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Hello! All the

How can limit us just a field change a width (say 70) and if user enters anything beyond the width while the text should scroll automatically save to make place for the user to enter text more...

How to get there?


If you enter "editfield scroll" in the search box, you get a lot of results.
I guess that most link to this article:

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  • Menu appears on touchevent click EditField. CONSUME_CLICK is not an option to the edit field.

    The Menu appeared on a touchevent click an EditField.  CONSUME_CLICK is not an option to the edit field.

    He always did, but I still have to figure out what caused change to happen.  Maybe because I went to GridFields.  Anyone has any ideas on how to avoid that the menu when I use a touchscreen device and click the EditField?

    Thank you!

    When you override navigationUnclick, return false - return super.navigationUnclick (status, time). It is a cleaner way to do it and it saved my day several times.

  • How to change the image field captures screenshots automatically from BMP to JPEG

    How to change the image field captures screenshots automatically from BMP to JPEG

    I want to say, when I tap on the screenshot on my keyboard and paste this image in microsoft photo editor or picasa 3.0 areas of the bitmap .bmp. instead of asking the witch I´d field prefer.
    So, I open that image on the brush to convert it to. JPEG.
    It's hick very!
    is it possible to easily me this step and save or paste pictures in JPEG on my files automatically?


    I saw that article when I was looking for one that I posted...

    I understand your problem, and the answer is that, to the best of my knowledge... NO..

    Windows records the capture in memory as bitmap, along with, even if you can paste it directly into a folder, it would be in the form of bitmap...

    The best I could find is to use the suggestion in the link I've included which refers to the

    Windows Key + PrintScreen to automatically record is in PNG format in your pictures folder...

    The only way to do what you want is with a 3rd party capture program that can be configured to save in a directory as a specific file type...

    Personally, I use a program called print screen Deluxe for this... it is a purchased program...

    I'm sure you could find something free to do what you need...

    You may need to use a different key for print screen, but the software can allow you to reprogram the PrntScrn key...

  • How to change the search fields displayed on the homepage of UCM 11g?


    How to change the search fields displayed on the homepage of UCM 11g?

    Another option for you.

    Follow the links below.

    How to: Customize the home page of Oracle UCM with configuration manager. -Blog of BlueStudios Johns

    Example of a custom component.


  • Get the text in the Edit field


    In my Application, I add a check box and a label field and a field change a grid field Manager. Then this network domain manager, I add several times in Vertical field Manager. So it's looking like list of items. Now, when I checked the box five, trying to get the text of the corresponding edit field.

    This is the code for the domain network manager:

    int c[] = {screenWidth/6, (screenWidth)/3, (screenWidth)/2};
            gm = new GridFieldManager(c, Manager.VERTICAL_SCROLL);
            Logger.out("Grocery", "Here it is coming"+i);
            cbfChecked = new CustomCheckBoxField();
            cbfChecked.setChangeListener(new FieldChangeListener()
                public void fieldChanged(Field field, int context)
                    if(checked[i] == false)
                        checked[i] = true;
                    else if(checked[i] ==  true)
                        checked[i] = false;
                        Logger.out("Grocery", "It is UnChecked" +checked[i]);
            Logger.out("Grocery", "Adding first Label Field");
            LabelFieldCustom lfFrom = new LabelFieldCustom((String) m_vtrItems.elementAt(i),Color.BROWN,FONT_FAMILY_0_SF_AS_16,Field.FIELD_LEFT);
            Logger.out("Grocery", "Adding second Label Field");
            efcAmount = new EditFieldCustom(Bitmap.getBitmapResource("dob_text_box.png"), 25);
            efcAmount.setMargin(new XYEdges(30, 0, 0, 0));
            return gm;

    Here I add the grid domain manager several times:

    for (int i = 0;i < m_vtrItems.size();i++)
                vfm.add(new SeparatorField(SeparatorField.NON_FOCUSABLE));

    Here is the snapshot of my screen:

    Please help me.

    You can access the field by index (prone to errors if).
    or you could save your fields in a data structure, such as a hash table, with the checkboxfield as key to the editfield as value.

  • Apex 4.0: Change the lookup field to a checkbox value Multi IR

    I'm new here, but in the hope of being active :)

    Well, now I'm focusing on 4 Apex and I find really new things here. And even new order to develop needs time to get used to.

    Yet, I am changing the search to a Multi value checkbox field in IR I found how to make Apex version 3, but not in 4 no more.
    Tutorials for writing apex v.3:

    1. click on Edit Page 1 on the developer toolbar.
    The definition of Page for page 1 is displayed.
    2. under items, click P1_REPORT_SEARCH.
    3. in display, select the check box and so on...

    But seems not any word 'Elements' of IR and especially P1_REPORT_SEARCH (I guess it should be by default). The title of 'Report attributes' I think 'Search bar' region, only there is no option for this. Is here not to do research with checkboxes in the v4?


    Tutorial you probably check for APEX 3.x works still in APEX 4.x if you use Classic report.

    If I understand correctly you now create interactive report that provide functionality to search for box.
    There is no option to convert a select multi IR search text field.

    What you can do with IR, is hide/disable the search field.
    Create you a multi select an item and then use it in the report query where clause.

    Kind regards
    My Blog:

  • cannot change the text field after grouping

    Hi people,

    I have 3 single-line text fields and a logo combined using 'Add parents '.  For some odd reason, I can't select a field to edit text.  I can select them in the assets Panel and change the layout or style, but as soon as I double-click to edit the text, my selection goes to the div parent instead of the text field.  I tried to use the text as well, but it always happening in selection to the parent.  This isn't a big deal since I can change the text later in a Publisher, but it's a little frustrating.

    FWIW, I ran the update of this morning before starting, but I doubt that caused this nothing thanks for any help


    So sorry Chris, in my frustration, I removed the parent and the group so I can get the item that I wanted to edit, and then recreated the parent.

    However, your description of the differences between the Group and Add Parent in this discussion: probably explains why I have problems.  I think I had GROUPED fields 3 text and then wrapped in this group and the image of the logo in another div with 'Add parents '.  I have probably not been not clicking successfully through the parent company to the group, and then in the text field.  In fact, I was clicking like mad, but probably not on the correct spot for each level.

    Thank you to specify how these elements work.


  • In the edit field

    Hi all

    can someone help me in editing field, enter text when the field width fill then is not to go to the next line.its decerese fontsize and decrese... time to come when the font size of text would be constant.i do customize edit field and override the paint method in this... How to set the size of police... so that his decrese when full field width and text do not go in the following line


    thx a lot its work for me

  • detect device language and change the text field accordingly

    Im working in Flash Pro with AIR for Android.

    I have a single text field and would like to change the language in this text field to match the language of mobile devices.

    How do I detect the language of devices, and then change the textfield object to match the language?

    import flash.system.Capabilities;

    switch (Capabilities.language)


    case 'in ':

    TxtField.text = 'English LANGUAGE '.


    case "en":

    TxtField.text = "organizing";


    case "es":

    TxtField.text = "Tchequelangue";


    by default:

    TxtField.text = "Whatever";


    Use Capabilities.languages [0] for the country code. for example. en-US

    switch (Capabilities.languages [0])


    case "en-US":

    TxtField.text = "English LANGUAGE. '" American ".


    case "en-GB":

    TxtField.text = "English LANGUAGE. Britain ";


    by default:

    TxtField.text = "Whatever";


  • Change the digital field of legend

    I have a form at least 2 boxes option named type1 and type2 and on 2 different pages 2 fields of digital type NF [0] and NF [1], the binding of NF is global.

    If I select the radiobutton type1 then legend of NF [0] and n [1] should change to 'Type1' and visa versa

    I have the following JavaScript in the change of the radiobuttonlist method:

    if (this.rawValue == 1)


    xfa. = 'type1';


    else if (this.rawValue == 2)


    xfa. = 'type2';


    This changes only the legend of NF [0], how can I change the legend of NF [1]?

    Best wishes


    You can change with the names that you have, but the syntax of the expression is quite confusing:

    xfa.resolveNode("xfa.form.form1.test.NF[1]").caption.value.text.value = 'type2 '.

    If you rename the field to a unique name, then you can set it as the first:

    XFA. Form.Form1.test.NFnewName.Caption.Value.Text.Value = 'test2 '.

    Note that you don't need the xfa.form at the beginning of the expression... then to simplify it:

    Form1.test.NFnewName.caption.value.text.value = 'test2 '.


  • Import XML to change the State field

    I am importing xml in a form.  I have a few if expressions to change the State of a field based on the value of the xml fields. Here's my expression for the color - initialize the event: if (Lv = 'blue') {this.fontColor = "0,0,204" ;} ElseIf (Lv = 'black') {this.fontColor = "0,0,0" ;} LV is a field in the original shape. Here's what's happening - the first value fontColor in the expression is applied to any Lv is equal to. So in this case, the fontColor = "0,0,204" gets applied even if Lv = 'black '.  It's almost as if the event is don't know if expression and pickng just until the instruction at 'this.fontColor '. Any ideas?


    Try your if statement a == double, you use when test for equality. Also, if there are only two incoming colors, you could decrease the other if statement and just run with another.

    If (Lv.rawValue == 'blue')


    this.fontColor = "0,0,204";


    on the other


    this.fontColor = "0,0,0";


    Good luck


    My bad: it depends on how you make in the XML, but I assume that Lv is a field of receipt of XML data. Because the language is javascript, you will need for the field .rawValue VL.

  • By selecting the text box to change the text field

    I worked on a form to allow suppliers to fill their reports of endoscopy online.  I'm trying to do something very simple.  If a user selects a check box change the value in a text field.  Either we allow the code to run once.  It will change the value once - even if I think it's to set an incorrect value in the code - but that is neither here nor there at this point.

    Here's the code that should work in my opinion.

    Form1. EndoscopyPage1.TestChkBox::click - (JavaScript, client)

    If (this.rawValue == 1)


    TestTxt1.rawValue = "ON"; the user cannot enter field


    on the other


    TestTxt1.rawvalue = "off"; the user can enter the field


    I tried the following as well

    If (TestChkBox.value = 0) then

    TestTxt1.editValue = 'Off ';


    If (TestChkBox.value = 1) then

    TestTxt1.editValue = "ON";


    I have attached the file as well.  My trial fields are in the middle of the first page.

    It's just a typo. You typed rawvalue rather than rawValue "V" must be upper case.

    See the attahed to the snap.  It works for me after you change this property.


  • Cannot change the editable regions-

    Hi people,

    I don't even know what to look for, so if this was taken over by all means please tell me here!

    Running on OS 10.4.9 DW8. I use templates in the redesign of the customer, and I implemented a region repeated inside a DIV. My problem is that when I change a file having this model, my cursor gives me the 'no sign' (circle with slash) when I fly over this area. I can change it in the Code and split mode, but I can't click the repeat region to add another element.

    This happens from time to time and I just did my work in Code view, but this time I need to click on the little sign of the repeat region to add a box in Design view.

    Is this a bug? Is there any solution for this?

    Hi Murray,

    I wish it was! Just a simple old DIV for a sidebar. As I was about to demonstrate by copy/paste code here... when I found the problem! I had a few renegade living in the CSS code (margin-bottom:-9999px) and now that happened I can click in the editable again.)

    Thanks Murray! :)

  • Change the metadata fields in the details pane

    Is it possible to change the metadata that appears in the details pane?

    For example, I would like to know "Time Zone" without having anyone access to each photo.

    Also, is it is shortened to "set Date and time?

    Thank you

    Also, is it is shortened to "set Date and time?

    There is no predefined shortcut, but you can add one yourself.

    • Open system preferences > keyboard, then the tab "shortcuts".

    • Select "App shortcuts" in the left column and click on ' + '.
    • In the 'Application' menu, select ' Then enter the title of "set Date and Time...» "and a combination of keys.

      Pictures now displays the keyboard shortcut that you chose in the picture menu.

  • Is it possible to change the BC field that comes with creative cloud?

    (CC) creative cloud account comes with a Web of BC site.

    I would like to change the name of my CC account domain.

    How would I do that?

    Hi Dave

    Please take a look at this article, Add a domain name to your site using the service DNS of BC



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