change the incoming fax for .tif files

I'm faxes sent on my computer in .tiff format. The program I use to move faxes to records of patients needs to be in .tif format. Can I change this?


I guess since you asked here in a Thunderbird support forum for these faxes come to you by e-mail and you use Thunderbird.
Thunderbird offers just your mail. It has nothing to do with the naming of files.
There is no difference between a .tif and a file .tiff except for the number of characters in the file extension. You can rename the file yourself if your system will not accept the 4-digit extension.
You can always contact the sender and ask them to change the name before you send it.

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    Hi Memjay,

    I understand that you have an Officejet Pro 8600 that you put in place the digital archiving of faxes to a network folder, and you have just a question about it. I will do my best to answer this question for you!

    If your computer shuts down, and the printer had to receive a fax while it was turned off, the printer should hold that fax in memory (can generally hold up to about 30 pages in memory) and then when your computer is back on and pull has refreshed (generally set to 5 or 10 minutes) faxes in memory should appear in the network on the computer file. This document of setting up digital fax HP to save faxes received on your computer has a before you Begin section that explains just that ideally, you want to leave the computer at any time, but once again the printer there little memory to contain faxes until the computer is back on and looking faxes again.

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