change raid sata AHCI windows XP Reinstall

Hey ive tried to reinstall windows xp on my pc but whenever I have it try comes with a blue screen saying that there is a prolem with a virus o but ive checked and there is nothing there and then I checked the web and the aperently many people have the same problem and they just changed it settings sata to DCIS but I can't findout how ive tried the way in which the BIOS, but it is not a sata setting then I tried the hkey thing but it did not help ether so now im asking for help I have a dell xps with dell bios dxg061 update 1.4.1


Other people poster in this forum had no difficulty filtering alternative to Dell for out of warranty that buying pcs. see for example page 8...

.. . If you ask nquizitor in this thread, it can still be followed it might be in the same area as you and be able to provide advice in this regard.

I suspect that maybe call you bad service. You probably need 'dirty' rather than 'technical support', because as I said, you will have to pay. But never having to do it for me I can't help any further.

If you let us know what area you are, another contributor my being able to offer advice. Or even post a new question such as...

"All the world could get replacement installation of Windows XP from Dell in support for out of warranty PC?"


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  • Satellite L40 - changing RAID SATA to IDE SATA


    I tried to change the option on my SATA RAID bios (that I think I have by default) to SATA IDE, but when I go into my bios, I find no option to change this aspect.
    I have a Toshiba Satellite L40 and only Linux UBUNTU 8.10 installed on my computer. I saw messages in the other Foruns where I told me to update my bios but I don't know how to do it under Ubuntu.

    Can someone help me with this solution OR give me better to change that?
    Thank you

    As far as I know, this option does not exist and update of the BIOS will not help at all. The BIOS update does not any additional installation.
    BIOS update is only possible under Windows.

    Can you please tell me why you want to change this option?

  • HP Elite Book 840 g1: change the RAID on AHCI on Elitebook 840 g 1

    I have an Elite book 840 g1. I'm changing to AHCI RAID and cannot get it done. I tried everything on the web regarding the registry settings and changes to the bios. Nothing has worked. Any suggestions?

    Solution to change RAID AHCI on an HP EliteBook 840g 1

    My EliteBook 840 g 1 does not have a CD/DVD drive, so I put my software available on a USB stick and this worked great.

    1. back up your PC or important documents.

    2 put the software available on CD/DVD or USB depending on one you plan to use.

    3. close all programs and restart your PC.

    -C' is where it gets difficult.

    4. enter in the Bios by pressing the ESC key

    5. make sure you change your boot order / put USB or CD/DVD first in order - depending on what you are going to use

    6. once in the BIOS go to the 'Advanced tab' and then 'Device Configurations '.

    7. go to RAID/AHCI and switch to AHCI

    8 save the settings and exit.

    -C' is where it gets trickier.

    9. THIS CRITICISM IS - after save and exit the BIOS of the PC will start start - don't let it throw - back in the BIOS before it starts

    10. once in the BIOS, go to the boot options and select the option that you put your software available.

    11. now booting from USB or CD/DVD, you have your software available on

    12. your PC will now go through the re-imaging process and when it's done, you'll be in AHCI.

    13. you can check by going to "Device Manager" > double-click on ' controllers IDE ATA/ATAPI "and below you see"Intel 8 Series Chipset Family SATA AHCI Controller '.

    14. He verifies that you are in AHCI

    15 take advantage of the improved performance

    The extent of the change RAID on AHCI by using registry settings I couldn't get it work. I changed the starting value of several channels (msahci, istorA, istorV, etc.) and couldn't make the change happen. From my experience, I had to reimage my PC for that change to AHCI RAID. If someone has a proven solution, changing to AHCI RAID in registry settings without having to do a reimage would be what they please report them.  Thank you and I hope that all this information is useful.

  • Change the SATA controller AHCI RAID mode

    HP Pavilion 6267c desktop 750 gb HD failed.  Installed Seagate Barracuda 1 TB HD.  Cannot change the controller SATA AHCI RAID mode.  System hangs.  Desktop works when he returned to RAID.

    Any help is appreciated.


    Hope this helps:

    Good luck.

  • Cannot change SATA RAID in AHCI mode in the BIOS.

    Hi, I use Pavilion p6142p Desktop, WIN7, a harddsik.  The SATA BIOS has been set to RAID by the default value of the factory.

    I put two new hard drive in this office, they have different sizes and different rpm speed, I don't want their RAID.  So I tried switch the BIOS SATA AHCI mode, so I can't start the win7, win7 gave me two choices: repair or return, repair is not too.  After I change the BIOS, everything is OK.

    But I have to put all three harddisk in this office. So my question is:

    I use RAID in this PC?

    Do I have to re - install win7?


    In any case, what should I do?  Thank you.


    RAID will work with unlike devices.  You can always install your new discs and give it a go.

    It seems that the ugly way is going to be your only for the ACHI mode to work. Alternatively, just live with what you have.

  • W540 Option SATA (RAID or AHCI), disappeared after the update of the BIOS to 2.05

    W540 20BG001CGE, had 1.05 BIOS and RAID 1 with two 840 Samsung 1 TB EVO works well under Windows 7 - x 64. Do you have one (by lenovo recommended tool update) update BIOS with the Manager to update the bios to 2.05. Update went very well. After the reboot (and load defaults, disabling Intel Rapid Start, boot to BIOS option change the legacy of all first... I recognized the SATA (RAID or AHCI) in BIOS option disappeared. At boot time Intel Matrix Storage Configuration doesnot appear (where you can create RAID etc.).

    Startup then displays message "missing operating system".

    Downgrade BIOS 1.05 impossible, due to ISO file on support is not compatible, system message "Lenovo Group Limited - disc system not valid." Replace drive you and then press any key")

    (The link to the ISO file version 1.05 at the bottom of this page of links not a bootable ISO image)

    Also the downgrade to BIOS version 1.08 found here doesnot work CD also messages "Lenovo Group Limited - invalid system disk - replace... »).

    Rewrite of the BIOS version 2.05 (GNET57WW) doesnot work (says "BIOS update is not necessary").

    Embedded Controller Version GMHT25WW (1.10) ME Firmware Version

    Anyone has a suggestion of what to try next? Someone has a tip how to recover my RAID controller?

    Thanks and have fun

  • That means the AHCI Mode, Mode RAID & SATA IDE Mode in the BIOS settings means

    That means the AHCI Mode, Mode RAID & SATA IDE Mode in the BIOS settings means

    My computer is having problems when I bought all first it was from another provider which came as a set overclocked PC up the unit everything needed had to be put in my case & add existing hard drives & DVD etc. readers added on the implementation. I used the same location for more than 10 years before that I always built them myself I can build a good setup computer I correspond to different parts inside each other, and then he tested & sent.
    Unfortunately, the store has closed & the owner is sick cannot get their hands on him more & I had to get some add on things like new SSDS & some other bits in my system & the young boy said he would could do this job, but everything went wrong & I lost all new so I decided to recycle me like I used to do it before windows 7-64 came out I was going through a rough patch with me being paraplegic in any case it is difficult to build a new PC, so I chose this store & their confidence that went wrong now & I've been research & learn to catch up with the new technology, I do what I do anyway.
    Thing is my system is never one that you can purchase a manufacturer & I left it with the young boy & it came out all memory & was not necessary but of course upset of that ruined the setting completely overclocked so I did it myself & I got the work faster than ever, & quieter PC I just got the score that he had now , so I'm happy with it, but the names I came across while overclocking I came across that I'm not average or really lot as were dealing with Fast CrossfireX DDR RAM 1600 MHz.
    Please don't tell me that I should not be messing around with what I made since 1989 & made great strides in how everything works, I am not aware about this sort of thing I know SATA what it is & done, but those responsible for setting came from the part of overclocking in the BIOS I put then correctly , but I wanted to know what they represent in more depth. Thanks to anyone who can put me wise on these 3 points only. Malcolm.

    I'm pretty sure that you are on the wrong "forum" for this type of topic. This forum is designed as a support Pro-type Surface ultrabook/tablets and tablet-like Surface.

    That said,

    AHCI - Advanced Host Controller Interface - this is a hardware mechanism that allows the software to communicate with the devices Serial ATA (SATA). It offers features such as connecting hot and native command queuing (NCQ).

    IDE - Integrated Drive Electronics - IDE is basically the 'old' version of AHCI without connection to hot and NCQ. (It is usually used during the era the Parallel ATA (PATA) hard drives)

    Now. Mode AHCI and IDE mode - what is - this? IDE mode is to give you the greatest compatibility with older operating systems. AHCI is as I mentioned above, a modern version of the IDE - use the AHCI mode if you are running recent operating systems (Windows Vista + and Linux kernel 2.6.19+).) IDE mode will allow you to connect older operating systems with SATA drives.

    As I mentioned above, SATA is Serial ATA and the replacement of hard drives Parallel ATA (PATA).

    RAID - this is a storage technology where combine you multiple disks in a unit of 'single', depending on the mode, there may be RAID-0 and RAID-6 and each with different hard drive configurations. I will explain the simple examples: RAID-0 , which is the distribution but no parity or mirroring, this means that there is no data redundancy, if there is a failure on a disc, it will cause the loss of data on the entire RAID array. Ex: You 0110 as writing the data, 01 goes on disk 1 and 10 goes on disc 2, allowing a faster data read/write access.

    RAID-1- This is the opposite of RAID-0, which is mirrored without interlacing (no parity or the other). Basically, this means that you have an exact clone of disk 1 disk 2 disk 1 failure.

    RAID0 + 1 is that both RAID 1 and 0 is, IE interlacing (write data simultaneously to two [or more]. disks more mirroring failure) the minimum amount of disks required for this type of installation is 4 IDENTICAL drives.

    There is also RAID 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. That is just more implemented different configurations of distribution/parity/mirroring on disks.

    That being said, your RAID mode will allow you for some type of RAID configuration, if you choose to do so.

    Supplement: Many SATA controllers can enable AHCI separately or in combination with RAID support. Recommend Intel choose RAID mode on their motherboards, allowing also the AHCI, rather than AHCI/SATA mode for maximum flexibility (in the case that you ever want to build a RAID array), because there are a few problems that occurs, usually BSOD, when you choose a different mode once an operating system is already installed.

  • Change the SATA mode in Windows 8

    I'm moving to sata IDE to RAID mode in Windows 8 in order to avoid the re-formatting my hard drive. The solution in Win7 (update registry KEY in regedit does not work). Any advice?

    With all due respect, Srivinvasa Sharath, your answer is very useful.  The question is not ' how can I change the SATA mode in my BIOS?  But, on the contrary, assuming I already know how to change the SATA in my BIOS mode, how Win8 to accept this change and actually start correctly.  There is a guide on how to proceed for Win7, but it doesn't work for Win8.  So we would know what to do differently with Win8 to make it work.

    Here is a link to the article corresponding Win7 so you will see what is asked:

  • E520 - driver Intel SATA AHCI Controller driver for Windows 7 (64-bit)

    Hi guys, can I apply for assistance with Intel SATA controller AHCI Driver for Windows 7 (64-bit), please? I went to the drivers download page and I chose my laptop (ThinkPad Edge E520 1143 - 37G), then the pilot of storage, but when I click on Intel SATA AHCI Controller driver for Windows 7 (64 bit) nothing happens. 32-bit is available for download tho. Thx a lot for suspicion

    Hi trueblue666,

    I sent lenovo feedback to his subject, the driver must appear on the next page once that they fix it:-

    I hope this helps.

  • driver SATA AHCI of 64 - bit - Compatible with HP 6910P or not?

    I have a HP 6910P 64-bit Windows 7 Professional.

    I've recently updated the primary drive to a HARD drive to 120 GB for a 128 GB SSD. However, the performance gain was minimal.

    Checking, I discovered that AHCI is not enabled and there is an option to do so in the BIOS (to date).

    The HP Web site lists a compatible 32-bit version ( REV: C) SATA AHCI driver for this model of laptop.

    However, despite quoting the same version ( REV: C) the 64-bit version does not list the laptop of HP 6910P under the list of compatible hardware.

    Is it simply an oversight or is there a valid reason, why the 32-bit version of the driver is compatible so that 64-bit is not?

    You are the very welcome, Drambo.

    I have provided the driver because I thought that you would just install the driver mode IDE restart and change SATA configuration native from disabled to "Enabled".

    Since you changed to "Enabled" SATA Native Mode and then reinstalled W7, you need do nothing else.

    How can you tell that the AHCI is enabled?

    Go to Device Manager and click on IDE ATA/ATAPI Controller section.

    You will find your controller SATA AHCI enumerated (Intel(r) ICH8M-E/M SATA AHCI Controller).

    If the BIOS has not been set to AHCI, the controller would have said, it was an ICH8 Serial ATA Controller, or words to that effect.


  • Compaq Presario C700 CTO - blue screen drivers/events/mode RAID or AHCI?


    I need to know if my PC Compaq Presario C700 CTO Notebook is running in RAID or AHCI mode because of problems with a driver Intel Matrix Storage Manager (IMSM).  The Read Me text file in the menu start > all programs > intel Matrix Storage Manager folder said if my system works in RAID or AHCI mode determines if my computer needs this driver.

    For the past month, my computer stops and restarts with a blue screen and message when the desktop appears as a message. (The blue screen does not last long enough to read.)  The message is always the same except one I had yesterday which is described at the end of this post.

    "Windows has stopped unexpectedly. '.  The details are:

    Signature of the problem:
    Problem event name: BlueScreen
    The system version: 6.0.6002.
    Locale ID: 1033

    More information about the problem:
    BCCode: 8086
    BCP1: 00000000
    BCP2: 00000000
    BCP3: 00000000
    BCP4: 00000000
    OS version: 6_0_6002
    Service Pack: 2_0
    Product: 768_1

    Files helping to describe the problem:

    A solution:

    Problem with the Intel IMSM driver.

    Intel IMSM driver has stopped working properly.

    Press or click on to download the update on the site of ASUS computer.

    I several times installed upgrading after the blue screen event ever.  The download is an application called V8.9.2.1002_logo_Win7Vista3264.exe.

    The Intel Matrix Storage Manager driver is not in the list of devices in Device Manager > show hidden devices.  I found information on the HP site indicating how do I know if my computer has the driver, because I thought that maybe it has not been installed correctly.  I found the Intel Matrix Storage Manager program folder in the start menu > new programs.  I can't know what version it is.  Reading tells Me to text file in the folder to open the Device Manager and search for specific controllers SATA RAID and SATA AHCI controllers.  If not in the list then it appears that my OS is not running in two modes.  I can't find these devices in the list, but the Read Me text file advises me to contact the manufacturer in case of doubt.  My warranty has expired, so I'm here asking for help.

    When I use the HP product detection analysis to try to automatically scan for driver updates, it reads my product incorrectly.   Running the tool has sometimes followed by a crash and blue screen.

    I do not remember the changes that I made at the time when the events of the blue screen started to happen.  There was an event yesterday blue screen and the message on the desk said a problem with the HP Recovery Manager and backup.   He advised me to install an update from the HP website.  The link did not open so I downloaded the version of HP update.  I've also updated my graphics driver.

    I would be grateful if someone could help me solve this problem.   I'm worried about damaging my computer.


    HP Compaq Presario C700 CTO Notebook PC
    OS 32-bit of Windows Vista Home Premium Service Pack 2
    x-86 based PC
    SM BIOS version 2.4
    Physical memory (RAM) installed 2.00 GB
    Total physical memory 1.99 GB
    866 MB available physical memory
    4.22 GB total virtual memory
    2.69 GB available virtual memory
    Page file 2.28 GB of space


    First of all your needs from laptop to have the hardware (CPU and chipset) Intel to run the Intel Matrix Storage Manager.

    Your C700 CTO may have either hardware Intel or an AMD/Nvidia chipset so I can't tell you what your laptop has.

    You can tell however, and you can tell what mode of the controller to your PC is currently running (AHCI or RAID).

    If you have PC, go into the Device Manager and if you have a category of an ATA/ATAPI IDE controller based on an Intel processor, click to expand that and if your laptop is running in AHCI mode, the controller will have the AHCI word in the description of the controller.

    If your mobile phone is set to RAID (which I doubt), scroll down further on the Device Manager list, and there would be a category of storage controllers if the command is set to RAID.

    Click to expand, and you would see a description of disk with the word inside RAID controller.

  • SSD and VN7 591 G Standard SATA AHCI Controller


    Bought a 70RT with Windows 8.1 VN7 591 G

    I installed a Samsung SSD and cloned the operating system with the Samsung software for these purposes. The BONE was very quick start, only 6 seconds. But the operating system was not a good performance (apps crashing and other things) tried to re-do everything a couple of times without success. So I couldn't start of the OS on the SSD, so I went to a friend and him formatted my HARD drive and install a fresh copy of windows on the SSD and successful 8.1 to do start.  (I installed all the drivers, that I could find)

    Now the operating system starts in 12 and 13 seconds. And discovered that he can miss some driver like it using the standard SATA AHCI controller. (can't say if that was something else before I didn't look more than)

    If anyone with a portable Nitro V that came from the factory with a SSD could look over that and tell me if there is any other controller. I'd be happy.

    I am also having wifi issues. I don't have that before I reinstall windows. I installed the drivers and the patch, but nothing. I have to keep opening to the top of the installation of the drivers and click on repair to get 10-15 mintues of good connection...

    Another little thing bothering me is the touchpad. I could double tap with a finger on a scroll bar and drag it. now it does not work like that (I can still use the 2 finger gesture). Installing the synaptics drivers but can't make it work as before. Im not able to scroll using the right side of the touchpad no longer.

    I appreciate all the help,

    Thanks in advance!

    on the SATA drivers, have you already installed the Intel chipset drivers?;-; Longs % 20VN7 - 591G

    also, I would check SSD cache:

    in Device Manager, click on hard drives, double-click on the SSD drive, click on policies and check if both options are selected, click OK, and restart.

  • Aspire drivers E5 - 571 G No. SATA AHCI?


    So a few days back, I bought a laptop Aspire E5 - 571G and I like it, but there is a problem, I can't seem to find the site acer sata ahci drivers. Device Manager indicates that the driver is provided by microsoft and I think that it shouldn't be like that, because the pc feels really slugish. My OS is Win 8.1 64bits.

    If anyone knows where I could download the ahci driver, I would be really grateful! Thank you!

    I think I have a solution for you. You must install the RAID Intel® Rapid Storage Technology (Intel® RST) driver

    I downloaded it on my Google Reader.

    Version: (latest)

    OS (32-bit and 64-bit): Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2012

    Release date: 10 December 2014

    Download link:

    Intel® Rapid Storage Technology (Intel® RST) RAID driver

  • IDE / RAID or AHCI

    I have a m8080a (RQ450AAR #ARG).

    I've now updated the 250 GB Seagate drive to a 1 to Seagate Barracuda 7200.12. I now have a GeForce9500GT and 4 GB of RAM. I always use a slit Personal Media Drive 300 GB and WD Essential 1 TB external backup.

    I now also have a license OEM Windows 7 and installed. Installation was a problem as the DVD drive was not recognized / picked up (?) I changed the drive in AHCI settings in the BIOS.

    Now, I have a system up and running, I am reloading with everything else.



    What should work drive thid? IDE RAID or AHCI?

    I have no idea this topic (it is feasible to change between them via the BIOS and the default is RAID) even if the PC seems to work on any of them.

    HD bays discussions always seem to go up above the head of the average user so help on a game / BIOS settings which would work better would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance



    Unless you want to set up a Raid array, AHCI is the correct setting for your hard drive.

    Best wishes

    DP - K

  • Qosmio G50 change IDE to AHCI controller

    I recently bought an SSD
    and the wand to increase its performance and the Firmware upgrade by changing the IDE SATA AHCI controller
    How can I change from AHCI? through the BIOS, I don't see any indication in the BIOS
    I read all disks to increase performance by changing the IDE SATA AHCI controller

    > wand to increase its performance and the Firmware upgrade by changing the IDE SATA AHCI controller
    May I ask if you are sure that something like this exists? I've never heard any update firmware for the IDE controller.

    Of course, you can update the BIOS and can install the SATA drivers that control the HARD disk controller, but you won't find any update of the firmware.

    > I read all disks to increase performance by changing the IDE SATA AHCI controller
    I know such option is available, not for all laptops and it is available only with the Phoenix BIOS.
    The G50 supports Toshiba BIOS and the HARD drive controller is always to SATA (AHCI).
    This means that you can not change it to IDE, and so the performance can be reduced or increased.

    In order to install a new OS, you must eat of storage which includes SATA drivers.

Maybe you are looking for