Change the assets of the library within the program without affecting cloud related files


I use creative cloud under Mac OS x, and all programs are up to date. I have a two part question.

1. is there a way to edit a library asset in an Adobe program without affecting the linked file cloud? If so, how?

2. If it is not possible to do it, what is the best practice to edit a library resource without affecting the linked file? Do I have to include the file in the document? Create a new asset with the adjusted attributes and use this asset?

As an example of what I'm trying to do, I have a logo in a creative clouds library that I use in an Illustrator document. The asset is black, I want to make the Pantone color blue of the company within the Illustrator, however it won't let me change locally. It seems that I have to open the file in the library, adjust it, save it and use that asset. However, I do not want this asset related to change of color in all other documents I used it. So, what I did is to save an asset separate cloud with the logo like this color. This seems unnecessary and unsustainable. Whenever I have a variant of a cloud asset should not require save me a new version of it for this specific use. My library will get crowded, fast.

If it is not part of the works the library assets, in my opinion, it should be. Be able to adjust an asset at the local level, even if it's a range a minimum of settings without changing the attributes of the linked file, seems to be obvious.


Ah, that's useful. I had not tried. At least it's easier than opening assets and by copying and pasting from there. Thank you for your response.

I wish that it was possible to change the appearance of a related assets without changing the assets in the cloud. This way if something has changed on the assets 'overall' it could be changed and reflected in each document, all keeping this attribute "local." This feature cannot currently? I just want to make sure I'm not missing something.

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