Change the site when you open a new tab, without confg.about?

Hello! My problem is that when I open a new Bing Search tab opens and I would like to reset the tabs to the tab-site of origin, already tried to solve the problem through the subject: site config, but it won't work. When I press the reset on browser.newtab.url resets to the Bing search engine. Help, please!

/ Frida

Try to reset your Firefox browser. Click on help > > troubleshooting information > > reset Firefox.

If this doesn't resolve the problem, run the AdwCleaner utility. Download it here when the program starts, click Scan and it will try to remove unwanted modules, toolbars and more.

You can also delete the shortcut of Firefox you use all the time as it may be infected. Open Firefox in the start menu or type firefox in the run window.

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  • How can I do to change the site when I open a new tab.

    Dear friends...
    I can't find information, how to change the site when I opened a second tab. Example: when I open Firefox my google home page and it's perfect, but when I opened a second tab, appears why yahoo as homepage? I want to change it and I can not find how do. Thank you

    The normal behavior is to open a blank tab, an add-on will be originally to show Yahoo. An add-on which has net gel assistant, if you have one you can uninstall it and it should go back to the opening of a blank tab.

    There are modules that allow you to specify what should open in a new tab, such as:

    Another way to open the home page in a new tab is in the Middle, click the home button in the navigation toolbar.

  • Suddenly hear the music when you open a new tab...

    I'm on FF new BETA 64 bit version and when I open a new tab, sometimes I listen to music. Is this some kind of new feature or is this something else is the cause on my PC... WINS 7-64

    said jscher2000

    If someone wants to share the destination URL of the tile at the origin of this problem, it may be useful for testing.

    The Web page that triggered its for me was

    Remove the tile from the new tab page by clicking the small 'X' in the upper right of the faulty tile solves the problem. If you want to avoid the problem occurs on the tabs, you can prevent firefox to show your tabs recently on the new tab page.

    In the upper right corner of the new tab page is an icon of the gear. Click the gear icon and you have three options: 'Proposed show and your best sites', 'show your best sites' and 'white page '. By selecting "Display the white page" should solve the problem now and in the future.

  • After the last update when you open a new tab, my story is presented as a site sugestion. The problem is that I never checked "remember history" on firefox settings.

    When you open a new tab, why firefox suggests my recent history when I checked ever "broadcast history" on the settings?

    If you have visited sites in no Private Browsing mode then there still may be the thumbnails of the pages in the cache.

    Only pages that you visit in PB mode should not show on the subject: newtab page.

    Empty the cache must do the thumbnails disappear on refresh.

  • When you open a new tab, placing default text in the address bar, a way to change to the new page (like Google)?

    When I click on the 'plus' for a new tab, which automatically takes me to so beautiful, but the cursor is in the address bar. It seems that the cursor is in the google search box, but it's not.

    When I click on "Home" the default cursor, the search field, which I think is correct. Is there a way to have FF does not by default the address for the input text bar when you open a new tab?

    I doubt it. Google controls their research and their browser and they integrate features. But you can use "Ctrl + K" to place your cursor in the search bar"in your Firefox toolbars. By pressing the key TAB a little is a waste of time since there are a lot of links before you get to the entrance area.

    There could be an extension, if it bothers some, but I don't see a valid compromise to justify the use of an extension of something that seems trivial to me.

  • When you open a new tab, how can I specify a site or empty? My open tabs to a site I want to see.

    When you open a new tab, how can I specify a site, the home page or empty? My new tabs open to a site that I don't want to see.

    This can be done easily.
    Just install the addon FEATURE My Homepage

    You can get it here:

    I hope this helps.
    Thank you!

  • When you open a new tab, can automatic loading of a web page, I change this?

    When you open a new tab, it automaticaly loads a web page, peut it be delivered empty or an alternative web page?

    A new tab opens by default like a Virgin tab (topic: empty).

    If this isn't the case, then an extension has changed this behavior.

  • When you open a new tab, how to make images of recently viewed pages underneath the toolbars?

    When you open a new tab, how to make images of recently viewed pages underneath the toolbars?

    See what-

  • How to remove sticker when you open a new tab page

    I would like to delete the thumbnail view when you open a new tab. I use Firefox on my home computers and work. Unfortunately, when using my work computer, thumbnails of websites, I have access from my computer at home is. I would like to delete or disable this feature on my work computer. How to achieve this?

    Hello, please see the following article for help to put out the new tab page: customize the page new tab

  • How can I make Firefox automatically show my homepage when you open a new tab (instead of a blank page now)?

    How can I make Firefox automatically show my homepage when you open a new tab (instead of a blank page now)?
    (version 3.6.6 on Windows7 64-bit platform)

    New tab homepage extension:

  • How can I change the display/site when I opened a new tab

    When I open a new tab I have AVG Search. I want to go to google when I open a tab, but I can't figure out how to do this. Your help section doesn't make it easy to find this info.

    "When I opened a new tab I download AVG Search."

    The default action in Firefox is to open a blank tab something installed as an add-on for Firefox changed this action, and until understand you what changed this action and turn off, install another additional probably won't change this new tab of the AVG search page.

  • Stop the display of sites when I open a new tab

    When I open a new tab, Firefox displays, in the new version, links to a bunch of my sites visited previously. Please tell me how to make this stop. I moved to Firefox, precisely because Chrome has done this and I hated it. This is a behavior that could have been imported from Google. I hate it. Please tell me how to make it stop. Please tell me how to make it stop. Please tell me how to make it stop.

    You can change your new tab screen empty or no matter what URL of your choice.

    (1) in a new tab, type or paste Subject: config in the address bar and press ENTER. Click on the button promising to be careful.

    (2) in the search above the list box, type or paste newtab and make a pause so that the list is filtered

    (3) double-click the preference browser.newtab.url and enter your favorite page:

    • (Default) page thumbnails = > subject: newtab
    • Blank tab = > subject: empty
    • Built-in Firefox homepage = > topic: welcome
    • Any other page = > full URL of the page

    Press Ctrl + t to open a new tab and check that it worked. Fixed?

  • How to select all the text in the address bar when you open a new tab

    I changed browser.newtab.url to a Web site with links, that I often use. Now, I have the problem that I don't always want to use one of these links. So when I start typing in the address bar text simply add the URL of my site. The problem would be solved, if the text in the address bar is activated every time when I opened a new tab (I could press each time crtl + of course, but I usually just type)

    Is there something in the config, I can change or an Addon?

    I had this same problem, but I was able to remedy this by installing this add-on:

    After the installation, remember to go to add-ons, Extensions; Click on the Options button; and select the development of space in the URL bar.

    [deleted local link - c]

  • Can I change the color of the screen when I open a new tab (I hate yellow)?

    On my iMac old when I opened a new tab, the screen was white. Now on my new iMac with Firefox 12.0, it is yellow. Since I like to leave a free blank tab so I don't accidentally lose an existing registered site, I see good yellow time. Possible to change the default screen color?

    Judge, with no luck, but thanks, I learned something new.
    Eureka! I just found in the preferences-> content-> fonts and colors. (now I think choosing a nice blue). Thannks, everyone for the encouragement...

  • can't change my screen when I open a new tab.

    When I open a new tab, it shows me my most visited sites, as well as my recent favorites.  It just started doing this one day and I can't seem to find a way to restore it.  I don't want to show me this.  I would like that he give me the ability to open a private browsing option.  I want a more private screen since many people use this computer.
    Thank you.

    Hello artisticfinishes, welcome.

    You can change this setting by going here:

    1. open Internet Explorer
    2. click on (top right) tools > Internet Options
    3. under the category "Tabs" at the bottom, click on "settings".
    4. change the drop-down list in the middle 'First home page' (or) 'White Page '.
    5. click on 'Ok '.
    6. click on 'apply '.

    Hope this helps,

    Thank you! Ryan Thieman
    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

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