "AHCI" defining.

    (I heard some discussion in this forum saying"ACER SERVICE CENTER"has only a few software (s) special to set installed at the factory RAID AHCI 0")

    Can I install the "Intel AHCI_13.2.0.1016_W81x64" to change the setting in the BIOS AHCI?

    AHCIIntelSATA AHCI driver13.2.0.101610.6 MB


    Please give me your advice - I need answers confirmed

    Concerning b.

    J H

    You can try one thing, install a vanilla windows 8.1 downloaded from Microsoft, install with AHCI and UEFI BIOS, check to see if it boots.

    If this is not the case, if your system must be set to RAID and you have nothing else to try.

    to download windows 8.1 media:

  • How can we change the RAID of FAST Safe on a new series of Thunderbolt 2 LaCie 2big. I have a Lacie pin tool in the box, but it does nothing next to selected options and lights. Thank you.

    I just bought a new MacBook Pro and a new crush LaCie 2big 2 series of RAID hard drive to use for Time Machine backup.

    LaCie drive is provided as parameter RAID FAST so I would change to SAFE my back to the top is mirrored. I opened the case of money, that you can see, and then select the options of raid and light is FAST, as well as other RAID options below, followed by CONFIRM.

    I have the lacie in the box tool, PIN, but it does nothing. Nothing happening however hard I put it in the select, I tried a paper clip too. Nothing happens.

    Also nothing on youtube, nothing on the site Web of Lacie, nothing anyone actually changes on the disk. Nothing in the instructions.

    Pain right. Any ideas? Thank you.

    Contact Lacie/access to their support site. It is their material.

  • Portege S100: How to change the RAID in the BIOS

    Change the BIOS setting for Portege S100 of JBOD to RAID0, I hit space on Exectute creation and enter the key of type string in the manual, and press "enter".
    Settings and then return to existing arrangements and not the new RAID0 configuration setting that I selected.

    I stayed in this part of the day / night looking at different positions, but I don't see anything wrong with the data entered.

    This is the same as that recorded in this link: -.
    [How to change the RAID configuration |]

    I'm now at the end of my home, I just wanted to install new HDD WD and new installation of XP Pro, is - it too much to ask?

    Maybe it s a silly question but; have you installed the second HDD to the Ultra Slim Bay?
    The RAID did feature is available when a second HDDD is installed in Ultra Slim Bay.

    If the second HDD was inserted and then change the RAID in the Windows operating system.
    There should be a Toshiba RAID Console.
    You can use this console to create or manage a RAID array.

    To start the utility, click Start, point to all programs, point to Toshiba, RIAD-tap and click RAID console.
    It of possible to change the RAID1 (mirroring) of a configuration non-RAID (default).

    But note; When RAID1 is set, you cannot change your settings unless you completely restore your preinstalled software.

Maybe you are looking for

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