change the date when the photo was taken

I have a bunch of photos from a trip where the device has been set to the wrong year. I know that I can change the date and time the picture was taken I PSE 7, but what happens if I want to just change the year and nothing else?

You should only change the year.

I looked into using the Exif driver and there is a plugin to allow the change of batch. However the plug-in costs $79.95.

Try a search on Google for "exif editor" or similar.

Here is a list of some editors, and some of them specify batch.

Comparison of the publishers of metadata - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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  • Estimated date of the photo was taken in Lightroom

    I have a lot of older family photos I try to organize in Lightroom metadata that apply to them.  I want to be able to filter and sort the photos by date.  I was watching the "Edit Capture time dialog box "and I was wondering if there is a more flexible way for wonder information to these images on when you think they have taken.  Because they have been scanned from film and taken years or decades, we can estimate the time until a point of accuracy only.  In some cases, we know that a number of years, a specific year or a month in the year.

    'Change the Capture time... '. "seems to require the time to express themselves in any precision (i.e. year/month/day date and hour\minute\second at the moment).  However, what I really want to be able to do, is provide a date or range of dates for a large number of these photos as we usually do not know the exact day they took.  I'm not really crazy about solutions as still failing the day a value such as '1' when the day is unknown (for example, if I know that the photo was taken in June 1966, I enter on June 1, 1966) because then I lost the ability to distinguish between the pictures actually taken the first day of each month and pictures taken during a given month.  The problem becomes even worse if you try to select a month by default (say in January), if the specific month photo was taken is unknown.

    Obviously, I could go on and with these kinds of examples, but hopefully you get the idea.  Anyone have ideas for or experience with how to handle this kind of need in Lightroom?  Did you somehow work with the installation of "Edit Capture time... ' or is there another way to handle this?  Or - is it just a limitation that everyone tries to make such meetings is stuck with?

    Thank you

    David Madrian

    Recording time is a specific entity and may not be accurate.

    I suggest using the time capture and filling 1s or 0s for parts that you do not knowthe solution 1 June you're talking about, this gives you the ability to sort the photos.  Then put the effective date of the accuracy known in the caption or keywords, or even as the first part of the file name, you can also sort or use file search to filter.  You can also put photos in folders that contain the date with the precision that you think you know: YYYY, YYYY, YYYY-MM-DD MM.  Depending on your setting of subset of metadata in the right panel, you can also see a few other fields IPTC, you might want to put info in, but things to those who might be buried too deep.  Adding a keyword like circayear, circamonth, circadateyou can probably do something better, but keep one word, as well as others, such as the current month and year could tell you the accuracy in a way that is filterable if you need to review the pictures that have a certain degree of imprecision.

  • can I sort the photos in an album by the date that the photo was taken?

    Can I sort the photos in an album by the date that the photo was taken?


    View > sort by > keep sorted by...

  • Import pictures from iPhone for WIndows 8 by Date the photos were taken

    How can I import photos to date they have been taken from my iPhone 5 for my laptop that has Windows 8? Currently when I import pictures from my phone, they are saved in a folder with the date on which I'm importing, not the date the photo was taken.


    Thanks for posting your query in Microsoft Community.

    I understand you have questions, import photos from IPhone to the Windows computer. We will certainly help you with the same.

    In fact, by default, the pictures and videos are saved in the pictures folder in a subfolder named with the date (for example, 2013-09-10). But, if you want to make changes to the template files will be saved.

    For more information: Import pictures and videos from a camera phone or a DVD

    In addition, you can try to refer to the article mentioned below as a solution, saving pictures in groups (folders) of SHOOTING DATE instead of the date imported in bulk. Follow the suggestions of Geoffc1 and see if that helps.

    Also refer to:

    Import photos and videos from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to your Mac or Windows PC

    I hope this helps. Otherwise, feel free to write us again for more assistance, and we will be happy to help you come.

  • How to print the date at which the image was taken with the image?

    De : Carol

    Message: I have a Hp Photosmart printer and Windows Photo Gallery.  I need the date that the photo was taken printed on the image for a legal reason.  How to do this.  I can get the image on the screen with the date, but it does not print.

    Thanks to anyone who can help me.  Carol

    De : John Inzer

    The following free software might be worth a try.

    FastStone Image Viewer

    "The basic steps to add dates to image files using Fast Stone Image Viewer"

    (You will need to experiment with the position, the size of font, color, and different Variables to achieve

    the desired result).

    Tools / Batch convert / Batch Convert tab...

    Check the box... Use of advanced options...

    Advanced Options button / tab text / check... Use the text...

    Open the window drop... "Insert a Variable" choose... EXIF DateTime / Date and time... Ok...

    Add the files you want to add...

    Choose an output Format...

    Choose an output folder...

    John Inzer

    Digital Media MVP


    This isn't a technical support

    I'm a volunteer

    Solutions that work for

    me I work for you

    Proceed at your own risk

    Another response of the community of Windows Vista discussion groups

  • Lightroom can't change the photos of mark IV 5 d in 1DS camera profiles

    May I ask on Lightroom camera profiles? I can't change the photos of mark IV 5 d in 1DS camera profiles. When I tried to change it, the color saturation is very low, as black and white photos.

    Before I used Adobe DNG Converter & DNG Profile Editor to make my own Canon 1DS camera profiles. The effects of the 1DS the color profiles that surrounds the peoples were adorable. It was a success with 5 d mark III.

    But now, using the new camera 5 d IV. I followed the steps of old, using DNG Profile Editor to open it and then choose Canon 1DS DCP to export. The effects of saturation of color does not become as before. It turns very low over the DNG Profile Editor, when I tried to export a new dcp 1DS file in lightroom, looks still very low color saturation.

    I would ask if anyone has come across such a problem...

    I hope that someone can help and can solve my problem.

    Thank you!

    someone already answered my question. The answer is: in the DNG profile editor just add + 1 saturation (any button of saturation), it goes back to normal.

    Thank you all!

  • Change the Jpeg file taken time in the "Date" column to windows explorer for modification time?

    I just found out that JPEGs, edited and recorded by CS4 still wear their original creation time in windows Explorer, regardless of how many times they have been modified, which makes it very inconvenient and confusing, without opening the files to find out. Does anyone know how to change the setting to 'Update?' Thank you very much in advance!

    You say that you see the creation Date column in Windows Explorer, but not update?

    If this is the case, it's an easy fix...  In Windows Explorer, right click on the bar with the titles (for example, on the title the creation Date) and check the update box.  Normally the update, this is what is displayed by default Explorer for the elements of the General.  I don't know what is shown for other types of files, I use only general articles.

    What do you see when you follow these steps:

    1. right click on the folder that contains your images (in the navigation to the left).

    2. Select Properties.

    3. click on the Customize tab.

    4 what was the optimize this folder for: of the field?

    FYI, as you can see you can change folder for example, customizing the general articles for one or a whole folder tree.

    You can also make changes to one of your folders of photos, and then propagate the settings to all folders of this type in your system.  I'm really jump coming here; I would like to know if that's what you eventually want to do.


  • It is posible to change the photo when it is published on fb side?

    Zrzut ekranu 2014-11-23 o 19.19.44.png

    Hi Zupa,

    It is possible to change the thumbnail image displayed when your site is shown on facebook.

    To do this, please use the 'Open Graph tags' that you add to theyour Web site (Page Properties-> metadata-> HTML for)) to describe the entity your page is for example:

    Learn more about the Open Graph tags to FB here (Starting Point 3) - t

    There are also tools to make sure that you put the necessary tags correctly on your page as a tool for Facebook debugger here -

    Kind regards

    Rohit Nair

  • Don't change the Photo Bin when I click on a tool

    People... We have just improved items 9 to 13 items.  Basically, we love the new version, except that we do not like that he close the Photo tray and shows the options for the tool whenever you click on a tool.  Is there a way to keep the Photo tray, we know the tools and you can click the Options button if necessary.

    Another observation, we lack the function ' Enhance/Adjust Color/Color Variations.  Is there a work around?

    Thank you... RDK


    Please disable «tools options auto show»

    See the snapshot.

  • Cannot change the photo security screen

    The image I have chosen for my screensaver is also that I want displayed when I lock my keyboard (at work). Instead, the old image will appear when I lock the keyboard. How can I change the image even as the screen saver?


    1. is the computer connected to the domain network?

    Unfortunately, by design, it is not possible to change the wallpaper for the Security screen that appears when you lock the screen.

    However, you can publish your comments for us on the link below.

  • change the photo of a startup slider


    I have a slider with different pictures that I use in 4 pages.

    Every time the cursor starts in the first photo, but I would have the options to start for example in Picture 3 and then the user have the chance to go photo 2 or 4.

    All have names and are in the alphabethic order can not be changed. I also disabled the auto option, it is a navigation cursor used by the user to see the pictures.

    Can someone tell me if muse have an option for this?

    Thank you.


    Cursor will follow the order of thumbnails install you, so if you want to change the display order of the images, then please change the order of the thumbnail.

    At this stage we do not have the option you are looking for, you can try randomly if it works for you.

    Thank you


  • Best way to configure Photoshop workflow settings when source photos are taken in AdobeRGB, edited from a wide and output range in sRGB?

    Be able to quickly produce finished photographs is of importance with the majority of my photography work. That's why I pull, process and deliver JPEGs. There is no advantage to my clients to my shooting RAW for this time sensitive workflows. I won't be able to accommodate any possible future uses of the photos, so I shoot using the Adobe RGB color space. The output of my clients are JPEG images for use on the Web, so of sRGB. Currently, I used a screen wide gamut (NEC PA302W) with a 24-bit graphics card. (I plan on upgrading to a 30-bit card in the future).

    I noticed that in Internet Explorer, the reds in my finished photos are too intense on my screen. My photos look good in other web browsers on my screen. This situation worries me because I don't know exactly why it's happening since my pictures have embedded sRBG color profile and IE supports embedded color profiles. If anything, I think that the reds would be too intense in other applications that do not support embedded color profiles.

    Please let me know if my work flow can be improved outside shooting RAW and use a 30-bit screen:

    1. Take JPEG pictures in Adobe RGB color space
    2. Edit photos in Photoshop using range wide screen, 24-bit
    3. Color settings: colors of the monitor (Monitor RGB - PA302W, calibrated)
    4. Save for Web, convert to JPEG, incorporate the sRGB color profile

    When you work in Photoshop the reds appear very well. When registering for the Web and previewing "Color Monitor" the reds are intense, when previewing 'Internet Standard RGB (No. Color Management)' the reds appear very well. The final appearance of fine recorded images with the exception of when displayed in Internet Explorer, which supports embedded color profiles - color management.

    Shooting JPEG can certainly be beneficial for the size and speed, although with improvements in conversion raw in a few years it becomes harder to justify.  But if you expose just conversions in camera can be very beautiful.  The camera manufacturers do a decent job in their chips.

    Your sounds of workflow practices, but one thing you know may not be not is IE use NOT your monitor profile, so what you see in Internet Explorer is incorrect to 100% of the time.  He only reads the profile of your image.

    In other words, Internet Explorer is not properly managed by color, unless you have a monitor set to display accurately in the profile sRGB IEC61966 - 2.1.  Microsoft seems to have no intention to fix it either, which is a shame.

    I suggest to view your images in Firefox or Safari, who read your color monitor profile as well as the profile of the image.  Firefox can even be configured to display the elements of the web page in a mode of color management.


  • How to get date and time the image was taken by programming?

    Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

    Yes, you can get the date/time of peak clicked using the FileConnection interface

    Press the button Bravo thank the user who has helped you.

    If your problem has been resolved then please mark the thread as "accepted solution".

  • Cannot change the photo on TL938 mode Store mode


    The other day that my child was playing with the remote on the TL938 and when I started the TV today, it is in fashion Store for photo (very dynamic color and contrast).
    Try to change it - nothong arrives and after a few seconds the TV restarts.
    I would appreciate if someone can tell me what I can do to exit this mode?
    The location in the control panel is 'home '.

    I had to reset the TV to fix this - really strange behavior...

  • Cannot change the photo in Lightroom 2 to 9 items

    I use OS 10.6.5. I have Lightroom 2.7 installed, and I purchased Photoshop Elements 9. I'm trying to change my Lightroom photos in elements by going to the Menu, select Photos, then select them change in, but I'm not able to select one of the options to change in as they appear in gray. I uninstalled and re-installed both programs and that did not help. Any suggestions?   Let me know if you need more information.

    Thank you



    I think LR should automatically detect PS Elements and set up as an external editor, when being installed. However, if there is a problem and it is not automatically set up, you can try and set up manually yourself. Instructions on how to do this are here; l

    I had an older version of PS Elements on my system, when I started using LR and LR does not pick it up as an external editor - I guess that's because I have PS CS5 installed, and he who used instead.

    I hope that this work around will solve the problem.

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